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Dream About Surveillance Camera meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could it mean to dream of being watched by surveillance cameras?

I had a dream this morning that I was going through a big building, I think it was a hotel or something, but I was walking around and everywhere I went I noticed that there were surveillance cameras and I felt like I was being watched by them during the entire dream and it was really driving me crazy. I mean in real life I wouldnt care about cameras but in my dream I was really paranoid about them and felt like I was being stalked by someone watching me on the cameras :S

Any idea what this could signify?

Have you done anything bad lately that you feel guilty about? If so your dream may mean that you are worried about getting caught. Maybe it is about time to fess up.

Example: What could my dream mean; it was so awkward (read on plz)?

as silly as this sounds, when i woke up yesterday, i realized i had been dreaming of me and this guy from my class...we were in class, i walked up to him and we suddenly began to embrace and kiss each other! i dont have a crush on him, but i think hes good-looking and we do talk a lot in class sometimes. ok, maybe im a bit attracted to him, but its no big deal lol, im not in love or anything. but i never imagined myself kissing him before my dream. it was just awkward. can my dream possibly mean that i do indeed have a little crush on him? i certainly dont feel the "crush" lol, i just feel some attraction. i just think the dream is awkward, it bugs me.

if something similar to this has happened to you, how did you take it, or intepret it? did it bug you as well?

Example: Dream about going around in circles?

I dreamt I went out of class because I had a difficulty breathing and down the stairs, through the playground and up the other flight of stairs, again and again and faster by time. I remember also the colours were looking kind of washed out. Also the surveillance camera's were watching me but I saw no one around the path I took. What does it mean?

Example: Unable to recall my dreams?

I know this may sound weird, but I cannot remember dreams that I've had with a few exceptions, and they were all strange. One was in black/white and 3rd person, and looked just liked a surveillance camera in the corner of my living room. I have dreamed about seeing movie credits on several occasions (Toy Story is particularly fresh in my mind) and failing test grades, pulling off a project until the last minute, etc. Also, I do not experience a semi-conscious state when I am falling asleep. One second I am laying in bed, and the next I am waking up. There is absolutely nothing in between. Is this normal? What can this mean?

Example: Why do I have such stupid dreams?

I'll just list a couple off that are most notably stupid.
Okay a couple years ago I was exploring an abandoned Nazi bunker with Harry Potter and his friends. I open up a storage locker, Walter Hudson (world's fattest man) falls out of the locker and crushes me and i die. For some reason the next thing I know I'm in some surveillance room watching tapes with Harry Potter and his friends and we see Walter Hudsons ghost push his corpse out of the closet onto me and then Walter Hudsons disembodied ghost head swooped up to the camera and stuck his tongue out at the camera and disappeared. And then Luna Lovegood (More Harry Potter) comes in encased in aan ornament thing, says something I can't remember, tucks her head into it like a turtle and explodes. I wake up

This other time I was about 10 or so (I'm 15 now) I dreamed all of a sudden my bedroom was full of childrens show characters (Dora, Barney, Teletubbies, etc.) except they are chanting 1! 2! 3! Count with me! Like they're in a cult. I try hiding under my blanket, hoping they don't notice me andthen Barney starts eating my little brothers foot while he's sleeping (We shared a room at the time) and then the vacuum thing from teletubbies starts searching for me (I saw a thermal scan from his point of view) and he comes over to my bed and sniffs for me and trie's sucking my face off with his vacuum nose thingy. I woke up but I heard that horrible chant for 10 minutes after I woke up. I rubbed my eyes, stretched, pinched myself but the sound wouldn't stop for quite some time.

there are plenty more involving demonic stuffed animals and giant bees/ rabbits. But I think you get the point. I am legitimately scared while I'm dreaming but when I wake up I realize how stupid it was and have a good laugh. Sorry this was so long. Why do I have such stupid dreams?

Example: 1984 by George Orwell HELP?

1. Describe what happens when Winston and Julia meet after they have been released. How does the verse that Winton hears reflect Oceanian society? What role does this verse serve to our understanding of the importance of collective cultural memory to society as a whole?

2. Consider the nature of the relationship between the Oppressed and the Oppressor. Identify the role of power and the role of dehumanization to their relationship according to Freire and explain how these characteristics exist in the novel. Be specific.

3. Identify how Winston is finally conditioned to love Big Brother. What had to happen to Winston both physically and mentally for this transformation to take place? What is the last part of Winston that capitulates and why is this significant?

4. Identify 1 symbol in the book and explain its connotative meaning. Note any physical characteristics that help define its symbolism in the novel.

5. Trace the role of False Generosity in the novel. How is it defined according to Freire and what role does it play in the novel.

6. Discuss the significance and nature of Winston's dreams. Deconstruct the dream wherein O'Brien claims that they "shall meet in a place where there is no darkness" (page 22), and the dream in which Winston's mother and sister disappear (page 26). What are the underpinnings of these dreams? What deeper meanings do they hold? Why do you think the author devotes as much time as he does to Winston's dreams?

Example: Possible repressed memories of being molested as a child..?

Please get your 2 points some where else.

I've always had an inkling that my father (biological, whose own father sexually abused his two daughters) used to molest me as a child. His personality is obsessive and controlling. As I got older (now 20) I became more and more uncomfortable around him. I felt the need to hide my body from him. Recently my mother let it slip that my aunt (father's sister) accused my father of such acts but my Mom dismissed it and won't talk to me about it. She says that my aunt is just crazy. Which is partly true, she's a drug addict and a drama queen. But just today I tried to ask her and she stutters out that its nothing, nothing happened. Which only adds to my assumptions.

However I feel that there is no reason to accuse my father of molesting me if nothing happened, because that is very serious. But after my mother said those words, I felt a confirmation in my inklings.
I never liked the way he holds my niece, (his step-granddaughter). I started to look up the meanings of my dreams, as I used to have vivid dreams of being chased and murdered, and read that this means possible child abuse. I've become obsessed and paranoid about the possibility. Part of me feels that it did happen, but I have no memory of it. And when I try to think of myself at a young age, I have no memories, a few scattered and very short memories that end abruptly.

Like I said I always had an inkling. My father always seemed to know everything. I know he is very nosy. Always searching through my room (and my brother's), and I work at his office, which he watches me on his cameras. We also have cameras in the house (where I no longer live) and wonder what other types of surveillance he has. I'm afraid to go to anyone because they'll dismiss it and think I'm the crazy one.
I have a work jacket with the logo and everything, that must have been replaced recently because of its new condition. My mother and father denied everything, but I still do not believe either on of them.
I was also raped when I was 14, my mother said nothing, my father said he would "take care of him". (Which he did not, he's contacted me and searched me out several times since then..six years ago.)

I know I typed a lot.. but I tried to give as much info as I could so this wont keep getting played off as "nothing". If nothing happened, why am I always worried. I'm afraid that he's seeing this now! This is no way to live. And I don't want to hate my father for nothing, but I ..think I'm strong enough to handle the truth and say good bye. He may pay for everything (like my car/gas/phone) but I don't want to be his daughter if he never treated me like one.

Example: If your ex was constantly making false reports to law enforcement trying to get you into trouble?

She even filed a complaint through civil court claiming I threatened her and her two children (from a previous marriage) Not only did she falsify court documents, but she commited perjury, and convinced her kids to take the stand and commit perjury. Luckily I had the truth on my side, and surveillance footage from the place where she claimed I voilently threatened them. The footage proved my innocence. The footage also shows that she falsified court documents, committed perjury, and tampering with witnesses (her children) VERY SERIOUS CRIMES(all are felonies). I have not brought the surveillance footage to law enforcement. If I do, she will be charged with some serious stuff. I can't always be in a place where cameras will show my innocence. She will continue to try and get me in trouble, and have her kids lie to get me thrown in jail. What would you do?

Example: Is their really a Satanic plot to over run the US government ? And thereby takeover the world and enslave it ?

Let me further clarify, I dont care if you are an athiest who doesnt believe in SATAN i never mentined a person, But for the educated ones, I am more concerned with the Satanic ( defined- Flesh filled not very spiritual person and concerned only with the body feeling good) people controlling things, And i know some of you idiots dont realize that christians believe in a god and a satan, some worship GOD and Others worship Satan, Whether you believe or not is totally irrelevant, Please dont answer at all unless your at least gonna put some thought into it, This is important to some people

Example: Is this a good story ?

I wrote this for a competition , please give me good advice on it !

All was quiet and then i heard the sound of a stair creaking , i jumped in my chair and looked around . I saw mum with her suitcase in her hand . “ Lets go ” she ordered . I sat up and in my wooden chair and pushed down on my knees and got up . We walked out the door and into the car .
“ you understand we have to leave here , if we dont , you wont move on ” said mum sorrowfully.
“ I know , lets go ” i replied . And we pulled off in the car onto the main road .

The reason we are moving , is not normal , by any means . My Dad , he died a couple years back .
If he looked at me now he would not tell me from another kid , I have changed now since he died .
My mind went crazy a year after he died , carrying his coffin demented me into being a person i never meant to be , i used to be kind and caring , but now , i have to be taken away , take me away from what i have done .

Dad was murdered , 16th july 2007, of course , i never found that out until 2008 , mum thought it would be better for me not to know , she was right in the end .
One night , i had a dream , dad told me he loved me and to never change , i let him down .
As i sat on my bed one evening , tears rolled down my face as i thought of my father whom was killed by someone , who wanted money , who killed my dad for there drug addiction .
It angered me . I started to think of things i would have never thought of doing , ever .

Every day i went to school it haunted me , it was like a high pitched noise going on forever .
I would day dream in class and my friends would have to poke me to avoid me getting in trouble .
In Art i would draw hell , red and all in flames , thats where i wanted the guy who killed my dad to go , i wanted him to feel the pain i felt .
And then one night my conscience told me how to get rid of the pain .
I answered my conscience with a negative reply , it told me it was the way out , i roared no .
I collapsed .

I remember waking up and my vision was blurred , i lifted my hand and i could only see the outline .
Then suddenly , Mum shouts , he's awake ! Oh thank you jesus !
She came over and hugged me , i lay there , non-responsive to the acts of joy my mother was doing .
I left hospital the following monday , the week being july 10th 2008 , Saturday was my fathers anniversary . Mum didn't talk about it , she didn't need to , she knew it was on my mind .

Thursday night , i got a text from one of my friends , “ meet me after work at tesco door ”
I went to meet him , my friend was working in tesco at the time , he was in the security room looking at the tapes from CCTV cameras .
He showed me a tape of a man standing having a cigarette . It was dad . I looked at the bottom right . 16 / 7 / 07 8-15pm .

He stopped it . “I guess you know what this is” he said “ will i continue”?
I nodded , It showed it all , the gunshot , the blood .
“pause!” i yelled . The face of the killer , was a neighbour of ours .
I decided to go to the police after dads Anniversary .

We stood there at the grave , my whole family around weeping , i stared at the ground .
The voice came again . “ your chance is now ” I looked up . There he was stood in front of me , the other side of the grave . He gently nodded his head and winked . Then , the devil took over my whole body . I walked over behind him to the wall , got a loose brick , Walked over right behind him and raised my arm ...

Game Over .

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