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Dream About Switchblade meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Had the weirdest dream last night?

so it started out that I was lieing in this hotel room. Then this girl that looked like pocahuntas came and got me out of bed. We went into the bathroom and took up one of the planks of wood next to the toilet. we went through this hole and kept on falling down and down. i then saw my old music teacher. she said hello and then i started falling again. i hit the floor and then shrek came up to me and asked if i was hurt. then him and donkey started laughing at me. then this old woman with an apple came up to me and told me to eat it. i refused and started to scream and cry. then she started coming towards me and i was scared so i jumped and then peter pan was suddenly flying next to me. then we were flying around the garden centre until this cleaner told me that i had to stop and she started to hit me with her broom. then i ran into the toilet and started to cry. then the toilet suddenly moved and there was a hole. i went into it and there was a house underneath where my dead hamsters were. then i woke up. what does this mean?

oh yeah!?!?!?!?!?

well I had a better dream, so I went to the san diego zoo, and this giant gorilla escaped from it's cage, and it was creating complete anarchy, and it picked up this truck that was half semi and half monster truck, and it turns out that truck was a transformer, so the gorilla throws the transformer through the cage that has the tigers, and BAM, tigers get out and start attacking people, saw one attack a baby that exploded as soon as the tiger got close to it, pretty intense really...so afterwards, a 30's looking gangster with a switchblade was making fun of the monkeys, and so one monkey stole the switchblade and picked the lock, and then it comes up to me and threatens me for my wallet, and this monkey had a mean look in his eye, not to mention his tail was pretty long, and that's what he was holding the knife with. so I booted the monkey in the face...and then I chunked the knife because I didn't wanna get stabbed, and then I tried to run away from the zoo, but I tripped over a rock, and before I fell face first, a portal to hell opened up and I went through, there I thought that I was dead, but turns out The Devil only wanted to have a cup of tea and discuss politics with me, but I don't know anything about politics so I said "screw you, I'm going back to the zoo." So when I come back up, The Gorilla and The Transformer are still going at it, but this time the transformer threw the gorilla into a telephone pole, and then the telephone pole came crashing down, and it hit a porsche, so this angry lawyer comes out threatening to sue the transformer, but one of the monkeys stole his wallet and then tracked the lawyer's address, stole every document that had his name on it, then started its own company with all the money on the card...all thanks to identity theft. And then I went home...turned on the TV, and for some reason, I was watching Married With Children...then I woke up...and Web Soup was on

so tell me, big shot dreamer, what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am a turtle. I am very hungry, so I begin to slowly make my way over to the local pizzeria. The moment I begin my journey, however, a frenzied manticore dashes up, and, with its scorpion-tail, flings me across the universe, until I land on a cliff overhanging the magmatic interior of Mount Doom.

I am physically unharmed, but when I regain my senses, I witness an epic clash taking place all around me between Big Bird and Ronald McDonald. Though Big Bird puts all of his energy into one enormous kamehameha wave, it is narrowly dodged by the nimble McDonald, who then pulls a switchblade from his pink top hat and knifes the exhausted fowl in the back, and, once inside, rotates the blade until it has made quite a gruesome wound. He (apparently not even having noticed me) kicks the corpse into the lava below. The ground begins to shake furiously. The ceiling begins to collapse. McDonald vanishes, and, just as I am about to be crushed, a Japanese woman rushes in, cradles me in her arm like a football, and escapes unharmed, all the while shouting "Hai, Hai, Hai", unceasingly in an ecstatically high pitch. I attempt to say a few words to her when we are both out of danger, but she throws me into the sky before I have the chance. From a third-person perspective, I see myself shrink until I am but a twinkle in the sky, much after the fashion of Team Rocket.

I crash through the ceiling of the pizzeria, but land in the hands of Redd Foxx, who kills me by injecting me with a chemical which induces a heart attack and a hysterical outburst of "I'm coming, Elizabeth!" I am added to a pizza, and become a new popular topping around the world. I wake up when Mario and Luigi begin to step on such a pizza, as one steps on grapes to crush them.

----Please, I'm really worried about what this dream could mean, so don't leave BS answers. I look forward to reading all of your opinions.

Example: Dream Interpretation - Being mugged and religion?

Hey guys - I had a little bit of trouble trying to make sense of this dream... wanted to hear a second opinion :)
In the beginning, most of the dream up to that point had just been about partying and stuff, but there was one point where I went to get chocolate somewhere and a woman asked me to help her up the stairs. Something felt wrong, and all of a sudden she took off her disguise and it ended up being a man with a switchblade... with 2 men following behind him. They ended up taking my phone, camera, and keys but for some reason didn't let me go and although I kept screaming for help (it was a clear day at noon) the tons of spectators there would do nothing to help me except finally a black woman who came charging to my rescue. The dream switched over and it was something where a group of people... I think a religious group, who were forcing everyone out of the city and making them climb to the top of this hill type thing... I don't think we went on our own accord but rather they were behind us with weapons or something like that (oh and my boyfriend was one of these people). Once we got there though it ended up them just talking about how we need to stick together to fight this other enemy... everyone seemed kinda pissed and I remember saying to my boyfriend "This is fxcking bullshxt, I'm outta here" and drove a car with my friends off the cliff.. with the thousands of other people following behind us. We then started walking out after we got out of the car at the bottom of the cliff and I think I began holding hands with another boy and getting to know him. The rest of the dream was like about like making food for that Ray J show, school work and something about a public restroom but nothing as vivid as the first two things.

Help? Sorry this was sooo long, I was just trying to jot all my thoughts down before I forgot. Thank you! :)

Example: What do dreams about being cut with switchblades mean?

I am a 14 year old girl, and for two nights now I've had dreams of being cut with switchblades.

The first dream i was in an old apartment with my friend, when a large man walked in and cut the bathroom door open, in which we were hiding. He then tied us up and sliced my hand open. I told him to not harm my friend and then he came at me with the blade, looking as he was going to slice my neck open. After that I woke up.

The second dream took place in what seemed to be a cottage. My friend Lucas was there and it was just me and him. ( This particular boy has told me he loves me in real life. ) Anyways in my dream he was walking around swearing in anger about something that had happened. I ran in fear into the bathroom when he heard me. He ran after me and took out his switchblade. He then sliced open my forehead, and then my arm. He went to slice open my lips but then I told him I loved him and instead he kissed me and dropped the blade. I then remember him walking out and I saw the small blade on the floor. Then I woke up.

If you have any idea what these dreams could be about please let me know.

Thanks so much :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about getting angry and another person and he became angry too. on my way out of a building a group of people stand in the street with guns. some in cars. I am in my car and drive at them as they shoot. I make quick moves, pulling the brakes and spinning to face them. I then knock one in front of me and press the gas heading straight for them ready to hit the man in the drivers side. I am then at home getting a knife, gun, and equipment and start to head out to face them again. Does this mean anything?

Example: Can you tell me what this dream means?

First off- dont answer this if u dont believe in dream meanings. ok so, here is my dream:

My boyfriend (now my ex) takes me to our secret spot so we can make out and stuff. As we're making out, he pulls out his switchblade and stabs me in my stomach. As i drop to the floor, he stands over me and says "U meant nothing to me.." And then he stabs me in the heart and walks away... completely abandoning me.

wat do u think it means?

Example: I had a disturbing dream...?

it started with me shoving my brother then it turned into a fight, we punched and kick each other then i take out my switchblade, then my mom dad and other brother try to break it up.. well i kinda stabbed them all... next thing i know i'm in my room playing video games my friend bursts trough yelling" i know what you did, i know what you did" so i use my switchblade again hes on the floor dying my hand on his mouth then someone knocks on the door i look back and wake up...WTF? what does it mean?

Example: Strange dream...does anyone know what it means?

Ok...a little background. The dream involved my x-husband (not my son's father). We were married for 7 years and he was a control freak. We're friends now but he just recently got a new girlfriend. I'm a little jealous but I'm glad that he seems happy. I have since re-married and I'm very happy (could never be without my wonderful husband) so I think the jealousy is just your typical jealousy, not like I want to get back together with him. It also involved my son (mentioned earlier, not my first husband's child but a "between husbands" because I wanted to be a mother, no matter if I was married or not. It also involved my cousin's house. My cousin recently had her children taken away for doing drugs and we're currently not speaking because I'm so angry with her (she gave her 4-month old child alcohol in a bottle and that's why her children were taken. She got them back last week which I don't agree with but not my choice. It also involved an aunt (that lives next door to my cousin) and this aunt can't ever side with anything, she always rides the fence when 2 people are fighting about something. Not necessarily a bad quality. And this dream involved a broken key (my car key did recently come apart but it snapped back together. It's one of those new "switchblade keys" that switches out like a knife...mazda). Okay, here's the dream.

I dreamed that my first husband kidnapped my son. He took him to my cousin's house. My cousin wasn't there, only him and my son. I went there to get my son back and I was being very friendly with him because I wanted my child. He went to take a shower and I got the kids (I also have a 2 year old and he was there, I took him there with me to get my other son) and started running for the car. When we got into the car, I realized that my car key was broken (snapped apart like it was before). I decided to get out of the car and back into the house so he wouldn't know that we tried to leave. Then I saw my aunt over by the fence so I went over and started talking to her. I don't know what I was saying but she just kept saying, "I don't know...". Finally, I looked down again and my key was whole so I grabbed the kids again and ran for the car. I was frustrated with the 2 year old because I had to put him in the car seat and I felt like someone should have kept him for me if I needed to do this important thing (get my son back). We got to the car and I was trying to unlock the doors and my first husband ran out the door to stop us. Then I woke up...

Any ideas?

Example: Crazy serial killer dream that wont go away?

IT started when I went to my aunts house with my mom. They were having a little party with a bunch of men. One of the men called my mom a hoe and I yelled at him. Apparently he didn’t like that because when I went into another room, he followed, with a knife. He began attacking me and cut me up pretty bad, but I fought off until he heard someone nearing the room. Then my tv turned on and it was the news. It said there was a serial killer on the lose and the mans face popped on the screen. They didn’t get a name. I went out to the living room. I didn’t want anyone to see the marks, incase his friends were killers too. I also didn’t want him killing everyone. So it nearing the end of the party when I came out and I told my mom I need to go, now. So we went outside but she just chatted with friends while I tried to start the car. I didn’t see the guy so I was halfway relieved, but then I looked to my right and right outside his car he was staring at me and smiling with a knife. I freaked and knew no one could see us over here so I ran back to the house wehre people were. HE followed and shoved me into another room. He began cutting me again, and I remember it was my arm that was the worst, my left one. And then I kicked him where the sun don’t shine and he dropped the knife I grabbed it and was about to cut him, but he pulled out a switchblade and cut my in the stomach. Out of a reaction I put the knife I nhis neck. I felt kind of bad because I never wanted to kill anyone. He wasn’t dead, but he was dying. SO I ran out of the room because I didn’t want to have to kill him and ran down the condo hallway. He followed and threw another knife at me, but it missed. MY friends, who I never knew were there, came out running after me, but he picked up the knife and threw it at me=, but it hit one of my friends in the back. I panicked and ran back to the room because he blocked my way out. I went back to mainly get the knife. When we got in the room I stabbed him again in the stomach. He fell onto the bed and I tried calling 911, but I couldn’t. It was on my cell phone and it wouldn’t work. I kept pressing end or another number when dialing. (this happened the other night too, ic oukdnt call the cops.) Then my mom came in, freaked and tried to ask what happened. I ignored her, trying to call the cops but the man on the bed rose again and got a creepy look in his eye. His flesh was now an ashy color and was quite scary. He wasn’t a zombie, but I thought he was so I sleashed his neck like 5 times and he fell down and died. I don’t know how, but I knew his name. So when the cops finally answered, or I finally called, they sent people over and I told the lady on the phone it was the serial killer (by now I was crying) and she asked for his name. I tried to tell her but nothing came out and then his eyes opened again and he smiled at me and I tried to scream to the lady his name, but then I woke up.

It was really freaky because there was so much detail and it all seemed real. Like icould tell you what he was wearing, the color of it and that he had some stubble. Usuyally my dreams are kind of loopy. And half way through I tried to control it and make me wake up, but I couldn’t. I was stuck in it, and usually when I realize it’s a dream I can control what happens, but in here I couldn’t. And when I realized it was a dream, I could start feeling the pain in the cuts. Like when I woke up my arms were killing me.

Example: Dreamed about being murdered by serial killer (neighbor)?

Okay, to start off with, yesterday I had a man that I have only met twice (but really like and he's told me about his calling to preach, blah blah nice guy) come into my house to finish mounting a flat screen TV he'd started a couple of days ago. His wife works with my girlfriend. He was cutting plastic, and he pulled out a switchblade and flung it open and it scared me to death! But then we laughed and joked about it, and he told me that only people in the forces can legally have those.

So, more background info, my neighbor Craig. He was unmarried, but living with his girlfriend until recently when she left. A couple of years ago, my girlfriend (I'm a lesbian) kind of had "dirty talk" with him on the computer and I kicked her out for 2 months. Everything has been fine since, we don't talk to him, he doesn't talk to us...I don't get upset about it at all. He is rather weird, techy guy with a 500 item "hate list" he's been keeping for years, doesn't like kids...ect. But recently his house went up for sale. So I feel like I have been paying more attention to what he is doing, ect.

Fastforward to my dream: I am in high school again (25 now). There are lots of people I know. I keep hearing from others that someone is going to kill me. I don't really believe that. I'm told I better not tell anyone. Of course, I do! I pull aside an old high school friend of mine that I trusted, (don't talk to her now) and started explaining to her that I might be killed tonight and she needs to call the police and tell them I said this if I don't call her at a certain time. But I am interupted by laughter behind me. My friend is gone, and a gang of people are laughing at me. Craig is one of them. I try to ask one of them if this is serious, are they really going to do this? They say yes. Craig is going to butcher me alive and they are going to help. I try every thing I can to get out of it while we are walking to his house. We are suddenly inside. There is only one person who I don't know a white blonde guy who seems a little nice, and Craig. Craig is doing some things to his "tools." The other guy is in charge of watching me. I talk to him and he tells me I will be awake while they do this. I tell him I'll pass out. He just shrugs and says, "That's how Craig says he does it." Now I am more scared. There is water poured over my head. I think the guy did it, or someone else, but I don't mind that, even though I think it is part of their ritual or either they are trying to make me mad. I wait until no one is looking, and then I run out the front door. I am in my neighborhood now, running down the street. I keep looking back at the house, hoping he won't come and catch me. Instead of running into my house, I am running the opposite way, trying to find a house that looks like I could go up, knock, and be let in right away. I probably pass about seven houses. And then I wake up.

A little background info--don't know if this has anything to do with the dream, but I have had lap band surgery two months ago and I am going in for a fill today, which involves a needle in the stomach. Not a very pleasant experience last time I went.

Not sure what all this means, but I thought it was interesting and at least wanted to post it :)


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