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Dream About Tame meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a dream of a tame brown bull mean?

I dreamed I was in a green valley, sitting, with my cousin there with me. He told me he had been here before. I asked him if he had ever caught or prehaps seen the bull. Then the bull appeared in life and in a video camera, it was a golden brown bull very peaceful and calm standing 20 feet away.

because along will come a little white bull -- which will be your epitome to life -- good luck

Example: Help dream meaning? bnkksy?

last night i had a dream where a bay horse jumped over his door and knocked me to the ground, i think he was a stallion and he was quiet nasty and trying to trample and kick me, i got my friend ti get him off me, then time passed and there was a palimino mare havinga foal, i seen it be born and it was a bay foal, and the mare had 2 foals the other was white. it was a weird dream anyone know what it could mean?

Example: Whats does my dream mean?

Ok so I had a dream that I lived on a farm and I was taking a bucket of water to the horses. And their was a huge fence seperating our house from our neighbors and on their side it had tons of trees and a horse ran by on my neighbors side of the fence. So I ran over and callmed it down by rubbing its face through the fence. And than a stablehand was sitting on a beat up car and turned on the lights on it wich was making the horses on his land freak out. So I called over to him '' Hey stupid turn off the lights your scaring the horses! '' And he replied '' Why should I? '' Once again I replied '' Because your scaring the horses now turn of your stupid head lights! '' He kept saying " NO! '' So I climbed over the fence and ripped the keys out of the ignition and all the horses stopped running around. '' Stupid boy. '' I said to him. I climbed back over the fence and he followed me. So than for some weird reason I went into my house into my room and than he followed me. I told him to get out and never do that again. He wanted to stay but than my mom came in the house and called my name. So I stashed the guy behind my door. Than my mom went away so I grabbed him by the shirt and took him back outside. He climbed over the fence and watched me pick up the bucket and head down the row of vegetables... Than my friends little brother woke me up... ! So do you have any idea what this could mean?!

Example: What would it mean to dream of..?

what would it mean to dream of a cow that turned into a lion?

Example: What does dreaming of animals mean ?

For the last week, every night I've had a dream on an animal.
Its usually wild animals, and some of them chase me.
The wild animals are tigers,wolves,kangaroos etc
but there are some other animals like spiders and dogs and cats
Does anyone know what this means ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in a town surrounded by woods and all the animals (bears, mooses, squirrels) from the woods were running through town.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a pet prairie dog that turned into a gerbil, then a guinea pig, then into a wolf. I put the wolf into a pit, which turned into a green and blackish pool with garbage in it. I looked and saw eels in the pool, and ran to get the wolf out, and saw a blood cloud leading from the wolf, and when I got her out, she had a huge... cut like thing on her leg. Also in the dream, she wouldn't get into the pit unless I was in the room so my sister told me to go into the room because she wants to see my face. And the wolf talked to me and my sister, my sister had walked around the corner when it turned into a wolf and my sister said "It's a..." and me and her said "Wolf" at the same time. It looked at both of us and growled "Prairie dog." What does this mean? I kind of miss the wolf when I'm awake. Like a part of me is still with her.

Example: What does this reccuring dream mean?

I keep having this weird dream at least once a week that my Father and I are at a canal bank and we are trying to cross the bridge just as we are about to cross Tiger's come out from no where they never attack us but we are both scarred...Last night in my dream my dad took my hand and we finally got over the bridge as we got over we met a passer by and he said to us don't worry about those tigers they are tame I glanced back over and the tigers were playing with people just a like dogs would

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that my class at school went on holiday to France,
We visited a pool and I was in a bikini, feeling very self-conscious as my ex boyfriends new girlfriend was there and she had an incredible body.
I tried to get his attention by flirting and showing off, but he just said ''Stacey can you just leave me alone. I dont want you.'' and then he left with his girlfriend.
So I shouted after him ''I am over you.''
Then Craig, this other guy who im pretty interested in showed up with his ex and current girlfriend, but found out i was over my ex, so finished with his girlfriend and started hanging round with me.
Then we got on a horse (it was olden times) to leave for home at the train station. But he struggled to get off the horse and the que for the train was really busy, so I ended up getting pushed to the front, and I turned back to Craig but he was at the very back.
I then noticed my ex boyfriend was in the middle shouting ''Stacey I want you. I dont want anyone else.''
and I was ignoring him to reach Craig, who was trying to reach me and calling my name, but the crowd wouldn't let me past.
Then my 3 friends pushed me onto the leaving train, whilst I was screaming for Craig. The train left with both my ex and Craig calling out to me.
What does this dream mean?

Example: I tamed a cougar in my dream. What does this mean?

So this is a pretty wild dream so keep with me. I started in a hotel. I think I was there for a comic convention. We were stuck there and wanted to sneak out. We attempted so, but failed. So we went back up stairs waited in our room. Suddenly someone came to the door and said the wrestling meet was starting. We went and apparently I was on the team. I was waiting to get my number when a girl came up to me and started talking. She was really shy, but cute. Then I went and sat down with my team. I got my number and we went back to the hotel. When we were back me and my brothers(not the people i attempted to escape with last time) escaped. We found over 3 million dollars in the trash. My guess was this was a drug drop off spot, specially since most the money was separated into different baggies. I assume the baggies were to protect it from the rain, since it was raining. I went back to the hotel, though it was a car lot now, and as we were heading back a cougar started growling at us. I yelled as low as possible at it so that it would be quiet, and leave us. It took a liking to me and slowly followed me. It lied down next to me as I got to the front door.There were people there who stopped us, when i looked down at the cougar it slowly transformed into my dog.
I'm a 16 year old male, if that helps.

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