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Dream About Tan meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about.? HELP!?

So my dreams are always so weird, they never make sense to me.
Last night I dream that my friend took my car because he wanted to take it to a car wash, he told me to give him the money to take it. I don't understand what dream means? Then in the same dream, my cousin gave me $25 and I took it of course. Plus, the that same dream, I dream that I was in a house I've never been before, it had like a lot of windows or most likely it was like a glass house with a normal garage. What are all these things mean? I'm like more confused than ever with my dreams lol

The meaning of Dreams is different to everyone or that's what I learned in psychology.
"Dreams are thoughts, emotions and the images shaped by them, which are encountered when asleep."
You can actually figure out what your dreams mean on your own if you think about it.
For example, I once had a dream that Bob Saggot (Full House- Danny) was my dad. I know what my dream was about. I don't have a dad and I get into arguments with my mother and grandmother which makes me wish i had like Danny Tanner from Full House. (This dream was three years ago)

I've also had dreams of colorful nightly carnivals which are recent. Halloween is coming up and I haven't had any fun since high school ended but my friends have been doing things. I just had my own adventure in my head. It wasn't as awesome but ehh. my subconscious tried.

Check the source below if you want a better understanding of dreams.
:) Sorry if this wasn't what you were looking for.

Example: What do you think these dreams mean?

i keep dreaming about puppies. in every dream i always single out this one light tan colored pit bull puppy. the first time i called it jackie and the second i kept calling it juno. i read somewhere that juno are a womans spirit guide. why do you think i have these dreams? be nice please and thank you =]

Example: Does anyone know what my dreams mean?

i was getting married to my new boyfriend
i put on the dress, it was a big white gown wit puffy sleeves and i loved it...but it was a skirt and belly top so my whole stomach was visible

but before i went to the church i panicked because i realized i had no tan my legs wernt waxed and my hair wasnt nice so i cancelled the wedding

another dream i had when i was about 10 (im 22 now) but i always
remember it because it was terrifying...i was upstairs in bed and could hear my family in the living room laughing and watching telly...its was dark upstairs an something scared me and was chasing me down stairs (i never saw it) but just as i got to the living room door i fell and something caught me by the ankles and dragged me back upstairs into the dark...then i woke up

Example: Can dreams mean anything?

ive heard that dreams can come from shay-tan,angels.how can find meaning for dream-not rubbish.

hubbie had dream-in it he had died his mum was there she was crying,he father was also there(he father died over year ago)in it he said his mum was crying saying they'd been waiting for him to go home,also he had feeling something was wrong with his mum(separate from what happened in dream)

this upset hubbie as hes away from family-does it mean anything?
please if dont know maybe suggest somewhere can find out,no jokers plse :)

Example: Please answer what this dream means!?

I had a dream and 3 girls were walking down a school corridor. They looked about 16. The one on the left was tall tanned and bright brown curly hair. The middle was me and the one on the right was well a bit lyk missy elliot one of those people you don't want to mess with. We all wore white tops with pink jackets and short black skirts and high heels. We jsut kept walking and the occasional air kiss to guys passing by. It seemed so real, I'm 13 so i'm not so sure about dreams could u tell me wat it means please

Example: What do these types of dreams mean?

i keep on having these dreams where something bad is about to happen and it's really really obvious, but everyone else but me is indifferent. and here i am panicking, and everyone else is as calm as ever even though they are about to die.

ok here are some examples:
one time i dreamed about eating at a really good restaurant, and suddenly this group of vampires rushed in and out. i asked my friend what that was all about. she said that the restaurant was owned by those vampires and that they didn't kill us because they didn't want to lose their customers. instead, they went to the city first, and when they come back we'll all be done eating and we'll all have paid for our food, and that's when they'll kill us and suck our blood. so i told my friend to hurry up and finish before they come back, but she brushed me off and sat there taking her sweet time. and when the vampires are almost back, someone has the same idea as i did, except they all listen to her this time, but it's too late because the whole restaurant is trying to escape through this little trap door on the ceiling.

in another one of my dreams, there was a swimming pool built on the edge of the waterfall. we can feel the current dragging us down, and people got dragged down once in a while. well, i lost one of my family members to that waterfall so i was scared of the current, but my boyfriend insisted on swimming there. and when i asked the lifeguard if i was going to die, she just kind of shrugged and told me "nah, as long as you know how to swim you should be fine" and she sat there tanning even though people were dying falling off the edge of the waterfall.

in another dream, my dad and i were on a trip. he had to change into another outfit so we stopped at a rest stop, even though i knew right away that something was horribly wrong with that place. i told my dad to hurry up, but he was like, "oh, we're okay, we're not in a hurry to be anywhere". and i saw this creepy bloody old man go into one of the stalls, and i shouted for my dad to hurry up but he told me that there was nothing to be afraid of and i was just being paranoid and overimaginative.

Example: What does it mean if you dream about fake tan?

Probaly way to addicted to fake tan go to the beach and geta real 1!


It means you dream about a fake tan.

or maybe, it means that deep down inside you are gay and you actually want to be a girl, and the secret love of your life will turn out to be a guy and you will shortly meet him.

Comeon man,

...or not! get a grip you crank

Example: Random Dream meaning?

ok so my dream started out with me being picked at my library after skool i got in to the car and my lil 4 yr old sister(ik weird) was driving me and my friends home so as were driving we came up to this HUGE old tan limestone appartment building. So my lil sister stopped the car and she was looking at this one window i followed her eyes and she was watching a lil girl playing a saxophone and the girl left. So then my sister looked at another window and then this girl with long hair and a old looking dress from the old days appeared as i lookin at her she smiled and Then suddenly crashed throu the window. she fell on the ground and ppl were gatherin around her. So i guess i my sis knew that was goin to happen. she drove us home and i told my mom and evrything and she was lyk "no ur just seeing stuff" the next thing u know she asked me if i wanted to do my nails i said yea and these hott guys appeared in my dream serving me salmon and ahi tuna for dinner.

(ik its very random tends to happen a lot) could u interpret the dream plzzzz =)

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone really pale and someone really tan?

I had a dream that I was in the store with 2 of my friends. One was super pale. She was literally as white as the wall. It even looked like parts of her disappeared. All I could say is "wow, you're pale." Then my other friend said "at least I'm still super tan!" I looked at him and he was really tan, and shiny.

So what does all this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was in a weird tanning salon with my friend and we couldn't find two empty beds. then i was in a parking lot trying to move my car. my brakes would not work and i came very close to hitting other cars. i would try to put my car in park but it would not stop.

the part of me not being able to stop my car has been reoccurring but not the tanning salon part.

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