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Dream About Tar Pit meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How do people in different regions of the country define the USA?

I mean in different, TYPICAL regions, cities...

I don't know what you mean. California makes movies and computers. New York has the biggest city and most money but they're rude. New Jersey is a tar pit. Wisconsin has a lot of cheese. Washington State has a lot of rain. Maryland has crabcakes. Philadelphia has cheese-steaks. Florida has Amber Alerts. Illinois has weird pizza that only they seem to enjoy. I think they filmed the movie Field of Dreams in Iowa. One of the Dakotas has Mount Rushmore. Massachusetts has some good colleges and they like baseball. Texas is annoying and has a lot of catchphrases about itself. Umm..most of the middle of the country isn't worth mentioning. I hope this answered your question.

Example: Southern California Beaches?

I'm looking for a list of beaches with BBQ grills, bonfires allowed (which means they have firepits), soft sand with not TOO many twigs or tar or rocks on the sand. I'm looking for a beach that isn't REALLY crowded, but it's not like deserted. I just want to be able to find a spot to sit at. Free parking would be great if possible. Shops nearby would be a nice added plus, too. A beach that has spots to sit at with a lot of space for 10-15 people would be AMAZING! We want to be able to sit down and read, or play volleyball, or go in the ocean. We want a variety of things to do. Haha
Thank you SOOOOOO much!

Example: Los angeles!maybe just a dream?

is there anybody there that lives in La?i'd like to know more informations about the city an also some hot news like celebrities and if you have evre meet one of them!thanks

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