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Dream About Tennis Court meanings

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Example: Need to find out the meaning of this dream(s)?

Ok when i woke up this morning it was a doozy to think about because i had multiple dreams with each one i woke up then hit the sac real quick again. But three of the four dreams were the same and one in the middle was way off. So i'll start off with my dreams in order. Besides that these are pretty long you may like the stories.

Dream #1-
I was at my mom's house and for some reason there were people walking all over the front and back yards and i was in the house looking off the backyards balcony watching the sunset. Then a guy came running down the path that leads to the public tennis court behind the house, anyways the guy runs and lands flat on his face in the court. Then all the people walking around went to see him and he got up and scratched a few of them and then converted them all to zombies/enraged (they kinda were slow and a few were fast like in 28 weeks/days later). Then i was defending the house with a shotgun and then some other random people came and started shooting at them to. Then finally after all of them were dead i woke up.

Dream #2-
This one is like dream #1 but in a different place. This time i was at a lake with a bunch of people fishing. And out of the forest across the lake a bunch of zombies like in the first one came out and started to creep towards us. One nearly got me but i got away. For some reason i had a car and when i got to it i drove all the way to my dads house before they got me. As i drove off though i saw where the guys were fishing and it was one fire with the zombies mauling the people. But when i stopped and got out of the car i was at my dads house, it was pitch black out to and there were no cars on the street just completely deserted. I walked into the house locked all the windows and the doors and hid in the kitchen. I heard a moan from a zombie like in Zelda Ocarina of Time and then i just woke up.

Dream #3-
This one is way off for some reason and short. Btw i woke up and went to bed right away again. I was at my elementry school and there was some girl from my highschool there and she had bigger boobs for some reason. Anyways we just started well ya... but the wierd thing about it was i don't even know who this girl is and i don't even like her.

Dream #4-
This one is like 1&2 just in another different place. This time i was at my work (Wendy's), i was working and it was about 9:55 at the time because are front doors weren't locked yet since dinning room wasn't closed yet. All i hear is a customer screeming and i go out to see and it's well another zombie. This time though in my dream i kicked *** instead of the other ones i was more scared to fight. I grabbed a knife from the back and cut through the zombie's head. and kicked him down. But then i looked out the windows and i saw more zombies coming. It was a freaky sight since just saw there heads glowing from the street light's light. So i ran back and locked the doors before they came in. But then they started coming through the drive through windows for some reason and other places and i just kept on fighting and fighting until one scratched me and i just woke up.

So... those were my f'd up dreams please if you could tell me what your opinion on what they mean. I was kinda shookin and i'm only 16 if you're wondering what my age was.

A young person who is actually intelligent and articulate. Wow! What a relief!

Fear/violence are the issues in most of the dreams. You can be as violent as you want when it comes to killing zombies.

Our subconscious thinks in images, pictures. When there is an issue which is important for us to work through, the subconscious presents it to us in various skits, plays, scenarios.

Basically, you need to understand that it is you speaking to yourself in your dreams.

In the zombie dreams, you needed to turn and confront yourself (your fear issue) in each dream as it happened. Running was not an option, just as in real life running is not an option. You handled yourself very well in the dreams.

In order to stop the dreams, visualize a BIG "X" and superimpose it mentally over anyone or thing that you find threatening. This could be a boss, acquaintance, zombie or anyone. You are dismissing the person from your thoughts.

All things in life begin and end in the thoughts.

Avoid violent movies including zombie movies for a couple months. Garbage in, garbage out.

Now when it comes to girls I suppose you should be reminded that having relations with a girl can result in her becoming pregnant. Of course, you cannot "deny" yourself out of the pregnancy. And, of course, it is not just "her fault". It takes two to tango. It doesn't matter whether you think she slept with the whole foot ball team. If you get a girl pregnant, you are legally linked to the infant through DNA and financially responsible for child support and other expenses which lasts until the child reaches legal age.

Ultimately, we are responsible to ourselves for ourselves, our behaviour.

Psych yourself up as your are going to sleep. Tell yourself that you are up to confronting any issues that you throw at yourself in your dreams.

Have a think session with yourself. Ask yourself what zombies really mean to you. Can you relate them to real life people?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay I was at my brothers high school football game (he really does play high school football) and they were a lot of people short and needed somebody to play and I volunteered I needed help getting the pads on so the guy I really like helped me get them on(he plays football but with parks and rec.) I got them on but I didn't even do one play the next day I asked the coach why I didn't play and he said a softball bat belong in my hands (I play softball on a team and football with my friends occasionally but not on a team) So I grabbed the bat he had in his hands and started chasing him around the locker-rooms, tennis courts, and football practice field (they are right beside each other) beat the heck out of him

Example: Dream Means...?

I dreamed me and a two of my friends were sitting in a pavilion surrounding by tennis courts. The were talking about which boys liked which girls and vice versa.

I was paying no attension to them and instead was staring at a tennis court behind them where my crush was playing. When suddenly one of my friends says that my crush likes me.

I quickly look at her, suprised and she says, 'He's always staring at you, but you hardly ever look at him, why?'

I stutter, and feel like I'm about to cry. I say I can't tell her and then start watching my crush again, feeling very upset.

She continues to pressure me and finally I tell her why. That I really like him, but am scared of getting hurt, I then burst into tears. My crush then finishes his match and runs over to comfort me.

What was the meaning?

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I keep having really strange dreams, one was that I got pregnant with my neighbour or my dad, I told my school police officer on bbm, then I told mum, she had a go at me, I walked off and then I text my mate to meet me at end of her road, but I nearly got to her road, there was a carnival on, then I saw somebody who works at school,shes got a important role. I went over, she asked me if I was ok, I said no and told her I was pregnant, and then i started having bad pains in my belly and couldnt move, then we walked to 'Oldham Hospital' when we was in Huddersfield, could of walked to HRI? and I went in to get induced.. but then I found out I had a miscarriage..
Then last night I had another version of it...
I was in the school grounds, by the tennis courts, I got stabbed, walked down to the police officer,panting and holding my side, told him to go get the woman (who was in the other story) and I went in the school car park and laid down there, then I couldn't breathe properly, then she came and I said 'right, don't butt in, but I got raped, I got pregnant, ''Ive just been stabbed' and then I showed the stab mark, then the police officer and then I said 'I think i've had a miscarriage' then the police officer made everybody go inside, he called an Ambulance and Police, they came, I went off in the Ambulance with the woman, my life was on the line, I think the police officer came also.

Please tell me what these dreams mean?!

No it cant be real life, coz' I've never been pregnant, because I'm 13.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So my boyfriend of 4 months dumped me early this month and i still miss him but im getting over him, he texts me alot though and is putting like 6 kisses on the texts so im kinda confused as he dumped me? Anyway, i had this dream last night and i was wondering what it ment...
Ok well i dremt me andmy ex had broke up and then i dremt he went to a massive house party, and then i went to school the next day ( we are both 14) and i found out that he had lost his virginity with another random girl. I found this out because it was on a massive banner in the school tennis courts were everyone was sat down like an assembily. ( in real life we were in a sexual relationship but we never ever had sex because i said i wasnt ready, he wanted to but we had always planned to lose our virginity to each other) so in the dream i was so upset hed had sex with another girl even though we werent together, i was devasted as i wanted to have sex with him but i want us to both be virgins :( but i think sex is a special bond and its intimate but i was mad at him because hes just abusing that as he slept with a random girl when i wanted to share that experiance with him first. ( and even in real life it upsets me one day he will have sex with other girls )

So what does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok my dream starts like this.I am hanging out in my boyfriends gym class.Then the teacher says that they had to run the mile.I am in a different class from him so i dont have to, but i do it anyway.They we start.My bf does not run fast because he is running with me, in reality he runs really fast. I am surprised because i am staying with the majority of the people running,if this were real i would be in the back.So i see all the familiar places i see all the times i run the mile.Then when we get to the end we are supposed to turn around but everyone keeps going,there is another way that they run it in his class.So i am tempted to turn around but keep going.I see all the people in his class and follow them because i dont know where i am going.We do some zig-zags and end up at a tennis court(we dont have one in reality) and you have to bring back a ball so the teacher knows you went all the way.So i ask for a ball and my bf throws one at me and it his my face. I throw one at his head.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a tennis match?

I had a dream a while back where I was playing a tennis match with someone who I guess I could call my ex. In the dream, we were both incredibly angry and hitting the ball back and forth. Errm, anyone have any ideas about what this could mean?

Example: Meaning of dream about dead father?... A must read?

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Dream about dead father... Meaning?
Soon after my father died I had this dream. I am standing in a tennis court in a big park and on the other side of this LONG fence I see my dad standing there holding my son who he never met in real life. In the dream I was sorta freak out that my son was on the other side of the fence and at the same time was happy to see my father holding him (although me and my father were not close as I was raised by my mom). I took off running along this loooong fence to get to them, as I made it around the fence and onto the grass there was a small puddle of water on the ground (muddy). As I was about to step in the water with my flip flops my father picked me up so I would not step in the water. The whole time he was still holding my son who was quietly leaning his head on my dads shoulder. I then hugged him and cried then said Im so sorry for not speaking to him before he died. (we had a small falling out a year before he died)

My dad looked vibrant and healthy in the dream. As I was saying sorry he looked and me and smiled. He did not speak at all but just his smile confirmed it was ok. After a while it seemed he got weak snd had to put me down. He still held my son who continued to rest on his shoulder.

Even more bizarre.. In real life 1 day before he died, I was home on a Sunday and thought of him and called him to make peace and see if he could visit as he did not meet my new son. The phone number was disconnected and I got worried. I made a comment to my husband and said my father could be dead and I wouldn't know it, I even searched obituraries that evening! He died the next day (1 day before his 55 th birthday). 3 days after he died I got a call from a rehabilitation center he went to (he was permanently disabled from a car accident when I was just a few months old and had life therapy) stating they have been trying to reach me (i did not know my father had me down as an emergency contact) before she could speak I said my father is dead isn't he, which she confirmed. My father commited suicide the day after I tried contacting him. I was searching obituraries the night before he died.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was at school I was walking to my bestie then like this Guy James was Flirty flirt flirt but that was common then there was a playground an there were swings an seesaws where the tennis court was an then my ex was all gestures for to come in so I did he never really spoke we ended up playing an wrestling but it was cute an not so quiet as he was usually but like we broke up in October an this is the second dream on the second night

Example: What does it mean if you dream of getting shot dead?

This dream happened to me last summer. In it, I was in Argentina with a female friend (this is not someone I know in reality, but I just "knew" that this person was close to me), she was a just little but older than I am (28)..(The other thing by the way, is that I have never been to Argentina in my life and have not the faintest idea about it, yet somehow I knew I was there)..Anyway my friend had been in hospital because of her heart and I had come to take her home. So we left and then we were walking up a hill, in the evening, it was sunset and nobody was in the street except us two. The pavement ran alongside a wasteland behind a wire fence (the green kind they have on tennis courts or building sites, you know). Then my friend, who was walking in front of me, fell over clutching her chest and I ran up to her and crouched down to see what had happened. Then something made me turn round and I saw a watchtower, and in it, silhouetted, a man in a kind of cowboy hat. I saw him swivel round with a rifle on his shoulder, then then was a brilliant white flash and everything went black. Then I woke up. It sounds strange, I know, but I was and still am convinced that I experienced what it's like to be shot in the head and killed instantly. It felt so unmistakeably real. Does anyone else know what I mean or had a similar dream experience (where you live something you never have in your waking life)? What do you think these things might mean ? Cheers

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