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Dream About Terrorist meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my crazy dream mean?

My dream last night: My family and I were in a car sorta late at night and we were driving to out house. There is a 3-way intersection near where I live. A man was standing in the middle of it shooting everyone in sight. My mom tried to run him over to stop the shooting but missed. He got angry and chased up our big lane to our house.

I must have been scared cause I woke up right there, what does that dream mean?

Hopefully it's not a sign of the future. The way things are going may be right around the corner. Should you see someone doing that I wouldn't advance towards them and give away where I live. I'd try to turn around and go the opposite way as fast as I can.

I say sign of the future because I had a dream a few years ago that terrorist dressed in black with the black hoods on their heads kicked in our back door with A-k's and ordered my family to the floor. (Meant they were taking over)

Had another dream that I was somewhere outside and a mam dressed in a white suit was sitting at a table with a white table cloth and had his hand under a white cloth napkin. Next thing I knew an old truck overloaded w ppl sped by and began shooting everyone. Looked like Middle East decent people (civilians)

I looked and turned around to the white table and the man in white suit shot me in the neck. Stunned with disbelief I couldn't move and couldn't ask for help. I put my hand over the wound and bled out. Finally I gradually made it to a neighborhood with a lot of people partying outside and no one would help me. I squawked the words ambulance and they laughed so hard at me; crying, I made it to the back door and they told me to go inside so I passed thru all the people and see the man in the white suit inside laughing at me. Everyone laughed and I woke up. Never have figured that one out but still bothers me to this day. Maybe I'll post it here and see what reaction I get.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking in the mall looking for things to buy. They were picking a new M&M color so there was like a bunch of advertising for it everywhere. I voted for the white color. Then these terrorists came into the mall with machine guns and started shooting the people who chose white. Before they could kill me, this giant earthquake hit and the mall split right down the middle. Afterwards, I went outside and everyone was in a panic because they thought it was the end of the world. Then these giant rocks fell out of the sky that were meant to signal when the end of the world would be over. The numbers were 4, 20, and 09, in that order.

Example: Mysterious Dream Meaning?

I dreamed that I was at a crowded place where the people's focus was on a some of houses on top of a hill.

I asked a nearby Indian girl about what was happening which had grasped the people's attention.

She responded that a terrorist organisation had planted bombs within the cores of those houses above the hill and the houses were collapsing. She also noted that she could not bare to see the lives of innocent families being taken in such horrifying fashion.

I looked up watching the houses' structures falling apart and I remember having a very disturbed and helpless feeling towards what I was witnessing.

Eventually as I looked more to the side I realised that the structures of the houses towards me which were also continued along the hill had began to collapse and were about to fall and crush me and those nearby.

The barriers were long and gigantic which lead me to realise that there was no possible way for me to escape the sight alive.

I decided to accept my fate and come to peace and to die without any negative feelings. I urgently decided for my final words in that short and limited time to be "Ahura Mazda" which is the old Persian words meaning "Wise Lord" (God). I also remember as the buildings' structures were falling down towards me with speed I felt at complete inner peace which then I woke up.

Such dream has been on my mind ever since and I'd like to read the opinions and interpretations of others on this please.

Example: What does it mean to dream of atomic bombs or terrorists at your college?

i've been having this reoccuring dream recently where I am at college and either i see an atomic bomb or airplane crash happen in the distance and I am forced to hide and take shelter with my roommate or friends. It is either seeing the destruction in the distance or being upclose to a bomb and feeling the pressure to dismantle the bomb before a terrorist detinates it.. what could all of this mean?

Example: What does dreaming of being shot by a terrorist mean?

If dreams mean anything, I've been having odd ones lately. The most indifferent one I recall was about a week ago. I was in a foreign country, Jerusalem I believe, on a mission trip with my mother and sister. We were in a crouded area, a ginormoous room, and my mother and sister left to use the public restroom. I had a feeling that their were terrorists in the area, and somehow I just knew. A terrorist appeared out of nowhere and was chasing me, stupidly I ran to the restroom where my mother and sister were, and he cornered me, had this huge gun pointed to my face. Then, some official looking men ran into the restroom with guns of their own, and I assumed they were going to help me, but the main guy looked at me and said, "What is your name?" "Traci," I answered painstakingly. The terrorist looked like he felt sorry for me and lowered his gun. Then, the officer shot me carelessly, so quickly I had no time to react. And then I was alone.

Example: What does dreaming about terrorist attack in school means?

I remember seeing three significant things in my dream.

First, I felt a sharp pain on my left foot. Immediately, my hand squashed a centipede and swiped it off my foot.

Secondly, I was on the stage of my elementary school's hall, overlooking a musical of my production. I felt really proud.

Then the scene changed into me back in my high school. My school was suddenly stormed in by a group of police personnels. Suddenly, i knew I had to find someone. I ran up to the topmost floor and I ducked the corridors just like in movies to avoid getting shot from elsewhere. I didn't feel helpless, I wasn't a victim. I was part of the rescue team. I knew where I was going and I walked right into my former class and pulled out a terrorist in disguise. He was really scared as we made him stay seated while the rest of the rescue team gunned down his accomplice. While my team was searching for a note that awas an evidence to the terrorist attack, my friend walked up to me and passed me a note which I wrote and I saw a wrongly spelt "economy" and the word "mathematics. I corrected the word. We found the evidence and I woke up.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I dreamed that I was a part of a conspiracy to blow up several buildings. In particular, the mall and office buildings around in the downtown area of a big city. Some of my co-workers were in the dream. The affair I was a part of had been carefully planned. There were about twenty of us involved. Some Arab-looking men and some white men.

I recall going through my day and just when the entire plan was to be launched, someone blew the whistle. I left the area. I was depressed.
I recalled at that time images of my old neighborhood as child. I recalled seeing a manager from a former company. But because the affair was disclosed, I felt very much disgraced. The other men with me felt the same way.

As I walked, I knew that my time would be short, before I was arrested. So, I walked with my head down, like a man on death row. A current colleague said something like: 'I want to live too!' or something like that. My colleague said it either to me, or somewhere very close to me. (But they were referring to me anyway, referring to what I had done.)

Later on, I was in a rest room. And it looked very much like the rest room in my psychologist's office building. Two weeks ago, after my session, I went to that rest room. It was large and dark and I couldn't find the light switch. And in this part of the dream, I urinated on the floor and there was no toilet. I almost felt like doing that two weeks ago. (But I found the toilet then, in the near darkness.) But while I was dreaming, I actually urinated in my bed.

Wow! I have never done that since childhood. What does this mean?

Example: I was wondering if anyone knows what my dream means if i am blowing up buildings and being a terrorist?

hi there. i was wondering if anyone knows what my dream means if i am blowing up buildings and being a terrorist?.
its weird i have had this dream over 20 times.. i blow up the sky tower and the habour bridge..

Example: Dream about a terrorist attack - what does it mean?

last night i had this really vivid dream,
i got onto a train and it was the middle of the day but when we pulled out of the tunnel it was dark and kinda foggy, like ash was in the air. i searched the horizon and saw planes flying in the distance and dropping bombs that exploded into huge fires. i felt panic and terror take over me, and everyone else on the train was the same, people started crying and trying to make contact with their loved ones, i thought of my family and my beloved dogs and desperately hoped and prayed that they were ok. i started rambling to these two women how scared i was and they looked at me like you wouldnt have anyone to care about you so dont whinge to us. so i moved over somewhere else and silently stared out the window watching as more and more places were bombed by planes.
another train came beside mine and pulled open the doors and told everyone that they could get everyone to the nearest plane and to the eastern states. i was torn between wanting to stay behind to try and find my family and my dogs and keep them safe and going and keeping myself safe.
i realised there was nothing i could do and if i stayed i would probably be killed or tortured so i got onto the other train and settled into a seat. the two women who were rude to me were glaring at me so i moved further away. i saw a young mother with her baby and she was struggling to juggle everything. she dropped her nappy bag and asked if someone could help her, people just looked away like they were pretending they didnt hear her, i went over and smiled at her, then picked up her crying baby and held it(dont know the gender) while she got her things together, i was rocking the baby in my arms and it finally stopped crying and looked up at me and smiled.

thats all i remember but the fear and terror were still there up to the end and i woke up breathing hard and my heart beating really fast, it felt so real.

anyone got any ideas what this would mean?
i live in Australia and thats where the dream was, i havent had terrorist attacks on my mind lately and i dont have fears about trains or planes if that helps.

thanks to anyone who responds

Example: I've been having dreams about a terrorist attack in LA, what do they mean?

It's been 4 in past 3 months, last night was the 4th. It's always about commercial jets crashing. I actually see the moment when they go down, and it's also very realistic. I don't even think or worry about terrorism, so why is it that I'm having these dreams?

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