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Dream About Testicles meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having a dream where Laura Ingalls is my teacher and I keep forgetting my homework. She kicks me in the testicles and says next time you forget I will really f you up

Dear Holeymoley, School dreams tell of how we're doing in the school of life. You are having some anxieties or you have a fear of failure. You also feel defensive and you have issues with an authority figure in your life. How close am I? Hope this helps.

Example: I am having a reoccurring dream of someone squeezing my testicles. what could be the meaning?

I have been having the dream over and over. And every time it occurs I can not distinguish a face of identity. It starts as a struggle, but i can never get away and they end up grabbing them and inflicting excruciating pain upon me to the point where i cry and beg for mercy. Also I should mention that I am having dreams that I am fighting Lucifer in my dreams and his dark minions. But in the dreams I always call upon God and his sun and I am able to fight them off with unexplainable powers, like a flaming sword and the power of meditation(similar to the way they power up on "Dragon Ball Z") I know it sounds funny and weird, but these dreams are really bothersome to me and they really feel like they are trying to tell me something.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream last night that i was playing hockey in a league with my brother on my team(something normal considering he played hockey for a long time and i played for a few years as well).the weird thing is though we were both 100 percent barefoot,and didnt have sticks. and half way through the game he removed part of his equipment and exposed his penis to everybody and started masturbating. then i exposed my breasts. we were both given a minor and 10 minute misconduct for this but not kicked out of the game or arrested. then later on in the dream we were both diagnosed with cancer,him testicalaur,myself breast cancer, he had to get one testicle removed,and i lost both breasts.

this dream is very random i know that,but what does all of this mean,getting sick,public exposure. playing hockey without a stick,barefoot. it makes no sense

Example: Dream: woman with Big Testicles-Penis what does it mean?

first id like to say this is not my dream this is the dream of a guy i know
i would like to mention that i am female

i will give you a little backround info the dreamer lives with about ten friends who live together on/off with both guys and girls
he has a girlfriend who lives in another city neither me nor him are attracted to each other - it's purely platonic .

anyway here goes

he's at home he's looking for something ,
im in the shower and he walks in he looks at me sees im naked then looks down at my crotch area and sees i have large testicles infact bigger than the size of basketballs i turn around and smile at him then he looks so embarressed at seeing me not only naked but seeing i have balls too! i am very casual about the whole thing and i say something like "oh your looking at my balls,well yeah i started growing them recently ,dont be surprised irena has some too"
he walks out bemused all our friends think he's being silly in his surprise .
thats all he could remember .he doesn't understand why he had this dream and he has also been experiencing similar dreams about strange body parts on himself or on friends .
this has been the sort of dream that not only has he had about me but another guy i know also had a very similar dream about female friend he was housemates with - they to are just friends.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that id never had before..It was pretty full on. I was in the supermarket shopping when all of a sudden this huge guy comes and pushes me out of the way. I attack him and we're fighting and all of a sudden i rip his testicles off...What could this mean? It was really disturbing i've never had a dream like that.

Example: I've seen in a dream that I have testicles! What does this mean?

I am a woman... and I don't want to b a man... I have no idea what such a dream might mean... It was so strange! :((
Does anybody have any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean.?

i had a dream that i climbed up the window into an unfamiliar house with my friend. it was a 2 story house but i climbed up it with no problem. we ended up in this bedroom and it wasnt very big. i dont know what we wanted from the house but we were there. and someone was in the house with us and she was on the phone and she never checked in the room we were in. then i know this might sound weird but i had to dive in head first to get out the room through the window. but as i dove my friend held me by on of my testicles and it was very painful. and he pulled me up by my testicle back into the room. then i ended up outside and i felt as though i had lot something. so i climbed back up the house into the bedroom and i asked my friend where's my shoes and my pants and he said he didnt know. the shoes were black and my pants were black. i then end up getting a ride from my mom and i am in the passenger seat and an SUV turns right into us and in the car was my friend alison but we arent really friends. we're just acuantences and her mom was in the car. and we were all ok but my mom just drove off and we started to go on the freeway and i noticed that i was only in my boxers and i started to feel kinda embarrassed. thats when the dream ended. and i dont know if this helps but i'am having a problem with this girl. we like eachother but she is afraid of getting into a relationship. i kinda felt like she led me on and i said some bad things to her and now we are both mad at eachother and are both very depressed. please answer this question i need help.

Example: What do my boyfriends dreams mean?

I'm in a happy serious stable relationship with my partner S. We've talked about having children together one day and getting married, recently, he found a lump in one testicle and after tests got the all clear. It was stress related. The doctors then gave him a very low chance of being able to have kids. We've both gotten over this Information.

Now he's having reoccurring dreams of me miscarrying a baby, nearly every night. I took tests, to see if it was a sign of me being pregnant but all were negative. Why is he dreaming this? What's the hidden message? He's not a big fan of talking to councilors by the way. and He's 27 and I'm 26 and we've been together for 5 years

Example: What does this dream mean?

it starts with me getting off a bus and going in to a night club (im on a school trip i think) so im with everybody from school and where about to leave when my friend says to another guy "you dropped your phone" and i say "no wait that's my phone" so he checks the numbers and guy says it is. so we are getting on the bus to get back when a mate of my says "you forgot your bag" and i say "oh **** it is in the bathroom" so i run to the bathroom down the street and next to it there is a brothel.so i run in to the bathroom it its all all made of gold. i see my bag i go to take a piss when this little person starts to hit me so i grab my bag and run to the bus now im on the bus telling them about the little person when the bus crashes.next i wake up and where in the woods and every body's dead so i stand up and this goo man is running towards me like to attack me when a grass man starts to attack him and they start fighting.the grass man kills him and walks over to me and says "i was bulled when i was a child i was bulled by him" he nods at the goo man and then he goes crazy and is about to attack me when i wake up

Example: Ok psychoanalysts, what does this dream mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night, it is hard to describe because words seem so trivial in relation to the experiences. Briefly, We were going to bed in our house with my parents (both actually deceased) and it was pointed out by an unidentified woman that there was exteme danger to stay in that house, since I had previousl killed the vampire (monster, boogeyman, etc) and that if I remained in that room, which was like the entryway to the house, and the monster returned and I was there and had a "mortal fear of death" at that moment, an unidentified horrible thing would happen. OK, so we tried to leave and got into some type of helicopter type vehicle which immediately began being drawn to "him" (read above). We were accosted by some sort of monster that reminded me of the old mario brotheres video game, shooting a big metal ball with a chain attached at us, but this guy wasn't the real bad guy, we easily avoided him and were actuall able to retrieve some items from him that would be helpful later against the real bad guy (I know, too many video games in my early years). Right before I woke up we were back in the original entryway room and someone was saying that we know we will be in this room at "the end of this adventure".

There was other vivid, kind of unrelated small episodes that I recognize the meanings. I woke up at 4am and didn't go back to sleep on purpose till my alarm went of at 550am. I knew Id be right back into it and didn't want to, creepy!

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