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Dream About The Seal Of The Prophets meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: My crazy dreams?

im going to make a list and if anyone can tell me what anything means i'd great appreciate it..
i dreamt all in the same night:
..trying to save kittens from monkeys cuz they were eating them while i was trying to escape from a dark bedroom..
tossing my pet frog to an alligator in the ocean so it would eat him before it ate me..
a dead swollen human arm landed on shore..
looking at seals and dolphins through binoculars...
my boyfriend made a huge mess making waffles and i was mad cuz he made a mess and didnt even make any for me..
going up and down in an elevator in an unknown school and than taking a test and being trapped in school cuz of a natural disaster happening outside...
whales and sharks...

One set of interpretations, about as scattered as the images presented:

"Kittens" = love, intimacy, tenderness, "monkeys" = stupid or gross humanoid aggressiveness.

"Tossing pet frog to the alligator" is sadness; the "dead human arm" is your own guilt symbol for tossing Froggy.

"Binoculars" = perspective, willing to understand.

"Looking at seals and dolphins" = looking at Christ-symbols in the sea of human emotions.

"Bf being self-ish" = no love for you (your dreaming conscious, which is your waking subconscious, dramatically opines), and "messy" = anti-Mother.

"Elevator" reflects changing scenes in your dreamscape (i.e., kittens, monkeys, frog, aliigator, seals and dolphins, waffles).

"Unknown school" = no dream awareness of having been in a School of Light ("Watch Your Dreams," Colton, and "The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark Prophet, provide good insight into these).

"Test" = mental-emotional response and learning re your dream and School experience; being "trapped" in school due to natural disaster = dream consciousness necessary for processing information which emotions (in everyday world kittens, monkeys, etc.) are "disasterous," i.e., like Shakespeare's "unusual weather" symbols.

"Whales" = mother symbol; "sharks" = false or misleading information and/or teachings.

In sum, your inner childlike love, caring, etc. is as your kittens, your dark bedroom is as your cradle or place of origin, and the monkeys are like childish greed, lust, envy, jealousy, which would seek to devour your inner child, turn it into a selfish childish disaster.

While your parents champion your inner child, and heal your childishness, as you mature, you learn to do the same. Looking at Christ-symbols is a good clue. It is likely you are being given inner telepathic helps from Angels. Asking God to heal, teach, guide, and guard you while your body rests, is good, as exercising your ability to ask and receive permits more intercession.

Example: Please tell me what this dream means?

So i just had a very disturbing dream about my 5 year old little brother. In this dream, apparently he had disappeared for a couple years. Well in this dream, some how, He had went to hell. I know this something that would never happen but it was really disturbing. Someone i knew had taken him and my 5 year old little brother (i guess 3 at the time he was taken) was taken to hell. When he came back he had cuts all over both of his legs and a couple names had been cut into his legs as well. they were straight, horizontal cuts. They looked like the cuts you would see on a "cutter". And every time i asked him how he got all those cuts he just said "because i was in hell" Every time i tried to ask him and talk to him about it he never gave me a real answer. And later in the dream i realized that not only his legs, but everywhere on his body was covered in cuts and scratches. In my dream i was constantly crying because of what happened to him. At another part in my dream, there was a pipe that was closed off my lid and surrounded my a small foam housing. This pipe supposedly was supposed to lead down to hell. Well i had to go into this foam housing one night because there was something object i had to drop down the pipe. While sitting in the small housing i was looking up on my phone a certain prayer you were supposed to say before putting anything down the pipe. In the middle of me trying to do this, i started hearing a consecutive thump and the walls to the side of me started closing in. I then got scared, put the object down the pipe without prayer, and left. And a final part in my dream, One of the people my little brother claimed had tortured him while he was in hell was now living as well. She was a young girl maybe 17 or 18. I tried talking to her, but she would just run. And then one day me and my friend were on the computer trying to contact her. And she to us. There is a place that i am going, that you cant go" and we asked where. And all she sent was a picture of clouds. Which im guessing was referring to heaven. This was all very disturbing. And in real life i am not religious at all. I am agnostic. But please, what could these dreams mean?

Example: I saw Pregnant Muslim women screaming in my dream?

I saw myself at night in a road walking with my brother until I saw an exploding far away infront of me then we turned the road and saw another one then a Muslim women who was wearing a blue Hijab with a long white dress screamed in front of me and ran away and turned around and saw over seventeen Muslim pregnant women ( all of them were pregnant ) and had a big belly, screaming their husband's Muslim's names and crying ( their husbands were in the war where the exploder happened, and dyed ) all of them wearing blue and black Hijab but Black dresses. Then I turned around with my brother and ran away.

What does my dream means? As I'm Christian, but I take the Muslim religion more seriously in case if you wondered.

Example: The meaning of this dream...?

I was at my old elementary school and snakes of different colors started entering the playground, the biggest one was red. A woman with brown hair started trying to lead the snakes but she was leading them toward the mass of people. I started calling to the snakes "Here, here I am, come to me if you want salvation" and they stopped following her and started following me. I led them to the back of the playground near a tree and was about to speak to them. I pulled out my scapular and they gasped and dashed behind the tree. Then all the people were grateful and crowding me but I was weeping and telling them to go away. They were calling me Elijah and one bowed down but I rebuked her and told her not to worship me. One of my ex-girlfriends, my first love, was in the crowd and I told her to come with me. We walked for a bit and talked then we went into an ally. She said she wanted me and I told her I swore an oath (I was currently in a relationship in real life) and she told me she swore an oath too to another guy named John (my name is John). We were about to have sex when a group of rabid dogs came. I stood in front of them and told them that their heaven can be whatever they want (violent etc.) and that we would have glorious battles. Then I asked who the pack leader was and their snouts all pointed to the largest dog. Then I explained that the promise was for everyone, including the pack leader. Then I took out my scapular and put it in their mouths, creating an oath (sealed with their water). Then they disappeared and I went unconscious (in the dream). When I came to I was on the ground and my ex was saying "John are you okay?". I replied "Did they leave". Then she said something I don't fully remember and I woke up. It was 4 am. What do you think?

Example: Aren't all Christians supposed to believe in Hell?

Well, a few years back, i dreamed that I was inside a chamber with about 3 other people and the there was nothing but fire inside that chamber. The walls of the chamber were covered in slick oil and I couldn't climb out, though I was only and inch away from the surface. I saw the faces of agony of the other souls trapped there with me as they passed through the flame, and I tried desperately to get out, but i just kept sliding back down into the flames of the pit. After a while, a stone started sliding over the surface of the chamber I was trapped in very slowly. i screamed and clawed and the walls and tried to get out, but I kept falling back down. when the slab of stone had completely sealed the chamber, I knew I would never get out. I didn't feel the pain or sheer horror of hell itself, but I think I got the point.

It states very clearly in the bible that it isn't a state of mind, or just an eternal separation from God thought that is part of it. There are verses that describe it in detail.

And the devil who decieved them was was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet were thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.
Revelations 20:10

Then, they will go away to "eternal punishment", but the righteous to eternal life.
Matthew 25:46

Hell and its destruction are never full, so the eyes of man are never satisfied.
Proverbs 27:20

And being in torments in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. “Then he cried and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.
Luke 16:23-24.

Example: What have you been taught about Prophet Yahya?

Prophet Yahya
by Agron Belica©2008

The Quran mentions the prophets as having special names and qualities. For example, Prophet Muhammad is called the Seal of the Prophets (33:40) and a mercy for the worlds (21:107). Abraham is called Imam (2:124), the friend of God (4:125), a model to the to the world (16:120), one who is forbearing and repentant (11:74), a monotheist (16:123). Isaac is also given the quality of an Imam (21:73) who has power of vision (38:45). Aaron is called a minister (20:29); he is blessed with eloquence (28:34) and he is sent with signs and manifest authority (23:45). David is called a vicegerent on the earth (38:26) who has power and wisdom (2:251); a man of strength (38:17). Solomon is a king (38:35); he is taught the speech of birds and is bestowed with all things (27:16). Joseph is a ruler (12:88) and one who interprets dreams and visions (12:21), a man of truth (12:46), concealed as a treasure (12:19). Jacob is also called Imam (21:73). He is given the power of vision (38:45). Jesus is called the Messiah (3:45). He spoke in the cradle (3:46) and is a sign to humanity and a mercy from God (19:21).

These are all prophets whose lives are familiar to us. What about the Prophet Yahya? What have we been taught about this prophet who has been overlooked and misrepresented. One reason he has been overlooked is because there are five words used in the Quran to describe Prophet Yahya that have been misinterpreted in translations of the Quran.

The first is the word hasur which is usually translated “chaste.” My research shows that the Arabic word hasur does not mean "chaste" with regard to Yahya; rather , it means "a concealer of secrets." Why the mistake in translation and commentary? As there was no extensive information given in the Quran about the life of Prophet Yahya nor in the hadith, the commentators then turned to Christian tradition and simply repeated what they found there.

Nonetheless, the commentators of the Quran have placed considerable emphasis on this word. Al-Tabari interprets the word hasur to mean one who abstains from sexual intercourse with women. He then reports a hadith on the authority of Said ibn al-Musayyab which has Prophet Muhammad saying the following: “Everyone of the sons of Adam shall come on the Day of Resurrection with a sin (of sexual impropriety) except Yahya bin Zechariah.’ Then, picking up a tiny straw, he continued, ‘this is because his generative organ was no bigger then this straw (implying that he was impotent).’”

Does this mean that even the prophets outside of Yahya will be raised up with this sin of sexual impropriety? How can we accept that this was said by such a modest human being, comparing a straw to another prophet's generative organ? Was Yahya impotent? One commentator, Ibn Kathir, a renowned Islamic scholar , rejects this view and adds, “This would be a defect and a blemish unworthy of prophets.” He then mentions that it was not that he had no sexual relations with women, but that he had no illegal sexual relations with them. Indeed, the whole discussion is unseemly. It is known that prophets of God are immune from major sins, so this statement makes no sense at all when interpreting the word, hasur. In addition, I would like to mention the fact that in his commentary, ibn Kathir says he (Yahya) probably married and had children. He said this on the basis of what was related in the Quran of the prayer of Zachariah.

There are at least three reasons why interpreting hasur in this context as "chaste" is a misinterpretation: First of all, there is another word in the Quran for "chaste" and that is muhasanah. As God used a different word with hasur, it must mean something different. Secondly, God says in the Quran that Islam did not bring monasticism but that it was something that they (the Christians) invented. Therefore, God would not have sent a Prophet who was celibate. In addition, it is contrary the exhortation in the Torah to “go forth and multiply.” Thirdly, Yahya’s father, Zechariah prayed for a protector who would provide descendants (dhuriyyat) for his family. “There Zachariah called to his Lord; he said: My Lord! Bestow on me good offspring from Thy presence; truly Thou art hearing supplication.” (3:38) God gave him Yahya. God would not have sent a son to Zechariah who would not carry on the line of Jacob’s descendants because then God would not have answered the prayer of Zechariah.

The word hasur is used only one time in the Quran and that is in regard to the Prophet Yahya. A major Arabic-English lexicon, that of Edward William Lane (Taj al-Arus) states that when hasur is used alone, it means “concealer of secrets.” In his translation of Ibn al- Arabi's Book of the Fabulous Gryphon, Elmore also translates the Arabic hasur as “consealer of secrets.” In the referenced passage, “chaste” would not have

Example: Is it more important to you to read from spiritual sources or obtain knowledge from dreams and visions?

Old men, young men, and handmaidens, it is written, will all be experiencing to varying degrees these important aspects of spirituality. The Gnostics and primitive Christianity as a whole did not have the availability of a New Testament and payed close attention to dreams and visions as well as draw on archaic manuscripts
( Chaldean Oracles, Baghavad Gita, Vedic Scriptures, etc.). John the revelator was told to seal up what the seven thunders uttered to him as their message was not ready at that time to be revealed. Those things are definitely not in the Bible, so could it be they will come through the aforementioned catalysts?

Example: False prophets and what they say?

I didn't know much about God when this happen and the person who said it is a pastor who is gay and use to let us kids smoke pot and drink at his house and engaged with us . He said that he could tell us about our selfs and our futures without knowing us and I had just met him because I was dating his so.
Everything he said was dead on me he talked about abuse that I never told anyone but my sisters who he didn't know and he told me I will never be anything with my singing ( not that I can't sing ) and I would never get over my fear of singing in front of people ! He told me I would be famouse for the book I write .
I always thought of writing but I suck. Sorry not the point . Knowing what little I know now I know he was wrong for telling me that stuff but only know that people with demons inside of them know the future. So does his mean I should not try to write or should I still try to sing?
Please if you dont believe in a higher power don't reply because I don't want to hear from none believers ! No offence I still love all none believers but I am trying to be closer to God and I want the people responding to help me figure out what I can do to be closer to our lord

Example: Religious Dream-Interpretation Please?

Hi everyone. I was hoping I could hear some of your ideas about a dream I had. It was months ago so I am going to only tell you the parts I remember.

A man is sitting at darkish color (probably purple) desk with that color of background. It is a news anchor at newscast sort of setting or something from like a public-comedy show like the Colbert Report or the Daily Show. He is wearing a complete three-piece suit. He has silverish-gray hair [its kinda of light and shiny (i think)]. The man is me (i think).

He is talking about how Saudi Arabia and Israel have united to make one country. There was also an image of the new country next to him, like in many news shows. It showed an image with both of them the same shade of red (rather light and vibrant, kinda of like or maybe the exact shade of red the Republican party uses). There were a few errors though. First of all, Israel and Saudi Arabia were connected without showing any distinction between the two. However, this is impossible being that they are not connected. In addition, Israel wasn't in the same place it is today. It was much more south, and shaped similarly to the Dead Sea, but smaller. However, bigger then it currently is. Saudi Arabia was also positioned differently. It was angled straighter then it is today.

The scene then goes to a family dinner (which I am at). They are watching what was currently happening on the TV. I don't remember much anything that happened here.

This is the last part of my dream. Its kinda hard to explain, so I'll try. Imagine two circles with some distance between them. Now imagine long animated light green pom tree or tropical leaves. The ends/stems of each are in the center of one of the circles (the same as the other circle) with the blades sticking outwards. The one on the left was moving counter-clockwise and the one on the right moving clockwise (both moving upwards). The leaves of the two circles aren't touching or it is just at the tips of the blades. So this is what it looks like: leaves moving past (only the blades are seen). The background is white. The leaves are getting lighter and lighter. in color/shade. They are playing music. It was either angelic or Israeli/Jewish-Arabic/middle eastern music or angelic music that turns into Israeli/Jewish-Arabic/middle eastern in the next part of this scene. It then turns to what looks like a dictionary being viewed kind-of oddly. There is only one part of it being viewed. Either it is the only thing on the page (unlikely), it has light on it while everything else is dark (possibly), or it was just the only thing on the page that was focused on (most likely). It said either : bafiz, bazir, bafir (or perhaps something similar). Then it said: -he was not the last of his kind. It was written in an articulate font (it looked typed).

There were other parts of the dream and probably more definitive information, however I can not remember it. I guess that can be a sign that it meant nothing. I think this may be a Baha'i dream, because they believe in uniting all people (Saudi Arabia and Israel), however, most religions do. The part that really made me believe this was the last part. It says he is not the last of his kind. I know this is ambiguous, but it seemed obvious to me since the second I woke up. I believe it to be talking about prophet Muhammad and saying he wasn't the last of his kind, or the seal of the prophets, and that they will continue, which is a tenet belief of the Baha'i faith.

I would like to know what people of all faith think of this. I know it may not be enough of the dream to make an accurate opinion, that it may have just been a normal dream, but I was just hoping you could give me your own opinions. No one excluded (yes, atheists are welcome but they don't have to contribute except for the obvious fact that it could just be a normal dream about nothing).
Thank you everyone.

One last fact. While spell checking I got Hafiz as a correction for bafiz (though I know Hafiz wasn't what was in the dream). Hafiz means guardian, it is someone who remembers the Qur'an. Just though I'd mention it.

Example: Can you interpret those two dreams of mine , please ?

many years ago when I was like 11 maybe , I had this 1st dream

I was in my parents room and there was a small balcony "in real life there isn't "just only one window"

anyway , I entered it , it was night , and our neighborhood was like as if it was before they build it , lots of fields and meadows"I wasn't born then of course but I heard a lot about how it looked before they build it"

I looked at the sky to watch the stars "I do that in real life" , but there was something else out there , I took a closer look to find out it was a man dressed in black , he was flaying or maybe just floating far enough for him not to hear me calling him , because I tried to call him to teach me how to fly , I was about to say : hey flying man please come .

when all of the sudden ,someone entered the balcony , I don't know who he is , and he said : don't you know who that is ? "meant the flying man", I said no ! , then he said : that is the prophet Isa "Jesus" (puh), so I looked at him and then he pointed towards us "or just me , I wasn't sure"

then the strange man said : and he is trying to say that he feels like he is here "or he feels that he exists here" , then both of them just left , Isa (puh) flew away , and I was very confused , did he mean exists in me , or in the balcony , or in our apartment ! , I didn't know


the second dream , after 7 years maybe

I dreamed I was fighting with my mother and her mother "my grand mother" and I was saying loudly : enough , I don't want to fight anymore , please stop it .

at that moment the door bell rang , my mother opened the door and there were tall men wearing suites , they said we need you and your son "me" to come with us now , I was freaked but not afraid , and we did go with them .

they took us to some place like archives room , there were lots of people searching through lots of files .
one of the guys came and told my mother and her mother : we found out that your son is a descendant from one of the prophets , we don't know which prophet yet .
my grand mother answered : neither do we ! , how can we know it ?!
the man replied : this will be done by his birth seal
my grandmother had my birth seal , and I never knew anything about that !

he brought us a box filled with lots of seals , the handles of those seals took so many shapes and colors "one was a brown fish , and one was a green tree"

anyway we found one seal , its handle was like an old shaikh with long beard holding a staff , which looked exactly like my seal except for , mine looked more younger than it.

my grandmother said : no there isn't any !
then I said to her : come on , stop lying and fear Allah , this one looks like it , don't you see?
I took them both to showed them to the man , and I told him : this one looks almost like it , but it is younger .

he took them from me "he didn't argue or anything" and looked at us , smiled and said : do you know who's seal is this ? , this is the seal of Isa (puh) and he let us go .

back at home we gathered in my parents room "me , my mother and my grand mother" , I was telling them that I know that my old dream meant something ,
my mother said : so did you know about that ?!
I said know !, I just had a feeling my dream meant something , and then I started telling them about my old dream .

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