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Dream About Thin meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: WHat does my dream mean? (quick)?

ok, i liked this guy for two years but never told him. And i decided to get over him this year (our friend relationship took a turn for the worse.), but last night i had a dream.

Somehow we were engaged, but i was not sure if i wanted to marry him. So he lift me. I was in my wedding dress! it was soo pretty and the ring was amazing! BUt anyways...i can't remember if he came back but i do remember wanting him after he left. I remember crying on the floor with my dress and looking at the ring...just wanting him back.

What do you thin this dream could mean?

Remember though im in 8th grade only. idk why i was picturing myself married with him.

I really am getting over this guy. so this is why it is so confusing. If im over him why does he always appears in my dreams?

Dreams in general can mean several things. From what your saying it seems to me as if you've kept a place in your heart for so long for this guy and nothing ever came of it, which makes you wonder or even become more curious about what couldve happened if you acted on liking him, or asked him out.

In addition;

Naturally, your brain goes through everything it can remember that day, and kinda saves it. Like a computer saves data, our brain does the same thing. It also like to release dreams/data back to us as we sleep. In our REM state or Rapid Eye Movement state is when dreams occur. So sense this guy was on your mind so much you dreamed about him and your mind is giving you a look down another path of life. It looks like it doesn't turn out so good. Listen to that. Your conscious is telling you something.

Your dream is telling you that your making the right choice in moving forward with your life. That's probably the best bet for you anyway.

Best of wishes.

Example: I dreamt that I was being bitten on my leg by several thin black snakes. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed last night that I got so thin, my veins were literally outside me body. Not broken or anything, like strings all over. What could that mean? I looked down, and saw my veins.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I see myself as an old man with a thin cane walking near what looks like a very ornate home or temple. I look out on the horizon and I see huge mountains around me and I am talking to a man.

The man I am talking to is pleading with me not to go because he wants to learn from me. He asks me to write down my wisdom before I leave. I agree and he leaves.

I walk out to the ledge and I see animals running up the temple stairs. The animals are fleeing from a huge bear. I walk to the edge and with the end of my cane I push the bear backwards and he falls to the bottom with a crushing blow.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream I was looking in my bathroom mirror and I started combing my hair.

as I was combing my hair it became long and curly.

after that I woke up. what can that mean?

Example: What does this Dream Mean ?

So here's little parts of a dream i had when i was a little girl that still haunts me.

It's the end of the world. I see a skinny old farmer singing an old country song on a rocking chair , chewing on a wheat. The rocking chair is outside my window. A black hooded figure swiftly moves across the room from my closet to the window. The farmer is no longer there. I sit on the floor to put on my shoes a little boy around 6 or 7 with one eye red and the other brown ,appears next to me and whispers beware. as me and my family run outside there is a over turned school bus and a wolf on top.
I never really remember dreams , but this one stayed with me forever. I wonder why , i never wanted to find out what it meant. I never felt no evil with the little boy or the black cloaked figure , but the old country man for some reason was the one that always freaked me out.

so what does this dream mean, sorry for the long explanation.

Example: What does this dream mean?

what does this dream mean?
when i was at girlscout camp (overnight) about the 4th night i had a dream that someone (i dont remember who, i think my friend zach) gave me an orange kitten that was very playful, (i dont remember where i was when they gave me tha kitten) next i was sitting on the couch in MY living room and i was holding the cat (now the cat was still orange but older and some darker colors like a tortoiseshell cat) all of a sudden the cat jumped out of my arms and got really wild (like when cats get the crazies) and it started running around (also i had been trying to hide the cat from my mom but at the end/ b4 i woke up i am pretty sure my mom came in through the front door, im not sure if she saw the cat, or if she did what her expresion was)

Example: What does a dream mean when I strangle a person but they don't die as their neck is like thin rubber?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was going on a date with my boyfriend and we were texting before and i forgot to grt ready so i was like omg i might be 15/20 mins late and hr said ok, then i got ready and went to meet him, he was wearing tracksuit bottoms which he doesnt normally wear. I hugged him and as i was hugging him i was 2 boys that fancy me, we went to an alleyway where he took off his pants and he had long white addidas shorts on, he got changed for some reason. Then we went to my house and he squeezed my boobs but he wasnt hard. Then i started sucking him off (his dickk was like 1 inch) then it grew to like a meter but it was thin then he came in my mouth, he had to hide behind my bed sfter because my mum was in the house. When he got out he needed the cat for some reason so i put the cat out and it came back

Example: My dog is thin in my dream. What does it mean?

In my waking life I have a dog which my husband gave to me as a Christmas gift. I have her for 2 months now. My husband and I lives separately because he is overseas serving the Army.
The dog was his and he have her ever since she was a puppy, they just got separated when he started to join the Army a year before we got married.
My dream was:
The dog (Rottweiiler) is getting thin when in real life she is 97 lbs. healthy dog. There's no indication that she is sick in the dream. But she is just so thin.
What could the dream mean?

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