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Dream About Throw Up meanings

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Example: Dreams about throwing up for 5 minutes and a naked guy with a girl's area? What do they mean?

Okay, so the first one was that I was throwing up for like 5 minutes straight (gross, I know). But it was just like funneling out of me. The puke was like bright orange with a mix of yellow in it. Then I puked up like this white and brown color vomit. Then I stopped and my mom came out and said, "that's good, it's a sign that the virus is coming out." What does that dream mean? I'm not sick with a virus or anything so what's it mean?

The second dream was that I was running in the pouring rain with only a towel on and I went into this house and there was this kid there from one of my classes and he was naked. it was weird, he had no package..it was just like..hairy crotch, like a girl's area. And he was like: "you gonna take your towel off?" And I was really angry and was like: "No". What does that dream mean? I've had dreams involving this kid before, and NO I DO NOT LIKE HIM. He is the most obnoxious person you will EVER meet. He has to be the class clown and he doesn't care how much of a nascence he is. Trust me, I do not do not like him. I don't secretly like him either. And he doesn't like me. We barely talk or even when we do, it's just me yelling at him to shut up. So what's that dream mean? And my reoccurring dreams of him? And why he had a vagina instead of a package? And what's the throwing up dream mean too? Please let me know. Thank you.

First dream:
I think the 'virus' in this dream is something you've been feeling, or something you've been doing that has been cuasing your pain or stress in the past. By this dream, it seems like you've done something to change that and you've almost got it out of your system. Your mom is there, and talks about how you've almost got rid of this problem. I think that means you're on the way to a re-birth of sorts -- your mom gave birth to you once, and now she's witnesing your second.

Something bothers me about the number five, though. Why five minutes? I think of the clock when I think of the number five...'Cause the space between two hour numbers on a clock represents five minutes. Maybe you've had this problem for five months, or five days, or five years? *shrug*

This is a fun dream to interpret. Water is oftentimes used to symbolize sex and sexuality. You're wearing a towel in the rain -- water -- and naked under your towel. I think that means your sexual desire is pretty close to the surface of things.

As for his genitals...That's interesting, too. Since you both have vaginas in that dream I think that means you view him in the way you view a female friend. Taken with the part with the rain, I'd say this you have a sexual desire for him but not an emotional one and that's causing some strife for your dream self. He wants you to drop your towel and expose your sexual areas to him, but you don't want to, and get angry -- that goes back to that conflict...You kind of want to do him, but you really don't want to do him.

Taking this into account I'd say he pops up in alot of your dreams because of that sub-concious attraction. Often times our hormones have control of our dreams... : P

Example: What does it mean to dream someone throws a cup of coffee at you?

i was in a classroom and this guy threw coffee at me. (we used to go to school together when we were little and we never got along) then i saw a little kid who looked exactly like macaulay mculkin (sp? the actor from Home Alone). he was standing with 2 girls and they were pointing and laughing at me

Example: Dream about throwing metal?

I had a dream where I was throwing metal material. any meaning to this

Example: Dream about throwing out food?

Ok, so I had a dream in which my coworkers-that I think do not like me- texted me/face time me but by the time i was trying to speak it went black and they just showed up at where I lived, they came and moved furniture around/cleaned-to make room supposedly for a child's party-one of them is having one in real life/not invited- anyways I was in my pajamas and they were trying to throw out food- like bags of bread/panettone boxes that were "stored" on the floor(there was a lot), one of them was saying that a bag of bread wasn't good that she would give the bag to her animals-I think she said rabbits. I was very surprised by all of it. After that in apparently a different environment-work office type, supposedly where I work- I apparently was friend/standing next to a pretty asian pregnant lady. For some reason there was a few kids playing, running around in a building lobby?-very brightly lighted-it looked more like a mall to me-but it was supposed to be at work. At one point I ate a whole ripe banana. After that the guy at work that is supposed to be interested in me (in real life every time he passes he looks at me-I'm not interested bc he is a married guy- but it makes me feel uncomfortable bc he has a high position- so I have not acknowledge it and try to put a serious face whenever I notice he's passing by- other than that I behave normally) was just standing by where I was in more than one occasion, while the guy that I like- I think it was him because of his light colored hair (who doesn't work with me)- passed by me and I only noticed him from behind. In real life I hope that I can see that guy again- I haven't seen him in more than 4 months.
The truth is I'm a little at the edge ab those people at work, they can make it impossible if they want to. At the moment I'm going through a rough spot, I can only hope things will get better with my family- my ability to do well in other areas are affected by emotional stuff- mainly family. If somebody could help me decipher this dream it will be great. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Example: I had a dream about throwing up?

FYI: About a year ago I suffered from an eating disorder , I would not eat at all and sometimes purge.

Anyways, I dreamed that I was called into the rest room by my mom and she held a black glob in her hands telling me it was all the food I threw away, she had gotten out of the toilet and said it was clogging it and at that moment I knew it was everything that I've thrown up. What could this mean? I've been healthy and nothing about my ED came to mind till rightnow? Can this mean something else? Help.?

Example: Dream someone threw acid on my face?

In my dream my dad picked me up from work and we were driving back home.
We were stopped at a light and this woman came up to the window holding a bottle of what looked like coca cola.
She started asking my dad and I something but we couldn't hear her so my dad asked me to open the window. I was suspicious of the lady so I only opened the window a little bit.
As the woman came closer towards the car she seemed more and more threatening.
By the time she reached inches of the car I had almost closed the window, but the woman threw the cola in the car, spraying my face and my dad's face which now burned.
We drove away and I was so shocked, my dad then confirmed what the woman had thrown at us was diluted acid. I asked my dad if my face was burned from the acid but I was fine.
I then called the police because the woman was starting to do the same to other people who were waiting at the light.

What does this mean?

Example: Dream I waz throwing poop?

Example: Dreaming about throwing up?

ive recently had a dream about throwing up.. and every time i tried to talk i would throw up.. like i wasnt able to speak at all in my dream.. and my throw up was not like wat u would expect... it wasnt really food.. it was just weird.. help..

Example: I had a dream i threw up diamonds!?

I was in a school parking lot walking towards the entrance when all of a sudden i threw up on the grass. it appeared to be big diamonds or crystals although they were jello like in texture. they were hot orange and yellow in color. As i threw up some guy who walked by was pissed and said wtf i was about to take my #$% out and piss there man... i remember thinking that ima get pissed off and woop his *** if he touches me or pisses me off..

then i get up to keep heading into the school but i stop because i think im gonna throw up a bit more. then an old friend of mine comes outside and hands me a magazine which i knew was to show me information about something he wanted me to know. i mentioned to him that im gonna have to use this particular magazine to clean up my mess, i kind of said it in a tone that let him know he would need to bring me another magazine if i he wanted me to read it and get the info.

thats it. this dream was a continuance of an earlier dream but i cant seem to remember the earlier events.

last night i was up until 4am researching what it would take to get my masters in engineering. i contacted the director of the graduate program before going to bed.

ive always hated school, but ive always loved engineering and design work. i found my undergraduate studies kind of boring but at times fun and challenging, but have always looked forward to getting my masters.

ive heard dreaming of throwing up could mean health issues though so maybe my dream was not related to the school at all...

anyways, please let me know what you think.


Example: Dreaming about throwing up blood?

In my dream I was feeling very sick when suddenly started to throw up blood. I then ran to my bathroom and I was throwing up even more blood and I couldn't stop.
Then I see a big spider come out of my mouth, and in my mind the spider was the reason I was getting sick.
Once the spider was out I stopped throwing up blood and was trying to look for the spider so I could kill it.
I never found the spider so then I woke up.

Can someone please tell me what this could possibly mean? It's really freaking me out. Thanks

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