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Dream About Throwing Apples meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think this dream means?

O.K... so I had this really weird dream a few days ago, and I just remembered it now... So can anyone tell me what this means?

So it was my birthday party, and everyone was there that was at my party 2 weeks ago except for one girl I'm not friends with anymore. And everyone had just got there. And for some reason we decided we wanted to map the real positions of the stars on the walls of my basement. So we magically got a laptop that looks exactly like the one at school. And so we got up to place the first marks of the stars and went into the other room and left the laptop there, and we heard this loud bang, and we went back to the laptop and it was on hotbabes . com. So we got weirded out, but didn't think anything of it, and we went back to placing the stars, when we heard the toilet flush, and nobody was in there. So we started screaming, and decided that we had to get out of the basement, but the stairs weren't an option, so we used a vent that led to the bathroom upstairs. Cont.

Mapping the stars on your basement wall seems, to me, to represent your desire to understand "the infinite"... spiritual reality. However, in your efforts to do so, perhaps you have tapped into an unfriendly source of information... something occult, spiritism. Could you have stirred something you didn't mean to awaken?

See, spiritual entities are not friendly strangers who exist to inform and entertain us, eager to satisfy our curiosity. To seek contact with them is even more dangerous than giving your contact information to a TOTAL stranger on the internet. You don't know WHO you're talking to, now what their intentions are toward you.

Now, you feel the need to escape, but you really don't know how. This even follows you back to the "real world" of your upstairs, your parents, etc. What was done in secret has followed you into the light of day. It won't stay hidden.

The apple your friend was eating, that she threw at you, represents the fruit Adam and Eve partook of in the Garden of Eden... the desire for knowledge and power, no matter the cost. Adam and Eve could have been taught by God Himself, but they chose a short cut, to tap into things they weren't ready for yet, or that would harm them. We are like them when we seek for knowledge and power without having a clue what we are getting into.

Pray for wisdom. Ask God to protect you from the forces you have awakened.

I've created a website that is kind of a "basic survial & first aid kit) for those who have accidentally (or not so accidentally) invited unwelcome spiritual entities into their lives by seeking in spiritually "unsafe neighborhoods" so to speak. Feel free to visit me.


Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a high school basketball game (in my dream) but it wasn't my school's team or at my school. It wasn't at any school I know of but I remember the mascot was a tiger (or so I though. Later I discovered it was an orange wolf) even though their team was something xompletely unrelated just like this school in my town, bayridge...or as I like to call it GAYridge (there team is the blazers and their mascots a tiger) anyways there were a bunch of people in te stands and I was laying on...something with my head propped up and was huddled under my blanket because it was cold (I was just about to regain consciousness so I guess that part came from the fact that i was lying in bed) Then this insanely cute guy (<3) walked over to me and was like "hey" now that I think of it he looks kind of like a blonder version of my ex boyfriend Ryan. Anyways, he was like "want some pie?" (there was a table in the corner where u could get free apple pie) and I was like "sure" (odd cuz apple pie makes me gag...wait not rly odd cuz for some reason I always eat it anyway) so he went to get me some pie. While he was gone the mascot came over and I discovered he was really a wolf. Then the guy started walking back with an empty plate cuz there was no pie left (although for some reason there was pie goo on the plate...and no he didn't eat the pie and just give me his garbage) then my...oh god how can I explain this...my friend who's a guy who doesn't but does like me and I don't but do like him and he's got a girlfriend who's not really his girlfriend and we dated but we didn't...kyle took the plate from him and handed it to me and was like "here I got you something" I was like "uhh...thanks?" then he started singing the third line to that song that's like ____ and _____ sitting in a tree, but it was to te tune of the austrian national anthem (Gotta love the randomness! :P) ao he was like "first comes love. Then com-OOF!" (that's when I shoved the sticky pie plate in his face to get him to shut up) me and my sister (who was sitting on the floor beside me) and the hot guy couldn't stop laughing...that is until Kyle turned around and shoved the sticky pie plate in my face. Now the only one laughing was my sister cuz the hot guy looked pissed and Kyle was just smiling smugly. So now I was pissed at my sister for laughing so I shoved it in her face...well me being pissed was part of the reason. I also just wanted to who've pie goo in someones face. Then my sister, being completely uncreative, just shoved it back in my face. God! I easily could have just shoved it back in kyles face nope, by sister was too lazy to choose a new target. Then se yelled "food fight" (a rly idiodic thing to do considering there was a basketball game going on and people actually wanted to eat their pie rather than throw it) but I though I might as well get one last laugh out of the pie plate so I through it at the hot guy...before I saw if it hit him I woke up. :(

So what dou think it means. And dot just go on one of those websites and type in basketball or something. Look at the whole dream.

Example: I had a strange dream what does it mean?

I dreamt that Eve was created by God and put into the garden of Eden. Then Adam was created and he wanted to know the wisdom of God so took from the tree of knowledge. Adam forced Eve to partake because he didn't want to be looked at by God alone as evil. She ate of the apple and said "I never wanted this knowledge, I don't want to know" (she started seeing all of the horrid things that happen to women and children as a result of men, this was the knowledge of the earth that God warned them about) and the garden vanished before their eyes becoming a vast desert. They then began to see war and all of the pain of the life in the flesh, that was their punishment.
Eve then stated "there was no snake in the garden, it was Adam that was the snake, he has the evil that created this situation, Men use their bodies to harm other humans. This is using a temple of God as a weapon and is evil"
I am not christian so this makes little sense to me. I can understand the Eve being born first, I just read some of the gnostics books. Mary's book proves women should not only have been in charge of the church but should be in charge in other ways as well, and men kept these facts hidden out of pride and fear and desire of power. So women were enslaved instead of listening to what Jesus had to say for real.

Example: What does it mean after you kiss someone you throw up pieces of apples in a dream?

in my dream friend who's a guy kissed me with tongue. i was upset because i have a boyfriend whom i love very much and would never want to cheat on him. Now see my guy friend is like one of the biggest man whores around any who i threw up pieces of apple immediately after he kissed me why did i throw up pieces of apple?

Example: Dream Interpretation, red and green apples and a wood tube?

Okay, so I remember this dream loosely now, but I remember that I was in a apple orchard it was massively huge like the entire state of texas had been converted into an unattended apple orchard.
Walking enjoying being around many many trees (it was like some of them were planted in order and then others grew from the apples that fell over the decades) I started eating some first I ate a red delicious and it was one of the best things i have ever tasted, and then I got one of the granny smith apples and I ate that and it was so sweet and tart so delicious but not as good as the red ones as I kept walking i found a bucket like those old wood buckets used to collect apples in.
With the help of my guardians/totems and my girlfriend we cleaned the old bucket and once we were done we started picking apples we mostly got red and green ones but i kinda remember a couple of other colored apples and then I carried the bucket off somewhere it was heavy at least 150 lbs as it felt, but we got to a place it had a apple press for making juice some ovens and cooking things for pies and jars.
So as we sat there it was my job to sort the apples and take out the bad ones from the good ones.
I did this by biting into each one and taste testing them and this is the part of the dream I remember clearly, at one side I had another tube for the good apples on one side the red in the other the green at the other there was a tube for the bad ones.
The first couple apples were great just yummy, but after like the 24rth one I bit into a really rancid bad apple that almost made me dry heave but after smelling my girlfriends hand I was fine and I kept sorting through all of them(I had with me 22 other people 21 guardians/totems and my girlfriend) .
After that the dream becomes foggy until after and I am eating apple pie and drinking apple juice both fresh and looking at the pile of bad ones like 45 or so way less than the good ones.
I got them and started throwing them out into the trees so the seeds could have a chance to grow except for one that just stood out that one i stepped on and squished under and then I woke up.

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

1st dream: my family & i had to move, we moved into a house that was in the middle of no where. outside had no grass, it was all just dirt. there were a couple trees, but they were dead..we had no neighbors, no other houses were around. the house that my family & i moved into looked really crappy & old.. i was carrying one of my boxes that had my stuff in it upstairs to my bedroom, as soon as i got in the doorway of my room, i stopped walking & i dropped the box that i was carrying, i remember getting startled because i saw my dead cat(toby) laying on my bed. he was staring at me, i just stood there staring at toby, watching him as he slowly faded away. that's all i can remember...i guess he was spirit in my dream.

2nd dream: i was in my house. my online friend was there too(i've never met him in person or even seen him before in real life). he & i were in the kitchen talking, he was getting mad me, he said to me ''everything you told me was a lie, wasn't it?'' i replied ''um...yeah...im really very sorry'' he said ''f**k, i had a feeling that you were! everything you said was a little hard to believe...that's the last time i will ever trust what someone says over the internet!'' then he looked at me & asked ''why'd you lie!?'' i didn't give him an answer, i don't believe i had one, i just said to him, in a low voice ''im sorry...'' he said to me ''not gonna answer?...well im going back home tomorrow, just so you know, you & i are no longer friends. i can't trust you, not after all those lies you told me'' i didn't say anything. i remember feeling really sad, and i started to cry, then i walked out of the kitchen & into the bathroom. i remember not wanting him to see me cry. after i stopped crying i went back into the kitchen, i kept looking over at my friend, i was feeling sad, he & i ignored each other..i opened the fringe and i grabbed a red apple, i started eating it, then my friend asked me to throw him an apple, which i did... i think theres more to this dream, but i can't remember...

what do both these dreams mean? you don't have to tell me what both the dreams might mean if you don't want, but tell me at least one dream, please. thanks :)

and, i guess i should probably tell you that the online friend in the 2nd dream, i really did lie to him in real life, lies about being raped & abused. dont even know why i lied, to be honest...i stopped talking to him 10 months ago, but he still doesn't know that i lied. i didn't tell him i was going to stop talking to him or anything, i just stopped...which was hard for me to do. he & i only knew each other over the internet, but i loved talking to him. i miss him...im 17, female. i feel very guilty for lying, regret it so much. he didn't deserve it at all...oh and, my cat that i was talking about in the 1st dream, he died 2 years ago, at age 6. i was very very close to him, he followed me everywhere around the house, all day, everyday. i cried for 3 days straight after he died...


The first dream i was in a room with a man ive never met before and i had access to my fathers credit card and i was very exited to be buying a motorcycle with his credit card. This man in the room was selling me the motorcycle. ive never wanted a motorcycle jn my life. After swiping the card to buy the motorcycle there was a very long wait until the card went through and as i was waiting i felt extremely guilty and like a peice of ****.
The second dream i had was basically the same, i had access to my dads card again and i really wanted the new ipad mini. I was driving to the apple store with my brother who was telling me how my dad will find out and that its stupid if i buy it with his card but i just didnt think it was a bad idea stealing all that money from my dad. I ended up getting the ipad and it wasnt until i got back home that i started to hate myself and feel guilty about it. I woke up as i was on my way back to the mall to return the ipad and i was very happy it was just a dream.
Please help me

Example: I dreamed my fiance died a terrible death. What does this mean?

So me and my fiancee were taking a nap and I had the worst dream of my life.
So I had this dream where the beggining of it starts with a horse in my front yard. I tried feeding it leaves and my neighbor came outside and said "it wont eat that" So she gave me ten dollars to go to menards hardware and get apples. I went the apples and my best friend brandon was there so he started following. I went to get the apples and on my way back i thought he was talking to my fiancee and when i got over there this gay kid name Ashton was talking to her instead of Brandon. ANd I told him i was going to beat his ***. HE said " Ill fo fairy dust on your ***" I told him shut up ill mess you up. One of his friends drove up and said " i think ill have to beat your ***" I told him no Im on parole. but i get off in a month ill scrap you than. he pulled into these peoples driveway and got out and laid down and so did i. i said so you gonna scrap me when I get off parole. He said "no" and all of sudden he was back in the car and was leaving. and i looked down and my fiancee was laying on the driveway. He backed over her head and completely flattend in. I started bawling in my dream. everybody in the car was freaking out. Than all of a sudden that brandon kid was back and pulled some kid out of the back of the car and started beating his ***. I went for the driver, As I was gettin him of the car i saw this kid i used to be named friends with in the back of the car named elijah. Than all of sudden i threw the kid and stomping on his chest and i think he was dead. As Brandon and I were beating this kids asses we were bawling and screaming help. I saw this lady looking out the window and came to the front door with what i think was her husband. and than I woke up. and when I woke up i started bawling my eyes out. and it scared my fiancee to death. what does this mean? please help me.

Example: What could this dream mean?

Last night, I dreamed I was a scientist in 1985. Along with a few other scientists, I had been sentenced to death because the leader of the country was corrupt and we were going to expose it. Rather than place me in a prison where I could easily lead a riot, I was kept under strict house arrest. I was allowed only one visitor from the outside, my aunt, who stopped by to tell me not to worry much because she was assured the death would be quick and painless (yet you could see the worry on her face). After she left, I tried to plan an escape route. The security was so tight that when I threw an apple outside, it was quickly riddled with bullet holes. Later in the dream, a messenger came and stated that I would be spared on the sole condition that I spread propaganda for the leader and stayed away from one of the older scientists (I take it we were the ring leaders). I agreed, but I set out to find another from the group. I found them looking pale and defeated. This shook me because he was our only hope. Defeated, I met up with an old lover who was sitting in a theatre being shown one of the propaganda films. I came over to him and picked up a little girl (I'm guessing she was ours because of the way I acted towards her). He didn't seem convinced of the messages being fed to the people, so we left. The dream ended with a single thought, "What do we do now?" Any help with what this dream may mean would be very appreciated.

Example: What does my dream mean.?

i was trying to get an apple from the vending machine and i only had quarters but it was a bill vending machine only and it wouldn't take my quarters so i kept throwing them up into the bill slot place but they kept falling out, then finally i got mad and i left.

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