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Dream About Throwing Stones meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of throwing stones at an elephant?

I dreamt that..also, he kept chasing me, and he always managed to find me.

Thanks x

It sounds like you are trying to stand up for yourself in some situation - a David and Goliath situation.

Example: Can anyone explain the meaning of this dream?

In my dream last night Im being stoned to death by a group of people, each of them were those I knew in high school. Sum were my friends and others weren't I evan saw there parents yelling “ kill the freak kill the freak” I run into the woods and so do my attackers. They keep throwing stones at me and yelling “kill the freak kill the freak” one of the stones hits my eyebrow slicing it open. I trip on a root sticking out of the ground , I land on my chest then they start kicking my and hitting me with sticks. Suddenly The moonlight beams down on me and blood starts to drip on my hands, a loud roar like a lion startles the crowed and they stair with horror at a cloaked figure crouched in a tree. The figure leaps out of the tree and two black bird like wings unfold from behind him, they scatter into the woods. The figure lands with a loud thud and I shield my eyes for a moment, I uncover my eyes and there stood a man with black feathered wings, chest, arm and leg armor almost like a knight and just above his head a halo made of fire (not light). He said “and they called me a monster”.

Example: What does this dream mean?

What does it mean when you dream about a strong,very muscel(ly) man with huge muscels,shirtless and had more of a dark skinned.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

i had a realy mad dream lastnight at about 4 am shut my eyes and saw what looked like an angel when i dozed of me and kelly were at someones house and on the way home we lost each other i was trying to find my way home.
i walked past a group of lads who were throwing stones at me i then some how got trapped in a barn with some horses 1 was trying to look after his foal and was attacking me i eventualy escaped.
i saw someone and asked where leckhampton road was north shore they said i would have to go through kirkham and it was miles so i started the trek home but somehow kept taking deading end roads i then came across loads of farmers with guns and tractors who would not let me past unless i paid them £3.00 i paid them and took a shortcut across a field where i found some pervert in a strippers mac and tried to pinch his jeans cause he had money in pocket and got chased.
my daughter then woke me up so didnt get the ending.
i woke up soaking with sweat i had to go dry myself with a towel.

i am in the middle of splitting up with partner she no longer loves me 12 years together and 4 kids eldest is 7

Example: The meaning of this dream please?

My sister dreamt that there was a magician that kidnapped her and tried to rape her she tried to hit him but she couldnt so I came to her then the magician threw a stone on my eye so she told me my eye ball was about to go out and it was bleeding and puffed and big. Then my mum was screaming and asking what happened. The end of the dream.

Explanation please?

Example: Weird dream what does it means?

Okay I had this dream where I was a fighting giant statue with wings. It seem pretty ugly. well anyway he was throwing stones at me and I dodge and smash them with my fists. then I beat the stone guy and punch a metal rock which didn't break. My guess is I could only break stone.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of someone throwing a rock at you?

Example: What could this dream mean?

In a dream I had awhile ago, I was in a field thing. surrounded by mountains and paths and such. And people were throwing stones at me and my friend(But only because she was around me. I believe if she left they wouldn't of continued throwing the stones at her) and it seemed to be daytime in the dream, but it was incredibly dark for daytime. So eventually my friend left my side, and sat down off to the side, and like I said before, they didn't continue hitting her with stones.

That's all I really can remember. D:
Anyone have any ideas what it could mean?

Example: What does a dream of putting stones in a river mean?

I dreamed i was at a riverbank and putting smooth brown stones in it (maybe river stones but they looked too polished to naturally be part of the river - and the stones belonged to me). The water was moving and clear and i was crouched down just placing them in there and there was quite a few of them. I wasn't throwing them or anything.

Example: I had a dream my mom stoned me! what does that mean?

We were at my cousins house, and me and my cousin were watching a movie in the basement(me and my cousin don't talk anymore so that was weird) and when it was time to go my mom ignored me then she said something smart, I forget what she said but I remember being mad then going outside to the car. I was in the front lawn and then she was behind me and said "You're so stupid that...blah blah blah" I forget what she said but I said back "mom you're so f*cking stupid that...blah blah blah" I forget what I said but then I remember her just going ballistic and she threw a stone at me. I remember there were people outside so I walked a little closer to my mom to see if she would throw another stone in front of those people(not for them to make her stop, just to see if she would throw a stone at me in front of people)... also just for myself to see if she would throw another stone, because its so weird that she did. She did then she yelled and threw so many stones at me that I stopped breathing while she kept throwing stones and eventualy passed out then woke up.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? me and my mom always argue and yesterday we had a big argument but she would never call me stupid. She never abuses me either.

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