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Dream About Toilet Brush meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if I dreamed I drank the worlds largest margarita? And then there's salt on the toilet seat?

means you better brush your teeth

Example: I keep having toilet and teeth dreams? What does this mean!?!?

For the past 3 nights I have dream of toilets,going tobthr bathroom (gross I know) and broken crown tooth,and a loose tooth.THEN last night I had a dream I was looking at my teeth,and brushing them..they actually looked good.I also had a dream of a toilet,in my room...no idea what this means?

Example: Why do I have the same recurring dreams and what do they mean?

I’ve had the same recurring dreams since I was a kid. One dream is about a red and black bathroom. My other dream is about an old cemetery, I’m always trying to find the same creepy mausoleum. It’s always in black and white (actual black and white, not gray) and red. What's the significance?

Example: Can anyone REALLY help me with this dream, what does it mean?

Ok this was my dream last night:

My family and I went to a ski resort where I met an African- American man who cleaned cars, he asked me if I would like to go for a ride with him and I agreed- I had to wipe all the snow off the passenger seat. He was a gentleman and asked me lots of questions about my life.
He asked if I would like to spend sometime in his room as his parents were out ( I'm 24 and live with my partner and we have 2 daughters :s )
Somehow ended up taking my coat off to which I only had a long white shirt on underneath. I noticed he had what look like spade handles on this headboard, maybe 12- I remember thinking they were "notches" on his bedpost. I made an excuse to use the bathroom, and sat on the toilet thinking " I don't know this man, he could be a murderer or anything!"

I went back into his bedroom, made an excuse to leave, and I left...he didn't try to stop me.

I woke up after that.
What does this mean? I've never had a dream like this before..?

Example: I often have dreams about dirty toilets - why?

I am admittedly quite paranoid about dirt and germs and about being contaminated by them - I do not know why. Recently I have been having dreams about dirty toilets. With wee and pooh etc on them.

About 3 years ago My coat brushed against a public toilet and it still makes my skin crawl and when I was in hospital (UK) the toilets were foul but this was ages ago. What does this mean please.

Example: What does this dream mean [poop]?

Okay, yup its me with another dream! Lol I think Ive posted about 3 dream questions already. But here goes another one. [p.s. If you are disgusted easily, please do not read]

Please, no rude answers. Thanks

Okay, So I was in the restroom actually pooping. And a bunch of kids kept coming in and leaving the door open. and I would yell at them "Shut the door" and insulting them to see if they would shut the door like "Shut the door or I will put my foot up your ***" [But that's weird cause in real life I don't insult, say bad words, especially to kids!]
After I was done [pooping] I pulled my pants up, and THEN I saw an adult. After I pulled my pants. But then I remember closing the door and thinking that I had to clean the restroom cause the toilet was filled with poop and water, and the floor was messy of muddy shoe prints from all of the kids. So I started to scrub the toilet with a brush and cleaning powder [e.g. Ajax, etc.] That's where my dream ended.

Oh by the way, I had never seen these kids. EXCEPT for one. Its this little kid about 10 and he lives on the other side of the neighborhood park. I see him every afternoon when I exercise.

What could my dream signify? Thanks in the mean time. =)

Example: Can someone telll me what this strange dream means?

I am a 17 years old girl and even if you dont have the patience to read it in its entirety please just read at least a bit of it and tell me what you think what you make of it.Thank you.

I had a dream.It all started in my house where different bodies where being possessed to revenge on the people who did them wrong.One person was possessed,hit me so hard and it made me so upset.There were people cutting a tree outside,it was falling and i directioned the tree to fall on the person who hit me but only the leaves brushed against the person.I got so angry and everyone was surprised at me,for doing something what they thought was cruel and evil.I really didn't understand what i did to be revenged at or remember who the person was.But i think it was a girl,i remember a jet black hair in a ponytail glimmering in the sun,outside my front yard.More and more people started getting possessed,everything went mad to the point where it frightened the hell out of me,questioned my sanity and why some were out there to get me.

All of a sudden i was in this place,i cant quite describe what it looked like,i just got the feel of it but I'll try.It felt desolate,unwanted and a little bit God forsaken.It was like a little shack with its roof so close to my head and the other people who were there in it with me.I remember i pretended possessed when i saw others who were, thinking they wouldn't touch me,attack me,which worked.

In the midst of this all a man and a group of other people came bursting in through the wooden door and started lining up the people.The man seems to be inspecting each and everyone, a girl beside me went out of the line an was searched like a police would do to a suspect or a security at check points.When he found nothing he immediately went to the next person which should have been me,but he passed me as if he didn't notice me and went to the girl on my other side.Then he came back to me,gave me a hesitant,disapproving look filled with hatred and uncertainty.He told everyone that he was searching for,i didn't really catch what he said,but it sounded something like Demons or ghosts,his eyes were still locked on mine as if trying to search my mind,trying to look under my defiant look or challenge me.He walked away and started spraying us all with substance.There were racks/shelves full of serving trays in front of us so some of picked it to shield ourselves.After a while it stopped and i think some people were told to have a break,because all of a sudden behind the racks the place looked a bit like a mini mall.There were high tables and chairs for eating it all made it look like a restaurant,a cafeteria.There was this girl,i think she was supposed to be like my best friend in my dream,asking us if wanted some shakes,her mother told her to get one and i did too.I was surprised how everyone was in a good cheery mood.She also said about something about getting or buying a sacred necklace.As soon as she left i went after her and on my way there was this other girl sitting on a high chair,she looked like a stuck up snob and she reminded me of this girl who used to be in my school who i greatly disliked.Anyway she looked at me with contempt,an evil satisfied grin and a look that said how pathetic she thought i were.What surprised me the most was she had my Mom's mini orange coin bag in her hand.Questions flying through my head i rushed to follow that girl who went to buy those sacred necklaces.As i reached their the necklaces were nothing but ordinary jeweleries i saw every-time i went to the mall except there were two that stood out from the rest.One was like a cryptonite and the other was shaped like a huge diamond except that it was blue and had silvery edges.

In the midst of this all i was suddenly whisked in to another scene.It looked like a hospital setting and at the same time it looked like an office.There was a wooden desk in the front which looked out of place considering the fact all the building and stuff were fully white.Behind it sat the receptionist that work mt my school.She is a grumpy lady.A little nit to the corner there is this open door,i am not even sure if it had an actual door,but inside it was pitch black and many teenagers came out of it.Only i didn't, i just found my self in that place.Everyone seems happy and talkative.There were laughter echoing in the room and there was this religious movement.That is when i realized something was wrong,that everyone was possessed and i needed to get out of there.I was very rebellious and whatever affected the people didn't seem to affect me.I asked that man who searched in the shack if i could watch some TV or just get some gadget to keep me in touch to the world.But he forbid it,he didn't want anyone to have any means to access the world.I went to the grumpy receptionist and asked her if i could watch some TV she led me to a room and it was a toilet,i got angry and she led me to another room which

Example: Why did I have a dream that my toilet brush was infested with spiders?

Example: What can this dream mean?

I was actually answering another question about dream interpretation when it reminded me about a dream that I had.

I still don't get why I dreamt it, but I hated myself for dreaming and that why I remember it.

I dreamt this about a year ago. My sister has this "friends with benefits" thing going on with a guy, Kurtis, whom I can't stand! I hate his guts, he gets me pissed off every time I see him or when I am around in. I would honestly feel guilt nor sorrow if he one day got hit by a bus and died. That's how much I don't like him. But anyway...

I dreamt that I saw him in our bathroom naked. He had just gotten out of the shower, and everyone in the house; my mom, my step-dad, and naturally my older sister, were totally cool with it- besides me! I have never seen Kurtis naked nor do I want to. I've never even seen him with his shirt off, and I want to keep it that way! I've never even seen a guy in general naked in front of me! But in the dream he kept the door open with the steam from the shower coming out, and fogging the window, like it was his house. Then my sister walked by him and said "oh let me get you a towel", so she went downstairs ( when we have towels in the shower that Kurtis was in)... My mom was in the computer room working, and my step dad was watching tv in his room right next to the shower. Then Kurtis just sat on the toilet and took a dump, and he took a hand towel to cover his erect penis while taking a bump... and this is ALL with the door open! My sister comes back up with a towel, and hands it Kurtis, then Kurtis reached out of nowhere to grab a pair of scissors and he cut out a dress for my sister to wear. Then my sister said "I'm late for work", went into her room and drove away in her car. Kurtis on the other hand was still in our bathroom, butt naked, just staring out the window. And I said "Kurtis can you get out now, I need to brush my teeth" Because I had just gotten up, I sleep late. And Kurtis said, "no I'm cool, I like it here. Don't be shellfish, you need to share". Which got me so mad I stormed out of the house, and took my dog for a walk, and ended up in the beach...

And that where I woke up, and I couldn't go back to sleep after that because I hated myself for dreaming about it. It was the most disgusting and invasive of personal space kind of dream that I ever had! So.. if you can tell how that dream makes any sense, then be my guest.

My sister is still with him, and I still loath him. I see him like a really bad disease that i am trying to avoid... like cancer of some sort. He's no good, and I hate him!

Any reason to why I had such a scary, and disgusting dream?

Example: I often have dreams about dirty toilets - why?

I am admittedly quite paranoid about dirt and germs and about being contaminated by them - I do not know why. Recently I have been having dreams about dirty toilets. With wee and pooh etc on them.

About 3 years ago My coat brushed against a public toilet and it still makes my skin crawl and when I was in hospital (UK) the toilets were foul but this was ages ago. What does this mean please.

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