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Dream About Toll Road meanings

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Example: Soaked in vomit dream meaning?

a few days ago i dreamt waves of vomit washed through the room like it filled the room and everything including me ( my dress, my hair) was completely soaked in it. ( then i looked at rows of cooked pacifiers inside the microwave) .. then last night i dreamt tht i got into the backseat of a car then the driver got into the backseat as well and we cudnt stop the car cause we were on a walled-in road about to head into atunnel. the driver had to reach over the seat to drive which was difficult and we cud barely keep from bumping into the car infront of us. We were so close to it I couldn't see beyond it. We finally stopped at a toll booth and we get out and the girl vomits all over everything, particularly all over me and into my mouth. I try to spit some out and go look for my purse.
Both times I am aware that I'm very aware that i am soaked in vomit but don't care too much.

That's gross. Are you possibly pregnant? I know pregnant women throw up a lot.

It's a guess, but I like interpreting dreams.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have been dreaming for four months now about rape and death. Last night i woke up shivering,sweating,and crying. In my most recent dream I was walking through my lunch tables and some guy tripped me grabbed my wrist pulled me into the con-session room and raped me. Now a bunch of people heard me but no one helped. After school i told the principal and vice principal and they told me I needed to meet a girl who had the exact same thing happen to her. In the process of looking for her I started balling and then i found her because she was with my most recent ex boyfriend in the theater. He saw me got up at once and asked what was wrong, i told him everything and he hugged me which made me feel a little better, but all she said was it sounds like the same guy. Now all my dreams end up with no one doing anything about it. And i haven't been sleeping much because of them either, so my grades are slipping. I was wondering if this is a sign something is going to happen or if it just warning me about bad people.

Example: Virgin Mary appeared in my dream... what does it mean?

So here is the background on the dream:

My dad and I were driving on a road familiar to me but took a wrong turn. The turn led to a bridge and we got on the bridge without paying a toll and were surprised, since it was a very large bridge. Once we arrived on the bridge, everything became crisp and it was almost like my vision was enhanced. We proceeded to drive on this long bridge for a long time and I was very afraid. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the bridge led to an island with 3 pedestals. On those pedestals were 3 distinct people: someone dressed in a British redcoat, someone dressed in an American coat and a meager woman. The woman pleaded the red-coated man to spare her town from an invasion, but the man would not budge. After asking again, the woman said that if the man could not spare her town she would take it upon herself. She then told the redcoat man that made a mistake, for she was the virgin Mary and was close to God. She then disintegrated into a pile of dust and the dream ended.

For more background about myself, I am a high school senior and am currently deciding between two colleges: Maryland and Georgia Tech. I have been worried about college for the past year, so this may have something to do with it, although I am not sure how to relate these two events. If anyone is familiar with interpreting dreams, please try to help me.

Example: I read this in the book "THE ROAD" what is the signifigance and what does it mean i dont understand?

When he woke in the woods in the dark and the cold of the night he’d reach out to touch the child sleeping beside him. Nights dark beyond darkness and the days more gray each one than what had gone before. Like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming away the world. His hand rose and fell softly with each precious breath. He pushed away the plastic tarpaulin and raised himself in the stinking robes and blankets and looked toward the east for any light but there was none. In the dream from which he’d wakened he had wandered in a cave where the child led him by the hand. Their light playing over the wet flowstone walls. Like pilgrims in a fable swallowed up and lost among the inward parts of some granitic beast. Deep stone flues where the water dripped and sang. Tolling in the silence the minutes of the earth and the hours and the days of it and the years without cease. Until they stood in a great stone room where lay a black and ancient lake. And on the far shore a creature that raised its dripping mouth from the rimstone pool and stared into the light with eyes dead white and sightless as the eggs of spiders. It swung its head low over the water as if to take the scent of what it could not see. Crouching there pale and naked and translucent, its alabaster bones cast up in shadow on the rocks behind it. Its bowels, its beating heart. The brain that pulsed in a dull glass bell. It swung its head from side to side and then gave out a low moan and turned and lurched away and loped soundlessly into the dark.

Example: Dreams and Reality how do dreams come true?

When i was younger,i had several dreams that came true. The first seemed to sort of combine with the other dream and take over. I was riding my bike to a friends house and i went over the rail road tracks that separated parts of the town.As i went over,i lost control of the bike and fell off and hit my head.Nothing serious, but it shook me to the point that i woke up. Around a month later, i was going with my friend to the grocery store close to his house and when we went over the rail road tracks,my chain broke and i fell at almost the exact same spot and with the same details that had been in my dream (my friend was out of sight so everything looked the same) .I've never really understood why it happened or what it means when it happens. Is this unusual? or are premonitions something that happen all the time and we just don't remember most of them before waking? This is something that has stayed with me for over 15 years and probably will for years to come.

Example: Questionable Dreams/Nightmares?

So, to start off. im only 16. ive only been 16 for like 3 months. ive had nightmares the past view years. i get them about 2-3 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. but this week is different, sort of. so it starts off me driving. and im assuming im older because i have my own house.But its a dream so whatever. its dark and raining. there is a woman on the street, i stop to talk to her. i dont remember what she looks like at all. her parents kicked her out, and i tell her she can stay at my place, and she does. then next thing i know we're getting married. and after that we are in a car together, im driving, and its just an empty road. its also dark. w come up on a 4-way and we got a red light. and she starts talking about how we first met and how i saved her and how much she loved me. then the light turns green and i go, and as i go i hear a horn and look to the right and see a truck, right before it hits us from the right side. now im in a hospital and i ask the doctor where she is, (i dont know her name either) and he says "Son, the only reason your still here, is because she isnt". then i woke up. when i did i felt kind of depressed even though it was just a dream, but having them over time really does take its toll. i felt like i really knew the woman. also, im not weird or done anything to have these dreams, im just a normal guy, im not sure if it means anything, but its worth a shot.

Example: Vivid Dreams, intense headaches and i even saw someone who wasn't there. Why? and How?

Over the past couple of weeks i have been having the strangest most vivid dreams. Not surreal but realistic circumstances that couldn't happen here. Like looting an abandoned city, attending a party in a huge tent under a purple sky. I felt as though the dreams were real. When i woke up i could remember in minute detail the people and places. Now i am a self-proclaimed Secular Humanist and not at all spiritual or religious but the strangest thing happened to me the other day. I was filling up my car at a petrol station and when i went to pay the clerk, i noticed out of the corner of my eye a women come in behind me. She was standing in line behind me. When i left the store i noticed that she exited too. It caught my attention because she couldn't have had time to pay for anything. Actually as i left i half-glanced behind me and saw her. She looked like a "cat lady" by that i mean she was short, old, hunched over with a large amount of frizzy hair over her face. I think she was wearing a dark coat. Anyway i was walking to my car when i noticed that all the other pumps were empty, no cars apart from the clerks car in the employee spot. All this time she had been following me. I turned to ask her what she was doing but when i looked around she wasn't there. I was the only one there. Now its not melodramatic (dark night, storm, mist etc) it was the middle of the afternoon for christ's sake next to a busy road.

I have never before had a hallucination, "vision" or whatever and i consider myself a rational, scientific person but WTF. Has anybody else had this happen to them? I know i am not crazy and have people to vouch for that. So far i haven't told anyone because it does sound crazy.

Mr Time

Example: I think my life is just a dream ? i'm freaking out and want to kill myself ? help people please ?

it suddenly hit me 2 days back that my life might just be a dream ? i'm freaking out and i feel like commiting suicide...please help me get over this phobia...and oh...is this a recorded type of fear like for eg:hydrophobia, if so how can i get over it...pleeeeeeease...i can't hold on much longer...

Example: We will soon be driving to Queretaro from Minnesota via Laredo, Texas. Anyone familiar with the route?

I drove this route about 12 years ago and remember it as a nightmare. The roads were not completed and the alternate routes were pretty scarey. What will I need for car insurance and such? How much time should I expect it to take? Any and all advise will be welcomed and appreciated. We are two adults and two late teenaged boys. Twelve years ago was a bad dream. I had to take the shoulder regularly to avoid hitting oncoming passing cars head on. It was nerve wrecking in many ways. I feared for my LIFE! but I will assume things have inmproved there since then How do I go about getting the necessary car insurance? At the boarder? Can I realistically make Queretaro from Laredo in a good day?

Example: Is this normal for any one?

hey every body i want somebody to help me with this problem

if you lived in a family that at first every thing was going fine but everything changes, like when ur turning 5 they didnt care about u , forgot, and didnt have a birthday really and also your close brother died in iraq, i never really get a real christmas and you get older you brothers are starting to move away and part and you have never really knowed your family no cousins, uncles, or ants nothing not even a grandmother and a sister that born lets say she cant think and she born disable , its so bad , when the time i get married my wife will have all her family maybe like over 50 to 100 people on her side and me just like around 8 to 10 at the wedding and i haved tired to fined my real father but he walkout on me. when i granuated and married or any important event the only person thats really their is my beautiful angle my wife . and when my kids ask wheres my grandma from you daddy i just said ,what family they died

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