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Dream About Toothbrush meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was talking to an acquaintance and she was telling me you could get some sucker/lollipop that I had been wanting across town, so I decided to take her with me to get it because she wanted to go. Then she pulled out a bag with two toothbrushes in it. She handed me one and said my teeth were nasty, and it seemed like i didn't brush my teeth often. I got mad and was saying that I think she has halitosis and all this stuff. I asked the guy behind her (we were at school) if my teeth were nasty. I showed him my teeth, and he said they aren't the best but they aren't nasty. We ended up in the car at night on our way to the store, and she said she was scared about how I drive, then I woke up.
Does this mean anything?
Thanks in advance! (:

To see or use a toothbrush in your dream suggests that you are feeling defensive about any criticism directed towards you. You are putting up a shield or barrier to protect yourself from potential hurt. Alternatively, the dream means that you are preoccupied with your appearance and are worried about how others perceive you.

Friends putting you down just means that you trust his/her opinion.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about Zombies?

i just woke up from a dream about zombies. This is NOT the first time i drempt about this. This happens alot to me. Id say about at LEAST once a month, but sometimes if im lucky, i wouldnt dream about zombies that month. Ever since i can remember, this would be about the 15th time so far. The first few i had scared me so bad. Then i eventually got used to it. Its usually me and a group of people, usually family or friends, who are running and hiding from the outside world which is taken over by the zombies. This time, i was with at least 4 friends, and i went into the bathroom, came back out and zombies were feasting on their bodies. Now im on my own. So i closed every door i was in (its hard to explain how this house was put together, but i was safe away from the zombies, for now). I find a window to jump out of. I get too the window sill, and i look down and see a puppy. Big eyes, looking right at me. He starts jumping around, excited and happy. He didnt look infected at all. He could talk to me for some reason. He was nice, and asked how i was doing, and how i am. He got my my level and slipped, the only chance he had, he smelt me. So i asked him if he wanted to eat me, he nicely said, yes. But then i told him, if you don't eat me, and let me go, i will bring you back food. Then i hear a zombie coming my way towards the window sill i'm standing in. I move to the side, out of sight of the zombie, (unless it turns its head of course) I put my finger to my lip to the pupp("shh"), and he was on my side, and told the zombie (which was a young boy) to go back inside, they'll talk later. Now i owe the pupp. So i get down, and walk into a town. I eventually learn the trick, that if i act, walk, and make myself kinda of look like a zombie, they wouldn't notice me much. I seen a women, who again, didn't look infected at all. She invited me in, so i went. (i thought it was a man at first, that i could kill, get his food, and bring it to the dog). She seemed fine, i told her i needed to pee, and she shown me where her bathroom was. On my way there, i see a cat on top of a fridge, eating out of a can of veggies. Again, another reason why she would look normal. Before i got to close the door, i hear the cat screetch. i open up the door, there she is, standing there with the cat in her hands, i go to close the door and she stops me before i can. shes now half way in the bathroom with me. She says, "I had to, she was pregnant" I grabbed a toothbrush, and stuck it down her throat. As far as i could. I knew she couldn't breathe because she was screetching, and falling. i held the toothbrush there, but i felt no emotion for doing it. I had a straight face, and that seemed like the only thing i noticed in that part of my dream. I woke up because she was loud. But like i said before, this is not the first time this has happened to me. Can this mean anything?

Example: Dream meaning: Brushing teeth with a disposable razor?

I was in the bathroom and I thought I picked up my toothbrush and put toothpaste on it and started brushing. I didn't feel much pain although there was a lot of blood but I thought it was me brushing too hard. Then I spat out coagulated blood, freaked out and realized it was a razor.

Example: What did my dream about relapsing mean?

I have had a history of bulimia, and last night I was struggling with negative thoughts about my body. I ended up binging, and I had to fight the urge so hard not to purge after! So anyway, in my dream I was put into a brothel/rehab (I have no idea why it was both) and I was being forced to prostitute as well as receive treatment for my bulimia. So one of my "clients" in my dream called me fat and I ran into the bathroom and I locked myself in. All the rehab staff was banging on the door trying to get in before I hurt myself, then I grabbed a toothbrush off the bathroom sink (there were about 20 of them, for all the girls in the treatment center) and I shoved it down my throat. But nothing happened, no gagging or anything, so I went to the next toothbrush, and then the next, and nothing was making me purge and I was so desperate! I ended up looking in the mirror and getting so angry at my reflection, that I punched the mirror. But it didn't break. At that point I was so angry at myself and hated how I looked that I kicked the mirror and it shattered all over, leaving shards of glass all in my foot and bleeding on the bathroom floor. That was when the nurses and the doctor (who was an evil guy from this TV show I used to watch...) broke in and got me to a hospital. I had lost a lot of blood and was blacked out. I then woke up at a hospital in excruciating pain as nurses were pulling what were now little pins out of my foot (not glass anymore) and it was so painful!

Anyway, this dream kind of freaked me out because I am fearful of my disorder getting really bad, and I have tried so hard to stay healthy. Did I dream this because of my rough day yesterday? What does it mean?

Example: What does a dream about being in an internment camp mean?

In the camp i saw a friend get shot by a guard that had been a former teacher, who i then stabbed in the throat with a sharpened toothbrush, which started a riot. Just as a club was crashing into my face i woke up.

any idea what any of that means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Here's a dream I had last night, and my brain hasn't been able to let it go today...

It started with my husband and I taking a pleasant walk in the neighborhood. We noticed a small fire near the street, so we hurried home to call the fire department. The fire spread up the street near our house. By the time we got home, the fire was in our front yard. We rushed up the stairs (which we don't have in reality) and from the 2nd story window, we saw the fire jump to some trees right next to our house. We looked at each other, silently agreed to gather up all the important things and get out. The fire worked it's way up the trees and made it's way in our house. We scrambled to get things together & the only important thing I could think of to grab is my toothbrush. As I turned around to take one more quick view for important things - I noticed our Christmas tree had caught fire, and firemen were rushing up our stairs... then I woke up.

As I laid in bed (wide awake), I thought of all sorts of things I should have grabbed - the really important things I would want to "save". I also wondered why I dreamed about a fire, a 2 story house, a toothbrush, and a Christmas tree...of all things! And, where were my two kids during the whole ordeal?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've found it to be a common theme of nightmares: you're in a crucial moment of life or death... or a similar instance of critical importance, you're trying to get your things together, or get organized in some way and are met with absolute failure.

An example would be trying to find the keys to your car so you can escape an explosion (or trying to find your car at all when and if you find them), or finding all the things you need to have packed to deploy in the military but you cannot even get your toothbrush in the bag.

What does this theme mean?

Example: If you defecate in a dream what does that mean?

Please don't tell me it means I'm full of sh1t or i need to take a dump lol
Also what does it mean if you are trying to find a new toothbrush but any one you choose at the store ends up being your old used one?
thanks alot

Example: I just had a terrible dream, what does it mean?

I had a dream of my two grandparents passing away while I was with them. And in the middle of the night I woke up screaming and sweating. Then I was scared to go back to bed, but I did and had the same dream. In real life both of my grandparents are fine and healthy. But I'm just in so much shock and fear. So please what does this mean and what can I do?

Example: Dream interpreters: What can these dreams mean?

These dreams are what I have had the last few nights. Can someone who can interpret dreams break the meanings down for each one?

Last night I had a dream about being on a bus and seeing my old class mates out the window waiting on a familiar street and at the bus stops. My old best friend got on and she started looking at the driver's 'radar system', directing him where to go. The same night, I had a dream, that I had two sisters, which I don't, I am an only child, but my parents were still the same. One of my sisters had fell over and hurt her legs and had to be carried in a wheelchair (I think). My parents had hired a baby sitter who resembled Count Olaf from a Series of Unfortunate Events (if you've ever watched that) but he soon turned into a murderer who wanted to harm us. We had woods outside our house and was constantly running into them to hide because we saw him coming over the hill. We also hid behind our sofa in the house and for some reason, I turned into my youngest sister in the dream (the one not injured) The murderer picked me up from behind the sofa and I told him I wanted to help him kill my family and he agreed. In the dream my intention was to actually get him on my side so I could kill him, but when I asked if I could use a knife, he gave me a toothbrush instead, haha. At this point we were in the kitchen, and my mother came downstairs with a large bread knife. The murderer saw her, but didn't move and my mum plunged the knife into his eye. He didn't even try to run. There was a lot of blood. I then told my dad about my plan of action and he picked me up and praised me for it. Bearing in mind, I was still my little sister who doesn't even exist in real life.

The previous night I had a dream about sitting in class, although I've finished school now. My ex boyfriend was sitting in front of me, but he looked like he did a long time ago. He kept turning around to look at me and smile and I remember feeling nervous and trying to avoid eye contact. We was then allowed to go, and I was walking through the school courtyard when he caught up with me and tried kissing my neck. When I left the school grounds, a friend of mine's little brother started talking to me, like "Hi Katie", and I responded with, "Do you even remember me?" as he's only about 11 now in real life, but in the dream he looked younger and how he used to be. He said that he did remember me and he put his hand in mine and I walked with him like he was my toddler. He stopped and he started to urinate (Weird I know) and weirder still, he started to urinate on me! After this I think I gave him back to his brother, and started to walk home. The strange thing was that it was dark already and I started to walk past my local park. So many of my old classmates were sat at exam tables on the park doing exams, and it was so eerie. I also saw my ex boyfriend's coat and I remember feeling butterflies in my stomach.
In that same dream, I was sat at home and a cat up the road started to scratch violently at my dad's face. It then started to do the same to me.

My final dream which was a couple of days ago, was me walking along a familiar road and seeing one of my ex boyfriend's friends on a bike. I started to feel self conscious because he stopped and started to make fun of the shoes I was wearing. He then asked why I asked my ex boyfriend how he was? And I replied with "Is that bad?" and he said "No, he still loves and cares for you so much, you're still everything to him." and then I just carried on walking.
Also, I had a dream I was at my school prom and this large woman and a girl I know, attacked me in the toilets. The large woman demanded I give her back the 10,000 pounds that I didn't even take. The girl took my wrist and made a cut with a knife to show that harm would come to me if I didn't.

Sorry, that it's detailed and quite long, but they've been annoying me and I want to know some meanings behind them, thank you in advance. :)

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