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Dream About Tourist meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

We were vacationing or living as tourists and we owned a ski lift up the high hills... VERY HIGH hill... probably about 2-3 miles upwards... And the skill hill went up at about a 45 - 60 degree angle. On the top of the hill were forests and trees... Meaning that the top of the hill was not shaved so that people could ski down on it.

People also used the ski lift in summer as opposed to winter, because the ski lift was meant to bring them to a scenic spot out in nature where they could witness the beauty of creation. I have never been a nature fan but my parents love the outdoors... they are always going to nova scotia or pei to look at the oceans, the hills, the forests, the landscape.

You couldn't see much out on the hill because, your view was covered by trees, so it was kind of ironic.

There were 5 or 6 pixie girls (I think 5) and they represented either a nation or a company brand... and one of the pixie girls, the only one I remember was indian or middle easter with a long dark pony tail pulled to the back. The pixie girls lived on playing cards in the same way that cartoons live in the t.v. they were alive, and two dimensional... and then people had to vote for the pixie girl that they liked the most, and the one that they liked the most would get the special honor of being turned into a mixture of glass and water... which was a cool special effect.

And then I woke up...

So what does this dream mean?

Dreams are just dreams.

You are not an Oracle so it was just a Dream

Example: Dream meaning please? :-)?

I was on an island, the back of the island was a bit of a prohibited place but I went there, there was a thick slimy swamp, with crocodiles and jungle like trees, right next to it there was some kind of a little town, like Amsterdam (3 stores buildings), quite European, but also covered in slime as there was supposed to be a flood there before and they would rebuild it to make some tourist place, yet by then everything was abandoned. I entered one of the buildings and I entered a particular apartment which was all furnished, but abandoned, inside I saw a very funny piano, it wasn't particularly rusty or damaged, quite colorful it was and had some guides on how to play it so I started playing it and it gave nice music. I was with someone but I don't remember who. That's where it ends.

Example: Dream about my boyfriend? What does it mean?

For some reason, I rarely dream about him, but this morning I had an odd dream - your opinion on what it means would be most welcome. This dream was very jumbled and confusing, but I'll try my best to explain the parts I remember. Well, we were somehow both back in high school (we're both in our 20's), and for some reason he is helping me hide a huge suitcase covered in travel/tourist stickers in a closet. We attend class together, hold hands, etc. Then suddenly we're outside, and he's not there any more. There is another guy approaching me, trying to get my attention, but I think to myself 'I don't want him, I want my bf.' and suddenly he's there. Then he offers to drive me home, he's wearing sunglasses and giving off a bit of a 'cool'/naughty image. This is odd, because my man is not like that at all, except in private.Anyway, we're driving but for some reason I'm in the back of the car. It's raining heavily and there is some kind of accident with a crane and some cars. Suggestions?

Example: What does this weird dream I had mean?

I was sitting on a rock at a beach. It was morning time. Sea Gulls were screeching and tourists were meandering about here and there. Suddenly, the rock I was on transformed into the head of a giant. It plunged upwards out of the sand and threw me into the water. People started screaming but I didn't have time to as I was sucked into the water.

The ocean currents were strong and dragged me down swiftly. Instantly, a group of mermen in full suits of Greek-like armor came and grabbed me. The dragged me through the water and tossed me out of their ocean as if they were disgusted with me. I was sailing through the sky and thought It'd go on forever and ever when a swarm of Sea Gulls came and plucked me up with their claws.

They took me through the air and dropped me on a forested island. Before I could catch my breath, the ground exploded around me and the trees turned into Ents like that movie The Lord of the Rings. They picked me up and tossed me off their island. I flew speedily through the air and landed on a mountain. The mountain shuddered as if in fear and split in half dropping me neatly down in the middle.

It was dark only for a minute and I wasn't left alone very long. All too soon, I felt an underwater river pick up my trail. It whisked me away and dumped me off it onto a pile of sand. The sand churned and moved. It flowed like water and carried me to a room of stone filled with gold, silver, and jewels.

Then it fled out of the room and the hole it passed through sealed up. Nothing happened and I nearly jumped for joy. However, it seemed as if nature wasn't through with me for seconds later the treasure in the cave began dumping itself on top of me. I was smothered and getting strangled. As if to make sure it had done a proper job, the stone cave around began breaking up and falling on top of me. Just when I thought I was going to die; I woke up!

Now what in blue blazes does that mean if it means anything? Thanks a ton in advance!

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I had a three dreams:

In the first dream I eloped with a friend of mine to america and we were running away from my psychiatrist and father who had power of attorney over me and they were chasing after us.

In the second dream I chose to move to niagara falls and live in one of the rented rooms over there and eat food at the tourist attraction places there

In the third dream my cousin's husband was visiting us and living with us and we chose to eat at a chinese buffet and in my dream it was August 4th which was my birthday.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I had a dream and I want to know what it means.
In my dream I was with a friend from work, we were going to get a salad to eat. To get it we had to climb a ladder. My friend climbed the ladder, got her salad and came down. Also this guy I have had a crush on for a while was there and when I was going to climb the ladder he began to lightly tease me in a flirty way so I told him to go first. He just like my friend got his food and left. When I climbed the ladder however, mine was much more higher than theirs. Mine took me all the way to the roof of a skycraper! When I got my salad it was mainly liquid. Like it had too much dressing or something. And I was on top of the ladder and on one side I could see my friend from work, my crush and two super models hanging out and eating their food, and on the other my food on top of the skyscrapper's roof. The other people were having a good time inside their building yet I chose to get on the roof of my skyscraper instead of with them but once I got there I was way to scared to move because it was way too high and very small, I barely fit in it, I could have fallen at any moment. I was too scared to fall and wanted to cry and started to think I should just jump off and thinking of my grandpa who is dead. Also, while all these ideas of jumping off or thinking of my grandpa were going through my mind I could hear my crush and friend and models talking about the parties they go to and how much fun they had.. Then I started telling them (while on the skyscrapper on all fours too afraid to move) that I was going to Canada, that i went often. And then my dream changed, I was in Canada under water kind of drowning. I got out of the water and I was on a beach, and I could see a lot of tourists. I started running kind of like for fitness and then I woke up.

I know it's really long and probably doesn't make much sense but I woke up with this feeling of apprehension and i'm kind of scared not sure of what. Thank you.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had the weirdest dream...

I was a tourist in Disney World with my mother in a restaurant with A list celebrities and for some reason we were not wearing shoes...the celebs were complaining and the waiter came over at least three times to tell us to put them on. I remember ordering ice tea which came in a big bowl of ice, looked like soup, and on the side of the soup was a salad. We were sitting with Sara Jessica Parker who ordered this huge fish dish with rice and fennel and was picking off the potatoes. THen the dream jumped to a fancy store where I was talking to a women about her work with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. I was helping her pick out jewelry for Jennifer Lopez's shoot at a karate convention and picked out these big purple hoops and a gold chain. Then I walked out of the store past a bunch of kiosks and stopped by a large mailbox in front of a bus stop. There were many buses that passed me and I knew I should get on but I didnt. Instead I started packing a lunch, I took out a lunch box and put in this really healthy lunch of salad and bread and as I was doing it a mother and daughter walked by. I think I was homeless at this point in my dream...and they were talking to me being very nice. Then my mother called me on my cell phone apologizing about some kind of fight we had just had. She told me to get on the next bus that passed to come meet her, I said I would walk over to the next stop. As I was on the phone with her a man in a white pick up truck drove up to me. He had a long beard glasses and was wearing a white stained shirt and ripped jeans. He creepily smiled at me so I looked away and began to gather my things to leave. Then he came out with a can of kerosene and poured it on me. I screamed for help for the other on looker, a man smoking a cigarette, to help me, but he he ignored me, like he didnt even hear or see me, as the creepy many lit a lighter and set me on fire. I screamed for him to please stop that I would do anything, and then immediately woke up. I am very shaken up by this dream...what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about breathing underwater while on a raft full of tourists...?

I was on the raft and it was going underwater, but I was able to breathe and it was beautiful under the water. Any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So, last night I had a dream about this one girl that I kinda like who is pretty hot:
I was at some get together thing with my family and I see her there bored, so I decide this is my only chance to talk to her and get to know her. I talked to her for a while and we were having a GREAT time and I could tell she was too, so we decided to ditch the get together and go somewhere and she said that she will give me a blo wjob (I am 16 and a virgin btw). I was really excited and all throughout the dream we tried to find a place where it was private and we could not find ANY PLACE. At one point of my dream she gave me it for liek 3 seconds at this one forest place, but some tourist people walked in...it was REALLY annoying and I wanted her to give me it and she did too, but she never did because we were always interrupted. In the end I never got one :(

So what does this dream mean? What could it be telling me?

I've also had other similar dreams like this.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was lying in this room that was like a government created hang out spot. It was like an empty dance hall and then some people started coming in and flashing lights in the room and apparently this was a routine that they did to make the land mark beautiful and more attractive to tourists. Then I found out that I was being placed in a psyche ward and that all of this beauty that I saw was only my imagination. I was idealizing and dreaming up good things based on the events I saw in the psyche ward cause the drugs caused me to not know the difference between reality and fiction.

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