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Dream About Traffic Light meanings

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Example: What does this strange dream mean?

I had a terrible nightmare last night,possibly one of the worst i've ever had.However,when i wasn't being chased by demons and all sorts,i was in a car and stopped at the traffic lights to let a pedestrian over...it turns out this pedestrian is my ex...i loved him for a long time before we decided to stay friends...so years later we were best friends but he admitted he loved me when i had a boyfriend(who i love very much),and i ended up having to choose between them.I chose my boyfriend and my ex no longer talks to me.So at these lights he saw at me in the car,and we just stared at eachother,and he didnt cross the road,just kept looking.What does this mean?

Maybe, the dream was a mirror in which you looked at you yourself, i.e., your alter ego, as your ex. In most cases, in our very personal affairs, we split into two egos in ourselves and attribute one of them as the other one - `me origin' as me, and `me prime' as the other one . we develop two people in one mind. And, in almost all cases we try to end up a transaction between them winning the `me origin'. Nothing to be worried about the dream.

Example: What does or could this dream mean?

*Im not gonna use any of the real names*

I went to my friend Jacks house and when I got there Jack and Cody walked out and said "hey" and that there were on there way out. They took Jacks car and Cody said I could take his car and follow him. So I did but I like had to push the car at first and I told Cody "I think im gonna crash it" and then i ran into another car and he came back and said "Don't run into other cars" and i said "okay" and after that I was actually in the car driving it following them.

Then we went to like a city central, to a place to a hair place to get someone i believe. Then all of sudden there was this warning, screaming sirene, and we all ran out side and it was for a hurricanen warning. Then we went to this dentist office to get a map of where to go. And liz showed up and the city central was green and just outside of that was yellow and just out side of that was red and just out side of that you were in the clear. ( the colors are like the level of safety, clear being best then green, yellow, and red being worst) And Liz wanted to get us in the clear and didn't want to stay in the city central. So the only way to get out was to go threw peoples houses, secret passage ways. We went to this house when we opened up the door we saw a family who were sitting on their couches and staring at us, them looking dead, and the father pointed to this door and their was a path way made from baseball bats leading to the door, as we were heading to it, the little girl jumped up and started to scream and cry don't go in there,don't go in there!" So we followed her to another door and she showed us what to go threw (all the while her father was screaming "Maci how could you! we had a plan!" over and over and it sounded like he was coming towards us, so we started to hurry.) We went threw a fire place and then then behind a book shelf then she told us we had to move the table. We did and then there was a latch and a wooden door, we opened the latch and a wooden door then and then there was just a lot of fabric that you had to pull out of the way piece by piece and as i went down i felt like i was being sucked in. Then I woke up.

And the whole dream wasn't like adventure feeling, it was like death, like a do or die feeling.

Example: What does it mean to dream at the top of an enormous skyscraper and looking down on earth?

i had an awesome dream i don't care if it is weird

i found myself at the toppest part of a skycraper located at the highest mountain peak,..i have been surrounded by dozens of people some of them are my new found classmates, who have been annoying me since the first days they saw me in school,

2 classmates a boy and a girl invited me to cross at the other side of the skyscraper so as to see the bird's view below,...the top floor was enormous i even saw railroads with trains and cars passing by, i even saw a traffic light and signal lights, and it looks as if we are not at the top of a skycraper,

i ran as fast as i could to the other side so as to avoid the train and cars approaching at me, then i found myself sitting on a white futon sofa, together with my annoying classmates,..i feel the breeze caressing through my hair,..and everything was vivid sunny and colorful as it was,...it looks so real, then as i loom my head down the terraced balcony, i saw the whole world down below,..the whole world looks like a carnival, i saw ferris wheels, a big man made river, a brook connecting the river and sea, and a church with a high steeple and a bridge at the side, children playing boats, and people riding swan boats,..i even saw rides and circus tents and far across the distance i saw looming skyscrapers,..kinda like i usually see outside my bedroom window

what does it mean?,..and no i don't take drugs

thanks in advance

Example: Car crash dream.. what does it mean?

So background theory, I've recently come to university after being doing my Alevels..
But basically this dream happened back at my old school in places that i knew.. and what happened what that me and a few friends (ones i used to see all the time) and then 1 other, who i know of and get on with but never really talk to anymore. Were walking talking about how one of my Alevel papers had to be in, but ive been at uni for the last 2months. Which was kind of weird, seeing as in the dream i started to worry about the paper i havnt started.

Anyway we walked, and finally got into his car, which was actually parked again where i knew and where we used to park our cars all the time.. We then drove down a road inwhich we went down all the time to get home. This is when he sped up and decided to go on the other side of the road, then some kids were in the road and he had to speed up even more in order to miss them. As he did this you could see the car going to crash into the one at the traffic lights.. evetything was where it was meant to be and exactly how i remember it.

Id like to note here, that when i first got into the car i quiet boldy put my seat belt on?

But anyway as the car crashed, i shut my eyes and saw just nothing.. as if my eyes were actually closed but still kind of felt the car spinning around etc. but then i woke up at that moment.. I woke up quiet normally but confused as hell.. And have been wandering what its meant ever since.

Example: What does my driving dream mean?

I dreamt that I was driving a large vehicle (possibly a van or light truck) and I turned a blind corner into oncoming traffic! I then had to navigate through all the other cars to get to a driveway so I could turn around again, but all the other cars were beeping at me and I got embarrassed and flustered and then I woke up. I've read all about driving dreams but none mention driving the wrong way? Can anyone interpret this for me PLEASE?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Three nights ago I had an eerie dream.. I didn't even know I was sleeping until I woke up, but I was sitting on the couch and I passed out (still thinking I was sitting there awake) it was like 3 in the morning. I started to hear loud sharp static noises, and beating and scratching on the front door, I got up and almost immediately fell on the floor, I started feeling really weak and delirious (as if I were having alcohol poisoning but worse) I could barely crawl and the noises were getting louder and more violent, but I managed to crawl to my bedroom in an attempt to get my .45 handgun. When I finally got to the doorway of my room I reached up and tried to turn the light on but the bulb burned out as soon as it came on so I pulled out my zippo and lit it. Something blew the flame out and the zippo was gone, I reached for my pistol but as soon as I felt my hand brush against it, I levitated off of the floor away from it, and began to slam back and forth between my wall and dresser as I floated towards the ceiling, I tried praying to god for help but I couldn't speak no matter how hard I tried, I crawled along the wall as if it were the floor, grabbing on to anything I could to pull myself away from my room and what ever was trying to levitate me up and pull me backwards. I made it back into the living room and was pulled up against the ceiling, and I mustered up the ability to mutter the words "The power of Christ compels you" and I fell to the floor and then woke up on the couch. What does that mean? If it helps, I've had multiple realistic demonic dreams before

Example: What does my dream mean?

okayy... well I've been having the same dream for like the last 3 nights now and I wanna know what it means

I start of on a big slide next to a couple of my friends.. but it has traffic lights on it like when there on red you stop and when it turns to green you have to wiggle you way down until you start sliding again... when I get to the bottom I end up coming through the fridge where they keep fizzy pop in my local shop... I walk to the back exit of the shop where I see this proper fit lad from my school... I go up and kiss him... it feels like a really kiss like a can actually feel the softness and the moister on my own lips... after that we end up going to the local park and then I always wake up 

I heard you can tell a lot about people lives from what they dream... so what does it mean? 

can anyone help? 

Example: What does this dream mean?

What I dreamed about recently:
I was watching a documentary.A lady was giving birth to a half fire-ant human baby...after she gave birth, the toxin from the fire-ant was slowly killing her. Her skin went raw and her face disappeared(it looked like it was punched inwards). Then she went through warped nightmares, day in and day out, so the doctors hooked up a virtual helmet thingy to try... and override her visions. It didn't work and she died. Funnily, the baby looked like a completely normal human baby. The father was cradling it in his arms after the woman's death.
Strangely, I didn't think it was scary...disturbing, but not scary.

Example: Meaning behind dreams about fire.

I've had two separate dreams quite some time apart involving fire.

The first one, there was bush fires in my area and the fire jumped my house but the front of the house caught on fire, sometimes it was day sometimes it was night, it was only me and my mum at home. I was only in my underwear. I remember the front of the house burnt and smouldering and the front door burnt down. I wrapped a blanket around myself and as I was about to run through where the door was to escape the house I woke up.

The second dream some months later, my car caught fire on the boot/spoiler. I was around the corner from my house, I used a extinguisher to try to put out the fire but it came back again. Then I was stopped at the traffic lights in a hurry to get home and put out the fire when two cars collided in the middle on the intersection and flipped upside down and caught on fire. Before the light went green, I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So in part of my dream, I was in the car with someone and the sky was dark purple and trees were swaying all over the place. The clouds were dark and it was pouring rain and we were stuck in traffic or at a traffic light or something.. What does this mean? Please help, thanks

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