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Dream About Trampoline meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

I have two recurring dreams; the first is the most common, but it's the shortest. The second happens about once a month, but is longer and more freaky.

I'm walking through a forest close to my house alone, having an argument with myself in my head, all the time there's this presence of someone else being there with me, which isn't comfortable, but it doesn't bother me until-- abruptly -- I fall down onto the ground, and people start to walk by me, I know around half of the people around me, and the others are strangers. Snow starts to fall, and everybody is passing by, laughing and chatting to themselves and ignoring me and no matter how hard I try to scream at people for help, no one notices me. The last thing I remember is basically freezing.

The second one is where I'm walking down a local back road near my house and it's dark and I'm alone. Like the last dream, I'm talking to myself in my head, but it's not an argument. I feel really weird and just as I start to quicken my pace because the street lights have flicked on, an old friend's brother cycles by on his bike and tells me that I should run home and not look back because it's dangerous. But he doesn't offer me a lift home on his bike, so I walk even faster. The road is about ten times longer than it is in real life, by the way. Obviously, I turn around and see a hooded figure cloaked from head to toe in black following me. The person is walking, but it still freaks me out so at this point I break into a run and turn the corner, leading me onto a different street. I turn around again and there's about 4 or five more hooded figures following me. This happens a good few times before I turn a corner that is a dead end and the walking crowds of about 60 cloaked people beat me up. I break free and run to a church (where in reality, it's a pub, the church is opposite, if that makes any difference) and it's really high up at the end of the road. I run up a circled stair case and I reach the top and as I'm looking down there view is completely just covered in cloaked people. I end up jumping out of the window but I land on a trampoline that a person I used to know is holding, and that sends me back up to the church where for the remainder of the dream I'm just getting beaten up, scrape away and the walking hooded people catch up because I run into dead ends over and over.

I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone could help me with this, it's quite depressing and I'm losing so much sleep over this.

I think your dream means. you are feeling lonely. you fall down and people walk pat you this means that you are ONLY feeling lonely your not really the people walking past indicates that there there for you and they have your back and you just have to start believing in this. then your dream should change and someone will pick you up. you loneliness in the dreams causes some attentions. if you truly are lonely you should consider getting a little puppy to love i'd like you to email me back and tell me what you think if it's not to much to ask youhavemail101@yahoo Thankyou.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so I had a really weird dream last night.
Soo me & my sisters were on a road trip to las vegas, even tho we are all under age. & on the way there we were fighting but we ended up playing a card game. The card game was that you got a picture of a person & you had to guess what they did the day before or something. Well anyways we got to the hotel and had to fly back. Well the airplane we took, took me to space with donald duck. When I was up there I turned into a guy and when I walked in a room I was trying to find & kick dead body's.
Does this dream have any meaning? haha

Example: What did these dreams mean?

Last night I dreamt that I was back on a trampoline, just casually bouncing up and down. I just came off of a broken ankle but have been cleared to trampoline by the doctors for over a month but haven't because I am afraid I will snap my ankle again seeing as it was so easy in the first place. I then dreamt I was forced to spend a few days with my Nan who I dislike now because of her stubbornness, can never admit when she's wrong and gives her opinion on everything and I absolutely hated being with her.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Okay, so last night I had the weirdest dream lol.

I was going to a Christening (I actually am today) and I had some time before I was going, so I decided to go on my trampoline (I actually do have a trampoline). I started jumping, all in my nice clothes I think, and my friend Alex (girl) just like came over and wanted to jump. I was like "Why is she here? She didn't even call", and my dad had to get off the trampoline because it would be too much weight. So we're like jumping, and she needs to use the bathroom, so I show her where it is, and I come back out and there's like five of my friends jumping. In the dream, I think I thought that they felt bad because they couldn't hang out yesterday (which is true). So I start jumping and at this point I don't care about the weight restrictions. So then two of my friends start like tossing this hornet nest to each other (I don't know where they got it!) and I start saying, "STOP! They're going to sting you!" And they didn't listen

Example: Another odd dream, meaning?

This dream was pretty fun actually.

It started out with me entering a haunted house, but when I got inside it was a jungle gym. There were obstacles I had to climb over and under, but eventually I turned right, and it evened out into a long, slippery platform, which I slid across with no problem. Then I turned right again, facing more obstacles, a little more difficult. After I got through those, I turned right a final time, where I had to climb a very steep hill with rungs sticking out, like a bouncy slide has. At the top of a hill was a long passageway stretching all the way to where the entrance was, thus forming a massive square, where in the center was a gigantic square trampoline with bouncy balls scattered around. Branching off from the hallway I was in were slides, like, monumentally large. Without hesitating I jumped down one, and flew off the end of it going extremely fast. I slid across the floor for probably 20 feet, then stood up and ran back to the entrance to do it again.

Any ideas on what this dream means?
Sorry that it was kinda long, thanks for your answers!

Example: What could this dream mean?

It sounds extremely weird, but here it is briefly... I was bouncing on a trampoline in the desert, then all these emus came and kidnapped me. o.o That is when I woke up... :/ What could it mean? :o

Example: What does this dream mean?

IN REAL LIFE: We used to talk for many hours. He suddenly stopped talking to me when he found out I was a liberal (he is a conservative which doesn't bother me because I have lots of friends who are conservative). Several times in the past eight months, I've asked him how he was and that I miss our talks. No response. But he will respond to holiday e-cards with abbreviations, i.e., "Thanx happy vday 2u, 2" He is not a type to talk with abbreviations.


DREAM #1: We were jumping on two separate trampolines with a black mesh net dividing us. I tried to communicate with him, but it was if the mesh net blocked any sound from going through.

DREAM #2: We became friends again, but each time I went out with him, everything would go bad, i.e., french fries were burned, ice cream machine only spat out liquid, concertgoers turned demonic.


I believe that dreams are the subconscious' mind way of trying to solve conflicts. Would you say those two dreams are telling me not to try to pursue friendship any longer with this man?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had a dream and i am wondering as to what it may mean, and what my self concious is trying to tell my concious mind.

Anyways, i dremt that i went into my friends house, and went upstairs and their where many doors to choose from. I chose a door which was open and i went inside and inside was the room of my ex. I had to sneak around because i didnt want him to see i was in his room. Anyway, i wonders over to his bedside table to see if the presents i got him ( in real life) he had still kept. And to my suprise they were still their, beside his bed like they always were when i visited. I also dremt in his room their was a mini trampoline and massive bean bag cushin things, inwhich i began to snuggle down into. I remeber seeing various items around his room which are not normally their, such as a silver pocket watch, a blue heart pendant ( he gave me in real life) and a few pictures of me and him. We are broken up now though. Please what do you think this means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was jumping on a trampoline with brothers sisters and some cuzins it cloudy all of a sudden the ground starts shaking so violently the we can even walk then super strong lightning bolts start dropping several dozen which make the ground shake more. Then Hundreds of meteors start falling from the sky. We try to get to the house but I only get close to the door then the dream ends.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream that i was with my friends at some sort of circus? there was a pool and i was next to it but everyone else was in it, someone pushed me in. then all of a sudden the pool turned into a trampoline so i got on it started jumping (there was no net around it) i jumped too high and i closed my eyes, i was falling then splat i hit my head, i had a hat on so i took it off and i saw blood then i heard someone say "are you ok? CALL AN AMBULANCE!" then i heard sirens and i woke up. does that mean anything or was it just a weird dream?

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