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Dream About Transient meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've been studying dreams lately, and I've come to the point where I am never scared in my dreams - just really really curious. I even become nosy, and wander into other people's houses (I'm not talking about lucid dreams, FYI). Last night I had a dream that I was in my own house, and there were different rooms that I had never seen (I know what this element of the dream means, so just ignore that). In one of the newly discovered rooms, laid a young woman. She appeared to be in her late 20s, or early 30s. At her bedside was her closest friend (don't ask, I just know she was her friend - dreams can be like that). For some reason, I also knew that they both came from highly educated families - and that her friend had just got off work because she heard that the woman was sickly. She appeared to be in a deep trance, and her friend kept trying to wake her - yet to no avail. When the girl in the bed noticed that I was in the room, she flew into a blind rage. It greatly scared her friend, who fled to the back door exit - via the kitchen. It seemed like she was possessed. I knew that I needed to get out of there. Somehow, I knew that there was no way that she was able to leave her room. So I simply stepped out into the living room, rather than leaving the house. My curiosity got the best of me, and I just stayed there looking at the door - dying to know if I was right about her not being able to leave. Moments later, to my surprise - she stumbled out of the room, tripping over her own feet like one of those zombies in a B horror movie. I did not run, and she fell to the ground at my feet. Screaming at me, and flailing her arms... Almost as if she blamed me for all the pain and suffering in her life. This was a dream that I had after ignoring my alarm clock, and deciding to go back to sleep. When I fell back asleep, the clock said 11:50. In the dream after the possessed woman's lament, I looked at my wrist. Tightly secured to my right arm was a black plastic wrist watch, which read 11:51. When I woke up though - it was actually 3:57pm. For some reason, the only explanations that I can ever find for possession dreams are completely ridiculous. There is either a religious point of view, or an occult one. I do not want any stupid religious dogma involved in explaining my dreams. For I know that it is simply the right hemisphere of my brain attempting to relay information that I have missed in the waking world to my left hemisphere, via symbols, puns, and metaphors. So if you have a stupid answer, or simply have JEE-SUS on the brain - take your illogical heiny somewhere else. =P

I already have a pretty good idea what it means, I am just looking for clarification from someone with more experience than me.

My guess is that a previously unknown room in my own house, which belongs to someone else is pointing to the fact that I don't feel as if I have any claim to a thing in this world - even to my own personal belongings (I am 21 and still live with my parents, I am jobless, and have yet to achieve much). I also believe that the woman's friend represents me. Though she is a female, that is irrelevant to the dream's meaning. She is there for her friend with unconditional support, but as soon as things get hairy - she bails on her. That's a lot like me - I often give up when things become difficult. When the possessed woman is on the floor, cursing everything that I have "done to her" - that is when her friend stops representing me, and she begins to. I believe that this is an indicator of my inability to accept my wrongdoings, and my insistence to blame them on others. Lastly, I am pretty sure that the watch represents my wish that things were easier. Though a few hours had passed, I enlisted some wishful thinking - and thought how wonderful it would be if I were to just wake up and realize that I haven't wasted any time at all. But the truth is that I have.

So, what do you think? Does my interpretation appear accurate? Or does it need some correcting?

It means...Ummm...it seems to me that you've gotta get out on your own. The Korean War saved my asss (misspelled on purpose). I was in the same predicament as yours when I was 18 years old. Absolutely nothing meaningful to look forward to. Jobless, bored, and hanging on with a mother and stepfather that definitely thought that bonding with me and my sister was a total waste of time. The war began, and I enlisted in the Air Force. It was there that everything became clear and relevant. No more irrational thoughts or dreams. If you do not plan to go to college or trade school consider the Air Force as a viable solution. When I was discharged I left with 2 years of accrued college credits, a GI Bill that financed both my Bachelor and Master degrees, and a manhood that put an end to dreams that needed to be interpreted. Yes, there came a time when I needed counseling. Transient depression was my problem. I unloaded that kink in my personality like posthaste.
The Air Force is safe. The ground crew is usually far behind the enemy lines , and they provided all of the funding, materials, and time I needed to further my education. I am not a recruiter, and I positively assure you that I have told you the truth. Go for it. Get a life. Mike

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I was just about to be late for DMV, but I was going to make it. Except I had little makeup with me, and Ihad to get my pic done for the new license. Well, I decided to make do with liner and a lipstick.
So, a bunch of latecomers and I are being herded into this dark hallway, almost like the wings of a theatre.
Suddenly, one of the car rental companies was doing a gameshow for promotion. I thought, OK, DMV, car rental, makes sense.
And I started to get all excited about what we could win, what I coudl win maybe, when the alarm went off.
I wanted to go back and find out!
What sense could you make of this?

Example: Werewolf dreams, what does this mean?

i dont want any hate comments or jokes, so if you dont believe in werewolves dont read anymore cuz its a waste of ur time.
ok, ive been having this dream for quite some time now, and im 13
a pitch black wolf eats me and i then see the world through its eyes, but i dont have any control of it. and they've been getting more and more vivid. i can not normal remember my dreams but this 1 i cant get out of my head. when i wake up im really warm and depressed. so i have looked up werewolves and lycanthropic (is tht how u spell tht?) does my dream mean something, i no i have indian blood in me if that means anything.
p.s. if they're are any werewolves reading this, i would like to become one, or at least learn sum more information about them. email me.

Example: What could this dream mean?, pictures of Girl I like, bathroom, kitchen and more?

Well I rarely ever remember dreams after I have them , I usually forget them right away, but this has been on my mind a lot.

I had a dream that I was at my old home, a home in which I lived 6 years ago, It was my dream home, but I ended up moving. In my dream the home did not belong to me though, it belonged to the girl I like and her family, but in real life she actually lives a couple of houses away from that home, I used to be her neighbor.

In this dream I was in the house's kitchen, by myself, And for some reason I lifted a tile on the kitchen counter and under the tile was a photo album, and I looked through the pictures, they were all of the girl I like, I wasn't in any of them, most of them were just her.

I then went to the bathroom, I didn't use it but i was going to and I didn't but I ended up cleaning the bathroom.

Then, I'm no longer in the bathroom, but I'm holding a baby, I'm told this baby is the girl i likes baby sister, but the thing is, in real life she does not have a baby sister, just an older brother.

i'm in the house alone and the girl I like is not in the dream, she is only in the pictures.

I have know this girl since I was her neighbor, since I was 11, we have been friends since then and I love her, but she has a boyfriend.

thank you for any help. i really appreciate it.

Example: What does the sentence, "Life, believe, is not a dream so dark as sages say" mean?

Its the first sentence from the poem Life by Charlotte Bronte

Example: What does it mean if I dream about being assassinated?

Ever since I was really little, I was a history and politics whiz. I know so much about events before my born that my dad jokingly asked me if I had lived before and been some type of leader. I knew about Hitler and World War II before kids my age had any clue who Hitler was.

In my dream, I was going along a street, either by walking or by car, people were cheering, and I was shot by someone in a building. I heard someone yelling "he's been shot!" and everything went blank. I have had this same dream several times, plus one where the Mafia is trying to chase me because I did something that angered them.

I am not kidding about this and I am afraid if I told anyone, I would be called crazy.

I want to be a politician someday and history and politics are two of the only subjects in school that interest me.

Example: I have alot of dreams about people trying to kill me.. What could it mean?

And then i don't have dreams for months.
I also have this repetitive dream in the same place and the same things happen over and over..

Is this normal? :S

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

I dreamt that i was in a house, on the ceiling there was this thing that you could hang chandeliers from only there was nothing hanging from it, the Barack Obama's wife came and started swinging from it, then someone in the room said i should try that it was fun. I didn't as i thought the thing wouldn't hold me.
Then a guy i like came into the room and started trying to encourage me to swing from it saying i'd be good at it etc, i felt to embarrassed so i didn't bother.
In the second dream i was in a car with my family and that guy, there was a lot of people in the car and i was squashed in the back seat, i felt frustrated at not being able to sit beside him and i remember seeing his eyes (what does it mean to see someone else's eyes in your dream?).
Anyway, the car was moving along, looking out the window i could see hills and the sun setting behind them, only it didn't look real, it looked more like and oil painting and the sun was setting too fast.
I then look out the front window of the car and i could see the sun shining high in the sky, i looked to the right and saw yet another sun nestled amongst a small cloud, there were two suns out at the same time, the sun on the right disappeared leaving just the one.
I can't remember the rest of the dream.
Can anyone tell me what it mean please? And also what it means to see someone else's eyes in a dream as i looked everywhere and can't find the meaning?
Thank you and i give best answers.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I used to have a crush on my science teacher but then he left the school and went to Scotland or something.So a week ago I had 3 dreams about him in a row.In the first on we were in class and the science teacher was handing out our exam results and I got the highest mark so he kissed me.The second one was a bit fuzzy but he was in that dream, I can't really remember what happened.In the 3rd one it was raining and the science teacher was leaving to catch his flight and I told him I loved him and he just hugged me and left.What do these dreams mean?

Example: Do you find it strange that numerous people in my family have had the same kinda dream? what could this mean?

my sister, mom, and myself have all had dreams that my brother has died all withing about 3 months. i have had 2: in one we werent sure what had happened but my whole family just knew he was dead and we were crying and stuffand then the second i was in the mall with ny friends and i saw a little boy crying and i went up and asked him what was wrong and he looked up and said i just wanna kill kendall( my brother) and yeah. so that one was pretty creepy. my sisters was more detailed though... she and my mom were looking in an abandoned apartment and my sister kept trying to get my mom to leave but she wanted to stay. so my sister wardered off without my mom ( in some point of the dream there was a horse i cant remember exactly what it did but it scared my sister in the dream and it was like an evil horse i guess) so my sisyer went into one of the rooms and there was a big devil painted on the wall ( we are christian so thats pretty creepy) and it freaked my sister out so she left the room then she heard a scream or something and ran back into the room and my brother was laying on the floor dead( this was in the room where the devil was). and so in my moms dream it was set in our old neighborhood that we lived in for about 11 years and moved from about 4 years ago. so my brother set up a tent in the front yard and slept in it and when my mom went to go check on him in the morning he was laying in there dead. so yeah we think its really weird how we all had dreams where he dies. my brother is 23 if that helps any. my sister is 22 and i am 15. so what do you think this all means?

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