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Dream About Trap meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream of being trapped in a graveyard?

it means nothing mate...dreams r nothing but random images created by ur brain...may be u were troubled for some reasons that's why u had that dream...don't bother to look for meaning of dreams...

Example: Trapped horse dream meaning?

Hi. I don't often have dreams, or remember them. But have been having very unusual and vivid dreams recently. Last night I dreamt that 2 horses was trapped in mud or quick sand. I have looked on websites and apparently horse dreams mean strength and power but what does the trapped in mud part mean? All my dreams recently have meant heartbreak and misfortune (apparently) so power and strength seems unlikely. Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean? I'm trapped in a maze.?

In this dream I often have I am trapped in a never-ending maze. There are evil spirits stalking me and I am being forced to eat against my will. The food tastes bland, although sometimes I stumble upon a pretzel that tastes a little better.

An alarm is constantly going off, as if to alert the evil spirits that I am trying to escape. They won't stop hunting for me. My only solace - and this is the really weird part - is that just when I feel I'm about to die from all the binge-eating, I have to eat a huge serving and suddenly I feel lighter once again, which keeps the spirits away briefly.

There's a hallway in the maze with a light at the end. I run through it...and I'm back in the maze. Suddenly, there's a pain in my shoulder and my thumb is going numb. What does this all mean?

Example: I dreamed i was trapped inside a glass wall that was around my house can someone tell what this dream means?

OK so in my dream I dreamed I was inside a store and I found my best friend there ,then we went over to my neighborhood and we started climbing trees and I climbed the highest. Then I told my friend I'd be back that I was going to get something at my house, and when I got inside my house then I heard my friend shouting for help so I tried to get out of my house by using the back door and when I went outside there was a glass wall that wouldn't let me go through. And I kept screaming at the glass wall when someone walked up to me and said I couldn't see my
friend. And that was my whole dream... can someone please tell me what my dream means?

Example: Dream meaning?

Its really weird but here it goes,
My principle from last year, (she moved to a different school irl) held me and 4 other people captive. I only remember one person, she is my best friend emily. The others i just can't remember. Anyways where she kept us had this sky roof type thing, i don't know if thats important. It was a huge house with an upstairs that spiraled upwards. We couldn't leave. One day she took me for a walk and said she would give us the opportunity to leave if we made a speech in front of the town. She also asked if i would include "618" into my speech. (Not sixhundred eighteen, she said it as six eighteen) i said okay but i wasn't really going to do it because i thought if i did it would kill me and everyone else held captive. Also if i said 618 it would blow up the sky roof and thats what would kill us. She forced me back into the house and there was a police officer there and everyone had sonic. I was going to tell them what happened and not to say "618" or we would die but i couldn't because the officer was there. I tried to take one of my best friends french fries and she punched me in the face. That is when i woke up.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a black widow trapped inside me and I released it.?

I was on the ground and for some reason I was picking at the bottom pinky toe. All of a sudden a black spider appears inside. I then start to pinch my skin open so I can release it. I do set the spider free and it crawled away. Later in the dream I'm in the same situation with my other toe but I can't remember if I released it or not.

Example: What does it mean if i dream i am trapped in a snow globe?

Ok, so my friend told me that once she had a dream where she was stuck in a snow globe, and i thought since i ask questions about dreams a lot i would do this one.
Ok, so, in the dream shes stuck in a snow globe and she can see everyone around her, and she tried to get their attention and every time she does no one notices her, no matter how hard she tries, and in the end she never gets out and she waked up crying. She told me that this was a reoccurring dream, and she wants to know what it means. So got any idea what it means?

Example: Trapped in elevator dream meaning?

I had fallen asleep about 30 minutes ago, it's very hard for me to sleep as I have insomnia. I had a dream that I was at the top of this building and I went into the elevator to leave but the doors closed and it didn't move. I was trapped in the elevator and I kept pressing the button and I accidentally pressed the emergency button but I freaked out (I'm not sure why, maybe I felt like I wasn't supposed to) and then finally the elevator moved and it only took me down to the 2nd floor and the doors opened and there was just hallways that lead to black and then door closed again and I was trapped.
I then woke up and I haven't been able to get back to sleep.

Could this mean anything?

Example: In most of my dreams, I am always trapped somewhere and rebelling, what could this mean?

weather in a club, or tribe...I always end up trapped and I always wind up rebelling and wanting out.

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?...Dreams about being stuck or trapped?

The other day I dreamt that I entered a basement through a really really small space and when I wanted to leave, I knew I would be stuck.
I always have dreams like this where i enter somewhere through a small space but always end up trapped because i'm afraid of getting stuck trying to leave.

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