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Dream About Tree Of Life meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about balloons tied on a tree?

i had this dream the other day and this is just a small part i remember..it seems that i'm on a car..with some friends of mine...i can't remember either who they are..it just that..where going to go where the super big white balloons located and it seems it was tied on a tree...i'm not sure if it was a tree...i just assume..because in our way to there..i saw normal size of balloons..tied on the tree...but those tree were dry..and dying...there were black birds flying..however the other trees i saw ahead were dark green and seems so healthy...ty

Balloons are to fly.It is a symbol of happiness and freedom.Tied means restricting freedom.The tree means some elderly figure,parents,husband etc.You feel that you are not free and tied and can not enjoy freedom.You may be having strict parents or husband ,boss or teachers.But the dark green gives you hope ,you will be free some day to enjoy life.

Example: What is the meaning of fruit trees in dreams?

I dreamed that I was sitting high on the roof top of a house that I have never been to.

I and and my mother (who in real life is alive and well, and happens to live across the street from me) were trying to figure out what type of fruit was growing on the big tree next door. They were big round and green, sort of like unripened apples. I guessed it was plums.

HERE is the important part: I looked up at OUR tree that in the dream was the same exact type, and it was close, in the front yard close, but I knew I couldn't reach, so...

I decided to go inside... and thru the window where I was entering the house (I was on the roof and used the window to go in and out, there was...

a branch from the tree with a ripe fruit coming thru the window right to me! I bit the fruit, and said "I was right, it is a plum".

The trees on both yards were big and abundantly packed with green fruits.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a lemon tree?

I had a dream last night that i was on my knees underneath a small lemon tree. I was picking the lemons of the tree as well as lemons off the ground. What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a tree of flesh?

A couple of nights ago, I had a realistic nightmare of being in this red, black and white forest.
At the centre of this forest, there was a deap, black tree that was made up of deadwood, bones from humans ans animals, flesh, meat hooks, nooses, etc. Etc.
This nightmare has haunted me for the past few days and I can't get this horrific vision out of my head.
Was it just a nightmare, or was it something deeper than that?

Example: What does this dream about trees mean?

I dreamt i was in a field in high winds and a huge conifer fell down, it felt really weird and scary. Next night i dreamt i was with a group of people taking lots of rubbish to a huge recycling site, it was after a world war, then we were walking through a wooded path way and again there was a huge pine (xmas) tree fell in front of us and i was scared to walk past it. Any ideas?

Example: Tree with lights - Dream meaning?

Hi guys, hope you all doing well.
I have a dream i was litting the fruits of the tree which were unlit candles hanging like a fruit. And so i lit it one by one...
Im a Christian by the way.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a tree falling onto your house?

OK... SO I had this dream last night about a tree falling onto my house... well not my house but my mum's house, which I moved out of a while a go now... But I still think of it very much as my house because I visit often and I dont live very far from it. There is this large tall pine tree in the neighbours yard. When I was a kid I was somtimes worried that if the tree fell down it would maybe land onto our garage and damage it. We had a big back yard so I would not have reached the house.

Anyway, this is what happened in my dream: I was in the backyard. I noticed that the tree was suddely leaning over, about to fall down... In my dream the tree was closer to the house, and I was worried that if it fell onto the house it could hurt or kill my mum who was in the house. I was watching this from our backyard (which was a lot smaller in the dream than in real life).

Then suddenly it did fall down. It wasn't a big thunderous crash as I would have expected but it did fall down. It turns out that the house was undergoing renovations and all the tree did was damage some air conditioning ducts and perhaps a little bit of roof damage (wierd I know!)

My thoughts were that this will slow down the progress of the rennovations and the construction. I was annoyed about this.

Anyway I have some idea of what this might be about but I would love to get your opinions too. Thank you.

Example: Meaning of my dream ? Tree of life in the middle of an endless ocean.?

It was a longer dream but the rest had nothing to do with that part... It was a huge tree that was called the Tree of life / The World Tree. It was standing in the middle of an endless ocean..Weird was that the ocean wasnt moving at all it was more like a lake. One more thing id like to ask.. I made one more tree grow in the ocean. Can someone try to tell me what does this mean.

Example: What does this tree dream mean?

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I was at the beach at night. Suddenly a huge tree came out of the sky and planted itself into the sand under the water. The tree started getting smaller and smaller, and not only smaller, but it was maturing backwards, in other words the branches were getting smaller with less leaves, and then it was only about a foot and a half tall. I remember that I was trying to explain to everyone that it was obviously an alien tree since it was reversing its life cycle and it fell out of the deep, night sky. Then a man tried to put something around it in order to uproot it. After pulling and tugging enough, the tree flew as far back into the sky as it had been before, and then a matter of seconds later it flew back down and planted itself onto the dry sand about 15 to 20 feet from where it was planted before. What would this dream happen to mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of the tree of life?

I dreamed i was a doctor and this man walked past me with a brief case, well dressed and handsome. My co- workers was trying to get to talk to him but instead a story was told to him about me growing into 4 different images of the tree of life.

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