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Dream About Trench Coat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Basically, I am in Tokyo. And I'm from Texas. America. I've never even been to Tokyo, or out of America.

I'm running around, trying to find people I guess. I'm trying to find my friends, running around and hurrying to some places to retrieve them. I find them all, and then the scene changes.

I'm in a playground, a giant playground surrounded by a giant wall. You can still see and hear the city over the wall. My friends and I are placed a certain distance apart around the wall inside.

Then dinosaurs, yes dinosaurs, scary as freak dinosaurs come out and begin to chase us. I remember being scared as freak because these things literally wanted to tear us to shreds.

It killed a boy in my grade, not really my friend, first.

Then me and my other friend ran underneath the playground to these kind of bars and hid. Then a dinosaur, kind of like a small T-Rex came and stuck it's head in the bars. It was close to reaching it.

I remember that it bit my friend in the arm, and I kicked it's head in, and then I wake up.

The second time I had the dream- I got farther. Basically after that the scene changes, and I'm walking through a giant gate in the wall.

Then there are two giant, burly men with black trench coats on. You can't see their faces, it's all black. You can still see and hear the city, because now I'm in it.

"It's time." They say, and I wake up.

Any ideas?

It's so dreaming random.


I would like to start by saying I am not a trained professional and I dont "interpret dreams" or study their meanings.

With that said... reading your post I get the feeling that you may be having social problems? Feeling powerless or possibly being bullied?

Again I could be totally wrong but first you start in Tokyo a place you never have been, around people you probably cant communicate with easily, searching for your friends.
This gives the feeling of displacement maybe youre having problems and you feel you cant talk about it with anyone? but the fact that you find all your friends in the end means there is hope and youre not alone in your situation.

Playground with giant walls and you and your friends being spaced apart, feeling of being trapped, a playground is a place for fun laughter and enjoyment, but with the great walls surrounding it trapping you in it seems to be mocking the feelings an actual playground should bring forth.

The dinosaurs are what they seem your problems in life and you know no matter where you run your problems will catch up to you, but you are strong willed and that is why you kick it in the head.

and i feel the two giants are your subconscious telling you "its time" because you know its time to stop letting whatever ails you hold you back from being the best you can be.

Example: Black dogs, do they mean something in your dream?

Umk, im only 14, and ive seen this man in a black trench coat since i was little. He doesnt do anything but just glare at me. I already know hes not real, but he has this black dog with evil yellow glowing eyes that just make me feel like im going to die. What does this mean? and how do i stop it?

Example: What does this dream mean?

WELL. i was sitting in the gym at my school. and we were all calling this kid a fag stag? i have never heard this term before, but it appeared to mean weird British kid, we were all laughing at him then suddenly this very tall man in a large purplish black trench coat i guess started walking towards me but always looking straight ahead, he had longish black hair, he seemed somewhat evil. I said hey look its a fag stag, he walked over me like wasn't even there, but i didnt feel like some one walked over me, i screamed and woke up, i later looked up what fag stag meant, which it means this
fag stag (also stag hag) is a term which originated in the United States in the 1990s.[1][2] A fag stag is a heterosexual man who either enjoys the company of, or simply has numerous friends that are gay men.[1][3] The term fag stag is a male equivalent to the more common fag hag,[4] a term which is part of hag-ism, the identification of a person with a group—usually united in terms of sexuality, gender identity, or shared sex—of which he or she is not officially a member.[5] The term can be used as a pejorative or as a term of endearment within LGBT communities.
this has no relevance to my life though im confused i have no idea what this dream means

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in my childhood house all empty and I saw a guy in the window which is the guy who I have talk to online in the past that I have never met and I ran into the bathroom and I saw a man in a trench coat and fedora shadow through the window then i ran into my parents old bedroom and I woke up all frantic and scared. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok a little background... My mom and two siblings work at an outdoor pool, so its only open in the summer. My moms the manager so I'm basically there all the time.

I had a dream that I was at the pool sitting in the front office with one of the guards I don't really like, and a boy I like was coming through the door and I went "snap your fingers in a pentagram formation, say a Latin incantation, hello satan" right as he came through. The lifeguard kind of laughed and the boy gave me a weird look. I started walking away via the locker room (I was wearing my trench coat and I had a cup of coffee, odd for the middle of summer). He said we weren't allowed to have drinks past the locker rooms, and I said "see this card? This is the do whatever I want and get away with it card."

What does that even mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of vampires?

Not too long ago, I had a dream I was in this tall house. As you walked in, there was nothing but a tiny bit of space and a large staircase in the middle, leading up to other floors. There were a few floors and at each one, there was a room on each side. The rooms were all identical, with only a white sheet lying on the ground and a torch lit. And as I walked into each of these rooms, I felt this incredible evil feeling. I can't even explain how evil it felt and how real it felt. Can't put it in words. But at the very top floor, there was a spacious room. I looked out the window to the backyard and I saw a tall vampire-like man. He was pretty tall, wore a black trench coat, and had a sort of long beard, and was walking towards the house. He caught up to me after seeing me, and chased me out of the house, where I got away. The whole dream still has a real-ish feeling to it.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having theses reoccuring dreams where I'm outside in the middle of the country shoveling dirt or gravel, of a road, and its pouring down rain (if im not shoveling stuff then I'm walking around outside and its raining) anyway, so I look up and there's a guy standing there and hes wearing all black and hes watching me. When I look down then back up theres a woman standing beside hm and shes tall and is wearing all black and wearing a trench coat! There both just waching me and when I yell, I can't here anything, then I hear this whisper and the woman says "you know me." When I wae up, and i think about it I realize the chick is some how me, but whos the guy? What do they simbilize? Why am I having this dream? Im so confused anyone have any advice!

Example: Dream meaning, murder,houses andand an oder couple?

It started with me walking through a clothing shop, I had my hair in a ponytail, wearing a black tank top,black jeans and a pair of black military boots, I had a machine gun which I was using to shoot lots of women (they were all trying to shoot me and I only encountered one at one, they were all dressed like me but seemed to be screaming at me). The windows of this shop covered the walls on one side and like the doors were broken/open. Most of the room had cream/pink clothes/colours, the floor was tiled. As I turned around there was an older woman dressed in ivory/silver who was harmless but stalking me, she became obsessive so I tried to loose her by going further into the shop, I found a shopping trolley by the toilets with a few items in it, directly in front of me there was a set of stairs going up (it was only 2 or3 steps leading to the toilets) I think theolder woman came from these toilets. The next thing I know a older powerful man, dressed in a leather trench coat and all in black was hunting/ tying to find me with a very large dog. The dog seemed to be a German Shepard and was a incredibly well trained animal, part of me feels the man and the dog were connected/the same being. The woman and the man wereworking together to try and track me down. The man was obsessed with me too, trying to trap me, it felt as though he wanted to take me to the toilets and keep me as a lover. I could not shoot or attack them, I could only run. The next thing I remember was running into a small house through a small garden with the number 20 wrote on the door, on the outside it was red brick and on the inside it was tiny with lots of small rooms and everything was white there was no furniture inside. One door was white and coming off the hinges with the man trying to kick it open, the other door I could not reach, I don't know where it was .

Example: Scary reoccurring dream meaning?

I've had this dream a few times now, it's pretty creepy and I have no clue what it could mean:

I'll be standing in my kitchen washing dishes and will look out to my living room and through the window and see a metal bus pull up in front of my house (picture a silver undecorated school bus). i'll turn back around to wash dishes, and turn around again and there will be hundreds of cowboys surrounding my house looking through my windows. It's nighttime, so i cant see their faces. its also foggy out, and i can see that they have on cowboy hats and trench coats. I will walk over to my refrigerator and sit on the floor next to it hiding from them so they can't see me. When I least expect it, I'll look out the window again and they will all be gone.

I can't wake up from this dream no matter how badly i want to unless someone wakes me up. What could it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamed the same dream 3 times when i was around 5-6 years old and ive had the same dream again only the next night i dreamed, it carried on, i dreamed that i was walking through a door in 1st person into a factory the had an explosion and was all burnt down but parts were still intact and i went and stood over near the burnt down steps looking towards a doorway with grey ish white rocks in front of it about a 1ft high each, and there was someone else in a long trench coat and also an old man about in his 60's and the guy in the trench coat grabed the old man in anger and was screaming at him to tell him what happened and threatened to hurt him if he didnt tell him and i went over and told him no your not gunnahurt him not while im not ever and then i walk over to the doorway and there was a rock on a piece of metal that was stuck out as through it was a leaver and i slid the rock away using the metal like the metal was on a runway so it could move, then i looked over towards the door were i just walked in and there was a old rusty door but there was 2 in the shape of a corner with the point towards the door i walked through and it was the end of that dream then the next day i dreamed i was walking through these window type thing and i was talking about having to do something to stop all of the past from being forgot and falling from existence and that i was walking through dimensions to find it which was what the window things were and i stopped at one and looked through and saw a machine that looked a bit like a generator about the size 2 projectors on top of each other and i said to someone thats whats causeing it, wait here while i rig it to explode and she said ok but get out and i walked through the window thing and it all turned to 3rd person as though it left me behind the window with the girl and i could only see the back of the girls head and she had long hair i couldnt see what colour because when i went through the window it all turned grey like all the colour had been sucked out of it and the it went bk the 1st person and i saw myself pulling a leaver and pressing switches and messing with loads of wires then it went bk to 3rd person and then i stopped as though i was about to run away but wouldnt then all of a sudden i said throw it or i will not find it in the past for me to come here to do this and then she flick what looked to be a 50 pence piece in front of me then i started to run and then i jumped through the window and as i jumped it exploded and the window shattered and a shard came close up and i saw flashing images of the last dream and some stair and of me walking through the door and of me stepping on the silver 50p or whatever it was and picking it up in the room that the genorator thing was in and then after the me that blew it up said "and thats how the doctor became the master ..." he said something after but i woke up because it felt like a nightmare, the dreams were very detailed and felt real as though i was actualy doing it, and i dont know what this means i think i had a third dream but i cant remember its like it was wiped from my memory so i wouldnt know could you please tell me what this dream means please

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