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Dream About Trick meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was disney day somewhere, so me and my 3 siblings(I'm an only child) had to wear disney clothing. Then, my 'neighbour', Paul(not my real neighbour, just a guy in one of my classes at school), asks me if I want to go to his house to find an outfit. I say yes and we walk across the street to a brown house with cows in the yard(BTW, paul is indian). His mom then started to talk to me about how cows were sacred , then asked if i wanted to take one home. I said no. His aunt(who was mexican) told me that she tried to smuggle peppers for her birthday dinner across the border.
I went into the living room, then this giant dog attacked me. I told paul i was gonna go and the dog followed me outside. I tried to close the door, but i ran away. The dog mustve escaped because when I got home, everyone was ashamed and mad at me. My parents wanted to talk to me, and Paul and his dog came too. I hid in the bathroom & it dog clawed at the door. Everyone was laughing at it, especially my dad...

Have you heard the phrase, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"? This means that when someone is older, they are often very set in their ways and habits, and they find it very hard to change in any way. I've noticed that in my dreams, dogs sometimes represent habits or traditions. So, it is possible the dog represents the traditions and beliefs of Paul's family.

Also, because in Indian cows are considered sacred, another phrase has come about based on that. The term "sacred cow" has come to represent any tradition or practice that a person or group of people consider important and they might get upset if you try to change it. Like if you go to a church that sings only very old songs and someone wants to sing new songs, you might hear someone say, "The older people think it is right to sing only the old songs. That is their sacred cow." That means they will get very upset if you try to change this, because they like it a lot and believe that is what God wants them to do.

Has anyone been sharing their beliefs and traditions with your lately? Have they gotten pushy about it? Have you questioned any traditions or habits of anyone around and upset them?

The fact that the dog attacked you and followed you sounds like you have been bothered or worried by someone's belief or tradition, or that they have gotten very pushy about it with you. They wanted you to accept their "sacred cow" (belief or practice) and you resisted, so they keep pushing it on you. This is upsetting you, but your Dad thinks it is funny.

Have you been hiding out when someone comes over to get away from their pushy attitudes about things?

Apparently they have gone to your parents and tattled on you for whatever you've said or did that upset them.

If you are hiding in the bathroom, this might mean you are thinking, and praying, trying to cleanse your mind from this pressure and these ideas. Making a noose of toilet paper certainly doesn't sound like you want to kill yourself. Maybe you are trying to "choke yourself" to keep yourself from talking too much and upsetting people.

Pray that God will give you wisdom, show you what is true, help you to be able to stand against this assault, and help you to be tactful when you deal with people like this. Sometimes it is better to just keep your thoughts to yourself if you want to live in peace.

Hmmmmm... has someone been getting onto you about dressing up for Halloween? Or for watching Disney movies?

God bless you!

Example: Whats does it mean when your watching a smart white rat in a cage doing tricks in a dream?

I really wanna know the meaning of this in my dream its really bothering me...

Example: Do Dreams Mean Something?

Well lately ive been having dreams about my ex , i did love her and i lost her.
The dreams are quite exicting tho , Waking up happy and stuff.
does it mean something? is she thinking of me? or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Example: Can anybody tell me what this dream means?

Alright, well there was this guy I used to be friends with. We had to stop being friends 3 months ago because he started to like me but we both knew that deep down it could not ever work out so we thought it was best to stop talking because he said that the more he talked to me the more he wished we were together but we couldn't be...That was 3 months ago. I got over it and haven't thought about him in a while, but last night I had a dream about him. In my dream I was hanging out with a friend out to lunch and my friend looked across and said hey isn't that him? and I looked and went omg yeah maybe we should go say hi to see how he's doing. So I went up to him and said Hello but then he got up and started running from me. I asked him why he was running and he was just like I can't start being friends with you again, nothing has changed from before...and I was asking him what he meant by this but he just kept saying it's not you...and all this stuff pushing me away and then I woke up. Can anybody tell me what this dream meant or why I'm randomly dreaming of him when I don't even think about him anymore? Greatly appreciated.

Example: What do dreams mean?are they really tricks of the subconscious mind?

Example: Does my dream have meaning or is my mind playing tricks?

About two years ago my best friend just up and stopped talking to me and started ignoring me. His girlfriend is a fairly close friend of mine so I see him from time to time and keep tabs on whether he is okay or not. After two years, I can finally stay he doesn't bother me anymore, if anything there is a tad bit of contempt, but overall, I do not care one way or another. When I do see him around at their house, he acts as if everything is fine and gives me a hug, but it very quiet and feels distant to me.

Even though I haven't seen or talked to him in a while and he surely is not the same person he was, about two weeks ago I had a dream about him. We were sitting having dinner with his girlfriend, kind of joking around even through the tense air. When his girlfriend got up to clean up he gave me a weird look and started making a joke as if it were too dirty to finish aloud and came over to whisper it in my ear, but instead of the joke he said "wait until she goes to sleep and call me. I miss you and worry about you sometimes *******" he gave me a number different from the one I remember him having and when I went to call him in the dream, I could not remember the new number, not realizing it was a different one and went in search of it.

I did believe this dream was a cry for help, probably just my own ignorant hopes, but I saw a week later and it would seem this is not so. And just as I was thinking the other night on how it is a dead and gone thing, I had a dream of a simple embrace when we were reunited, as if we both went through a long journey to get back to where we were.

Is there more to these dreams or is it a simple test for me to overcome in getting over the whole ordeal?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had three separate dreams about people tricking or hoaxing others. What does it mean?

Example: The dream tricked me last night, why?

Last night, I was dreaming about my half sister coming back from home, to come to visit me, it tricked me into thinking that she is in my house, but when I woke up, she is not in my house, I have been tricked by a dream.

Example: So I had this dream about peeing on some guys face after going trick or treating .Whats this dream mean?

when i was trick or treating it was also in my dream.

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