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Dream About Tricks meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well I had a dream like this
In my dream I was in a minecraft world picking out some blocks and then when I got out I saw this girl kissing another guy. I then woke up and I thought that I was dreaming in the real world I went back to bed. I then went back to bed and i walked past them. I then teleported to this strange world. It had cats flying around in the sky. I was in my high school's P.E clothes when I heard the news that some blonde girl died. I cried and then I found myself in the computer lab dressed in my street clothes. I woke up.

Well that girl that was kissing another guy I liked her forever and now I'm trying to get over her.

I woke up screaming 3 weeks ago.

What could this dream mean

That dream means almost nothing its just you unconscious mind playing tricks on you. As of the girl it is still linked to your unconscious mind. It is just the fact that u liked her before an she was from school. The rational part of your mind is suppressed so nothing makes logical sense. A dream is sometimes bizarre but still holds some little reason or message. When having dreams of this sort think of the bigger picture.

Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so my dream was like about me falling in love with this unknown dude
The dream started off with my mom freaking out about my sister being missing and I somehow knew where she was (twin telepathy) the somehow I’m ignoring her and end up going to my next next door neighbors house in this supper hot outfit and I’m talking to this girl but I didn’t see her face and while I’m talking to her I notice that there’s this dude starring at me by the corner. He had black hair and blue eyes and he was a delinquent. Somehow I end up going somewhere and end up back at that party and my mom is there in her night gown. Also I’m with my lost sister right now and my mom says what are we doing her and I walk up and kiss the black hair blue eyed guy and say to my mom this is what I’m doing here then my mom drags us out then that boy leaves I guess embarrassed and I fallen him and it turn out that he live in the trailer park right next to my house and I fallen him and I ask him if I’ll ever see him again and he just like hugs me and goes throw his fone and says put your number in and so I do but I forget my cell phone at home so he can’t put his number in. then the next day I see this little girl in the street looking lost so I offer to take her home and she lives in the trailer park to and somehow the park is having like a second Halloween and like it’s really all spooky and then the black hair blue eyed boy scares me and says take care of my little sister then cuts across this field and then I go fake trick or treating with the girl and nobody would give me any candy because they said they didn’t know me and at the ended of the dream I end up stealing a yogurt and then I woke up also I don’t even know who the guy is in this dream was I only knew my mom n sister in this dream so this dream was really weird can anyone tell me what this dream means?

Example: Weird Dream Meaning?

I forgot how it starts but it starts something like I was playing on the computer but then some bad people came and instead of running I actually attacked and instead of getting hurt I actually won the fight,which is so unlike me because I would usually in dreams get scared and run away as fast as possible.Then I was like broke or something,I saw a lady she was looking for a friend or something then I saw that there was a woman that looks like Renee Zellweger but never mind that but I saw that there was some people around her and I saw them teleporting and her shirt glowed red so I actually knew something was up and that lady knows too I think so she turned so fat and weird and ugly,then I ran since she is chasing me then I was running to a hotel then when I went there,there was a lady asking me which room I would like then a moment later I was like going to somewhere then the fat lady was there and grinned then I saw that lady in the hotel and she was holding a picture of a weird kind of feet with three fingers/toes that are really long and me and someone went to the elevator then it was like a movie I saw that the fat lady thinking of appearing when the elevator goes to the floor I wanted it to go to then she really appears but usually I would still be shocked and scared but no I attacked again.I ran to a hotel room and that someone tricked her and the room actually has a few people in there.ANd I forgot some part of the dream.

What does it mean?I usually won't even try to attack just scream and run.

Example: What dose this dream mean?

i was in school and walking down the steps to the door (even though we don't have any steps to the door in my school) at the bottom of the steps there were some boys in my year and i got the feeling they have or they were planing to do something bad. Then the woman i admire came out of the door that was on the other side of the steps and told the boys to come in even though she isn't a teacher but she dose voluntary work with youths at this club. The boys went in and then she looked at me and said you to. then i went in and i think me and the boys got in trouble for something but then they found out i was innocent. so i went back to class. what dose this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream about my friends' brother. ( i liked him a few months back).he and i were the upstairs in my hallway, we had a little convo, (which doesn't happen often in life).until my other friend called my name, and headed upstairs. so i decided to play a trick on her, i laid down on my back, and told him to sit on top on me above my knees, and when i saw her i started to move my torso up and down, and i started grinding, and i faked moaning noise when she came closer, when she was beside us we pretended we didn't see her,and then i looked up and we were gazing into each others eyes.

Example: What does this dream mean?!?!?!?!?!?!...

I had a dream that some of my friends were cleaning this store and me and my mom were in a car. We ran into one of my close friends that my mom HATES and she went up to my friend and hugged her then they started to makeout?!?!?!?! weird as hell...after i saw that i was pissed and confused i went back to my house which seemed to be an orphanage and all my friends lived there and they were all trying to go to bed and they asked what was wrong. My mom came back and told me that it was a mistake and she didnt know what she was doing. When i woke up i was so disturbed. does anyone know what this dream could mean? Please help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was on a school bus and a witch girl tricked me into letting her drill a hole into my left rib and making me bleed, and she would run around doing this to people, tricking them into giving her their blood so she could supposedly read their fortunes.

Example: What dream means?

as many as you can give me a dream situatuion and what is that dream mean in real life.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have a friend whos a girl and she always has dreams about being kidnapped or hurt by strangers. what does that mean?

Example: What does the song Dream Police by Cheap Trick mean? connection to the book 1984?

So i have this english assignment
and i have to explain the song Dream Police by Cheap Trick
and i was gonna obviously connect it to the thoguht police from 1984.
but i want to know if there are any hidden messages or really good "in between the lines" kinda thing.

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