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Dream About Trip meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a happy field trip w/ your classmates?

it's so happy and memeorable, but it's only just a dream...

I think it means you are happy with where you are at, and with the friends you have. All is right with your world so enjoy it! :~)

Example: What does this road trip dream mean?

I was in the care with 4 guys who are my friends (im a girl) and i was sitting in the backseat with my friends Brian and JC. Brian was in the middle. And next think you know... its a bit graphic so can you just tell me what that part meant?

Example: Dream meaning? field trip to hell?

I went on a fieldtrip with classmates my bff was the only one i knew to hell and i was sitting and they couldnt get me to leave so they left me there and i was enjoying myself... honestly one of the best dreams ive had ha

Example: What does it mean if your dreams are always like an acid trip?

And you have never done any drugs whatsoever? I don't even drink, and I've never done anything stronger than caffeine and ibuprofen. Yet my dreams are always what people describe in their LSD trips.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream that you are tripping on Acid?

A couple of nights ago I had a dream that myself and a bunch of people (some I knew and some I didn't know) were at someones house and we all took acid and began tripping. In my dream I was seeing bright colors and feeling amazing but scared all at the same time. Everything however seemed to become one with me while I was in this state of mind and it brought a sense of peace to me. (And for the record I have never taken acid or any drugs for that matter so I wasn't actually tripping and just thinking it was a dream.)...The weird part of this dream was once I woke up I continued to feel this way through out the entire day and night and partially through the next day. Does anyone know why I would have a dream like this and then still feel as if I were "tripping" even after I woke up?

Example: Does anyone know what constantly dreaming about a field trip means?

Nearly every dream I've had in the past two weeks involves me going on some sort of school trip, primarily with the students I went to middle school with. There's always a charter bus, and in each dream we go to a different location. I'd really like to dream about something else lol but I feel as though my subconscious is telling me something...just not sure what.

Example: I had a dream I was tripping on LSD, what does this mean?

In the beginning of the dream I was living with my grandparents
and we were in the store and I had a kid(in real life I don't have a child), And then we leave the store and go to my car and while I am putting my daughter in the car seat I run into my friend who I haven't talked to in a while, I invite her over because she was acting crazy. So when we get back to my grandmas house she stays in a room, I go in there and there is all this stuff everywhere like its really messy, and she keeps rambling about her creating a new form of LSD, one type was on rope and another was on a blotter. I take too hits of the "rope" acid and I don't feel much so then I take a hit of the blotter one. And I go into this crazy trip that I can see in my mind but I can't seem to put into words. It was a bunch of people saying different words and colors everywhere.

I was just wondering if anyone had any good interpretations of this, all of my dreams are pretty whack and I can never make any sense of them because they jump around a lot. I have dreamed of tripping on LSD before with the same girl.

Thank you (:

Example: What does it mean to dream of slipping or tripping on a puddle?

I already looked up what it means to see yourself tripping, slipping and what it means to see a puddle in your dream on the dream moods website. I need someone to interpret what the whole dream means all together though. To dream of slipping on a puddle. I can't remember clearly if I was slipping or tripping on the puddle. I think it was slipping.

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about falling or tripping and waking up all scared and shaken up?

thats been happening to me alot lately and sometimes i get a head ace from it! I want to know why its happening to me all of a sudden? Is there something wrong? PLEASE HELP! THANKYOU

Example: Tripping IN Dreams Meaning?

I've been having tripping dreams latley.. i have looked up the meaning of falling dreams because i figured it was close to tripping.. but i wondered if there was a difference between triping and actually falling... but in my dreams when i trip i usually wake up so its not like i get back up, so its basically falling.

Anyway, I dont really remember much about the dreams except that they were short and most likely solo (just me). I havent had one in about a week, but the last time i had one of theese dreams was recently when i was visiting washington dc with my cousins, stepmother, grandmother, and aunt. i had to share a bed with my cousin emily and i was just starting to fall asleep and my dream was starting (I was simply walking down the sidewalk and i was extremely quik to trip) I tripped because one foot fell into a hole (which always happens) and so my foot struggled for somthing to stand on and I woke up , scared at first but then laughed and asked if my cousin had felt it and she said "yea what the heck was that?" It was funny but im just curious.. is this the same as falling? what dose this mean?

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