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Dream About Trusting Someone meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?

its really confusing k here it goes

i was walking out of the gate of my school when i hear my friend (noe) running up to me that he wanted to tell me sumthing
i was kinda shocked since (in real life)at school we were friends then something happened and we didnt speak to eachother much anymore. and i missed him.
he was blushing and i was looking at him akwardly.
then he just bursts out saying he likes me alot and that if i wanted to get with him.
i was flushed and said id think about it.
well the next day i said yes and we were together
i felt so happy.
but what im confused about is that in real lfe we barely talk to eachother.
alot of people, teasing, says he likes me and stuff and they also say i like him i deny it
but in my dream i was happy we were together
what does it mean?

No one can tell you what you dreams really mean, they are your personal myth; symbols that reference 1st person truths in your life. They are born of your unique experiences and brain states, and thus you and you alone will understand the symbolism of their meaning, like a shared inner joke between friends, or a mnemonic device used to remember your PIN number.

Sure others may have some ideas about whats up, but they are only referencing their ideas about our shared sense of identity without our culture.

Read up on Joseph Campbell, specifically his amazing book "The Hero of 1000 Faces". With the will to be compassionate and truthful in your heart, as the basis for your intent, reflect on your dream and trust your instinct on its meaning.

Example: What does kissing someone in a dream mean?

I dreamed that I kissed my friend.
It was kinda awkward and I felt guilty because I am in a relationship. I do think that I have chemistry with this friend but I would never do anything about that as long as I am in a relationship. Things aren't so good with my real relationship right now. What does my dream mean in regards to how I feel about my friend that I kissed? What about it being awkward?

Example: What does it mean to dream that someone saw your scars?

I dreamed that someone I really love saw my scars. I self harm so it wasn't something odd. But there weren't any cuts just scars that could be seen clearly. I remember that this person was with me in a dressing room or somewhere looks like a dressing room and she raised my sleeve, saw my scars and looked me in the a eye, held my hand and pointed at the scars but didn't say anything. I didn't say anything too. So I was just wondering what does this mean?

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?

I was with my Dad, his girlfriend, and my sister. But then all of a sudden they were on this boat and I had to swim out to get to it. It was a huge boat-like the size of Noah's Arc if you could imagine-, but there was a ladder to get on it. When I swam into the ocean to get to it, the water started to get rougher. I ended up passing it and instead of trying to get to it like I would have in real life, I simply gave up and decided I would die here. And I did- I just drowned. (Didn't think you could die in dreams)

And then all of a sudden all 4 of us were in a cave in outer space- alive. When we walked out something I can't remember happened to all of our gear. We all slowly started suffocating. But it was peaceful and my Dad said, "so this is it?". And I vividly watched us all die and our bodies puffed up from being in space, but once again I accepted it and it was calm.

I don't understand-I know I would have been terrified and not calm. And if it helps with anything about death stuff I'm christian.

Example: What does it mean to dream someone tries to blame you for a crime?

there was a guy i think training to be a doctor, and he was beaten [esp on the back],and was bleeding ,there were pools of blood in the corner, he was at the bottom of the stairs.

he left and a bunch of guys followed him beating him further,then one of them came and put some of his blood on my back ,on my sweater, i think so people would think I commited the crime.

Example: My dream meaning can someone help me interperet this?

went bed at about 5.30 whth a dicky side eventualy fell asleep my dream was scary i went to a friends flat (female) she said get some brandy for my pain she had someone was with her a man but couldnt make out who he was but then you said no too the brandy cause i was trying to give up the drink i took bubbles (her dog) for a walk but he started to attack me viciously so i had to pin him to the ground he was snarling like he had rabbies i escaped and went back to hers we went looking for bubbles we found him with 2 other dogs a tall skinny dog and a small dog they then chased us we got into a red van to escape them and hid in the back she said i have my phone with me i said to phone who we waited for a while and made a run for it we broke into a guarded pool where they were researching something in the water alarms were going off then some security guards came running in letting in the dogs the in the security guards had guns i then woke myself shouting shoot the dogs

i had to shower i was was dripping with sweat

Example: Pls someone explain what my dream means!?!?!?!?

Right I had a dream that I had just finished my regular swimming that I do every week at the same place and I was with everyone from swimming in the enterance which never usually happens and before swimming I was talking to this guy and he said he'd way for me it seemed like I'd know him for years and after swimming the normal swimming people were trying to convince me to get my mum to pick me up late so I could spend some more time with this boy but I forgot and I went over to talk to the boy at a chair and table and he put a blue wrapped condom In my purse and we both had a little laugh and the next thing I knew I was in a shop and when I bought the thing I was buying the condom fell out onto the floor and I left it there then I was back at swimming with this boy and I lightly hit him on the arm jokingly and said about the shop and the condom falling out and we were laughing then we was hugging closely and then I was in the car with my mum! I thought it had happened for a while when I woke up but when I figured it out I was upset and not in a good mood now whenever I think about it my chest tightens like when your trying not to cry and my stomach goes fluttery and my back tenses and aches :/ PLEASE SOMEONE I'M CONFUSED I'M GETTING A BIT DOWN ABOUT IT AND WANT TO BE ON MY OWN AND THINK ABOUT IT?!?!?

Example: Whats it mean if you dream about someone?

I known this bloke for 16 years and have liked him for nearly 4 years and now my feelings are getting stronger when im near him my heart beats faster and when im not near him it feels like its been ripped out and i had a dream about him last night whats it mean

Example: What could this dream mean,... trust?

I'm good friend with this guy named James and and we both like each other.
I've never been over his house but I dreamt I went over his house and
there were other people there and his house was so nice and big and I asked to
see his phone then I decided to hide in his room and read hid messages in search
for ones from this girl were friends with that he used to like and
everytime I scrolled down to read the messages I had to run and hide somewhere else
incase someone saw me and all I could see were messages from me
and to me and my name was highlighted in red in his phone.


Example: What does it mean if you dream of trusting someone?

I'll spare you the details of a long, drawn out, unclear story of my dream. But, 2 nights ago, I basically had a dream where I told someone in the dream a pretty deep secret that I hold inside pretty well.

So um, it was this guy in the dream. I don't know anyone in real life who looked like him. He was about my age. I didn't know him before in the dream, we met and 10 minutes later I was talking very freely with him. Conversation flowed well instead of being choppy and awkward like it is in real life.

I am usually really reserved in real life but I also get lonely because of this. Trusting someone like that is unbelievable for me, there's no one I trust in real life to that degree. So anyways, what does that mean? Thanks in advance.

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