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Dream About Under Garment meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean (PLEASE ANSWER)?

I had a weird dream which I cannot explain. It was like something out of a crusade story where a war was going on, one which involved old style warfare with swords and bows. From what I could understand, it appeared that I was on the side that was winning the war.

What really surprised me about this dream was a moment where I witnessed soldiers winning this war holding a woman down on a wooden table and sowing some loose kind of cloth to her body. They sowed through her skin on her legs, arms chest you name it. She appeared to show no pain during this and appeared to be talking to the soldier in charge of this.

Moments later I see the same woman, sowed in the cloth and the soldiers have attached her to a large cross being suspended in the air in a cage type construct. From what I remember, they burned her on it.

That is all I remember from the dream and it has to be the weirdest one I have had of late.

What could such a dream mean?

Answer seriously and do not say I am nuts or something like that. What I want to know is what could lead to such a dream whether it means something or is just part of my subconscious anything like that.

Serious answer please.

1.) War/Crusade/Winning Side: Fighting and wars would represent some sort of conflict within you. And you're on the winning side meaning that you're arriving to an acceptable conclusion of this inner turmoil. the swords are symbols of destruction, aggression, ambition, force, courage, war, strife, cutting loose, dividing, separating; may be the sword that hangs by a thread ( over your head ), a former life struggle, or be a pun on , " Cut that out!" Can also symbolize decisiveness and will power, and can be used for knighting another. Anytime there is a conflict of opinion between the conscious mind and the subconscious, the subconscious mind wins!
2.) The Woman And the Soldier In Charge: everyone and everything in your dreams represents an aspect of yourself. The soldier in charge is you, and the woman ( subconscious right brain ) is you.
Sowing through the skin ( the garment ) would represent the suit for the soul, outer limits of the body. Skin may represent sensitivity, touch, feelings, vulnerability, the bare facts, a basic situation, or "skin tight." Clothing represents your idea of how you look to others, your outer appearance, attitudes; type of ideas and emotions that you feel, " put on," act out. It may imply you r sense of protection, style, fashion or your total self esteem. For the best interpretation, recall what you associate with the particular type of clothing, outfit, or costume seen in the dream and go from there.
3.) Wooden Table: is a convenient piece of furniture used for dining or to play things out, to play games, to place things, or to face things. Its more exact meaning may come from the type of table.
4.) Woman On a Cross In a Cage being Burned: The cross can depict the difficulties we have to bear, the way of Christ, or may imply resurrection. The cross is a very ancient symbol dating back before Christianity. It represents the incarnation of man on earth as well as death, Easter, new life, and liberation. There are many variations and styles, most indicating a particular belief or organization. The cage represents imprisonment, restriction, confinement, or can be safe keeping. Anything in the cage may represent as aspect of you which feels safe or trapped. Being Burned as with fire can symbolize anger, a fiery temper, or represent purification and transformation needed. May also indicate being all burned up about something.

It sort of sounds to me like the soldier in charge ( your left male brain/analytical ) has conquered the woman ( your loosely dressed creative female right brain ) and has completely rejected her intuitive ideas. Or it could mean that this LOOSE FEMALE who's just a little too out of control has been completed subdued. Have you recently had a brilliant idea lately that you may have rejected? Or have you broken from a bad habit that you didn't want?

Only you can read over the above interpretation and successfully relate it to the things happening within your waking life. Try to connect the dots from the "A" in your dreams to the "Z" in your waking life. Hope this answer helps you much!

Example: What does my tea dream mean?

White lies before me, in its infinite continuation bare trees, black in color show. In what, in mind, is the center of this vast expanse lays a cherry-wood table lavishly decorated with lotuses, humming bird, cranes and other animals which I recognize from their description in books I have read. Atop this table sculpted in the Japanese style there is a black of what seems to be ivory laid into the tabletop which has been sectioned into four by four diagonal wooden roads running to a scare in the center of the table. In the very center is a traditional Japanese tea pot, surrounding this beautiful brass pot, are four Japanese tea puppets, each with a tea cup on their plates. They each face a different wood opening to let them escape the wooden center in which they await to be freed by a soul in need of a cup of tea. Around the table lie four pillows in Japanese style, perfectly centered on their side awaiting a body to be sat on by. The sand that blows around them creating a white cloud dares not approach them leaving an empty space in which stands a table ready to welcome a lonely soul in need of tea.

From my vantage point atop a tree of misery I admire this table, devoid of evil cruelty or even the slightest thing other then serenity and the anxiousness of the things around it to help a human. The feeling of hate that is coming from the tree which I burden lessens as I gaze into the eyes of the tea puppets, inching to serve me tea. I stepped down from the deadwood and let my steppes pull me to the welcoming environment ahead. The sand blows onto me and under my clothing irritating my skin. I can see the tea room well threw its walls of sand. As I stepped threw the barrier to the pillow awaiting me, I feel the sand in my clothing pulling or being pushed away. When I was inside completely the sand had ripped pieces of my shirt off. I put my arm forward and opened my hand. In front of me appeared a wooden frame, inside it a blank sheet of whit washi paper displayed itself. I moved my hand about drawing a symbol which I recognized as “life”.

I let my arm fall in a state of ecstasy and serenity mixed together in a potent feeling which I can only describe as fulfillment. I let myself fall onto the pillow the remains of my shirt fell to the sandy ground and flew out of the room leaving it clean. I waited a while, then from the ground arose thread, indigo, marine, gold, and jet black. They each rapped around me one at a time forming a cylinder before collapsing into there own part of a garment. It consisted of all the components of a Japanese martial arts masters accoutrements.

One of the tea puppets came to life; it rolled down its cosway to the corner of the table and turned itself to continue to me. Once it had turned to me I removed the cup from the plate the puppet held in its diminutive hands. As I heard it leave I looked down to the tabletop from which a plate was rising, I rested my cup onto it and looked to the teapot. A silver dragon slithered up to the pots handle and rolled around it. Its head extended to me and it lifted itself with the pot above the table and came to me. It poured tea into my cup, returned the pot to its place near where the doll whom had served me had taken it place again. It left the pot and came to rest beside me on my rite where it was tied to my hip and curved, in that position it stayed.

I drank my tea and stood, I turned to look out at the desert before me. I remove the dragon, now a katana from it home and thrust it into the ground and said “Kami No Kocha” and the sand parted in a chaos of wind and delight on my behalf. I picked up the dragon sword and let it slither home, and I walked to wherever I felt drawn, hoping to find another station of tea, with the intention to play Igo.

What does this dream mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that I seen Jesus floating in the air, he was up quite high. He was so beautiful, he was wearing a clean, simple white robe(toga style), he had no shoes on and he had a orangish-yellow glow about him. I felt the need to touch him because he was just so beautiful. But every time I reached to touch him he would move higher up so that I could not touch him. But I kept trying there was something driving me to try and touch him. It was like he was playing a game with me, staying just far enough were I couldn't touch him, just out of reach. Finally after several tries I finally brushed his feet with my hand. Then I awoke and for appox. 5 mins I had the most peaceful, wonderful feeling I actually can't find words to discribe it it was so amasing, nothing I have ever felt before or since. I was so at peace and felt so much love but it was fleeting and lasted only 5 mins. I have never experienced anything like this before of since. What do you think it could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of torn lace?

I lifted up a black skirt and some clothes tumbled out of it,a delicate lace top had accidently gone through the wash and a piece had torn off at the back.

I found the missing bit and thought i could place it back on, but when i put it on the garment that piece grew a hole in the middle.

Example: Dreams that fast forward meaning?

Just today I had a dream that fastforward and the noise of the dream turns into a horrible high pitched screaming and I woke up in tears yet not crying. I know the difference I've woken up crying before. I would like to know what it means. I do have insomnia. I've had have some strange dreams lately but this one really scared me for some reason. The dream was normal (well really out there but normal for me) then it just started to speed up faster and faster, the sounds sped up as well until the became a high pitched screaming noise and as soon as the speed of the dream and sound reached its peek I jolted awake with tears in my eyes and it really disturbed me. If anyone had a dream like this plz comment or if you know what it means plz comment it was really creepy

Example: What does this dream mean?

im a guy and i had the craziest dream that my mother took me shopping for nightgowns, and i would try them on in the store along with panties, what does this mean.

the nightgowns were pink and so were the panties

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I was pouring hair dye onto my sock. I also had an encounter with 2 friends that I haven't talked to since Elementary school. The one told me he wanted my number inside a book he gave me and under it said just kidding. As I opened it up it had a bunch of pictures of girls from Elementary (including me), it said "I could ask questions about you, but instead I'm gonna talk about myself". I was giving the second boy a ride home, but I had cowboy boots on which made it hard for me to break and gas, he all of a sudden put his hand on my thigh until we got to his place. I came inside his house to visit and what not and he asked me if I could fill these two cups he handed me with soil. It really doesn't make any sense, but could anyone tell me what any of this means?

Example: What does this dream including the hem of a garment mean?

And it ties into this: I had a weird dream that I was at the helm of somebody's garment but instead of touching it, I turned away because of fear and overwhelming feelings. In the dream I was thinking about Biblical people when all of a sudden I saw the hem of a garment. I wonder if I need stronger faith to believe that God will heal me because I have been very sick and especially at night. Maybe I may have gotten healed or maybe in real life I can get healed but I am too scared to have faith. Any thoughts?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dreamt this several nights ago so I don't remember much of it anymore, but I remember me and my sister were walking along the street, then we crossed it and started walking in the opposite direction, there was a plant-covered wall with a camaflouged door I led her in, I showed her that there was a cemetary for famous people such as presidents. It was all dirt with huge patches of green grass where each of the plots were, adorned with marble monuments. We started walking towards them, before me was a bench and John F Kennedy was sitting on the bench - he looked old with white hair in a blue suit, I saw his back and was walking towards him but woke up or can't remember the rest.

Example: What does my dream mean...?

So i had a dream last night that i was in a plane, apparently ready to skydive. Put i took a look outside from a bit of a far distance, there was some kind of a forest or trees and a lot of green and i was instantly scared, scared of the thought of losing my breath in the air and not be able to breathe. so i took a step back, and stood in the corner of the plane afraid to fall...i tried to think of the meaning behind this dream but i couldn't. I'm a little bit scared of heights in real life (not that much though) but what does that have to do with the plane and the skydiving and the greenery? any suggestions :(

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