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Dream About Under The Sun,In The Dark,Or Otherwise meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Recently, I had a dream about having a twin sister. o_O
And no, in real life I do not have a sister nor a twin.. or any sibling.
It was really weird, because in my dream it felt like I was really jealous of her.
She was strange, she always wore this dark hoodie, and she really liked cats.
Especially black cats .. Yes weird, I know.
Oh also, I have pretty short hair, like not that short but its like a bit longer than my shoulders.
Though, on the other hand, she had fairly long hair, and to be honest, I've always wanted long hair especially after I cut mine a really long time ago, back in 5th grade.

So anyways, can someone please tell me what does this dream mean?
Also, apparently my parents liked her more.. -__- It's depressing, yes..
And another detail, in my dream when I saw her, it felt like I lost a part of me.
Geez.. what DOES this mean?! It's making me crazy. D:<

If you need other details... Just ask. -.-"
I just really want to know what the heck this means.


She IS you, but a part of you you haven't discovered yet...

If her hair is longer than yours, then it 'will take a certain length of time to grow' into your new self.

If your parents like her more, then maybe you feel there is room for improvement in your relationship with them... if you make an effort to let your parents in on your feelings,and if it's important to you, ask them if you can spend more quality time together for example. What qualities do you parents admire? Could you be tidier? More fun? More studious? More sociable? More independent? You know what I mean...

Cats are a symbol of femininity ... as with long hair... Cats are also aloof and choose people they like and cannot be persuaded otherwise. They are independent creatures, flexible, playful, mystical and all manner of things... (if you look up cats... symbolism or real qualities...see what attributes you would like to have yourself!) They also seem to me to be quite witchy! Maybe you relate to that? Dreams are a big part of a witchy life... keep a dream diary and see what you discover about yourself!

Leo, the sun-sign, is associated with cats, naturally... and also, a Leo person is recognisable by their hair! Maybe you will meet a person born under Leo... They are very outgoing and love to perform... maybe this is something you'd like to be?

You say you felt like you'd lost part of you... when you have your hair cut, for example, you lose part of the identity you have attached to that image. Was there anything else you lost in your life around that time, 5th grade.. A change of some sort? How were you with your parents then? better or not so good as now?

Hopefully, you will find the parts of you you feel you have lost... maybe you are shyer now when you used to be more sociable like a Leo?

Give yourself time to grow... like the hair would need... Maybe you need your 'hood up' to disguise your self for a while... until you feel more sure of your image and who you are...

Ask your parents for support if you need it...and if you need more approval, or recognition from them, try to find a way of letting them know.

Hope you find some answers! Maybe something here will give you a clue!

Example: Thoughts and opinions on this piece?

Well, I don't often do things like this as I fear criticism, but here goes. Give me a brutally honest opinion please.


Author Note:
I started writing this late one night, so bear with me if there are a few mistakes. If there are, I'll get around to fixing them as soon as I can.
Arra murmured quietly in her sleep and nuzzled her face into her pillow, her arms circled tightly around the lump of cloth and down. The sun was not quite up yet and a slowly blossoming light was creeping through the simple cloth curtains of her bedroom. She sighed quietly, a few of her dark brown tresses fluttering in the gust of breath, her face composed of peace. Sleep seemed to be the only time she got any sort of tranquility. Her father was bed-ridden with a terrible illness and her mother had long ago passed away, so she was left to watch over the family smithy. She could read and write and she knew her numbers well enough so that she wouldn't get cheated in the market or when someone came into the shop.

A light tapping on the window slowly brought Arra from the depths of her dream. It was a good dream too. Her mother was still alive and was baking the bread that Arra and her father had always loved. When her mother had died, her father tried making it, but it turned out disastrous and they slowly forgot about it. Arra tried every now and then to make it and got better at it every time, it reminded them of better times.

Her eyelids fluttered open from over vibrant green eyes when the tapping grew a little more insistent. She grumbled quietly to herself, untangled herself from her bedding, and knelt upon the downy mattress. She pushed the curtain aside and cracked the window open to find Jarek floating outside her window. His completely black eyes were, as usual, unfathomable, which was usual for the magical Xibir people.

"Well? Are you going to let me in, or do I have to float here all morning?" he asked impatiently. Arra pushed the window farther open, letting a gentle breeze rustle through the room as Jarek levitated himself in and alighted upon her floor. He stood in the center of the room with a detached air about him, as if he could vanish in a heartbeat.

"You're early." Arra groaned, flopping back down on her pillow and rubbing her eyes. Jarek looked on her with what could only be sympathy on his pale, inhuman features.

"Yes, well, when you do not require sleep, it is difficult to find things to fill up the time when you've done almost everything." he sniffed. Arra rolled her eyes and sat up, pulling her rough leather boots from under her bed and shoving her feet into them, the tops of them coming up to cover the cuffs of her breeches.

"Doesn't mean you have to take sleep from me, when I do require it." Arra mumbled, walking past him to grab a leather jerkin from her meager chest of clothes. She stripped off her sleep shirt, unafraid of Jarek and his dark eyes. Xibir were not sexual creatures and received no enjoyment from the naked form, their own or otherwise. She laced the jerkin tightly, ignoring the growl from her stomach for now. "I mean, you and I run the smithy for roughly twelve hours a day and if I'm lucky, I'll get a fraction of that time in sleep, I kind of need all I can get, Jarek." She snapped, roughly slipping her hands into leather gloves.

"Forgive me, Princess. I'll do my best to wake you only after the sun has risen." Jarek said sounding affronted. Arra sighed, rolling her eyes and her shoulders. She hadn't meant to snap at him, she sighed again.

"It's fine. I needed to be up already anyway." She offered a small smile at him and was relieved to see what she believed to be a smile returned. It was difficult to tell when it came to the Xibir and their almost reptilian facial structure. "Go downstairs and get the forge up and running, I'll be down in a few minutes." Jarek bowed, whether mockingly or sincerely, she didn't know.

"At your behest, dearest Arra." he said, slowly melting into the floor and vanishing from sight. She watched him go before stepping out of her room and walking down the short hallway that once led to her parents bedroom. It had long since become just her fathers room, and in recent years, his prison. She slowly cracked open the door and peeked in. The room was still dark, but a small table just inside the room was home to a candle and a small flint. Within seconds with practiced movements, the small flame flickered to life. She crept slowly to her fathers bedside, the candle throwing ghoulish shadows across his face. A gray pallor tinted his skin and his breathing was labored. Bandages covered large portions of his body and Arra shuddered to think of what lay beneath. The last time she had looked beneath the bandages, her father had developed large red sores...some of which had slit-pupil ey

Example: What do specific dates in dreams mean?

About a year ago, I had a dream where I was in my house which was floating in the dark sky. I was looking out a window and I saw stars which spelled May 28. Then, the sun rose and I walked out. I saw trees, green hills which surrounded a wooden house. I began to walk on a dirt trail
leading to the house and thats when it ended. Today, its been announced that an earthquake will occur May 28th, "The Big One". Can someone interpret this?

Example: Getting watched over by a demon in a dream?

I had this dream a few months back but it's been sticking in my head, and I had it written in notepad. So I just thought I'd ask about what it could mean. :)

The dream took place in this really bleak, bland place. All the ground and structures were made out of stone. And the structures weren't like buildings, just kind of... stone blocks that you could see through places on them(They had like, shapes cut out in them -- I don't recall the shapes, Squares I think.).
The sky was that 7pm gray-blue dark but bright color. And there were these occasional benches made out of black metal. And there was nothing in the distance, all you saw was stone, and the sky had no sun, no moon, nothing in it. It was really dull and... just really eerie and... sad. I think it was foggy too. It just went on and on and on. No buildings, and no people(Living people -- there was the demon/ghosts.)
Anyways, I walked towards an area and there was a few ghosts and the demon, and I walked up to the demon and just shoved a handful of money at it and asked it to watch over me well I sleep because that place was pretty scary and I was really freaked out in the dream, and just being there made me almost... sad(Probably from how gloomy it was, there was barely any color, it was all dull and very eerie).
I don't remember what it said, but I get the feeling that it was pretty sarcastic/amused, but I was honestly freaking out in the dream and begging and begging, so eventually it agreed(I don't know if it took the money or not). So I went to sleep on one of those benches.
And when I woke up in the dream, I was still on the bench but the demon was sitting on the end of the bench and my feet were on it's lap and when it realized I was awake it grabbed my arm and yanked me up so I was sitting up(It was a pretty forceful yank from what I recall.)
so I just put my head on it's shoulder. The scenery changed slightly once I woke up in the dream, it was a bit darker everywhere except the stone thing that was next to the bench I slept on had plants growing on/in it, and you could actually see the color of the plants, green. Rather than it being a dull color like everything else was. But the plants were a pretty dark green, but it was still color! vs the prior dark, blank, dull scenery. Lol

What could it mean? It's been bothering me since I had this dream.

Example: What do these expressions mean in this context?

tilting the stubborn land that defies
unearths another day
his dream shakes the silent air

it was from this poem

Beginning another vigil
he regards the tentative sun
through a fragmented sky;
otherwise there is only greenness.
In the still quiet dawn
he downs a mug of tea,
leans his rifle against a tree
and now and then recalls his home
unearths another day.
He is far from his hamlet.

It was an unquestioning life,
tilling the stubborn land that defies
the controlling hand of man.
There was consolation, now he knows
the laughter of his child,
the softness of his wife
who yields to him at night.
So what if kingdoms topple?

His dream shakes the silent air.

He sees his home gutted in the sun,
he sees his wife, head blown off,
the body of his child strewn
among young stubble of padi.

For days he prowled that waste
unable to quell his hate.
How to mobilize that precise pain?

Time passes.
Now and then a recall of home:
she chants at night to their child
who smiles, remembering small mischiefs.
After losing them,
their absence remains.

He makes his fists into a power
fierce as one whose sinews
could manage the sun.

In the glare of the sun
the planes beautiful
like silver spears
come in an eddy of air.

Amongst battered tree trunks
his blood splatters
into uncanny flowers.

Over the gentle contour of hills
and the sea,
the happy young crew from afar
returns to the air.

Example: Werid Dream could i ask for answers?

Weird Dreams, often happens more than once, I’m kind of worried being I keep having these vivid dreams where I’m in some place I’ve never seen before, around me is depth of shiny almost glowing metal, floors and something that would take similarity to a doctors bed you set on. In this dream, I had this complex feeling I was awake, but at the same time numb to the bone, I couldn’t feel my nerves in my body, but could since the feeling of a person watching me, a deep rooted shadow seemed to be over me, there was also this intense smell. The smell was almost a rotting egg/ cinnamon smell, but the last thing I recall was this dark shadow coming out of the glowing black space, while that dark figure was moving for that space there was a another metal looking object, but this was came from above as well it was just as shiny almost as the sun was beaming off it. As I wake up too see I was still alive, happy that It was just a dream I still smelled that horrid smell of rotting eggs and cinnamon, my skin had this nasty smell to it as well, how could this be I had just taken a shower I hadn’t smelled this before I went to bed but then again I’ve never smell anything like this before. As I was coming to lying in bed completely awake I moved my head over to the right then felt that feeling I had before of something watching me, I felt my stomach drop as I turned my head right, I seen it the dark shadow I seen in my dream was now In my room. The scary part about this is, it seemed to be standing right in front of me with its arm out point at me, as I seen this my stomach dropped again seemed as I was going down a hill drop on a roller coaster going 100mpr. As I watch the dark figure point at me, I just laid there I looked directly at it, then it seemed to just walk away slowly it was around 3:00 AM at night, after that I didn’t go back to sleep I stayed up. I don’t I’ll ever be able to forget this happen to me. The question would anybody know what this could mean, I’ve had a lot of friends dye could this be why this happened or is it something else?

Example: Weird dream please can anyone explain it to me?

I had this really weird even a little scary dream.

i was walking up with my boyfriend this small hill in a forest which is in short distance from my home.it was dark the sun was just setting...the small hill had trees and three water wells.the hill was also divided into three levels and i was in the first.i told my boyfriend something like "this is a nice activity we can do together"because he sometimes complains about not spending real quality time,and then i made a wish and throw a stone into the 1st water well.the wish was about my future and because the stone was drown in the water (otherwise the well would send it off (?)),meant my wish will become true at some point.i noticed and told my boyfriend that the water was really deep.voices were heard from the other "hill-levels"talking and laughing maybe even fighting it was really weird.we wouldnt continue walking up to the other 2 levels or even continue to the other two water wells of our level because we wouldnt like to bother or to mess with the unknown creatures that produced the voices. as it was clear to me in the dream they would not hurt us but we better not meet them.
this was my dream.can anyone give me an opinion or an explanation on it?i think about it a lot mostly because it was one of the weirdest dreams i ever had and because of the wish that it is really important for me to happen in my waking life.

Example: Someone ''''Killed'''' me in my dream?

had a horrible nightmare last night...
I was running from a stranger in a forest, it was really dark and i could barely see anything. I fell on the ground and he grabbed me roughly and said ''I'm giving you the last chance to accept'' I was really confused... Then he disappeared in the mist. In shock, i heard my heart racing. Then i ran to a wooden house and said to a old stranger that i found sitting on a chair in the kitchen - ''Dad, we must run! Hurry!'' It felt as if i watched through strange woman eyes. The next moment we ran on a meadow and hided behind a tree. It was still night and i couldn't completely see what was happening, all i could hear were mine and my ''dads'' hard breathing. I could feel the fear that the woman felt. She thought she was gonna die. After some time the sun slowly enlightened the whole meadow. The meadow was really big. I could only see the meadow and a big forest surrounding it. The woman slowly got up and said to her dad to stay where he is. She ran with hope to the other side of the meadow, until something caught her attention... It was a really fast moving shadow. I could feel every part of her body, now. I could feel her horrible fear. I found out i was in her body, i felt i was sweating. The dark shadow stopped moving and i got a good vision of a man in a dark coat. The same one she ran from last night. I almost fainted when he smirked, blood was coming out of his mouth. I tried to ran but the next second his face was only a few centimeters away from mine. I was shocked, so much i thought all the time that this is really happening. He began kicking me, punching me, beating me up. I screamed for help. My dad yelled ''Let her go!''. The man got up and in a moment he was next to my dad and turned his head and the head fell on the floor. I cried.
He was back to me and said ''You didn't really choose, so i think i have to. When i turn you, you will be mine. Firstly, i have to kill you.'' I felt sharp pain from his punches, i could feel every pain, i felt like my real body is in the dream. I Begged God for this dream to stop, i couldn't believe i actually felt all the horrible pain.
I passed out.
After some moments of being in darkness i finally woke up. Every part of my body felt broken. I was in my real life garden. The stranger came out of nowhere and laughed, dryly. The next second the other woman took over the body and i was watching through her eyes.
''How do we kill?'' - she asked.
''We have twenty sharp fangs for that.'' he responded and smiled. His mouth was still bloody and i almost puked when i saw that his teeth were demon-like. The girl opened her mouth and laughed. I was shocked all the time.
''This is amazing. What else can we do?'' She asked while smiling.
''You will see.'' he said back to her.

After what seemed an hour to me of being in darkness. I could see through the woman's eyes but i couldn't control her like i did when the stranger was killing me. She hided behind a tree in my real-life garden and set her eyes on a woman that sang and walked around the chimney, preparing a meal. My mother.
Out of nowhere the woman grabbed my moms neck and thrust into it with her sharp teeth. She tore my mothers body as she laughed and enjoyed her meal. I cried in myself.
After watching my mother die i woke up, sweating. And my body felt still broken. I really need your help.. Does anyone know what does this mean?

Example: A man dreams he is butterfly, or butterfly dreams he is man/Can we know for sure the waking day is more real?

Just as the poet questioned whether he was a dreaming man or a dreaming butterfly, how can we know for sure which is the dream and which is not, if our senses cannot be trusted? What does present day physics say about this, or our greatest thinkers and spiritual leaders? What is the best answer to this?

Example: Christians, do you realize that in little more than a decade, computer will be more...?

intelligent than people? I mean computers will be capable of independent reasoning, in the exact same way that humans think. They will be able to feel, the same way that humans feel. I know this because Machine Learning is my field of study. IBM has already succeeded at simulating a fairly good size brain. By 2020, a full-size human brain will be simulated. By 2025, a full-size human brain will fit in your pocket. By 2029, intelligent robots will be everywhere, super-intelligent computers will be solving mathematics, physics, economic, and social problems that humans could never dream of solving.

All the while, you guys will be stuck in the Dark Ages believing the mythology of Bronze Age goat herders.

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