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Dream About Union meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

what does it mean when you have dream about new born twins (a boy and a girl)

To see twins in your dream, signifies ambivalence, dualities and opposites. It also represents security in business, faithfulness, and contentment with life. It may also mean that you are either in harmony with or in conflict between ideas and decisions.

To see twins fighting in your dream, represents a conflict between the opposites of your psyche. One twin signifies emergence of unconscious material and suppressed feelings, while the other twin represents the conscious mind. There is possibly some situation that you are not confronting.Your dream may occur as a result of the inner conflict you are experiencing. It is doubtful that your dream means that you are having fears of getting pregnant.

The notion that the twins are fraternal symbolizes the union between the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself, also. This may also refer to the physical union between you and yoursignificant other.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I Know this sounds really weird but I have had similar dreams where I'm walking with one of my friends and all of a sudden about 6 birds attack us individually..and I can really feel the pain:S..its really weird cos its liek de ja vu i know whats going to happen next..anyone got any ideas of what it might mean?x

Example: The meaning of Dreams?

I had these dreams last night One was a dream I was getting married, I had on a veil, I was looking at myself in the mirror. I had a compact and the mirror broke, then I had another dream that I was in the woods with my cat and I saw an owl. I looked up these dreams and an owl means death or evil, one book I had said a wedding is a union and another said it meant death. Another said a broken mirror is a sign of bad news. Do these dreams mean anything? Help, I am starting to get scared!

Example: What does this dream mean?

What does it mean to dream about you and your significant other in the garden of a large chapel like building kissing, hugging, holding hands and looking into each others eyes? The garden area was filled with flowers and it was just gorgeous really, a lovely scenery.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So, last night was our Spring Band Concert at my High School. Everyone was particularly well dressed. The same night I had a dream that myself and some other friends of mine, impecably dressed I might add, were standing chatting on a porch that looked like it was from a renovated southern plantation house. The day was hot. I remember the huge porch had new wood planks, wicker furniture, and a huge porch swing. But then, the song "If I die Young" by The Band Perry started playing on white speakers and everyone started to dance with the music. As the song ended, I woke up. (This Morning) What does my dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

The setting was very snowy and there were alot of mountains and it was very white, with a snow or ice palace.
What happened was there was a mom, girl, and dad. And this happened outside but all of a sudden the dad started hurting the daughter until she died, than he went after the mother and the mother said in a whisper "God forgive me" and thats when i woke up.

It was like nothing i've ever seen before and i don't know what this means, the place it happened at looked so magical like right out of a fairy tale

Example: A Eurotrip with people I barely know and a classmate re-union [read on...] What does this dream mean?

Tonight I had two dreams. The first one was of me going on some kind of Eurotrip with a guy [whom I went to high school with and whom I'm just getting to know now, two years later. He has a crush on my best friend and I think has one on me too.] There was his ex-girlfriend and his friends too, whom I barely knew. The dream wasn't very detailed. The only scene I clearly remember is one where the Eiffel Tower was visible in our room window and it was a lovely, sunny day. I was lying in a big bed with the high school friend of mine in silky underwear, his ex-girlfriend sitting on one side of it and saying something about me and him having sex (although we didn't.) His other friends were scattered around the room and were talking, laughing, exclaiming. Then, all of a sudden, a thought came into my head. I thought "I think Denika thinks I did have sex with Steve", so I took out a pair of silky panties that appeared in my hand out of nowhere and said "These are not mine", to which she approvingly nodded.

The second dream I had was of being in an apartment that I didn't recognize. I went in there to find my classmates from my motherland school (I moved from my motherland 8 years ago and have studied in 4 different schools since that one, not including university). They looked exactly as they did when I knew them, i.e. 10-11 years old. I saw two best friends, old boy friends of mine, on whom I had "kiddie crushes" back then. I saw another girl whom I've always despised since she never liked me and always spread rumous, bullied me etc. I sat down on a big bed next to her and started talking like we were old friends. I didn't want to reveal my emotions. I've noticed something peculiar about her face and leaned in to have a closer look at it, and found two different-coloured eyes: one mocha-coloured and another one the colour of the rainbow. I became a little scared. Then she leaned in and put me in her arms. I consciously knew that she was somehow weighing me, trying to figure out my weight that way. I told her something like "Don't do that, I'm heavy, much heavier than you can handle", but despite that she lifted me pretty easily.

That's all I remember.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that the hocus pocus witches dragged me to their home and preformed oral sex on me but I enjoyed it and I'm straight so what does it mean?

Example: Dream meaning, weird im 15?

ok well i was at a hotel with my mom, we got on the elevator and wanted to go to floor two, but it missed it and went to the last floor which was nine. more people came in this time, and then we finally came to two, the other people asked me two press two before bc they were going there too...
what does this mean, and what do the numbers mean?

Example: Dream meaning, please help?

Hello, last night I had a vivid dream of fire.

At the start it was a log then three mice appeared and tiptoed with tartan skirts on towards the log. The three then got onto a podium and the middle on said 'I have a dream' then one of the other ones shouted 'BOOM' they all back flipped off the podium and the fire began to rise getting taller and taller.

Then all I remember was one of the mice had an umbrella and was at the top of the fire and bowed and kicked it's leg in the air to the side.

Meaning? Mouse on top of fire, fire in general?

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