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Dream About Unlock meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was trapped in someone’s basement or something; I really had no idea how I’d gotten there or for how long I’d actually been there, but I was a little scared, as anyone would be if they realized that they were trapped in someone else’s dungeon-basement. I was completely nude and in near-complete darkness.

Suddenly, this guy walked over to my cell or cage or whatever they were keeping me in, unlocked the door, then reached in and pulled me out quite forcefully. He led me by the arm to a room that was bare except for a table pushed up against the wall, and a light hanging from the ceiling. It all looked quite dirty and dingy and eerie.

There was another man standing by the table and he pointed to something on it. A plate, it looked like, with some kind of food.

The man who had led me there sat me down in the chair in front of the table and told me that the scraps of meat were actually the last-remaining bits of their previous prisoner, and that I should enjoy it very much. Since I refused to open my mouth after hearing that, one of them prodded at my teeth with one of the pieces, then simply pulled my lips apart and stuffed it into my cheek. He then instructed me to eat it.

I shook my head no and made some awful whimpering noise. Then, for some inexplicable reason, one of them grabbed my junk and started jerking me off.

I sat there really still until I couldn’t really take it anymore, and then I just burst into tears and started bawling like a baby. The two guys laughed and continued to poke at my thing while calling me a f*ggot.

Then I woke up.

I know dreams can mean a million different things but this is what I personally feel it might mean. You were trapped and you didn't know how you got there. This could mirror any situation in life from turning down the wrong road to being trapped in a situation you feel you can't get out of (Money, bad relationship, job). You were naked so in some way you seem to feel vulnerable like you have no way of getting out of a bad situation, or you are scared someone will see you for what you are and you are in some way ashamed. The two men bullying you could be a symbol as well, you already feel vulnerable and then you have two people picking at you. Those two people could represent major problems in your life that you are having issues resolving, or maybe you already have a lot on your plate and you feel like new things keep piling up. You eating the flesh of their last prisoner could be your fear of reaping what you sew. If you don't resolve the problems nagging at you, you might be forced into a situation you are even less comfortable with, or possible you feel guilty for doing something so you are literally eating the consiquences. Like I said there are a million things a dream could mean but sometimes an outside view helps you see things you may not have thought of. Hope that this helps.

Example: What does my sisters dream mean?

It was set this summer. She said the date was 6/17/11. It was at dusk time (8pm ish). Appearently a burglar had broken in to our house. So my mom, dad, her dad, my brother, her, n me were tied up in our room. So the gist of the dream was that I got out n escaped. But as soon as I got out of the house, she could see through my eyes. She saw me run to the neighbors n find that every single neighbor was either tied up, dead, or not home. I then ran to the police station to get help. But the whole time, I'm being chased by one if the intruders. The dream ends by me getting help n the police arriving at my house. But the entire time she could see through my eyes.

So what does this dream mean.

Example: What does it mean to dream of an unlocked door?

I had three dreams last night about someone forgetting to lock a door. Each time the door was unlocked and I would get up hoping that no one is in the house so that i could lock the door. The last dream was different, when i got up to lock the door the door was broken at the top corner and a bunch of trash was on the outside in bags piled up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well in the dream I was walking down an alley way and I remember the sun was HUGE and bright and I looked up to it and I fainted and woke up in a cell full of dogs who were all doing some kind of task, like one was sweeping the floor and another was making a bed but then a cat in a suit came up to the cell door, unlocked it and then the cell collapsed and fell down a cliff then the cat in the suit shot me in the back of the head and I fell down the cliff into a red sea? what does this mean?

Example: What do dreams actually mean?

I'm just so baffled by dreams. What do they mean? Why do we have them? Do they represent something in real life ie. the future, worries, things on my mind, the past? Or are thy just completely random?

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

So i dreamt i was at my nan's house and then someone was trying to break in. The thing is, their door is quite a strong one... it has all these locks and bolts on it too. They even have a security gate.

The door opened, but there was no one there. Then i shut it and it opened again. It weren't opening as in the wind could be blowing it open, but properly like someone was opening it... all slowly too. No matter how much i locked it repeatedly, it always opeened... and again, noone was on the other side.

I don't recall the security gate opening though. And for the door to be able to open, the security gate must be unlocked first.

Any answers?

Example: How to unlock the meaning of your dreams?

please tell me how because I can't know the meaning of my dreams...
the easiest way please!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I had a huge craving for milk but my parents kept buying soy milk instead of regular milk and then I dreamed that some girl was filmed with a man dressed up like a prince and they were flying around in chair that had magical flying abilities (it had the mechanical functions of an airplane while being shaped like a chair) and I couldn't figure whether this was a special camera affect or whether the little girl about 6-8 years old was actually flying around in a chair.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I was standing in a huge crowd packed close together and everyone was cheering and shouting with excitement and happiness.

The place was shining so bright and everyone was smiling and celebrating.

I could feel the excitement and celebration like an overwhelming flood of profound happiness.

Example: Meaning of my dream?

i dreamt that there was a funeral going on. It seemed that someone important passed on as there were many people there. It was decorated in yellow.

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