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Dream About Upside Down meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of dreams?

no one really close has passed away.
and i do normally sleep with the tv.
and i tried the the you guys gave me and it did not work.
but also in my dream i could feel somone like put the upside down cross on my head and the people in my dream are talking in french, and in all my dreams im holding really tight to somones hand.
and these dreams are starting to freak me out.

Hm...have you lost someone close to you recently? Do you normally sleep with the TV on? Do feel you lack meaning in life?

Most dreams only have meaning to you, even if they are recurring.

What you should do is a keep a notebook by the bed, every time you have the dream, get up quickly and write down everything you remember about it. Once you run out of things to write, read it over once, and then start free-associating/brainstorming.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a room number and see 164 with the number 4 turned upside down?

it was the only room that had the end number upside down.
I noticed it in my dream and thought it was odd.

Example: I found a Baby, lying with one of it's legs in concrete upside down, can any one tell mewhat this dream means?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about an upside down cross?

I had a dream where I was at my least favorite uncles house and he had a beautiful altar with candles and crosses ( they were upside right) so I decided to take a picture with the altar I asked my cousin to take it and when he did, he showed me the picture and I saw that the crosses where upside down. Right when I saw them I felt this bad energy. Please Help!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of an upside down cross ?

Well one night I dreamt I was in a cemetary & I was walking to a tomb stone with something in my hand. I didn't realize what was in my hands until I put it down on a stone. I didn't know who the person was but then I put what was in my hands down. I noticed it was a cross & as soon as I put it down the cross turned upside down. I don't exactly remember what happened afterwards, but I remember feeling a presence that didn't feel safe. & within minutes I woke up sweating at 3 am.

Example: What does this dream mean, about the upside down cross?

Last night I dreamt the following: I was in a room, and I looked at a paper and I saw 2 normal crosses on the sides and I turned it around and I saw an upside down cross with a pentagram on it. And there was blood on it, like something scratched it. And I feel uneasy about the dream, I know its not much but can anyone please try to tell me what that means? Many thanks

Example: What does it mean when you dream of someone crucified upside down?

Example: Dream meaning of an upside down rainbow in the night and a rainbow starred galaxy looking sky?

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

ok well i had a dream that there was this hurricane or tornado i cant tell which it was but it was like soo real like i turned on the weather (in my dream) and it said the EXACT wind speed and i remember it too 75 mph. thats weird! and like then the hurricane or uhm tornado came and i went into the basment and grabbed into a pole (hahahhah) and hugn on and then the walls starting breaking thru and i held on and i survived.. idk if this dream means anything but it was like rly real. ...ohh and im 13yr old grl if that helps. lol

Example: What is the meaning of Dreams of an upside down spinning pyramid?

I had a dream that I was on the bottom of an upside down spinning pyramid. There were two palm trees in separate corners Im in the other. There is a dark cloaked figure standing in front of me after which started to chase me. I had no place to go so I jumped off the pyramid and as always I woke up before hitting the sand below...

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