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Dream About Veins meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other day I had a dream that went like this:

mom: Morgan, I need to fix your heart.
(she takes my heart out and there is a gaping hole where the heart should be on my chest. And she gives me a shot that lets me live 1 hour without a heart)
I walk around for a while, and I end up in a field. Eventually I can't breathe that well and I run back to my mom and demand she give my heart back.. She luckily fixed it early and she put it back in.

What does this mean? Dream decoders needed!

i have noticed dreams are linear to the previous day you've just had.

this dream sounds interesting...i hope this helps.

your mom needs to fix your heart. someone close to you knows you need help, and you don't know it. if someone offers you help or gives you oppurtunity, take it. they know it's best for you.
taking your heart out. you should trust people who care about you if they are trying to help. they probably know what's best for you.
the shot tha lasts one hour: you have free time to do what you want. just be sure to absolutely meet deadlines, because if you don't, you'll be under heavy stress adn be in danger of a heart atack or something. the feild is your endless possibilities. you can plant a crop or a graden and let it prosper with the right amount of work, or you can ignore it and let it turn into a dust bowl and destroy everything and everyone around you. luckily, your mom and those who care about you will always be there for you. the entire time you were gone, your mom was helping you. she fixed your problem for you so you could be set on the right path.

that is a beautiful dream, by the way. i had one like it a while back, and it pt everything into perspective for me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

-Please don't use dream-of.com , thank you.
-In real life, I had "daydreams"/"thoughts" about having my own little baby that i "kidnapped"
-This was my dream:

I had a dream I was in a random house, I don't know exactly where I was. Their was this this pile of junk, it had like tshirts and papers, and i dug through it and i found this thing, wrapped up in a black tshirt. I knew it was a dead baby. I was crying and I was scared to open it. I slowly opened it and saw its head. His head was a little blue. I started crying and i unfolded the shirt more and i saw his eyes shut and his nose, and his mouth was open and i was touching his teeth, and his mouth felt slobbery, but it was a little baby with lots of teeth, then around his neck i saw a BUNCH of REALLY blue veins that were showing i was like "what the heck?" and then all of a sudden the baby started crying and it's eyes opened, and it looked like a normal cute little baby. I was holding it and I was like "omg thank god its alive." I also thought in my dream "Now i can keep it!".

That was my dream. Please help? Thanks. I'm 15, btw.

Example: Dream meaning?

So I had this weird dream it was me my mom and brother all of a suddEn this wire snaps and my mom gets cut into 2 peices right down the nose all the way to her legs ,so im looking At her I'n shock cause I could see her brain and veins one side,she tries talking to me with a smile but i couldnt understand her cause she didn't have the right side of her brain so she made no sence,she was crying and I just gave her a hug and she died, so my question is anyone know what this dream means Or why I had this dream?

Example: What does a snake dream mean?

In my dream this blue snake was on my arm but I didn't feel threatened by it.

Example: What does my dream means?

I had a dream where i was taking some wood sticks out from my arm and it was actually halfway in my vein, and i was wondering what that means..

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I keep having really weird dreams about my grandpa who passed away 9 months ago. I still cry a lot about it, there's not a day I don't think about him, I was with him till the very end, I was the only one who was there when he passed away...

But these dreams are so weird. Like right now I dreamt that he wanted to kill my grandma and he didn't know who I was. Yesterday I dreamt that he was only bones with gains running all over but still alive. A whole ago I dreamt that he was still alive in his coffin.. And atleast 5 other extremely strange, vivid, scary weird dreams. What is it? What does it mean?

Example: Dream about eye vein meaning?

This week I've had this reoccurring dream (nightmare) about one of the little red veins in my eyes. Its one in my right eye, in the center on the bottom. I'm starring in a little 5x close up mirror, and the dark red thin vein grows up from under my lower eyelid towards my iris, then starts to curl into a little wiggly (not straight or smooth or perfectly curved) spiral, with a super tiny bubble in the middle of it, I think under the surface/skin of my eye, but where you can still see it.

Background info: I wear contacts and glasses for nearsightedness. I've had the dream atleast twice that I can remember, I dont always remember my dreams but do about 75% of the time

Any help would be appreciated, I checked a few websites with dream dictionaries already but it is very hard to find things on eyes, optical veins, and diseases of the eyes ):

Example: Had a dream my veins were tied up in knots. Meaning?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that the veins in my wrist were popping, and there was a hole where my veins were, and there was also a hole on the back of my hand. It was bleeding, and my wrist was poking out, kind of like there was a needle standing up underneath. There was some kind of string in the dream. I was crying and asking my mom to take me to the doctor before I died, and she kept telling me i'd be fine. It kept getting worse.

It was so scary!:( What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed last night that I got so thin, my veins were literally outside me body. Not broken or anything, like strings all over. What could that mean? I looked down, and saw my veins.

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