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Dream About Velvet Rope meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I need Movies to watch, seen a lot?

Ok here is a list of some of the films I have watched, need good films to watch other then these:

28 Days Later...
A Clockwork Orange
A Fistfull Of Dollars
A Hard Days Night
A History of Violence
A Nightmare On Elm Street
A Scanner Darkly
A Serbian Film
Almost Famous
American Beauty
American Gangster
American History X
Angel Heart
Apollo 18
Army of Darkness
Austin Powers In Goldmember
Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery
Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me
Bad Boy Bubby
Bad Taste
Battle Royal
Beastie Boys Fight for Your Right Revisited
Beverly Hills Cops
Black Swan
Blood Simple
Blue Velvet
Boogie Nights
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Burn After Reading
Catch Me If You Can
Cool Hand Luke
Dawn Of The Dead
Death Race 2000
Death Sentence
Demolition Man
Dirty Harry
Dog Day Afternoon
Donnie Darko
Dr Strangelove
Elephant Man
Evil Dead 2
Falling Down
Fight Club
Final Destination
For A Few Dollars More
Forbidden Planet
Funny Games
Garden State
Get Him to the Greek
Green Street Hooligans
Half Baked
Hall Pass
Hannibal Rising
Hard Target
Harry Brown
Hobo With A Shotgun
How I Won the War
In Bruges
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Jack Frost
Jackie Brow
Jacobs Ladder
LA Confidential
Let It Be
Little Johnny The Movie
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Lost Highway
Macbeth Part 1
Macbeth Part 2
Mad Max
Magical Mystery Tour
Man On Fire
Me, Myself & Irene
Mean Creek
Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Express
Minority Report
Mulholland Drive
My Cousin Vinny
Mystic River
Nowhere Boy
Observe and Report
Once Upon a Time in America
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Panic Room
Pans Labyrinth
Patch Adams
pink floyd the wall
Pirates (Part 1)
Pirates (Part 2)
Pirates 2
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Planet of the Apes 2 - Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes 2001
Planet of the Apes 3 - Escape From the Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes 4 - Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes 5 - Battle For the Planets of the Apes
Planet of the Apes
Primal Fear
Pulp Fiction
Raging Bull
Rain Man
Red Dragon
Requiem For A Dream
Revenge of the Nerds
Romper Stomper
Salo Or The 120 Days Of Sodom
Santa's Slay
Saturday Night Fever
Saw II
Shaun of the Dead
Silence of the Lambs
Soylent Green
Straw dogs
Super 8
Sweeney Todd -The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
The Abyss
The Beach
The Boat That Rocked
The Boondock Saint's
The Boys From Brazil
The Breakfast Club
The Dead Zone
The Evil Dead
The Exorcist
The Fog
The Fugitive
The Game
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
The Host
The Ice Storm
The Illusionist
The Inbetweeners Movie
The Island Of Dr. Moreau
The Life Aquatic
The Machinist
The Man From Earth
The Number 23
The Outsiders
The Shining
The Sixth Sence
The Truman Show
The Usual Suspects
The Wicker Man
The Wrestler
They Live
Thin Red Line
Time After Time
Total Recall
True Grit
V For Vendetta
Vanilla Sky
Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story
Wild Wild West
Yellow Submarine
Young Frankenstein
Your Highness

12 angry men
Enemy of the state
Forrest gump
reservoir dogs
planet terror
jurassic park series
finish saw series
deep blue sea
deep rising
finding nemo
air force one
batman begins
the dark knight
the adjustment bureau
slum dog millionaire
saving private ryan
starwars series
once upon a time in the west
once upon a time in america
species series
true lies
Terminator series
who am i
burce lee movies
mary and max
50 first dates
I pronounce you chunk and larry
grown ups
U dont mess with zohan
The mummy series
harry potter series
the flight plan
dial M for murder & other alfred hitchcock movies
jackie brown
3:10 to yuma
the machinist
american psycho
Goal series
shrek series
scary movie series
residential evil series
Transformers series
God father 1
God father 2
the shawshank redemption
The day the earth stood still
independance day
mission impossible series
Kill bill 1
Kill bill 2
Inglorious basterds
Million dollar baby
gran torino
basic instinct
Italian job
Oceans 11
Oceans 12
Oceans 13
Day after tomorrow
Apocalypse now
A street car name desire
Money ball
the sixth sense
Seven Samurai
Lord of the rings 1
Lord of the Rings 2
Lord of the rings 3
lord of war
City of god
Matrix 1
Matrix 2
Rear Window
North by North west
Hot Fuzz
Its a wonderful Life
Leon: The Professional
Toy Story 1
Toy Story 2
Toy Story 3
Spirited Away
The pianist
The Departed
The Lives of Others
To Kill a Mockingbird
Life is beautiful
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
A Separation
The Prestige
The Green Mile
L.A. Confidential
Cinema Paradiso
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Singin' in the Rain
Some like it hot
Pan's Labyrinth
The sting
Princess Mononoke
Indiana Jones 1
Indiana Jones 3

Example: What does this dream mean?

a couple of night ago I had a strange dream. There was this building, there were only windows and the window was open just enough for me to get in. When I got in there were I think 2 people there with me, I didn't recognise them. There were velvet ropes and the room had an eery feeling. Then this lady fell from the ceiling with a rope around her neck. It seemed that before she fell she had a seizure. And all I did was laugh at her. Then the eery feeling went away. I know this sounds kind of crazy but it has been bothering me. Does anyone have a clue what this could mean?

Example: What would this dream mean?

(the you is a friend of mine...she wanted me to type it out)
Part 1:
People: u me James Em Hunter amy and some more people I don’t remember
We went to go see a movie at some really random place that looked like an airport. It had like terminals and crap idk. We bought our tickets outside like normal theaters, but this place was kinda like an indoor islands of adventure minus the rides. We got all our food and junk towards the front of the building and made our way to the actually theater. On the way hunter ripped his pants when he went over one of those velvet rope things and kept getting distracted so me and James ditched him. Amy kept whining and getting bitchy so we ditched her too. The theater was in a place that looked like the dr seuss place at islands. We went to go see the harry potter that’s coming out next month. That’s basically it for this part.

Part 2:
People: like, everyone minus hunter and amy
It was the last day of 8th grade and we had senecal for our math teacher. She gave us each a 70 question EASY test that she didn’t count. After that, we got to do anything we want. So we just basically passed notes, James and I were flirting like A LOT, you kept noticing us and rolling your eyes, as did Emily, Em was sitting next 2 devin on the floor, Lukas was playing with his cards, and Jacob was texting. Senecal separated me and James, and said “You two are so obvious its disgusting. Now stay away from each other until 20 till.” Jacob started pointing at us and silently laughing, everyone was like laughing, and Em did her weird sounding heh laugh. We just started texting each other and I was texting you. When the time was up (I didn’t notice but clock watcher James did) he came over to my desk with a huge bag (like HUGE) and he started flirting again. Ms senecal noticed and rolled her eyes as did everyone in the room. Then when they weren’t watching us he told me to look around and there were a bunch of bags like it and he opened the bag and there were tons of water balloons in it. He looked to mo and mo nodded and they both got some balloons out of the bags and he gave me one and said on the count of three 1…2…3… and they both started chucking them all over the place and senecal disappeared and everyone realized what was happening and went to the bags and started grabbing the water balloons and chucking them at everyone and we teamed up on Jacob and u were the only one that didn’t. everyone started throwing it at devins hair and James started throwing a bunch at me and we ran out right as mr millins came on to tell us it was time to leave

Part 3:
People: you me James Emily devin and Jacob
Some how we went from walking out of school to a carnival at night and now were all like 16. We had wristbands that let us go on any ride as many times as we wanted so we went on the salt and pepper shakers first then to the funhouse where Jacob kept running ahead and jumping out of random places from the mirrors. After the funhouse Jacob was being nice and got one of those 3 ft long corndogs and devin got Em something and I got cotton candy and Em said I was eating devins hair. After that we went on some more rides and after that we went and the guys all played a bunch of stupid rigged carnie games but they all won. (devin basketball Jacob the throw the baseball and knock down the milk bottles game and James the spray the water and pop a balloon race) and they all gave us the prizes and when jacob gave u his he blushed and you did too and he started the whole awkward scratch the back of my head with my hand thing. They all tried winning the strongman thing but none of them did but devin came closest to winning. After they tried to impress us with more games we walked around some more and rode some more rides and the ferris wheel. When we got off you were asleep on Jacobs shoulder but he didn’t want to disturb you but you woke up anyway. We just walked arouns some more and Jacob and James had their arms around us and devin and Em were holding hands and you and Jacob kissed each other when we left

Part 4:
People: you me James Emily everyone else that rides our bus
After the carnival we were somehow back to walking out onto the bus ramp and you and Jacob kept looking at each other, blushing and turning away really quick. Jacob, being the retard he is, realized his mom was picking him up so he ran off. Devin and Emily went ahead of us so me you and James were walking, James in the middle, and talking about the whole carnival thing and how our stories matched each others so it mustve somehow happened. Me and James were having a party at my house so you were riding the bus with us and everyone was getting off at my stop and when you passed yours and you told zach he got all sad. You went ahead to find Em and tell her something and then James and I got all flirt mode again but we didn’t see indiho behind us (I did but didn’t say anything) so we were flirting and then he started

Example: What does it mean when you dream about going to the movies?

the dream startedwith me and this guy walking by the snack bar and i was looking at all the snacks . he then told me to come but when i turned around to walk towards him there was all these velvet ropes in my way and i ccouldn'tget to him . so i crawled under them when i finally got to him he laughed at me and put his arm around me and we awalkedto are seats while holding hands and when we sat down i had ppopcornand a soda . he then offered me skittles and i said sure ,but he gave me to much and so i put some back in the bag and i ccouldn'ttalk cbecausemy mouth was full of candy,so he started laughing at me and shook his head. i rrememberseeing his face and him smiling and rrememberme being happy...

Example: What is Your Favorite Song From Each Album By Janet Jackson?

Janet Jackson-
Dream Street -
Rhythm Nation 1814-
Design of a Decade-
Velvet Rope-
All For You-
Damita Jo-
BQ: What Is Your Fave Janet Era

Example: What does a white camel tied down mean?

I was having a dream during the morning. There was a white camel laying down and struggling, it was tied down by long red velvet ropes like they have at a red carpet event. the camel was laying in a field the farmer was plowing and then i woke up. what does it mean?

Example: Interpret this crazy dream?

Okay, here's my dream:
I was in my room, and my ex walking in (who I haven't seen in two months) I said, "Heeeey, long time no see" and hugged him. He hugged back. Then it started getting weird. I said, "hey, why don't I hide you in my closet and take you out & play with you when no body's around?" (And actually play, not anything sexual) i forget what he said back, but than i got a small, red, velvet bag with gold ropes around the top and put him in it. The bag was small enough for me to hold in one hand. when I put the bag with him in it in my closet, he started speaking to me very loudly. I told him to be quiet, but my dad came in and picked up the bag and said, "what is this?!" I said i don't know. My dad was pretty mad and he took the bag, along with one of my radios, and left the room. Then I woke up. The weird thing is, my parents always hated him. i still loved him when i broke up with him, but i'd broken up with him because he was too loud and had severe bipolar, which drove me insane.

Example: Dream interpretation please - re-occuring?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can share any advise on this reoccuring dream please?
Basically, I am at a car park with all my old friends and a very good friend of mine (whom i dream about all the time). The car park is surrounded by hills and gree pastures. Suddenly a fairground ride starts to get erected in the middle of the carpark. It has several red velvet seats (like the old cinema seats) that are attached to a huge pole in the middle by rope. I get asked to sit in on of these chairs and test the ride. By now all my friends have gone, and I am all alone. I sit on the seat and it feels very comfortable, but s the ride starts to go i start feeling very uneasy and scared as the seat goes round and round in circles, higher, higher and higher and all that is attaching me to the pole in the middle is a rope / grey coloured. I feel s if i am flying through the sky on this little red chair. I cant look down as the distance is enormous. The ride feels as if it is getting faster and faster and I am going round in circles higher and higher. I cant see any friends now and am all alone. Then i suddenly stop, I have landed right ontop of the pole that has another ride on. This ride has all the fairground ride on cars, and all my friends are in them. They are riding a little track. As i have landed in the middle of their ride on this sort of platform, they all start laughing uncontrollably. I get asked to get out the chair, and have words repeating itself over and over again - I am safe, and I start walking. I cant see where i started the ride from, the distance is too far away. But i feel on top of the world, and I am back with all my old friends. Does anyone know what this means please? it is re-occuring to me. Thanks

Example: Why do I dream about this graveyard?

Since earlier this year, I've been having repeated dreams about a certain graveyard that I've never seen before in my life. I've never read about it or seen pictures of it before, so I don't think it's a location that's embedded in my subconscious.

In my first dream, I was driving down a two-lane road that was surrounded on both sides by thick forests. Then off to my right, I saw a small clearing on a little hill. In the clearing was a small graveyard, about 4 rows of graves... maybe 10 in each row. None of them were very tall... they were modest headstones, but one caught my attention. It had the headstone, but then some small stones/bricks that outlined where the coffin would be under the ground. There was a name on it, but I can't remember what it was.

Then I dreamed about the cemetery again. This time I was in some sort of museum & there was a replica of that cemetery on display. It was behind a velvet rope and everything & there were historical plaques around it, but I don't remember anything from it.

I've dreamed about the graveyard maybe 2 or 3 times since then. But now I'm so obsessed with that graveyard that I'm beginning to hunt for answers in my dream. Last night I dreamed there was a convention with college professors. I mentioned what was going on & they introduced me to a professor from UC Berkley. I don't know his name, but I would recognize his face if I saw it again. I said, "I feel like I'm going crazy." And he said, "Don't worry, you're not going crazy." But that's all I remember.

Why am I dreaming about this cemetery? Could it possibly be a real graveyard & I'm meant to find out whose buried in that particular grave?

Example: What does my nightmare mean...?

This nightmare is re-occuring and its really annoying and creepy (to me).

It starts in a place that looks like a closed amusements. (not closed down, just closed for the night). I am a man in this dream (really I am a girl.) and I am with a pretty brunette (GF in my dream?) and a child.
Me, her and the child are walking around in the building and the lights are off. I spot a switch and the lights (as well as all of the rides etc.) come on. The kid giggles and the woman looks at me approvingly. There is a HUGE red velvet curtain at the back of the building with a single golden rope against the wall.
The kid runs over and pulls the cord to reveal a ride, a small merry-go-round to be exact. Me, the pretty brunette and the kid go over but the lights go off again, I turn around to see a creepy looking shadowed guy watching me with white eyes. The lights come back on and he runs for the woman but I stop him and he starts trying to stab me with a kitchen knife. I push him away and run out the door. It then shows a HUGE tower like building that looks like the stalk from Jack And The Beanstalk with a large pink flower on top. This was the building I was in.
Where I, and the killer were standing was just beneath the flower, that was where the door was. I was at a fence and was looking over the edge but everything was black.
The killer runs to me and tries to stab me again but I jump off the building into the darkness. About 3 seconds later I feel my body slam into the ground with a wet feeling along my face, chest, arms, torso and legs. Most likely blood.
I then wake up...

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