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Dream About Venus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What the hell does this dream mean?

I had a dream about two boys about 12 (The dream was the most vivid ive ever had)Running outisde to their backyard and touching the bristles on a venus fly tarp and counting the second till it closed to see how many more years they had left to live. For the first boy it closed in 4 second, for the secon boy it closed really very quickly, so quickly it wasnt even a secon, so he had no years left to live. And then after that the words "I know who killed him" popped into my head along with manastreem (ive never heard the word in my life and dont even know if its a word) And i just like thought it ment something about bugs. Ive been having really weird vived dreams lately and its really freaky anyone know what this means?

Hmmm well i am not too good at saying what dreams mean ... but i did have this phase where i was into it like finding out what they meant in books, but that was a long time ago.

Sorry i won't be of much help, but in my opinion i believe that the dream would of related to your daily life. Think about it, some things like a plant ... you might of kept in your head consciously from your day to unconsciously in your sleep. For instance it has happened to me on several occasions of my dreams, i went to my friends house met his mum and yea. Had a dream i borrowed her new tracksuit with her sons permission, found out and she hated my guts. weird aye? But yea that's only my theory but i could be wrong. In books they may seem helpful but not really they seem to pick out only certain things, e.g. look for a boy and a plant and it will give definitions on a plant and boy in your dreams.

Example: What could this dream mean?

What does it mean when you dream of fish, i have a dream book and i cant find the book anywhere. They were all different sizes and colors. Very pretty ones. Any ideas.

Example: What could this dreams mean?

I had a dream where the guy I like was on my porch and I walked out to see him and he kissed me on the forehead. What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that my family discovered that we could actually live on Venus and we all went there to live. What do that mean?

Example: What does my fairy tale dream mean?

Last night I had a dream, an old friend an I were walking along and it was snowing, we were mucking around throwing snow and we passed this sort of castle with a clock tower, a huge sort of wrecking ball with decorative swirls on it and this tower in the middle of it. My friend told me that the ball was to knock down the old tower and who ever did would be the new princess of the town we lived in, there hadn't been one for years. So I had a go and somehow moved the ball to knock down the tower, this merlin type character appeared and said I was now the new princess and how he could tell I'd be good at it and lead everyone well (tbh I couldn't handle a dog n a lead...much less rule somewhere, but a dreams a dream) anyway they built me a new tower where I was to be crowned and I was to go up there. I had a dress and was getting ready to go up when a young man, I think it was a love interest, gave me a red rose and said congratulations and he would see me later. When I got up to my tower, there was an evil witch who wanted to kill me and destroy the tower so she could rule, so the merlin character put me to sleep so she couldn't hurt me and turned my tower to a sort of indestructible glass, and I lay there with my red rose, fast asleep. And then I woke up and can't remember if the young man saved me or not but I remember he was trying to...So I guess I'll have too see how that ends. Any interpretations would be good please :) (I actually really enjoyed this dream! sort of my own fairy tale :P )

Example: I had "a dream" about a "cow" who "flew" in a "chocolate balloon" to "Venus". What does it "mean"?

Example: What does this dream about planets mean?

I was on this space craft traveling to the moon. I noticed that we were able to breath on the surface of the moon without equipment. On the moon, I seen the Earth...namely the dark side of the Earth with cities lit up with lights. It's almost as if the moon was close to the Earth for me to make these clear observations.

Next we traveled to Neptune and on the way there it was dark, but there was a light ahead that was guiding us and that light had a dark sphere revolving around Neptune which was it's moon. We finally docked on the atmosphere of Neptune (literally on top of Neptune) and when we settled there, we were drinking coffee while sitting on top of this planet. Again we were breathing in space without equipment. I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee onto Neptune...I was afraid it may cause reactions.

Finally we traveled to Venus...which I forgot the details...

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream where i was sitting in the kitchen with my mother and my grandmother. (but it was weird because, you know how in dreams sometimes its not ACTUALLY your kitchen, but in the dream it is?) well this was actually MY kitchen... like, every detail. But we were talking about 2012 and my mother said to me "we know that Aphrodite's 2012 will be a night of survival". then, in the dream, i had a vision: It was dark, and the water was really violent, and then there was a little clay pot in a lit cave (possibly grecian or mayan or i dont know) and it had a painting on it, i couldnt see what it was, but it looked like, maybe two figures... and then the cave shook and something struck the clay pot. but, the pot wasn't broken, but the PAINTING on it was messed up as though someone had taken the two figures and crushed them.
look, i'm not saying this dream really means anything, but it kind of, like, resonated after i woke up, you know? so i just thought that i would throw it out there. So... if anything clicks or you think its total nonsense or you have anything you want to say... ANSWER. I will pick a best answer, so ANSWER. please? thank you!

Example: Girl names with fantasy means?

Maya means Dream, Illusion

Example: Venus Conjuct Neptune ? reply thanks?

Venus Conjuct Neptune means Pisces influence

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