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Dream About Verdict meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

About 3 times a week for the last year or so I have had a dream that I am walking in a completely white space, after a while I come to a white door. I go through the door and walk into another infinite white space, apart from this time there is a bath and sink filled with my blood, hair, bones, teeth, jewellery and photos of myself and my family. Also, hanging on the shower rail over the bath is my skin, hung up on a hanger. I always wake up before anything else happens. What does this or could this mean?

Tim's answer is ok, if you are a spiritual person, however, I tend to look at dreams in a psychological light.

The fact that the dream occurs so often tells you that you subconscious is trying to tell you something.
Blood represents life, and the tub would represent cleanliness, (possibly) so this part could represent a longing for a purer life. Your skin hanging from a hanger represents the shedding of your old self to make way for a new self.

final verdict, you feel unsatisfied with your current way of life, and feel it is time for a change. Look toward religion for guidance. That's my opinion. I hope it helps.

Example: Can you interpret this dream?

I was putting away clothes, in my dream, and suddenly, this man shrouded in black shadows appears in my door and throws a snake in at the threshold.

The snake was rather long, maybe ten or so feet long and five or six inches around. The skin was dark green, almost gray and had brass colored spots and marks.

I was frightened, of course, but not drastically so, that is, until the man picjed up the snake and tossed it at me. I fell on the side of my bed and cowered against it as the snake slowly slithered across my arms. The man crouched down next to me and laughed as I cried. He told me that the snake bites, and just as he said so, the snake opened it's mouth and grazed my arm with it's teeth.

And then I woke up, because my violent tremors of fear had knicked a water bottle from my bed.

Now, I have never been afraid of snakes, but last night I was terrified. Could anybody tell me what my dream could mean? Thank you so much.

Example: Why did I dreamed of babie snakes that hatched on my mothers doorstep and havent seen the mother in sight?

Dreamed I was around my mother's house as if I still live their. And on her door step I walked upon snakes eggs that appeared to just hatched. They looked disformed and guwee or slimmie and of all colors such as lite warm colors. Anyway in the dream I was struck by what I saw but not as afraid as I would be in awaking life. I was more focus
on how to get rid of them or where the mother could be. I poured bleach n gas on the babies. Then left to awaking my dream after still searching for it mother. What does it mean? Was I wrong for killing the babies. I read other dreams similar and related to relationship issues with my closest friend and or my partner for that matter. Or that I can relate to wanting another child! What is the true meaning of this?

Example: Dream about black Snake as pet?

I was with my friend and we had kept a snake just like a pet, it was black, as we talked about it, it was very poisonous. I just forwarded my hand towards it and that snake leaps on my hand, i put it back the same way. It was like the snake was in control of me, my friend warned me that i should be carefull while giving that snake my hand, it can bite me and there is no anti venom available near by. The bite will be life taking. After that my dream broke. I waked up.
Still i can remember that snake, looking at that snake was fear unlimited. Frightening.
But still i kept it. I wonder why.

Example: What would these 2 dreams mean?

I had 2 dreams last night. Seemed to me as if they had some sort of meaning.

My dad, about 10 others I know (forget whom) and I lived somewhere where in the centre of our city was a massive circular lake.
About the 11 of us and I regularly ran to places together with my dad being the leader. On this day, we had to go to a fire station? And I wanted to be the leader this time. So my dad left it up to me to take everyone in the right direction.
We started running anti-clockwise around the lake to go to this place. My dad and I were far in front of everyone else, running at steady paces. Then my dad just lost it at me because we ran in the wrong direction and he knew it all along. We had a fight. That'`s all I remember.

I had my birthday party in the front yard of my old house with lots of people. As a group, we were all close. We visited an old wall where we all had graffitied our names onto it. I remember looking at my name and wishing I went back to the moment I did that (in the dream, not real life).
Next thing I remember, it`s my birthday party next year (2014). I invited only about 5-10 people to bowling. Only 2 or 3 turned up. It was a very boring day and I thought to myself "I wish I invited more people. Wasted a whole year."
Then I realised that I couldn`t remember a single thing that`s happened since my birthday the previous year. As if I had been in a year long coma.
I went home after the party and found a journal I had wrote in in the past year. I read about 2 months into it. I found out I somehow ended up lost in a forest for all these months and every day I read, I experienced it in the dream.


Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I dreamt I was on trial. At one point I was in front of the room, with a fridge to my left (like I was sitting sideways in front of a fridge) At this point, also to the left of me, but more in front (so to the right of the fridge if you face directly at it, if that makes sense) there were about 4 people sat along a desk/table. I remember them speaking to each other in French, and then telling the court (in french) that the court will take a recess to decide the verdict. He looked at me and started to explain to me what he had just said, but I replied in French that I speak French (which I do). I went towards the back of the room, where there were rows of chairs with workspace in front of them, similar to in a lecture/classroom (not unlike something you would see in a court) and joined my parents and brother. I was obviously feeling nervous at this point, knowing the verdict was near, and tried to say something (about booking travel arrangements for when I return) to my mum 'just in case they found me guilty.' She was trying to talk over me about something else that I thought was not important. I then tried to tell my brother, who wouldn't listen either. He and my mum walked away. I tried to tell my dad, but he couldn't hear me, and I kept trying to tell him, but I was then interrupted by a female judge at the stand, who I don't know in real life (not even as a stranger) and looked fairly average. She stood up to give the verdict. I was expecting it to be guilty. She announced that the verdict was guilty and everyone else was really shocked, and my stomach dropped at the thought of going to prison, but I thought it was fair enough since I knew that I was guilty. She told me I was to go to prison for 3 weeks, but could be let out after 1 week for good behaviour. I wasn't taken away, but she started explaining some things, and I asked "should I take notes?" and she told me to, so I started writing notes, and she came over to explain to me stuff I needed to know. Everyone else in the courtroom started getting up and leaving (so it was noisy) and the judge who came over went to sit down on the table bit in front of me, and nearly sat on a tub of sauce I had with me in a paper bag. I stopped her, and remembered saying "nearly!"... and then about that point I woke up.

Sorry it's long - I seem to remember most of my dreams in great detail.

Example: What does this dream really mean?

Last night I dreamt like I was sentenced to death by lethal injection. I couldn't beleive it because it's like I was accused for this crime that I had no clue of. And in that dream there was this woman a jury I tried to explain to her that I didn't commit any crime and she was really bitchy and insisting the verdict has been said I should just wait for my punishment. Okay thank God I woke up, I felt this big releif with the thoughts it was just a dream. My nanny told me when one is too tired you tend to get these nightmares. So okay I brushed it off my shoulders and went back to sleep. Guess what this time it was like I was sitting in my living room and these four guys popped in my house there were like thiefs I tried to fight but there were too strong for me and shoved me in the boot of their car. As I was in the boot another guy came and administered the injection I played dead. And the car continued to drive then I woke up but couldn't sleep again, what does this mean?

Example: I had a dream about the devil and god, what does this mean.?

In my dream, I am entering into this huge cathedral. In the front, the ground is open and fire and red is coming out and the devil is talking, but i cant understand, like he wants me to come, and then on top is light and shining bright white light with rays coming out and i hear soft singing.

I am wet from rain, and i am walking slowly to the front. then i feel a hand on my shoulder, but dont turn around. then i wake up. what does this mean?


hi. i'm particularly interested as i was told to note down my dream as it was a full moon last night.
so here it is
me and my friend lived in stables, and one day we got up and went to school. whilst at school i heard my friend and two other friends whispering about me. i ignored it. so i went over to talk to my boyfriend and he was in a huge mood with me, without explanation. so i went back to my friend and she started shouting at me saying "you should of stopped me, why didn't you stop me!?". this was because she had had sex with her boyfriend and he broke up with her. So she tried to split up me and my boyfriend. Later on, i went to a caravan site and found a football pitch with all of my primary school friends playing football on it. and they were al going in to watch a show and invited me to go. so we went in and sat down and the show started, then, what the thought were windows dropped and plunged the room into darkness and then tiny lights came on, and they started doing their martial arts things and then asked for a volunteer and chose me. They turned me into an old woman, and when i looked up my boyfriend was there smiling and i knew he still loved me.

i know it doesn't sound like much but i would appreciate it if someone could interpret it for me.

Example: What does it mean when you see your reflection in the mirror screaming dream interpretation?

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