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Dream About Voice meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had many many many dreams where someone is killing, chasing, or fighting me and when i try to scream nothing comes out. It's like I lost my voice. What does this mean?

I'm not a believer in the meaning of dreams.after all who actually 'knows' what a dream means?

However, it seems to my commonsense mind that you are finding it difficult to speak up in real life even when you are being (verbally) attacked.and this suppression manifests itself in your dreams as life threatening situations and even then you find you are unable to help yourself.

Imagine some-one 'dissing' you and practice responding forcefully to this (maybe even use a mirror so that you use the correct facial expressions).then put what you've learned into practice.maybe the dreams will fade away.

BUT this is advice given by an untrained person - I'm not a counselor or anything like that

Example: Dreams?Meaning?

Okay, I have a question about dreams...I had 2 dreams that I remember really well

First one: I had a dream that this senior(Im a junior) at my school were dating(or) talking and we were kind of flirting (not sure though) and he was really shy (he isn't in real life) and we were outside of our first class after that class. and i was holding his hand talking to him, and then had my arms were around his neck hugging him. Then he said, "Babe, I got something to ask you"( he said it nervously and scared) I asked what,then ran off. So in 6th period, we were talking outside the class. We were sitting next to each other and I had my head against him, and I asked what did you have to tell me earlier? He said nothing, nervously. Then we got called into class. Then it ended.

What could that mean? I don't like him. He isnt someone I would date. I only find him cute, and funny. He is a musician so I find him attractive. I don't know what it means...I mean we don't talk all that much. Usally about math homework or class. and when he seen me having an panic attack he said "im sorry' when leaving class. and we talk over the computer sometimes but I message him.

Second Dream:
I had a dream I met usher. and after awhile of talking I came out with how I'd love to be a singer and actor. But my anxiety and lack of confidence keeps me back. and we were talking and he said, "Put your songs of Youtube, you'd do great" I was maybe 18(im 16 now) and he gave me some stuff to get started. but he said I'd do great.

Now my vocals arent that strong. If I got lessons, I'd be a lot better. And my lack of confdence makes my voice ehhh too. I do not listen to Usher. So what does that dream mean?

Thanks, I like to hear your imput! :)

Example: Dream meaning?

I was at home (well one of the places I used to live) and we had two houseguests. (I'm not telling you who, but it was wierd). Anyway, The Bernstein Bears came on and my whole family flipped out (it wasn't the cartoon either. Live action Bernstein Bears). Anyway, I went to my bedroom. Obviously to change because I was naked. Anyway, was looking in the mirror. There was me and then a second evil smirking me. When I turned around, nothing. But then I turned back to the mirror and there it was again. I started trying to rebuke it, but my mouth wouldn't work and I woke up. (maybe it's some commentary of how sometimes our own worst enemy is ourself).

(I posted this on livejournal, now I can't remember who the houseguest were, but it's wierd and curious about it).

Example: Dream meaning?

A few weeks ago I had this dream. It felt like I was watching a commercial. This anouncer guy was talking about how great this teen camp was and how much fun you can have and then the voice said "But you have to believe in Jesus".

Then all of the teenagers who had been hanging out at the camp plus a bunch of others were all standing in this huge grassy field facing the same way. It looked like their were hundreds or thousands of people. Then the anouncer was like "Do you believe in God?" and all of the people raised their right hands at once.

I remember feeling like "This whole camp is only for Christian teens? That sucks! Why can't they let everyone come?"

Do you think it meant something?

(BTW: it has also ben posted in religion&spirituality)

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a door and voices behind it?

Example: I had a dream that i was in a black hallway, with two voices calling, what does this mean?

One voice i heard was a male
And one was a female

Example: What does it mean when you hear voices in your dreams?

its been strange. sure ive heard people talk in my dreams but like the other morning i was dreaming and heard my sister kept saying michelle! michelle! it was so real i jumped up off the couch and went to the door and opened it thinking she was out there yelling my name.

Example: Does anyone know what it means to hear voices in dreams without seeing a speaker?

Does anyone know what it means to hear voices in dreams without seeing a speaker? I mean I can be dreaming about something, and in my dream I'll hear voices, as if from another plane, making comments or such.

Example: What does it mean if i hear demonic voices in a dream?

i had a dream last night, of which most of it i don't remember much of. but what i do remember was walking along a lane way with a person (i assume was a close friend) and i could hear a demonic voice. But i could understand what 'it' was saying! The person i was walking with couldn't. And strangely it didn't terrify me to hear it. i also faintly recall earlier in the dream dating a fairly demon like boy which i was trying to get away from. What could this mean?

Example: What this voice in my dream said, what does it mean?

I had a dream and there were about 3 seperate parts, like when you dream and you go from one place to another. Well at one point in my dream all i could see and sense was the color blue, it was an open abyss it seemes like just an empty space and I heard a man's voice say,

"You're already home, don't go any further."

When I woke up I immedietly felt comfortable but also kind of scared about this voice I heard. I just don't know exactly what it means and where it comes from?
I would love other peoples insights/ opinions.

Thank you

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