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Dream About Waffles meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: My crazy dreams?

im going to make a list and if anyone can tell me what anything means i'd great appreciate it..
i dreamt all in the same night:
..trying to save kittens from monkeys cuz they were eating them while i was trying to escape from a dark bedroom..
tossing my pet frog to an alligator in the ocean so it would eat him before it ate me..
a dead swollen human arm landed on shore..
looking at seals and dolphins through binoculars...
my boyfriend made a huge mess making waffles and i was mad cuz he made a mess and didnt even make any for me..
going up and down in an elevator in an unknown school and than taking a test and being trapped in school cuz of a natural disaster happening outside...
whales and sharks...

One set of interpretations, about as scattered as the images presented:

"Kittens" = love, intimacy, tenderness, "monkeys" = stupid or gross humanoid aggressiveness.

"Tossing pet frog to the alligator" is sadness; the "dead human arm" is your own guilt symbol for tossing Froggy.

"Binoculars" = perspective, willing to understand.

"Looking at seals and dolphins" = looking at Christ-symbols in the sea of human emotions.

"Bf being self-ish" = no love for you (your dreaming conscious, which is your waking subconscious, dramatically opines), and "messy" = anti-Mother.

"Elevator" reflects changing scenes in your dreamscape (i.e., kittens, monkeys, frog, aliigator, seals and dolphins, waffles).

"Unknown school" = no dream awareness of having been in a School of Light ("Watch Your Dreams," Colton, and "The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark Prophet, provide good insight into these).

"Test" = mental-emotional response and learning re your dream and School experience; being "trapped" in school due to natural disaster = dream consciousness necessary for processing information which emotions (in everyday world kittens, monkeys, etc.) are "disasterous," i.e., like Shakespeare's "unusual weather" symbols.

"Whales" = mother symbol; "sharks" = false or misleading information and/or teachings.

In sum, your inner childlike love, caring, etc. is as your kittens, your dark bedroom is as your cradle or place of origin, and the monkeys are like childish greed, lust, envy, jealousy, which would seek to devour your inner child, turn it into a selfish childish disaster.

While your parents champion your inner child, and heal your childishness, as you mature, you learn to do the same. Looking at Christ-symbols is a good clue. It is likely you are being given inner telepathic helps from Angels. Asking God to heal, teach, guide, and guard you while your body rests, is good, as exercising your ability to ask and receive permits more intercession.

Example: I had a dream about ice cream shop/I have a lot of killer dreams, what do they mean?

So I have no idea if this even means anything at all, but here it goes. I had a dream I was locked inside of an ice cream shop (like Baskin Robins or Coldstone) at night and my family was sleeping on the floor. I remember trying to find a good waffle cone, but they were all broken, and I found a bunch of shoes on the floor.

My other dreams span from zombies, to post-apocalyptic dreams, where I'm the last person on earth or something catastrophic is happening, or there's a killer after me (the killer dreams are the most common). When I wake up, I'm often still scared for a long period of time, but I don't know why - can someone shed some light on both of these subjects?

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dream has parts that may be irrelevant but bare with me.

It started with my mom asking my cousin [let's say his name is Nick] and i to get waffles o.O from the supermarket [i haven't seen him for about 4-6 years but he looked as if he were 6 again]

Nick and i leave and somehow i end up holding 2 skateboards. One has only one set of trucks with wheels and the other board is ride-able. We walk up to this really steep hill and i just look down, seeing all the cars pass. I look back up and Nick is already half way down. I get on my board to go down this hill but with one foot on it, balancing. I told myself to put both feet on the board. Instead, while im going down this hill, i end up grabbing the other board with only on truck on it, setting it in front of the good board and skidding the rest of the way down.

When I stop, Nick and I walk into the supermarket looking for the freezers. On our way to the freezers, there are two workers putting food into the meat section. On his trolley [what ever you want to call it] it looked like a TV dinner was about to fall so i grabbed it, set it on top of the other items and somehow it fell, making it worse. The workers just stared at me and i turned around to walk away embarrassed and with a grin on my face.

Nick and I eventually got to the freezers but the waffles weren't there. We go upstairs, not there either. We ended up asking this tall, bald, black guy who looks like my moms friend in real life. At this point, Nick disappeared. So this guy shows me another floor that him and his co-worker used to make homemade waffles and put them into the Eggo boxes. He disappears too, so im alone in this small boxed room look in the freezer for the waffles. When i find them i grab a plastic bag put all of them in there and start going back downstairs. When im at the middle of the staircase i look to see who's in the market and no ones in here. I go outside and it's dark now. I find Nick and as i'm about to leave the guy that pointed me to the waffles pulls up in a car with his wife. His wife gets out gives me a hug says hello then we hear a kid laughing in the supermarket. The guy gets out his car walks inside the market and calls out the name Vinny. When the man and I look up, we see these little soldier action figures, the size of my palm, fall down to the floor. The toys landed upright pointing straight at us with the plastic gun. We look up again and the ceiling is starting to collapse. We run outside, and I turn around to face the entrance of the market and this staircase appears and you see the little boy on his stomach, on hand reaching out to me and the other hand on a stair giving his torso a lift. Then out of nowhere fire starts to flame around him and everything fades to black and i wake up.

i know that's pretty long but lately, as crazy as it sounds, i think my dreams have been trying to tell me something. Couple nights before, i had a dream that there was a hole in my arm and the first time i looked at it it was a bright flesh color pink. Like when you pick a scab and its pink cause it's not fully healed, that color and when i looked at it again it was black so i touched it and it was like car oil or something similar to that. Couples days later, in another dream i had a bucket of paint in my hands and it spilled and this gray/silver paint splattered all over the floor. I looked up what colors in dreams meant and they told me this "Gray indicates fear, fright, depression, ill health, ambivalence and confusion. You may feel emotionally distant or detached. Silver represents justice and purity. It is symbolic of some protective energy."

I just want a better understanding of all this.

Example: Scary panther dream, what does it mean?

Last night I had a dream that the world was ending because of Gods wrath (I think, I'm not sure) and alll the anti gay People and Christians were going crazy, and so I went inside a building near where I lived, there was a class so I took a seat. Then I went outside, and it was snowing, and from far away I saw this kid from school with a black panther on a leash for some reason, so I power walked and clawed my way back to the building for some reason. Then this other kid from school came out and I warned him that the other kid had a panther with him, but he didnt care so I went inside and the kid and the panther entered while I was entering class. While i entered class, the panther stared straight at me, following me slowly like it was curious almost, which really freaked me out and irritated me, and I knew that panther would wanted something from me or something, so I went to class. Then I woke up around 3 am freaked out, lol.

Much appreciated, Waffles

Example: What does it mean when i dream about my teeth falling out when i eat?

I had a dream that i was at my breakfast table and i was eating a waffle and my teeth started to bleed and then fell out and i could feel them in my mouth. Not only is this a weird dream but it is disturbing to me. So what the crap does this mean?

Example: I had a dream Jerry Falwell worked at Taco Bell and Pat Robertson worked at Waffle House, what does this dream


Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so I had this dream last night and it is about, my crush. It might seem weird but here goes.
*side note I am in middle school*

I was sitting at lunch with my friends And my crush is always sitting at a table that is either next to across or diagonal from mine, so in this dream he was like sticking these weird glittery waffle stickers on his face and I started laughing really hard and he saw so he started laughing then I looked away and he was sitting in a seat a little closer to mine and I stole a glance his way then looked away again and when I looked back up he was sitting across from me at my table and we just started randomly laughing again and then... The dream ended and I woke up

Any suggestions on what this means?
I haven't actually talked to him but he looks like Ansel Elgort and I thought he was hot when I saw him (and he is) and I'm just like WHAT DO I DOO! please halp me

Example: MJ FANS...I had a crazy dream about MJ...what does it mean?

ok so i have this MJ poster (from the Thriller days) on my wall and every time i go to sleep i look at the poster and fall asleep but it never had an affect on my dreams...anyway here's the dream.

so in the dream i wake up and i'm looking at the poster then it starts talking to me, and i'm like wth? Then MJ comes out of the poster and act like everything is normal he says "hey! how are you" and i'm speechless, my chin hit the floor. he closed my mouth and said "come here let me show you something" so he takes me to this mansion it looked like the one from the Ghost video/movie he did.

Anyway we're in the mansion and i got used to having him around and then he asked me to live with him int his huge mansion, i thought about it and said "how am i gonna get to school?" he said "don't worry about that i'll have somebody take you to school. But if you're gonna live here you have to keep your grades up". so we celebrated me moving in and slow danced. While we were dancing he leaned in to kiss me and i pulled back and said "Michael what's going on? Why are you here? You died!" and he smiled and said "No, i'm here with you that's all that matters. It's just me and you babe." then he leaned inn to kiss me again this time i kissed him =D

So after i moved in everything was good. one day while at school i took a chemistry test (me and chemistry NEVER got along) and i was thinking about MJ the whole time and i got an A so i called him and i was so excited and he said "we're gonna have to celebrate aren't we"

So i get home and put my books down and i see candles all over the place and roses. Then Michael is at the top of the stairs and he starts singing Lady In My Life and i start crying bc that was overwhelming him singing to me. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he held out a ring and proposed to me. I fell on my knees and said yes then i kissed him and then he carried me upstairs and...ya know =D
then in the morning i was cooking breakfast and he came up behind me and said "awww you're cooking what are you making?" i said "chicken and waffles" then he looked so surprised and said "wow you woke up early to make me chicken and waffles?!" i said "sorta...i went to KFC and the Eggo's are in the toaster" then we started laughing...then i woke up

i know it was long. But does it have a meaning or was it just a dream?

Example: I had a dream...?

that it was raining waffles on midgets in ballerina outfits while they were eating MY hot fudge sundaes. I got pissed at them so I farted lighting in their faces and they turned into big chocolate alarm clocks. Then they all started singing the rick roll song until I woke up. What does my dream mean?

Example: Dream patterns mean anything?

Okay first I rarely remember my dreams and usually they aren't so random. dream1 it was about me faking to be in a wheelchair and i don't know why, then my family kidnapped a kid (and my family is nice they would never do that!) dream2 then it was about me being at the pool trying to impress some boy (again idk why) dream3 then about this person i hate i stole his phone (it was made of rubber or something idk why) dream4 then something that actually happened a few years ago, my family forgot to go to do some tradition we always do on christmas, dream5 (last night) i had a dream i wanted to do some thing but my mom said no then my dad showed me a free website for music and i remember it was called kid something. Just for the record a few days ago (i think that was the day of dream 2 or 3 or 4) my friend told me she was psychic and i kind of believe her there was some proof andi told her about this (she does lye sometimes) and she said it could be a sign of death. im just wondering if that means anything it probably doesnt! ohh btw if this means anything my other friend (not the one who says she is physic) said se heard squeky noises and made a wild guess on 2 test ?'s and got them right! also i saw a cloud that looked exactly like a waffle and it turned really dark then really light. all 5 dreams were in a row and everything else i said was things that happened within the past 6 days. does this mean anything about ghosts? please tell me thanks

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