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Dream About Wall Plug meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I need a dream interpreted. Beware it's pretty long.?

Let me be specific. If you don't know what your talking about or have experience doing this, DON'T leave a response. I typed this a few days ago when I had the dream so I had to change the name and replace it with ------- which stands for my best friend.

My Dream

I want to say my best friend, -------and I were walking home from work. Due to the red shirts we had on I felt like we worked at Target. We were walking home down a highway around a local township, although no Target is out there that I know of. I was on my bike, which in reality I don't own one anymore, and she was walking. We crossed a busy street in which we did a Michigan Left as a car would. On coming traffic consisted of a white semi truck and some cars. I'm not sure of the significance, but there were two orange semi trucks, yet I'm not sure where they occurred in the dream, I just remember them. We had come to a hill and I couldn't paddle up the hill. ------- gave me a push but I still couldn't so I let her ride. I want to say we were having a conversation and she just disappeared on the bike. It was like in a split second the was so far down the road that I was loosing sight of her. I didn't feel bad though, I just began to run.

The streets on the highway seemed very narrow. The trees were low on the street and the cars just flew past and the semi trucks also. I continued to run I took off my shirt and had on a white tank top and just ran. Along the side of the road there were tents like people had set up for the dream cruise, which in reality happened this past weekend. Only, in the tents there were people having family reunions. For some reason I was running through the tents. At one point I saw a painted purple gorilla on a wall across the street. I could see faces vividly. In one particular tent there was about 6 old ladies and a younger lady. Then I passed some people who had set up without a tent. I continued running. At the end of the people I encounter dogs. There was 2 dogs that may have been German Shepherds after I passed a family with a friendly dog that wasn't a Lassy dog but the friendliness of it reminded me of Lassie. Then I ran into another pair of dogs that where playing around and I got a bit frightened but I kept running. And I want to say I ran into one more set of dogs before I caught sight of what could have been some Bull Mastiffs and turned around. I stopped running because I didn't want to alarm the big dogs so I walked a bit fast. I was tired so I was looking for someone to ask if I could use there cell phone. I pasted the dogs and the family that had set up there reunion on the lawn area by the curb, I pasted some other people and then I went back to the old ladies. I said “ Hi! I was wondering if any of you kind ladies have a cell phone that I could use to call me a ride. I just got off work and I was running home but I saw two big dogs which I think were uh...and one of the old ladies, at the same time as I did, said Mastiffs. I said “Yes” and we laughed and she said something along the lines of “yeah I would have turned around too” and we all had a little chuckle. Then one of them went and got a phone but it wasn't a cell phone. It was a black round number pad that she plugged into a wall, which I don't know how because it was a tent, and she was holding the receiver in her hand. She dialed the number and gave me the receiver after the first ring.

I don't remember giving her the number but anyway the phone rings and ------- answers the phone. I said “-------” in shocking excitement that she's at my house. I hear her talking to my aunt “yeah this is her on the phone” and my aunt says “that's >insert my name here<?” So I asked what happened, how did she get to my house so fast? She said some dude rolled up talking about “ hey cutie blah blah blah” and she told him to give her a ride. So I asked how come she didn't come back to get me. She told me that she was tired and...something else she said that I can't quite recall right now. So I asked was my mom there and she said no. I asked was my granny there and she said no. So I'm like there's no one there to come and get me and she said no. Then she said that there is $125 in some account and she could get $30 so that I could get a cab. I said naw, never mind, but I was beginning to cry then woke up. What does this mean?

This dream is mixed, some of things have meaning like not being able to paddle up the hill in the beginning, and some other aspects of the dream were pulled directly from things that have happened to you, like riding the bike you used to own, and running past tents that were set up at an event the previous weekend. Dreaming sometimes is our mind's way of trying to work out our issues, like finding a way to get to the top of a "hill", and sometimes it is just our minds thinking about the things that have happened. Vivid dreams don't always have meaning. I'm sorry if this is disappointing for you, but you would certainly know better than me if this dream were significant.

Example: Had a dream about a leave blower?

I had a dream I was playing with a leaf-blower, I blew leaves around outside, it was great cause I could manipulate the leaves anywhere I wanted, then somehow, I ended up inside, and it was a disaster. Stuff knocked down and I couldn't turn it off. I blew at a nightlight plugged into a wall and I think the bulb broke and flew off. I used both hands and tried to yank out the nightlight but I got an electric shock. It was a vibration feeling going through my body, and it kept getting more violent. Gravity helped me because I was leaning back. So I ended up laying on my back, with my fingers painfully sore, and my body stiff. I thought to myself, I'm not gonna die yet, and I prayed. I didn't die. Then afterwords, my mom told me to pick up the glass pieces, and there were only 3 giant shards that could be glued together to look like a bulb again.

Some details: The day before I was feeling very down, like I could never do anything right, and that I could never be sure about myself. I also begin trying to play a Chopin piece on piano.
I've had a real electric shock before when I was 7, I took two tiny keys and stuck them in the electric socket, and I felt a vibration but it wasn't that strong, gravity helped me too because I was leaning back.

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok its actually 2 dreams but it happened in the same night...

Dream 1

I was laying in my room with my boyfriend just watching some t.v. (my actual boyfriend in life) and I heard some noises coming from the bathroom... it was my sister and some man (that was not her actual boyfriend in life) getting out of the shower... I yelled at my sister for cheating on joe(her bf) and Cort(my bf) started beating on this guy because Joe was his friend... And after everyone left I went to get into the bath tub which for some reason had a plug in on the wall of the tub... and in it was a plugged in straightener...I reached over to get it out but then i went into shock and woke up...

Dream 2

I fell in love with a giant... and it was a really strange dream... I was in some type of collage/shopping mall... and It seemed like I was the only one who accepted this person. We went out one day to a playground and he jumped off the slide and fell to his death(it was strange)... And i could not stop crying. I was so sad in the dream that it seamed unreal. I hated it. And Someone called me down to the school main office because of a phone call... and I heard my sister in the back saying "Brandy I am in the dungeon and i need some help" and right away I knew what was going on so I gathered all the people in the office to go into some secret door to a secret underground thing... there my sister was and she was calm as ever... and three girls from my class were there holding her hostage (the girls were real people but I did not know them personally) and there was like a battle type thing... And I woke up...

I know every dream means something and when ever I have one I have to figure it out... but this one is tricky

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream you went to heaven?

I was in a bright white room it was glowing. I saw a man I'm guessing it was God because I said God how did I die. all the sudden I was back on earth and I plugged something in to the wall and got electrocuted and wake up with my finger tingling.

Example: My Dream meaning...?

I was at the fair with my uncle and aunt and we were driving through the fair in a car, and they said i couldnt go because i was in trouble so they parked the car at a 7 eleven (convience store) and this yellow wall came up from the ground surrounding the store and my aunt and uncle left me and then i was home, it was night and i walked outside and their trees they put christmas lights in(they actually do in real life) just shut off...so it was dark outside in the backyard so i went in the house and my aunt and uncle where in the living room and my uncle said The lights are? Lets turn them on! and he plugged two plugs together inside.
and then a commercial came on for Inuyasha Feudal Combat (its a video game which i have in real life) but the commercial showed an entirely different thing the same characters in the game but doing different things

What does this mean?

Example: What dose my dream of the devil mean?

Ok i sure this gets asked alot but im curious.
So in my dream it was a gloomy foggy day and i dreamed that me , my grandma (who is still alive and close to me) and my 2month old son were driving to a apartment complex of like 4 apartments tottal that were in the woods in the country by a cemetary and as we drove up there was a dark figure with no face sitting on a bench , in the dream it was like i just knew it was the devil, and after we pulled up and i noticed the figure it apeared at my window and ripped open the roof of the car and grabbed the top of my head as if it was going to yank me out the car, and in the dream it was like i was struggling the think of the words the power of christ compells u and i was trying to say it and stumbled on my words and woke up and that was it. What dose this mean? Am i in any danger? Is there a warning within my dream?

Example: Wahts this mean and the dream?

ive asked this question before but i wasnt detailed enough some people said its a Poltergeist, i dont think its that.. there was no movement of objects or doors/windows..

i was awake and the phone rang, none of the phones were plugged in and the cells were off. i then fell asleep and had a dream of something banging my walls. before i could open my eyes, a female voice said "we'll be back" it didnt sound nice either.

I wasnt sleeping, i went upstairs and slept in a different room, had a dream with walls banging again, nothing else. Can anyone tell me waht this means or what sort of thing does this?

(btw about 6-7 years ago we had a priest come in, because there was a bitten piece of black bread layin near our door step almost every friday before 6am, after that it was gone)

Example: What does my dream (nightmare) mean, setting my own house on fire?

I dreamt that I was in the kitchen of a house I haven't lived in for six years, but in the dream it was my house. There was a label on the wall that said that the house was fireproof, and any fire that did manage to exist in the house would take place inside the walls. This reminded me of being told about fires in redwood forests, where fires can only exist inside the tree. In real life, I am a very peaceful person, but for some reason, being told about the inner wall fires made me pick up a box of matches and put a lit match through a small hole in the wall. I could hear a fire crackling, and the wallpaper began to change texture where the fire was moving behing it. As the wallpaper started changing towards where the microwave was plugged in, I was suddenly pushed backwards really fast by something very strong, like an invisible force, and my face got a cramp which meant one side was violently pulled down. As this happened a dull long deep note was played, possibly on a piano.

I ran upstairs but the air was viscous and when I shouted it came out in slow motion. I called to my mum from the stairs and told her to get out the house because there was a fire, and as she ran out I saw her face get pulled down on one side. I also called to my dog and put her on her lead, and my mum, me and the dog ran out the house and down the street. We aimed to go to a student house (for some weird reason), but halfway down the street I remembered that I'd left the matches on the countertop and that police would know I had started the fire so I started to run back, with my mum trying to get me to not do that. When I got in the atmosphere was so heavy, that force was everywhere, and my mum shouted "December don't, I can see a man!" so I ran out, knowing that the man my mum thought she saw would make a good excuse for how the fire started.

We then ran down two sets of streets but nothing was chasing us. Then I woke up.

Sorry about the amount of detail I went into, what do you think it could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was with a friend of mine Eirik (we are not on good terms right now, hes very upset with me in reality) and we were traveling. First we were on a train, while on this train we met a girl and her father. My friend began hooking up with this girl sexually on the train, and very quickly began to physically abuse her. At the time her father didn't know it. I knew he was beating her, but didn't do anything to stop him.

The next thing I remember, the three of us were in a hotel (Me, my friend Eirik, and the girl we met) Eirik and the girl were in the bathroom together and I could hear him beating her. I decided that I'd heard enough and came in the bathroom to help her. She was very relieved to see me, and Eirik left the bathroom. While her and I were alone, she hugged me tight while crying. I whispered into her ear reassuringly, saying things like "it's ok, you're safe now"

Suddenly her father arrived at the hotel room, he was looking for his daughter. He called out for her, she called back to him from the bathroom. I knew it was gonna be trouble as soon as this guy sees the cuts and bruises on his daughter.

The next thing I remember I was near the door, facing the bathroom. Eirik was outside the bathroom near the vanity and closet. I saw a shadowy figure behind him (the hotel room was pretty dark, it was night time and most of the lights were off) and said "LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU!" because I thought her father was gonna attack him. Instead he took out his .45 and shot one time in my general direction. I saw her father fall to the ground, he'd been shot in the chest unable to speak. I realized the shadowy figure I saw was her, not her father.

He crawled a few feet and then collapsed near the open door. Eirik walked over to him, he was on all fours, trying to get to his feet when Eirik plugged him in the head. blowing his face all over the floor/wall. I was compelled to drag the body inside and away from the open door, but don't remember actually dragging the body. Yet the body made its way inside and was left in between the bed and the wall. The girl was horrified, she was sobbing quietly.

Any ideas on the meaning?

Example: Does my dream with spiders mean anything?

Last night I was in this room telling/crying this guy (who I think was supposed to be my dad?) that he was gonna get murdered tonight and he didn't believe me. I said it was John or something which was someone we knew in the dream. Against the wall there were a ton of spiders. They looked green and purple with black legs I think. I think they looked like little fur balls? Lol well they were all over the bottom of these drawers on a dresser and there were too many to kill. It was like an infestation. So they told me to use the vacuum. When I went to plug it in these things were floating in front of the outlet and it looked like eyeballs? I pushed them down and then started vacuuming the spiders. I woke up then.

My dreams are usually realistic or something that I'm going through but this is just weird. There was some stuff earlier in the dream but the spider part just confused me. I watched the second Narnia before bed but idk if that has something to do with it...Haha thoughts?

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