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Dream About Wand meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

also in the dream it was my friend and I usind our wands to destroy some evil plant that's shown on the Sorcer Stone video game. and i gave another friend of mine a silver bat to protect herself with. oh yea and the entire class was there but i couldn't see them clearly,but i knew they were their cause we all put our backpacks in the corner of a fenced yard.

You feel you have no personal power.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream I was back together with my old boyfriend.. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Familiar with the band My Chemical Romance? they're my favorite band, and sometimes i have some pretty weird dreams about them. i can't decide what they mean, and it's bugging me, so here they are, the three strangest ones:

#1: i was in the death star, like on starwars. it was in that catwalk thing on the sixth movie, when darth vader and luke are fighting. except it was harry potter and gerard way? harry tossed away his lightsaber, pulled out his wand and yelled expecto patronum! gerard hissed, and flew away, suddenly a dementor.

#2:i was standing in the middle of the road, wearing a pair of black straight leg jeans with holes in the knees. suddenly, frank iero comes up, and says, "dude, i need my pants back."
"These aren't your pants," i said. We got into this whole argument about whose pants they were, (and it was weird, cuz i'm a girl) and then he accused me of stealing not only his pants, but his cereal. i realized i was holding a box of frankenberries.

#3: i was sitting on the edge of a pool. i looked in the water and Gerard was swimming. he swam to the edge and rested on it next to me. we watched bob bryar talkin to ray toro, and frank to into a hat shop. i looked over, asking gerard, "hey, where's mikey?" then i saw my best friend (who has a thing about mikey) pushing him into the road, where mikey got run over by an old fashioned milk truck.

please, if you could answer these then my mind would be at ease.

Example: Doctor who dream what mean?

So i had a very slightly doctor who dream, it wasn't mainly doctor who, but let me explain the dream thoroughly

So it started with me my mom and my dad in the Tardis ( they weren't my actual mom and dad but I knew they were in the dream)and i apperently had this disease i didint know what it did but we were trying to cure it, first they gave me pills, withc were labels "BAD" and "GOOD" they were labeld that because one day it was angry(bad) and the next it made my happy(good)and they were in a row in a pack, in the pattern "BAD" "GOOD" "BAD" GOOD" in the backround of the words they had red for bad and green for good, theyc were light bron wand they looked like they were something compressed, i dont know what, after we tried the pills they somehow hooked me up to the tardess(wiresly) and there was a window behind a part of the tardis, witch looked like a lot of clumps of things flowwing through what looked like water and my mom and dad told me they were the nutrents inside of me, me mom and dad then started eating them, also they wernt small, but we started eating them and somehow this was suppost to help i didint feel ill at all throught the whole dream...

Example: Often repeated dreams.what do they mean?

dream 1- i am shopping for clothes (alone) and someone is following me.i try to get out of that place and suddenly a lift catches my attention.i go near the elevator and press the button.making sure that someone is not following me i get into the elevator .i press the button for first floor hoping to check out another department of the store..but the lift opens out into some sort of a maze and right in the center,opposite to the lift some strange looking magician (with a wand fixed with a orb) whom i assume to be evil.i choose to go back down and press the ground button,as soon as this happens the magician comes running and gets hit by the closing elevator (dies).i press the button hard realizing that the lift is not moving.it opens into the same floor.i see the dead man...his orb is broken but as soon as i come out of the lift the orb gets fixed up by itself.a female infant comes floating towards me from no where.it is chanting (or scolding) in some language i do not know.i grab it and kill it by throwing it down..

sometimes the dream goes after this too...but mostly only till this
please i need to know what it means...

Example: What sould my dream mean?!?

okay i had this dream wear i was all grown up and i was wearing a teal dress with my hair in a bun but my hair was brown and its really dirty blond. its actually like 4 parts so here goes:

part 1: i was on my bed holding a baby wrapped in a pink blanket and it was obviously a girl.

part 2: i was on my bed with a little girl in a pink dress and a wand toy. she had a black persons hair like all frizzy and stuff im part black though but anyways it was PINK with like highlights in it. yes PINK!

part 3: i was holding a teenage girl who had hair like b4 but she was wearing the same pink dress only bigger

part 4: the girl had hair and the dress like b4 but she was all grown up and then suddenly she got up and grabbed suitcases and left. i asumed she went to college?

in every part i was holding her and i looked the same way the whole time. what could this mean?

Example: What does Peace Out mean in a dream?

Example: Wha did these dreams mean?

when i was little i had this weird dream!
it was a lunch room with people eating around me..
when the time struck 12:00 (lunch) we all hid under the tables..
the bad guy (scary kiler or something) would look around searching for us...
the thing was when i was little everyonce ina while i had this dream...but it got longer each time...
till one day i had it agai and what happened is i pocked my head out from under the table to see if he was gone when he stood there i remember looking up and saw a face that was slurred in black so i didnt see a face...
that was the last time i ever had that dream...

what does it mean?
ive been wondering my hole life...

Example: What does my wolf dream mean?

Last night I dreamt that my house had been changed into a sort of school, except a lot of the pupils were wolves. They were all in groups, like packs, and they had to work together to complete challenges. The headmaster was very strict. I was still a human, but I was in a group with three wolves- a grey male, a reddish male and a white female. We (and the rest of the class) has to complete the challenge of making some kind of vehicle using only sticks and straw, The whole class was trying, but it was really hard because the statue kept falling down.

This is were a kind of Harry Potterish feel comes in- I suddenly had a wand, and I found another one and used them both to secure the vehicle/sculpture. (I didn't use them for magic, just as a kind of framework for the straw.) The rest of my pack didn't realize I'd worked on it while they were away, they thought we wouldn't have a statue when the Headmaster came to judge them.( By the way, the headmaster was a wolf too.) So, when competition time came the next day, they were surprised to see that we actually had a fairly realistic model of a wolf made out of straw. (None of the other groups had managed to complete anything)

The grey wolf somehow slipped inside it, and could walk, so it looked like a living wolf made of straw. Then we had to race them, doing a kind of performance as we went, and he would time us. So we ran out of the door.I have a kind of field across the road from me, and we ran across to that. As we ran, all the straw blew away from the grey wolf, which was apparently part of the performance. Our performance was meant to be about the unity of the pack, and basically involved us playing together on the field. I remember noticing that I could keep up with the wolves as they ran, and being pleased.

Then these group of about five people appeared on the edge of the field. They lured the white female to them and picked her up (they were wolfnapping her.) I held on to the reddish male to protect him (I don't know where the grey was at this point.)

One of the guys came up to me, and I backed off and started insulting him. He got angry , and lunged for me, but I managed to (just) keep him back by pinching and nipping. Then the rest of the group came over and surrounded me, trying to take the reddish wolf away. I suddenly felt a lot stronger, like I could beat them all, and I kicked out and caught one of them in the stomach. He doubled over, and I did the same thing to the girl standing next to him- or tried to, because unfortunately I kicked the side of my bed in real life, which woke me up rather sharply ;)

I'm a 13 year old girl. Thinking back to my dream, it seemed a wee bit strange, and I was wondering if anybody has an idea of what (if anything) it could mean. Thanks for reading!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in my sitting room and suddenly I had a magic wand, looking like the ones in the harry potter movies. I used it to change what I looked like. After a while of experimenting it just stopped working and I soon woke up. Does this mean anything?

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