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Dream About Washing Hair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

so.. i had a dream that me and my ex boyfriend and a couple other people were in this classroom. we were sitting at desks that were 2 desks wide and 3 long, in a group. my ex was sitting directly in front of me. this one girl, andy, who has some disability so shes really skinny and like doesnt wash her hair and pickers her ears and nose in public and talks weird and doesnt understand things (im not saying shes weird or i make fun of her you, you just have to know) so anyway she came in and was like by adam and they kissed, and his kiss was longer then the way he kissed me (he only pecked me) and i was really aware of that. then he sat back down and sunk into his seat, acting like nothing happened.
then i was at my friends house, and she told me that he was going out with this odd girl colleen (im not making fun of her... but she isnt his type..?) because he wanted the emotional connection with a girlfriend, and he was going out with andy to do stuff, to "get some" i rmember thinking that was weird because andy would never ever do that unless someone somehow talked her into doing it at school... she wouldnt understand what was happeneing.

anyway, so then adam was suddenly at the house. i got mad for osme reason and i kissed him twice really long. on the second one i opened my mouth and used my tongue but it didnt feel like i was using my tongue, like his mouth was closed, but when ipulled away he had a look of amazement, and instead of ignoring me he said something causual later that day.. i cant remember.

then i woke up.

backround info: me and adam went out for two months... he was to shy and awkward he wouldnt makeout with me or do anything like put his arm around me.. ever.. even when i told him i wanted him too.


Only you know the meaning of your own dream...its part of your subconscious trying to work things out that are bothering you and that are on your mind.

But it sounds to me like Adam has given you a bit of a "rejection complex"
You probably feel a little rejected by his lack of initiative towards you while you were dating, so now your mind is trying to work out the reasons why, by trying to come to terms with what prevented him from being more affectionate with you.
The other girls seem less attractive & desirable in the dream, so you just can't figure out what he sees in them, and why he'd be showing them more affection than you...because it just doesn't make sense.
Don't let it get to you though...I liked someone who was that way and it totally gave me a rejection complex for the longest time, till I figured out the reason. I used to have dreams like that all the time until I figured it out. =)

Example: I had a dream my friend was washing my hair?

In my dream, I was at school but the school was all dark and gray, and we weren't even like, in classes. Just at the school waiting for the bus I believe?
In the dream my hair looked different, it was black(It's dark brown with black tips from old fading hair dye in it currently), and I was wearing a thin black headband in the dream(I never wear headbands in real life) and my hair was a bit shorter(Still long, just shorter then what my hair is like in real life)

And anyways, out of nowhere my hair was coated in shampoo so I asked my friend to come to the bathroom with me and wash it out of my hair for me in the bathroom sink, which she did.
And I remember begging her not to leave, even if the bus came.(In past dreams, my old friends always left me when the bus came, no matter what.) and she said she wouldn't. And that is all I remember.

What could this dream mean?

Example: Does my dream mean anyhing?

I had this friend who suddenly stopped talking to me a year ago without any reason.
last night I dreamed he was visiting us and I hid from him in the closet because I was wearing my pyjamas and I hadn't washed my hair and had no make up but he found me and he hugged me and I cried in his arms because I was worried and relieved at the same time. then he told me to go wash my face and stop crying because I had no reason to cry...

Example: What does this crazy dream mean?

last night I dreamed that was pulling hairs out of my mouth (not strands but ponytail size hairs! someone in my dream told me I had to go to the hospital, before I went to the hospital I went to see my crush,at the library he was busy so I talked to someone else. I told them that I knew who my crush was dating after I said her name,the guy I was talking to said that my crush was behind me. my crush looked mad and walked away I went after him. I apologized for talking about his girlfriend he accepted my apology. Later on I told him about how scared I was to go to the hospital. He said he would go with me so we went to the hospital. A nurse told me that I would need a blood transfusion I told her I was scared of IVs. She said she would wait until I fall asleep to put an IV in I was ok with that. My crush laid on the bed with me and he held me close to him. 10 minutes later I fell asleep in his arms. when I woke up (still my dream) the IV was in my arm and I wasn't scared.Why did I have this dream and what does it mean?

Example: Hair cutting dream, what does it mean?

In the dream I had cut my own hair and I was so horrified and I kept trying to hide it. I know it means something but I dont know what. Anybody know?

Example: My friend told me that last night in his dream he was cutting my hair so short. what does it mean?

Example: Hair dream interpretation?

So I've had this same hair dream twice. I wake up look in the mirror I notice that my dark brown hair is a little lighter, them I keep looking through my hair and patches of it are a deep red or Platinum blonde(almost white) to the point where it looks like a disease and I start freaking out in my dream. It's kinda scary even though it doesn't sound scary, what could it mean?

Example: What would it mean to dream your washing someones hair?

Example: Hi, hope someone can help me with this dream.What does it mean to dream of washing my own hair?

I wear a weave and dreamed that i was washing my hair, but I remembered to be careful not to loosen the glue, while doing a sexy dance. It was though I was trying to seduce my lover.

Example: In a dream, what does washing your hair mean?

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