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Dream About Wasting Money meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? (Pigeon, NYC, Money)?

I had a dream last night, where I was in NYC. I had a hundred dollar bill that I taped to a pigeon, and let the pigeon loose in the city, and watched as people trampled each other to get the pigeon, which could never be caught. Meanwhile, I was sitting on a balcony, taking pleasure in seeing all the commotion. What does this dream mean?

It means that while you're smart and enjoying every last second of life, others worry about your money and who gets what. Keep being smart and let the stupid ones waste their life on chasing that pigeon!
The reason you were in NYC... well... it's a place where lots of stupid people live i guess!

Example: What do my money luck dreams mean?

Lately I've had some good money dreams. It started with a dream I was in a casino and played a single machine and instantly won a million dollars. In the next dream, I had an envelope full of tons of money stashed away. In the last dream, I won a castle in Ireland. What do these good money/luck dream symbols mean in the dream interpretation world? (Yes there are those of you that believe this stuff is garbage, and I really don't care. You're not witty and it's really kind of pathetic that you waste your time posting negative remarks, so just don't bother posting here okay?).

Example: Are my dreams wasted?

All my life I've wanted to act,sing,and model...nothing else really(well,I do have backup plans). I have been working toward this goal since I was 9-that is when I started formal training. I'm 13 currently,am signed to an agency and have many contacts in the business.
But, I feel like my parents don't care about any of it. They are always working now so it's hard to get them to bring me to New York or any other good opportunities.I don't understand why they can't take one day off while I could make as much as they make in 2 days in one? Sorry, I dont mean to sound spoiled Im just mad; I had this great opportunity to meet photographers.My Mom at first said I couldn't go because she has to work an hour after the function started- then I brought up the idea of my older brother taking me;She said yes- but changed her mind at the last minute!
How can I let my parents know that this is what I want to do and this is what I'm good at?!? I just wanted to know if my dreams are really wasted because of my parents?

And please, don't tell me to wait until I'm 18...my chance is now-not it 5 years.

Example: Is playing the lottery a waste of money, or at least a chance to dream?

Example: Am I wasting my time (and money) trying to follow my dreams?

My biggest dream is to create a manga/comic book that becomes so popular that it gets turned into a cartoon series or even a video game. However, I fear my dream is impossible or just not meant to be (as there are some dreams God didn't intend for us to have). I feel only the "terrific people" like Will Smith & Hideo Kojima can dream & actually achieve big. I fear my future will be just like everybody else in my family: get married, have kids, & grow old.

Example: I dreamt about money?

This dream did not appear to be a good dream to me. I dreamt that a lot of young people was struggling and did not have money. I young person came up with a scheme to get other peoples money but it work for a short time. I ended up at a conference about finance but the information was useless. I found an old coin in the corner of a house it was dusty. I picked it up and started to give it to my son, but I thought about spiders. So I took the coin back to clean it. After it was cleaned it was just a peace of metal, no longer a coin. What does this mean?

Example: Did they put a value on the money wasted on this,Mid-Summer nights dream, Republican primary?

Example: I need more help so I can waste money?

I like bands like BMTH, the devil wears prada, and skyscrapers walk among us. I need a list of bands like them so I can waste money on iTunes.

Example: Is college a waste of time (and money)?

I live in Chicago and I have an Associate's Degree in Fashion and I'm working on getting my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion and Retail Management. I've always wanted to work in retail. Right now I would like to find part time a position as a sales associate. It's always taken forever for me to find any type of job and I always ended up working in fast food or overnight inventory or something. Even with those jobs it took me like 9 months to 1 year to find a job. I've applied at too many places to count and just can't get into the retail business. I'm starting to think I should quit school because I think it's a waste of time and money to go to school for something that it's impossible to even get an entry level position in. If I can't get a job as a sales associate, I definately will never get hired as a manager. I'm thinking that the time I've spent in school so far has probably been a waste. Any suggestions? Could it be the job market in Chicago?

Example: Bruce Springsteen''s recently released album "Working On A Dream" any good or would I be just wasting money?

I used to like him as a kid but he has been out of the scene for a while now so I was wondering if it would be worth spending money on his new album.

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