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Dream About Water Bending meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do the following dreams mean?

Come on humor me. I WILL report you if you say "dreams mean nothing"

Dreams 1 and 2 has my close friend in it in real life he's like a third brother to me(I have two brothers), a male version of me only older.

Dream 1 was about me being in LA, his homestate(GO SAINTS! =D) I went to a restaurant at night, minding my own business until a group of guys started yelling at me and started ganging up on me. My close friend comes in and rescues me, drags me out of there and outside in the pouring rain. He doesn't have a coat on but I hug him and then I nuzzle up to him, and kiss his jaw, then we start kissing. Then the dream moves to we run to a green wheat field(I dunno it looks like wheat only the tips are bent and they're green), and we roll around, and I get on top of him and kiss him and he rolls me over and kisses me.

Dream 2 is about I have feelings for this guy and we start dating. I hang out with him while he works. we are in an open cave(walls around, sky above, pond in the middle and sand all around). I kiss him and then he plunges me in the water, we swim to the shore and I kiss him again. Then he gets on top of me and starts french kissing me. My close friend(same guy that rescued me in dream 1) comes, I lift my head and look behind me, he comes running towards me, grabs my hand and literally pulls me out from under the guy who wouldn't get off of me. I run away with him, then he starts limping and he has a huge gash on his arm, so I help him up on the cliff. Then it switches to a room with bags and he's there.

That's it =)

Dream 1:
Maybe deep inside you, you know that you have more feelings for the guy who rescued you than being just a friend. Maybe it mean he likes you too and he would help you in you were in trouble for anything , anywhere, whatever the weather or circumstances.
The people ganging up on you may suggest that they are jelous of something that you own, or a physical attribute of yours.

Dream 2:
If your close friend fancies you, he wants you to get away from that other guy because he wants to be with you. If he just really likes you as a friend he may be feeling protective of you. Either way, the gash on his arm is because he was scared for you and it scared him, or if he fancies you it left a wound in him to see you with someone else.

I think you should try and find out if he thinks of you as maybe more than a friend and if you feel the same try to ask him on the subject.

=) Hope I helped!

Example: What does my wet dream mean?

k so i think i had my wet dream last night. I actually had 2 dreams. In the first one, there was me and my girl cousin who i guess is sorta attractive kissing in my kitchen. and the second one was about a girl in my school who i sorta have a crush on and she was bending down to take a drink from a water fountain and i humped her *** as i did she was doing that. and i think thats when i ... you know.. and i woke up

im sorta disturbed by the first one. even though it was sorta hot. i liked both of them is that wierd?.. please dont bash at me. .. what do these dreams mean? help plz

Example: What does it means to dream about crocodile?

Example: What does this scary dream mean?

I had a dream that I was by my banister upstairs and there was an animal, and it started getting possessed by a demon! So I started praying "Our father " prayer. And then all of a sudden the animal died and the demon went into me (I was still praying too) and then all of a sudden I like bent backward and.my back cracked all weird like and my voice got really deep and scary and it sounded like there was mulitple voices like combined with mine. And all of a sudden I started praying in what sounded like German and I kept jerking and twisting around. I was being possessed by a demon! And my brother was like "are you being serious right now?" And I said "yes help me!" And I guess I passed out in my dream cause I woke up (still sleeping btw) and I was back in my old neighborhood. No one was there and it was dawn and foggy. And I turned around and there was a little boy who was running. And he said "I can't stop running" and I said why? And he told me he needed to run away from them but then he just dissapeared into the fog. So I was still possessed so I didn't know where I was being taken. I then saw a creepy girl and there was two paths. One near the water on the right. And one that goes through the woods on the left. She was telling me to go to the one on the right near the water but I was afraid she was going to drown me. And then the demon inside me made me have a gun and I shot myself in the head and I died. And I can feel the stinging burning sensation from the gun on my forehead. I came back as a ghost and I saw the scary girl and she's like "why did you do that? You would've been in a nicer place." And I started to cry and she told me I had to go and I woke up.

What do u think this dream means? I didn't watch any scary movies before this. And I pray all the time. Was something trying to scare me?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So, I am 14 years old. And last night i had trouble getting to fall asleep. Finally! at around midnight i actually fell asleep. then at 4 i woke up with a jerk. why? i don't know. i don't remember. so i close my eyes but i have this odd feeling. oh well im tired ill just go to sleep. so i fell asleep after about 10 minutes. and this is my dream.. and it felt so real..

i was laying in bed with my arms bent, like my hands were close to my head as if someone was pinning me down against my bed. my eyes were half open and i was breathing very heavy. i couldn't scream or talk and i was shaking violently. then i hear my mothers voice.. screaming at me. though i couldn't see her. i knew she wasn't in the room. she was screaming "YOU LIAM MICKEY YOU LIAM MICKEY" over and over.. ( liam is my 8 year old diabetic cousin. and mickey is my cat that died around 2 years ago. very tragic death, my dog ripped its jaw almost completely off ) (which i think this is quite strange actually.. my mom just told me that i have to babysit liam tomorrow morning) anyways, i was shaking and shaking and i was almost in tears when i close my eyes and think to myself that this will be over soon. when i closed my eyes (my cat always sleeps next to me against my side) i felt my cat starting to push against me.. actually it felt like someone shoved me to wake me up or something. but i dont know. well i woke up then and i was pretty much scared to go back to sleep. 14 years old and im scared of my own bedroom. kinda pathetic i know.

so im very curious about what you might think this means. its been on my mind all day. and i told my brother about it and he said he seen someone in his closet. he even threw his bottle of water at the person because he thought it was real. maybe he was just telling me this to freak me out more but maybe its true. im so confused..

thank you!

Example: What does a dream about flying in a helicopter over dark waters mean?

I had a dream that I was flying in a dark, military type helicopter over a river with black water and there were several other helicopters flying by mine, going all directions. It felt almost like a search and rescue type scenario, but I had no idea what we were looking for. I was riding in the cargo area looking out and thinking wow, those other helicopters are really close to this one. It was strange b/c I felt like they were looking for something but I was just a spectator. The last time I dreamt about dark water like that my dad got pneumonia, and the time before that my brother went into kidney failure. So I think it was an ominous dream. Not sure though, any thoughts?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a dock in the early morning and I walked over on those wooden things. I was gazing at the lake until something caught my eyes. It appeared to be something slowly comming to the surface. I got on my knees and bent over to get a better look at it. A hand shot up and grabbed me by my shirt and drug me down into the lake. Soon I was able to see what had grabbed me. It was a little girl about 8 years old that had greyish decaying skin. Her whole face was emotionless. She came closer to me and whispered "welcome home" as soon as she did my lungs filled with water. Then I woke up. I've tried to brush it off but I can't get over it, I need to know what it means!

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so there was a lot of trouble in this town about this anime girl called redstar who was evil. and then me and my family lost our home and had to live in this community place where there were houses built into a big building. and i found myself at the library were there was a workshop and there were a lot of business men and women and we each got one and i had this pretty girl and we had to hold hands and asked each other questions and my heels were hurting so i bent down to fix them and she told me hers were hurting too so we kinda laughed together. and there were books about this evil red woman with pictures and everything. then i found myself in a pool with a girl and she banged her head and was bleeding and i plunged her head into the water to stop the bleeding, and suddenly we found ourselves in the library and i left her on the floor. then she quickly opened her eyes and said that she was the evil red woman and no one was gonna find out, then the dream ended.

i want to be a business woman when i grow up, and i really want to know about business right now but i can't because i'm only 14.
my dad doesn't live with us because my parents split up
we currently live in a new beautiful house
the house in the dream was crap.

so what does this dream really mean?

Example: What does my strange dream about miniature babies mean?

My dream:
I was in the shower and the water started to overflow because the drain was clogged so I turned the water off and got out. The water was soapy. When I got out of the shower, I noticed my brother was on the toilet and the smell was horrible. Then I went to my room and my husband was looking for something under the bed. So, I bent down and asked what he was doing and he said the baby was hiding under the bed. Well, I found the baby but it was only about 3" or 4" tall and had a white diaper on. I pulled it out from under the bed and handed it over to my husband and he cradled it in his arms. I don't know if it was a boy or girl.

What on earth does this dream mean?
My brother is in Iraq. My husband and I don't have any kids yet and I'm definitely not pregnant.

Thanks ♥

Example: What does my dream means?

Jesus and heaven in my dreams

Dear Friends

Sometimes you go through such an experience or dreams that you wished it was real and you would have not woke up from that dream. I had such a brilliant experience in my dream that I started hating to be alive. Few years back, I was in india visiting my relatives. I tried few hotels but could not get a room so I had no option left but to go in a cheap small size newly built hotel in bombay and so I rented a room there.

I went to sleep about 1.a.m. and what I saw in my dream was such a thrilling experience that i still could not forget it after so many years and so I would like to share it with all the readers so you can also share the happiness and gratifying moment of it. I saw myself wandering with an old man who seems to be over 100 years of age with a white beard hanging down till his stomach. He was taking me around a big green lash garden which does not seems to have an ending corner. There were trees with hanging fruits and vegetables and some fruits and vegetables were so new to me that i was sure i have not seen or eaten them before. I ask the old man about a round hanging fruit (something similar to apple but with a very bright yellow color and very soft) if i could eat it and he handed me over that fruit and when I ate that , I still can't forget the sweetness and taste of it after so many years. It had a taste of something which I have never tasted in this world.

After eating that I started feeling thirsty and I requested that old man that if i can have a glass of water. He was shocked to hear the word water and he said there is no such thing as water here and if we feel thirsty we drink from running fountains that are connected with river and he took me to one of the fountain and the fountain was continuous ly running with some thing flowing out of it and it was just like milk. The old man told me that we all drink this milk when we are thirsty and the milk i drank from the fountain was so sweet and gratifying that i thought my thirst has ended for ever and now i would never feel thirsty again. Then wandering we reached a river which was full of white milk flowing instead of the water and the other thing was the mermaids all around the river . They were half body of beautiful girls around 16 to 18 years and half of the body of fish with such beautiful and pretty colors like rainbow colors.

We went a few steps more, and I saw a bunch of kids around a tall man and it seems to me that the man was bending down and giving hugs to the kids. As he heard some kids whispering about us standing at the back, the man stand straight up and i was shocked . The first word that came on my lips was Jesus . He had that curly ash blonde hair and french cut beard. He raised his hand to me as if saying hello to me and I was double confirmed that it was jesus because on his palm I saw the cross sign carved by making holes on his hand like if nails have been used to carved that cross. I asked the old man about jesus and he just smiled and said that you know him. I asked what was he doing with the kids and he told me that he was arranging for the places for kids where the kids can create their own private spaces and live in that assigned places because the heaven does not have an end and so the kids are all the time scattered around and when God want to talk to them it is difficult to gathered them together.

OH ; so that was heaven i was visiting and that shocking word made me fully awake in the world and I was literally crying when I woke up because that place was so good and i never missed anyone from the world and was feeling that it was the place where I belong to and this is the wrong place I have come to . im sure that no priest or relegious person may have seen heaven so clearly or have eaten the heaven fruits and have drank the heaven milk nor they have seen jesus alive with a distance of two feet. the best thing about this dream is that after so many years i still remember it

I went directly down to the reception to find out if something unusual have happened in this hotel or if somebody have seen something . It was early morning around 6 a.m. and the hotel people didn't know anything about it but one of the waiter by name of Rajesh who was like 55 years old man told me that he was working there since the hotel was built and the only thing he knows about it was that on that land it was an old graveyard where the hotel was built and the graveyard was so old that the relatives of the dead people might have also died and nobody knew about it. He told that this was told by his grandmothe r who also died 3 years back.

I was in shocked for few days and after two days we moved from there because the room was too small and I was with my mother . We got a reply from the other hotel and we moved there which had a big room on the terrace.

After that visit I came back to Pakistan and day and night started analyzing that dream of what me

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