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Dream About Water Cooler meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Dream #1:
it was me and 4 friends but i dont know who they were and we were walking on the street and another friend pulled up in her car and waved at me and all i remember saying is "you have a baby?" there was a baby in the backseat and it was a girl and it was hers. my friend doesnt have a baby though in real life. the dream switched to wear me and my 4 friends were trying to cross a river or lake. it wasnt calm though it was kind of raging. then i woke up.

Dream #2. My girlfriends best friend *who i dont like* came to town to stay with us for a couple of days but she acted like she liked me but i knew she didnt. she had brought her son with her who was about 1 year in my dream but in real life hes 2 months. Her other best friend also came to stay with us but he wasnt her best friend in real life. we all took a nap and my girlfriend and i decided to take a shower together when we woke up. we went outside to help get her best friends things out the car and i woke up.

Dream #3: it was me and my 2 cousins. one male one female. and we were walking in this celebrity neighborhood. i was in a backyard and wanted an autograph from reba mcentire but when i knocked on her door she shooed me away. so my female cousin asked me who else iwanted to see and it was amanda bynes and johnny depp but neither one was home. we all ended up by a lake and there was alligators or whales in it so we couldnt get into it. me and my female cousin were sitting on a log and my male cousin who then changed from my cousin to unknown little boy was about to get eaten. he fell in the water then an alligator started chasin him but then the gator turned into a whale and the boy barely missed it. then we all supposedly were missing for 4 days and no one could find us. we had to find our own way back. then i woke up.
i know its a lot but please help me as much as you can. its really weird.

All three of these dreams are linked, and they all are saying the same thing. It is cool that you put them all down, so you can see how they connect.

Whenever I dream of a baby, being pregnant, or seeing a baby that is older than they really are, for me it means that change is coming. Something is about to change in your life. Each dream shows this.

When I dream of water, most of the time is shows the emotional state I will be in when I have struggles. A raging river means that there are going to be hard times ahead. To have that water filled with alligators and whales, means that your future is going to be filled with challenges that they are going to be relentless.

When I dream of a very specific number of days, for me, it sometimes means years. I dont know why. It might not be the same for you. Just for me, I have to interpret my dreams as they come. I dont read interpretation books, I just can feel it.

From what I can tell, something is going to happen in your future that is going to be filled with hardships and troubles. It will happen in about 4 years, because of the days you were missing in your dream. I hope you the best, and dont worry. If you have the power to dream this, you have the power to change it. Good luck.

Example: I had the weirdest dream EVER. It wasso cool. What does it mean?

My dream
Me and my friends my age in the apartment(live in an apartment with 5 other families only and they are pretty big and there is a giant garden)were playing and we were playing a game called war(Its a very complicated game we made up). I was running and I found a place to hide. Then I found a box with all kinds of junk. I found a list inside with all the names from kids that lived in the apartment. Only kids my age were on the list(11-13 Im 11). I stuffed it in my pocket and later I took it out all the names were crossed out. I asked my best friend if she was home but she said no. Then I heard footstep. I was in my bedroom so I got scared and walked quietly and opened the door to look. It was a woman and she saw me so I asked her who she was and she just stared at me. Suddenly she swing at me with something and out of no where a cat appeared out of no where and hissed stunning her and then I ran. When I was at the door a man stared at me and the cat hissed at him like crazy.

Example: Really weird but kind of cool dream, what does it mean?

A bit ago I had a really weird dream...
I was sailing on a lake with my little sister and my friend, and we went under a bridge into a pond, (this is where my point of view changed from seeing from my own eyes to being closer to the shore) and on the shores there were a bunch of people, including a man I knew instinctively to be a mayor. There was a big crane and the crane dipped into the water and pulled out a skeleton, not a human one, for instead of being the bleached white, average human skeleton it was a disturbing brownish, bumpy looking thing, it looked human-like except there were these bones shooting off the ribcage. In the middle of the ribcage there was a pulsing blue heart. The mayor pulled the heart out and said something along the lines of "...and see what happens when I..." and pressed the heart against his chest where his heart would be. In my dream I knew what was going to happen so I tried to yell out but nothing happened, and the heart glowed a brighter blue and the mayors face froze into a mask of alarm before his head got weirdly distorted, like being in a light tunnel, then it went back to normal, and his face went calm as he turned into an ashy dust and blew away.
(then I woke up)
No stealing my cool dream and incorporating it into books or movies, people!
I have absolutely no idea what this means.
Please explain if you got anything out of that freaky sci-fi mess.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was floating over a body of water. The water had many colors---very beautiful, and I could swim around on the surface. Wierd, I know...and no, I wasn't on anything.

Example: Dreams that fast forward meaning?

Just today I had a dream that fastforward and the noise of the dream turns into a horrible high pitched screaming and I woke up in tears yet not crying. I know the difference I've woken up crying before. I would like to know what it means. I do have insomnia. I've had have some strange dreams lately but this one really scared me for some reason. The dream was normal (well really out there but normal for me) then it just started to speed up faster and faster, the sounds sped up as well until the became a high pitched screaming noise and as soon as the speed of the dream and sound reached its peek I jolted awake with tears in my eyes and it really disturbed me. If anyone had a dream like this plz comment or if you know what it means plz comment it was really creepy

Example: I had the strangest but coolest dream, what does it mean?

I dreamed that I was Climbing the worlds biggest mountain in order to become the leader of the world. As I trekked up half the mountain a clay giant rose from the ground and was as big as the mountain. He didn't want to be successful in my task. He then started to furiously smash the mountain in an effort to shake me off. Then my rope slipped, he grabbed me and threw me into the ocean, which is right next to the mountain. While I was in the water an old but strong voice said to me "when you jump in the water, you see the world belongs to the nord" I had no Idea what this means. I'm not even Nordic, I'm middle eastern. Anyways I got to the top of the mountain and saw my friend there. Apparently he joined me on my journey but I didn't see him until I reached the summit. Then for some reason the giant started to talk. It congratulated me, and told me I was the leader of the world. There were other friends of mine there to and they were fighting, the clay giant found them embarrassing so he covered them with a clay blanket. Then I felt energetic and risky, so I decided to jump off the mountain and into the ocean. but there was no water. When I hit the ground I was fine and got back up, I shrugged my shoulder, turned to my friend and said "that was boring" and the dream ended.

Example: What does it mean if you do a backflip into reflective water off a small pier really close to shoreline(dream)?

The dream was allso at night. I was wearing swim shorts.

Example: What my dream means?

I saw in my dream i was swimming in the sea, but the water was very very cold and cool but i was enjoying it, and i said even though it is too cold but i am not feeling cold and it is nice. what do very cold water means ?

Example: Check out this cool dream I had. Think it means anything?

I wrote this dream down after I woke up this morning. It's the most complex and sensical dream I ever have remembered having. I've told it as a story, so don't get weirded out by that. All of the details in the story were actually in the dream: I didn't add anything in, just left some stuff out that I can't remember. NOTE: I WILL HAVE TO POST THIS IN SEVERAL 'ADDITIONAL DETAILS' PARTS, so be patient as I get it all out here.


I walked down the stone path away from the great building. The meeting of my military command corp was in just ten minutes, but I had to get away for a bit. I strolled down to the river, still within sight of the tall building. Two figures were by the metal railing that ran along the edge of a small cliff above the river.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a water show?

Well... how can I explain this? I dreamed that there was this water show going, not exactly like synchronized swimming,it was much more epic, I even at one point was part of the show. Sort of like the Cirque Du Soleil , but not exactly. I could literally see how the water would splash everywhere and all the swirls going on, It was so cool, that words itself can fully describe it. But what does it mean? I tried looking it up in the internet but I got nothing, thanks! :)

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