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Dream About Water Heater meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreaming horrible things what could it mean?

i had a dream i was swimming in a dark green/black murky water. my hand hit a big clear bag which contained (arm, leg, hand, foot, and the skin from the rest of the body including the face which all these parts were placed nice and neat inside,they were also pre-washed and some how still "alive" they looked like were screaming silently . there were tons of these bags floating in the water. a lady appeared and told me that they couldnt leave because their cases werent solved. i then found a fetus with its tongue sticking out and moving there were maggots coming out of the eyes and mouth. then these green "things" appeared and i could only see their legs they had green "reptile like" skin and were evil they appear small but were actuall taller then the average human (idk how i know this because i never saw them from the legs up) but one of them was trying to reason and talk with me, while the other kept trying to hit me with these needle like arrows.

=[ this dream scared me really bad and i feel like the "reptiles" were important and i have had dreams with them in it before but i have never seen them fully

can anyone help me?
its not an overactive imagination, or stress, or eating some wierd food...ect.

+ i love my grammar and all its miss-spelled-ness =]

Well... my first suggestion is to make sure you're not using a heating pad or bed heater or have electrical pulses near your bed. It can affect your dreams.

Then I would approach is as my psychology professor approached dreams. Sit down and write down every detail you can think of, and then realize that all of these things came from you. So, my interpretation may mean nothing, yours does.

For instance, the dark murky water, how did it feel? The water I mean. Did it feel polluted? Did it feel removed from the sun? Alone? Angry? How did the bags feel? The beings inside each of the bags? How did the woman (the 'insight' voice') feel? Calm? Wise? Relaxed? Or overwhelmed that these cases weren't being dealt with? How did the reptiles feel? What was their motivation? Their purpose?

Your interpretation is the only one that matters, but my own instincts tend to wonder if you've been reading psychology or dream books. In which case, the dark murky water could be your subconscious, the dismembered and suffering bags of people parts are unfinished business or relationships (some of which have been waiting so long that they're rotting away...), the reptiles seeming to keep you away from it so you don't get to those cases, the female voice tending to be in those books representing 'insight'...

But your interpretation is what matters most.

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean? (Teeth, Drowning and Others).?

I've been having a lot of bad dreams recently and I would like to know what they mean.

1. Teeth falling out

I dream that my teeth have fallen out and I am holding them. Sometimes I dream that my teeth have fallen out but I cant get them out of my mouth and my mouth is full of fallen out teeth. Other times I dream that my teeth are really widely spaced out, jagged and bleeding.

2. Drowning.

Last night I dreamt i was drowning in my bathroom. I had just had a shower and the heater was on. I stepped out of the shower and put on a towel. Then the whole room started filling with water and the water kept rising. I couldn't open the door; it was stuck and it wouldn't budge. The water kept rising and I started to cry. I said "Oh my God, this is my time but it shouldn't have been like this". The water never rose above my head. I somehow teleported outside of my bathroom into my living room and woke up.

3. Sliding.

From the town centre there is a giant hill to get to my house. It is a road with lots of cars and a pavement. I dream that I slide down this hill on a tray down to the bottom. I never hit anything and I never get hurt.

4. Not being able to take things off.

When I am having a naughty dream and I want to take my clothes off, I can take all off them off except for my vest and socks. Whenever I take them off, they go back onto my body instantly.

5. Magic

I dream I have magic powers but they are not very reliable. I always seem to change powers every dream, but some powers have been in a lot of dreams. I can freeze people and things with my hands, (Most reliable and mostly works). I can explode things with my hands (Least reliable, has only worked a few times, I often try to use this power and fail). Throwing fireballs (very rare but always works). Teleportation (Always works, but sometimes it happens unwillingly). Telekinesis (Moving things out of reach, extremely unreliable but has worked once). Time reversal, (has worked once). Speeding up time. (Has worked once). Levitation. (Most of the time it works).

6. Flying

I dream that I can fly, I rise up into the sky and fly. Sometimes I can control where I fly; others I can't.

I know that these are very long but I would like some help in understanding my dreams. I mostly have one of these 6 dreams every night. Thank you.

Example: 3 Dream interpretation. I'm confused.?

I had three different dreams in one. Well I think it's three. One of them was right after one but the scene was completely off topic from the other dream and I woke up and had another dream.

1. I was in my sister's grandmother's house. She has a different mother than I. So It's not my grandmother. Her grandmother lives across the street from me. I was in her house alone with 2 friends of mine. Eithan and Michelle. We were using the internet on a big laptop screen. We were trying to use the internet and it worked. We were in the living room. Then both Eithan and Michelle went to the grandmother's room to relax. I stood in the living room. Next thing you know both my sister and her mother saw a fire in the grandmother's room from outside. Then came in saying they see a fire. So all three of us went to the room. Both Eithan and Michelle disappeared and it was my sister's brothers were suddenly in the room. Eric and Kevin. Then I somehow didn't remember Eithan and Michelle ever being in the house. Both Eric and Kevin were lighting up the hookah. But it caught on fire. I used the fire extinguisher. I had a hard time getting it to work and it took out the fire. However, the hookah ended up turning into a small heater. A heater that my friend uses to light the charcoal. It looks like a small grill. The fire came back brighter. I ran to Eric's house. He lives in the back house with his wife. I got a dirty cup and got water from the sink. His wife told me never mind to not take the water. This took place in the night time.

2. Right after the first one, I was outside with my sister. But we were still at her grandmother's house. It suddenly was like 5 pm, the sun was going down, but there was still light out. It was gloomy. Over 40 people were walking out of the church that's in the corner of the street. They were all people in their mid 20's. You can tell they were faithful to the church and God. However, of the men was cussing in his conversation. He was talking to some female right in front of me and my sister. However, a strange menu out of nowhere showed up in the air. Asking me what to do about him cussing. There was many categories. And Justin Bieber was one of the categories. I was like "WTF"? So i clicked it and seen what happened. It ended up turning me into preaching about Bieber. I was saying we should love the sinner but hate the sin. Meaning, Love Justin, but to not enjoy his music. To not judge him cause only God can judge. Then I went walking home. But during that time, I ended up missing my old ways when I used to be in Church being faithful to the bible then I woke up.

3. I was in the restroom with 2 males and a female. It was the men's restroom. It was colored white and bit dirty. Before going to the restroom, I was with 3 males and one female. I didn't' know their name, but i felt I was close with them. We were like strangers though. One of the males turned into a zombie after being attacked. Then we ran into the restroom. the female got attack inside the men's stall. She turned and she was hard to destroy. She then attacked a guy in our group. She pinned him to the wall and ate his face. That's what it looked like. It turns out the guy ducked his head inside his shirt somehow. But he had not bite wounds, he was somehow dead and he turned. So it was just me and the last guy in the group. He was like a hero to me cause I relied on him. We attacked the female and the male, but I was the one that destroyed them. I destroyed them with a trash scooper. I was slicing their head and sliced their brain into pieces. then the dream ended.

(I smoked hookah. Eric doesn't smoke hookah. Kevin smokes it rarely)

Example: Curious of what my gf's dream means..She couldn't put out the fire?

My gf was over yesterday and she just randomly told me about her dream.
She said that in her dream she went into her room and then her bed just randomly burst into flames. So, she ran and got buckets of water and the fire would go down for like a second or two, but then it'll come right back.
She couldn't put out the fire in her bed AT ALL throughout her whoooole dream.

I know those kind of..weird-ish dreams have meanings behind them, so does anyone know any idea of what this dream might mean?

OH And also, after she stopped telling me about it, I thought it was kind of ironic 'cause something like that did happen to her in reality when she was younger..
She was in her bed and her heater caught her bed fire, and she was still sleeping in it until her mom came and took her out the bed and out the house and their whole house caught on fire.
I dun know if that has ANYTHING to do with her weird dream, but just thought I'd throw that in there...

But, yeah..we're both just curious as to what's the meaning of that? :/

Example: Dream: Basement walls/ceiling leaking water ?

I've had this dream twice now. I am in a basement and its raining really hard outside. I'm in the doorway of a dimly lit basement and the basement walls are leaking in water like crazy. The ceiling has broken concrete and I can see re-bar but no actual holes. The light fixtures, heaters and electrical outlets have water dripping all over them and its just pouring down. I'm really scared that I'll get electrocuted if I pass through the water into the next room on the right, but other people are walking right through the leaking rain and into the next room. The water is clear and I can hear it dripping/pouring. I remember thinking that if the basement is like this I wonder what the top floor must be like. Then realize the foundation of the building is what is leaking not the roof. Thats when I get really scared and run outside. And then I wake-up.

Does anyone have any idea what this dream can mean? Good/bad? Why does it keep recurring. In different forms. I start off in a completely different dream but it ends up in the same basement with that scared panicky feeling looking at all the water and electrical fixtures immersed in water. This dream really worries me. Please help me understand what it could mean.

Example: Bizarre Dream; what does it mean?

Allright, this is a very strange dream.
I heard my cat purring, loudly, next to my head. He does it all the time, but when I turned to say hey and pet him, I couldn't move. There was this strange pulsing feeling going through my body.. almost like a pulse of electricity, accompanied by.. almost a prismlike flash accross my vision.
Then the bed started to shake. I couldn't move, but finally managed to open my mouth and say something. The feeling stopped, and I got out of bed and walked into the living room. It was strangely very cold, even with the heater going. I heard it raining and thundering. Cept the thunder sounded really, really strange. Kinda like big things crashing into eachother, or large things cracking.
I start telling my boyfriend that there's some sort of spirit in my room and I'm not strong enough to get rid of it when he points at the window and simply comments
"Strange weather we are having."
I turn and look out the windows. They're big, kinda like a balcony, circled with big windows.
Seems we're on the top floor of a tall building.
I look down to see flooding. The water is perfectly clear and rising steadily.
I looked up and saw.. get this.. large chunks of ice. Floating in the air. I realized then this had to be a dream, because ice does not float in the air. But even in that realization, it felt strangely real. I walked up to the window, and put my hand on it. It felt really heavy. The ice looked clear, other then some cloudy ice near the middle of the block... and as I looked out I saw several other blocks of ice of varying shapes and thicknesses floating at various heights in the air, moving about in random patterns.
I then say "Strange weather indeed... " and comment about the flooding and on how we should get our stuff to safety before it floods any more...

I was just about to head down the stairs to rescue my computer, knowing it was a dream still cause, well.. my apartment doesn't have stairs, The building does but not my apartment, when I woke up.

Anybody have any idea what any of this could mean? I'm quite curious; my dreams often mean something.

Example: Can dreams predict what will happen in?

Please help me clarify what my dream means.
I keep having dreams about my crush, all of them were good
The weird thing is that we don't even talk that much

Last time, i dreamt that it was my birthday and i invited a few friends over to swim. when i went upstairs, i found some presents in my closet and my crush popped out of nowhere to join us. he didn't swim, but he and his friend were watching. It was winter time, but my pool was very warm even though it doenst have a heater. we all left the pool early because a mouse jumped into it.

I looked in a dream dictionary and it said that receiving presents and having a pool filled with water foretells tremendous luck in love and friendships.
What's gonna happen?
Does this foretell my crush and i will move forward?

Example: Rudd and his dream team?

Well it has happened , you voted for it, and i am pleased to see you are getting what you paid for . Increased taxes,higher interest rates,greater unemployment ,cut in the subsity for solar hot water rebate, and didnt the pensioers do well...they got nothing as well. But at least they can squander $40 billion in unknown accounts to do with as they please,for some extreme pork barreling. And of course the proof is there that the dream team (with a collective I.Q. slightly greater than plant life)...were your pick. Congratulations...self funded Retiree

Example: Dream about a person about to die?

i dreamed that there were two brothers, in a room, like a reception. the person that was in charge of the reception told them that the one was already dead, he just didn't know it. the other one, was certain that he was dead as well, and then, the receptionist brought out an album with some photographs. they were his, and on the top of one page, there was a label that read "gas poisoning". he told the alive brother that he would die of gas poisoning, but he can still prevent it, and he kept on saying you shouldn't thank me, but my superiors above...what does this mean?

Example: Did this dream signify anything?

Last week, I had a dream that my mom entered this contest thing, and we won. So these people came to our house and started swimming in our pool. Apparently, that was our reward. But out of nowhere, their pores start excreting this poison into the water, and we get mad at them and tell them to get out. So then they get evil and kinda go zombie-like. I go into my mom's room and tell her to wake up, but she just says "5 more minutes!" Then I go outside. I guess their weakness is heat, because the next thing I know, my sister is laying down on the ground, using her mind powers to fix a pool heater that's UNDER the concrete. So to help her, so the zombies don't prevent that, I start beating everybody up with a pool noodle... Someone starts making fun of me, so I beat them up more. Then, my sister fixed the heater, and they all just got a defeated look on their faces, and said they'd go. So they all go through my mom's bedroom while she's sleeping, and they're making a lot of noise, but neither my mom nor my dog wake up. Then they leave, and somebody I don't know, but was my best friend in the dream said "Hey, I got my older brother, Spencer to clean up your backyard for you." I thanked him, and looked on the side of the house. EVERYTHING that was previously there was just beyond the gate... In a huge pile... Then I woke up. What the hello kitty did this dream mean?

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