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Dream About Water Polo meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Help interpret these dreams i had today.?

i had a dream where i went on many different adventures, i remember bits and pieces but i remember we went into the water(huge body of water) and we had some type of flotation device that we can lay on on our stomaches and we had to paddle with our arms doing breast strokes and kick with our feet we were trying to get to the other side cant remember the specific reason, but i remember just thinking about sharks, and trying to keep up with everyone because it was grueling i felt like my arms and feet were getting real tired. I also remember swimming in a pool, it was a friend of mine that i train martial arts with anyways we were playing some kind of marco polo game except we didnt say it he would swim after me and i was let my breath go and sink below and try to escape, i remember when i would sink to the bottom i would gasp for air so i would push off of the pool's bottom to push me back up to the surface and the few times i did it i flew high up in the air and fell back down.

skipping to another scene of my dreams

im in an airplane with many different people feels like i know them and all of a sudden sections started to rip open like the movies where someone bust the window open and it tears a huge whole and people start to get sucked right out of it... so i grabbed the seat close to the pilot are you know the seats where the flight attendants sit at facing toward the people, well i sat there put my seatbelt on.. and i think that dream cuts off right there

i also had a similiar dream except we were in a golf cart, i think it was more like those carts you see in the airport, and i think we all got done doing something cant really remember i think we all went to a water park because the past week i been having a recurring dream of going to the water park, so we all got on and i think kate and 3-4 of her kids (from jon & kate plus 8 show lol) were on, but then the cart starts to shake and people are thrown off of it. i assume this and the airplane dream represent something in my life i dont know how to handle, but idk, thats why im asking yall to interpret it. Thank You, also all of these dreams just happend today.

Your dreams appear due to a need to ventilate many things that may be keeping your mind busy and perhaps fed by some stress or lack of rest lately.

While parts of the theme come together to suggest some things about how you may deal with life and events, much of what you describe is a bit random unless you can attach more context about daily life to it. In general, flying or swimming as you describe - the surreal kind of experience - has to do with exuberant power or some feeling of overcoming ordinary obstacles in extraordinary ways. One can get a feeling of freedom - you feared sharks but found ways around the threat. You needed air and flew to and past the surface - exhilerating! Think of the feeling of power or control that may have left you with - that could be key to understanding whatever meaning may be there.

You were with others so the experience was shared - that is interesting. Very often we are alone with such powers in our dreams - either we cannot follow others, or they cannot follow us. In your case the events are more communal - consider whether that could relate to a desire to conform for the sake of enjoying things as others do.

That you skip around to different events and settings is what very much suggests fatigue, stress, lack of rest or perhaps just much on your mind of late. The dream becomes rather random - and quite busy. It does come to resemble more of a data-dump at points - which is a normal function of all dreams, even where 'meanings' are present. The characters and things are all familiar to you somehow - also normal - the mind grabs what it knows to create the vivid projections we variously see and feel, enjoy, fear, or become puzzled by in our dreams.

One other interesting detail really emerges when you dream of being in the airplane near the pilots - in the jump seat: notice how you are where you can observe others - and you are in a very observable place. What might appeal about that? In all cases you are moving and in all cases the ride is exciting, one way or another. Do you wish to have freedom from or control of others around you or a place that is familiar?

One last thought on the action-oriented happenings - what is your body state when you dream? Are you comfortable, or is it possible that you are going through some unconfortable things like sleeping posture, bedding that is not so comfortable, trouble breathing at times or even any evidence of physical activity in your sleep? Some people move in ways during sleep and dreaming that suggest some of the things you recall from the dream - one can be coupled to the other, even to the extent that physical suggestions bring on the projections of vivid dreaming. Rushing to the surface from the bottom of the pool could easily coincide with a bit of sleep apnea - shortness of breath in sleep - even gasping for fresh air in your sleep could bring about a sensation that would bring you scooting to the surface of a pool in a dream.

Consider these things. While there could be all manner of meanings within such a set of dreams, you may well have some stress or even physical disturbances going on in your sleep. Ensure your sleeping quarters are straight and comfortable and that you have good sleep habits, such as bed times and not eating too close to sleep, etc. If anyone has observed you sleeping and notes snoring or signs of physical discomfort, it may be worth looking into a sleep study.

All these things are possibilities and therefore perhaps worth your while to consider - that's an awesome string of active dreams you described, consider all of this carefully in your personal context as you know it.

All the best to you.

Example: Dream meaning balcony?

I was on the balcony of my childhood home and was standing there talking to my boss,He was very nice to me (he’s like that in real life), we looked down and the street was full of water Like a big pool, the water was clear and there was a lot of people swimming and playing in the water... my boss decided to jump off the balcony into the pool to play with all these people, he was winning most of the games, probably playing water polo.. on the contrary I did not jump just stay on the balcony watching them play, when they finished playing he came back into the room (which was a room but in my dream it was the workplace) and there were more people, then he said we could go home earlier
I’m just wondering what could it mean?


Example: Ive had 3 dreams all taking place at different beaches. what does this mean?

my first dream i had i was on the cliffs of a beach and dove into the ocean and swam underneath to an underwater spectator area and i saw a bunch of friends from my recent water polo team. then then next night i had a dream about being on a beach sitting in the sand with one of my guy friends and a fat man approaches us and drops his trousers. and the most recent last night. i was at the beach with a bunch of friends from a former water polo team this beach i cannot describe. im not sure why each dream is at a beach. and what this means. any help would be awesome

Example: Dream meaning(Part 1) please leave answers on the third part!?

The dream starts out walking into the pool area in my school. I drop of my items in a locker (my towel and clothes). The pool area contains four square pools arranged in a square pattern. I enter a pool where my friend is and he's playing water polo with his teammates from the schools water polo team (my actual school doesn't have a water polo team). The class ends and I get out then walk to my locker. To my surprise, my towel is gone and my undershirt ( I originally had a button-down shirt, undershirt, khakis, and my sneakers). I throw on my pants and button-up but because I'm a larger guy, it doesn't close all the way but that's the way I like wearing my shirts. I talk to one of my schools hall monitors and she said the nurse probably has an extra towel and shirt. I walk down to the nurses office soaking wet but just when I'm about to get there, I notice my bio teacher outside and walk out to ask her if she had a towel.

Example: Can someone interpret these weird dreams?

I had two dream this week that were weird. My first dream involves my mom that passed away last month and the other involves a dream that I had with my sister. I sent my sister an email today telling her about my dream. I copied and paste that email below.

My dream with mom was that she called me from a hospital, it wasn’t St. Francis Bartlett, it was some other type of hospital. She said “Eric I am good now, they have fixed all my problems, I no longer have the trake and I can walk and talk. Come and take me home I feel great.” In my dream I was a little nervous because I thought maybe she was calling me because she wanted to leave the hospital and I was afraid of her getting another fall back. Either way I went to the hospital and she was looking real good, she had meat on her body and she even had her hair dyed and all. She looked exactly how she looked in that picture on the swing that Angelica has. From there the dream kind of drifts away.

The dream I had last night wasn’t so nice, but it DIDN”T have to do with mom. You were in my dream however. We were in your house downstairs, looking for some stuff of a man that lived in your house many years ago. The man was a very wealthy man and was involved in playing Polo and games of that sort. Anyway we’re downstairs but your downstairs in my dream isn’t the same as your downstairs in real life. We are in this closet and we see a wooden door on the floor, the man dug a hole in the closet and made a door to stuff all his things.

Here’s where it gets creepy. We opened the door and inside were satanic comic books that he made. Inside he drew pictures on how he killed people after playing his Polo games and how he tortured people. He had one book that showed some sort of evil Jesus crucified on a cross and inside these books there were maps of evil check points in the world. You were showing me these books as you were taking them out of the hole. I asked you in my dream if this man was still alive and you said maybe. I then for some reason had the shovel he used to dig the hole and I said lets go upstairs because it is safe. We went upstairs and I locked the doors, no one was home only us (weird) and we went to what is now Natalie’s room. Natalie’s room ended up being moms room in her old house @ 1141. I then I got a text message from a friend from work. She sent me a video of what appeared to be UFO’s in the sky, a lot of them. From there my dream drifted away.

Example: What does this weird dream mean? Help?

Sorry, its a little long... what does it mean?

I had pink hair and blue eyes and was in a white dress the whole time. And I went to this boarding school that looked like a cathedral.
For some reason I was going to leave that school soon. I was done with my studies there, but my parents had not picked me up yet. There was one other student in my situation, Croy (that was his name, for some reason). He was friendly with blonde hair and blue eyes.
All of the students (ranging from ages 5-12) (I was thirteen) were in those seats. . Just to let you know, this place was MASSIVE. The ceiling was HUGE and the building was entirely made of grayish-blue stone. It made you feel very small and vulnerable. At the near top there was a circular stained glass window that was very simple with one round peice in the middle and eight peices around it. It was all spring colors. Below that was a stadium like thing about ten by thirteen seats.
So, I started out looking up at the stain glass window in the middle of it's pool of light. I looked up for about a minute at how huge it was, but I wasn't fazed. I had grown up in this boarding school. The cathedrial thing was shaped like a rectangle . I decided to find Croy so I walked to the left on the polished black granite floor and found him at the indoor beach that the students used. All the students were in their seats right now, we did not have to join them, so Croy was surfing in a white polo and black slacks (we did not have any bathing suits) (school regulations).
The beach was an expanse of water with a wave maker and sand. It didn't look very beach-like to me. There was also weird mist that floated around everywhere above our head in purple and green. So I walked through the two hazes and there was a sunset and a golden orange sky.
I watched Croy surf, then he saw me. He waved and came to the shore (he had a blue surfboard with a white stripe down the middle). "Hey, Rachel, would you like to go surfing?" "What?!" He grabbed my hand and helped me up, then led me to the water. "Come on! It'll be fun!" I reluctantly sat on the surfboard and he pushed/swam me out into the water. Then he got on behind me and we waited for a big wave. A large one came and so we stood up. He showed me the right position and then the wave hit. We rode on top of it, laughing. Then the board tipped and we summersaulted into the sand, still laughing. "See, was that so bad?" He said.
"No, it was alot of fun!" I said. We retrived the board and talked on the sand for a long time, drying off in the "sun". Then we walked out of the haze and back into the "Auditorium" as I called it. Then we went into this office because Croy had to ask one of the workers something.
There was a worker there with glasses and a frowning face. Her arm was practicly sliced open. It was gushing blood. The lady barely noticed! "Um, mam, you need to go to the infirmary right away." Croy said. "No!" she said. "You need to go to the infirmary!" she yelled. "You must stay here so we can have children of our own. We will keep you!" I thought that she had gone insane. Like she wanted to keep us like pets forever. But we soon noticed that the other workers were closing in on us. They were walking strangely, not limping, but not normal. Then one threw a chair at Croy. It struck his leg. "Are you okay!?" I said.  "I'll be fine." He replied, standing up.
I grabbed a fountian pen and jabbed one of them in the arm. The blood spilled out, but then was sucked back in and the wound closed. "They can re-heal!?" I screamed in disbelif. Croy used his surfboard as a weapon/sheild. They chased us  like zombies out into the Auditorium. Then we saw all the parents in their seats (judging by the amount, it seemed like there were 5 for each student). They gasped as they saw me and Croy fighting for your lives with a surfboard and a fountian pen. The students screamed and some cried.
Suddenly, the workers froze. Me and Croy stopped, confused, then these men in black (they looked like secret agents) grabbed from behind and pressed tazers to our necks. The parents were yelling about how this was such an outrage and were starting to get out of their seats. Then a woman's voice came on a big speaker.
"I would stay still if I were you." Her voice vibrated off the walls, giving it a scary aspect. Everyone froze. "We are going to keep your children." Out of nowhere these twelve black boxes dropped down around the kids in the seats. They started screaming and crying for their parents. "If you tell anyone about this, they will die. Besides, we have many more in storage." A freshe patch of haze in purple and green came out and moved to each side of the massive room. When the haze touched the walls, they dissapeard in a flash, revealing long corridors, as high as the auditorium, filled with children. They were all in school uniform, standing in a straight lines. Thier face were put into grins, with string or wire, like coraline (If you

Example: What does this dream mean?

so in the last 3 weeks i havent had any dreams cuz im always tired as **** from swimming and water polo but then i had this crazy dream that i remember like it happened but it doesnt make sense lol so my friend said i should post it. so im on a date in like sicily on one of those boats with erin this girl i like and fabio.. (wierd?!) and then we wereo n the moon and then i was in a kitchen (on the moon?) and i sat down on nothing and ate a grenade...sooo wierd!

Example: What is PADI means in Scuba Diving?

I have seen the term PADI related to scuba diving.

Example: I often dream I am on a Water Polo or Swim Team?

Does this mean I have the desire to join one? In the dreams I'm only wearing a speedo and jumping in the pool. What does this mean?

Example: My name is timothy and I want to play professional water polo?

My name is Timothy and I would like to play professional water polo how do I become a professional water polo player.

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