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Dream About Water Purifier meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Kind Of Small Animal Should I Get?!?!?!?Help Please?

I don't want a hamster nor guinea pig.I would prefer a sugar glider or maybe a money OR bunny.I'm able to pay for their needs but i would just like to know what i should get and what they will need!Thanks in advance,And God Bless :]

Not sure but you mentioned a money... did you mean monkey? Lol, don't even know what to say about a monkey but we can all use some money.

If you're still asking questions about gliders, then you shouldn't get one-- research is key. They are a lot of work and not good as a casual pet. They can live 15 years. When you wanna hang with friends, travel, or go to college (assuming that's relevant), they will still need your time. They should be kept in pairs or more: keeping one glider = 3-4 hours a day, 2 or more = 1-2 hours a day ideally. They are prone to depression and self mutilation if not kept properly. They cannot be litter box trained and may take years to bond. They require a large cage for movement and toys. They will require nail trimmings and exotic vet visits. You cannot just give them pellets or feed like most animals; they require a varied diet with balanced nutrition. They are nocturnal and will keep you up with barking and playing. So if you're about the zzzz's then you're gonna hate it. (mine wake around 8PM and go to bed around 6AM). I'm not saying they're not rewarding. But they require patience and time.

I had a Netherland dwarf and he was awesome. I trained him to use the litter box and obey commands using a water gun. He was very active and even chased the cat around. He didn't smell too bad as long as the cage was kept clean. He was prone to chewing cords so watch out for that. Chinchillas are about the same as rabbits but need more space for exercise and play and will require dust baths. My buddy has 3 and he loves them. They are also typically nocturnal.

Birds, depending on the species, are fun too. Have had 2 cockatiels, 1 parakeet, and 2 love birds. They usually sleep when you do and the maintenance is easy. Lovebirds are LOUD! The parakeet was very affectionate and chatty and the cockatiels were very responsive and great at interaction and games. My oldest one lived 26 years.

Ferrets are also super fun but don't let anyone tell you that they don't smell, even with their glands removed. You can't frequently bathe them to get rid of it either. That will strip their skin of oil, creating skin complications and even more oil production. Mine was fun when he wasn't stealing my socks; he was super playful and used a litter box. he never bit me but all are different. Mine was fairly adept at getting the pantry door open and raiding, so you'll have to child proof the house or room you keep it in. I used an air purifier to keep the area from smelling too crazy but you can't totally get rid of it. By far the coolest, most playful, and the smelliest pet. I would actually consider getting another one. Hope anything that I've offered helps! Take care and good luck. Feel free to email with any questions. Just though about this but have you ever thought of a hedgehog?

By the way, I've said this before and I will keep saying this:
The website that jojo recommends is horrible reference. Nothing personal but she should stop recommending this site for every question she answers. One of their "glider recipes" involves using Pam cooking spray and baking (this removes the nutrients in raw food); and another uses Karo syrup to sweeten! WHAT! This is the first site I've come across with any of this type of misinformation. Hopefully she's not actually feeding gliders this processed mess. Some of the recipes are fine, but cooking aids and refined sugars = fat, sick gliders. A diet should be comparable to what is found in the wild and I doubt that they get their veggies with cooking spray or cooked at all for that matter. All I can say is wow... try BML or Leadbeater's and additional veggies, fruit, and protein. I wouldn't dream of feeding my gliders that stuff. If anyone disagrees with me, please let me know. I would love to know what I'm missing here.

Example: 3 separate dreams about family members having babies?

I keep having dreams about members of my family, both male and female, having babies. 1st dream: I had a dream a few weeks ago about someone having a baby, and leaving the baby. Me and my mother then choose to take care of the baby our selves. I fall asleep during the dream, and wake up to the baby crying. I get up to feed the baby, and the baby is laying in a fishtank. When i look in the fish tank, the baby is not there.
2nd dream: I am at some kind of social event. my mother tells me shes pregnant with a baby. My mother in real life is 54, so i know that the dream is talking about me (represented by my mother). She tells me that she has some new boyfriend. I see him, but i'm afraid to say anything to him. He's tall and very masculine, and in the dream that intimidated me.
3rd dream: I dreamnt that i went with some girl who i thought was my girlfriend, to some lake. We decide to get in a boat, and go fishing. When we get in the shallow part of the water, i get into the water and start picking up random things. I find some kind of air purifier/fan, and then i put it back in the water. I ask if we should go to the deep parts of the lake so that we can catch some fish, but my girlfriend is to scared(i think the girlfriend is my anima). When we get back to my house, my mother is there, and she tells me that my brother is having a baby. He's scared to take care of the baby, and that angers me. I start to think about having the baby. I then decide to explore a few rooms in the house. I come across this room where the carpet is filthy, and my old P.E. coach from high school lives in there. For some reason he has an asthma attack (i have asthma in real life) and tries to use some inhaler, but it doesn't work. I go back to the lake and get the air purifier from the shallow river bed, and decide tot ake it back to him.

What do these symbols mean?

Example: Does anyone have any info on an American retiree living in Mexico.?

If the retiree is mostly dependent on SSI, can he still draw his ss checks in Mexico? I've been hearing amazing stories of how cheaply one can live there. Utility bills at $6 a month. That sounds pretty good to me since I'm paying almost $200 now. I understand the water is not real good but a home purifier is not that costly. And food cost about 1/4 the cost you pay here in the states. Might just be pipe dreams but this sounds like Utopia to me. since I have no land ties. Anyone have any info>

Example: How can we all save the world ?

Example: Living on a desereted island?

i want to live to get away from this crazy city life always tryin to keep up with the jones's i just want a simple life were i am not bothred by the gov about taxes telling me i have to have a permit for everything i do so i decided to look into starting a simple life on a desereted island i would take a gun ammo bow and arrows fishing polls traps rope axe a salt water purifier and build a log cabin and just live a good simple life anybody know of any desereted islands and any tips anybody share the same dream?rope axe a salt water purifier and build a log cabin and just live a good simple life anybody know of any desereted islands and any tips anybody share the same dream?

Example: RAMADAN: Did Rasoolallah (saww) pray on Turba?

The Prophet (SAW) said: The earth (dust) is made for me a place for prostration (masjid) and a purifier (in tayammum). [Sahih Bukhari, v1, p86, kitab al tayamum; Sahih Muslim, v2, p64, kitab al masjid wa mawadi al salat]

Qutaybah informed us and said, 'Abbas reported from Muhammed ibn `Amr, from Sa'id ibn al-Harith, from Jabir ibn Abdullah, who said: When we were performing the dhuhur prayers with the Messenger of Allah (SAW), I picked up a handful of stones (gravely dust) in the palm of my hand, cooling them and shifting them to the other palm, and when prostrating I would place them to put my forehead on. [Sunan Al-Nisa'i (sahih), v2, p204, bab tabrid al-hasa li al sujood 'alayha]

Narrated Mu'aiqib: The Prophet talked about a man leveling the earth on prostrating, and said, "If you have to do so, then do it once." [Sahih Bukhari 2.298]

Narrated Anas bin Sirin: I heard Anas saying, "A man from Ansar said to the Prophet, 'I cannot pray with you (in congregation).' He was a very fat man and he prepared a meal for the Prophet and invited him to his house. He spread out a mat (like a khumra) for the Prophet, and washed one of its sides with water, and the Prophet prayed two Rakat on it." A man from the family of Al-Jaruid asked, "Did the Prophet used to pray the Duha (forenoon) prayer?" Anas said, "I did not see him praying the Duha prayer except on that day." [Sahih Bukhari 1.639]

Narrated Abu Salama from Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri: I asked Abu Sa'id, and he was a friend of mine, (about the Night of Qadr) and he said, "We practiced Itikaf (seclusion in the mosque) in the middle third of the month of Ramadan with the Prophet . In the morning of the 20th of Ramadan, the Prophet came and addressed us and said, 'I was informed of (the date of the Night of Qadr) but I was caused to forget it; so search for it in the odd nights of the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan. (In the dream) I saw myself prostrating in mud and water (as a sign). So, whoever was in I'tikaf with me should return to it with me (for another 10-day's period)', and we returned. At that time there was no sign of clouds in the sky but suddenly a cloud came and it rained till rain-water started leaking through the roof of the mosque which was made of date-palm leaf stalks. Then the prayer was established and I saw Allah's Apostle prostrating in mud and water and I saw the traces of mud on his forehead." [Sahih Bukhari 3.233 & 3.235]

Narrated Anas bin Malik: We used to pray with the Prophet in scorching heat, and if someone of us could not put his face on the earth (because of the heat) then he would spread his clothes and prostrate over them. [Sahih Bukhari 2.299]

"Make your forehead dusty with earth!" [Kanz al-Ummal by Al-Hindi, vol.7, p465, hadith#1981]

Qutaybah informed us and said, 'Abbas reported from Muhammed ibn `Amr, from Sa'id ibn al-Harith, from Jabir ibn Abdullah, who said: When we were performing the dhuhur prayers with the Messenger of Allah (SAW), I picked up a handful of stones (gravely dust) in the palm of my hand, cooling them and shifting them to the other palm, and when prostrating I would place them to put my forehead on. [Sunan Al-Nisa'i (sahih), v2, p204, bab tabrid al-hasa li al sujood 'alayha]

Imam Sadiq said: 'The prostration is allowed only on earth, or on what grows from the earth, except that which can be eaten or worn.' [Wasa'il al-Shia, vol.3, ch.1, p591, hadith#1]

Example: Need help! what to get girlfriend for 30th birthday.?

its my girlfriends 30th birthday soon. i cant think of something to get her, any help would be great.

Example: Is it possible to survive without technology?

Thanks guys for the candid and quick response. I wish I could vote you all 'Best Answer'.
I gather from all your responses(5 yet) that it is possible. I am in my early 30s but already sick,weary,disinclined,indifferent to the city and its ways. I feel I am leading a superficial life. I love my family and would allow my only son(4 months at the moment) to choose the kind of life he desires. Financially I am quite well off and would be able to afford the best education for him. But as for me, I am quite decided.
Been working with high end technology and computers but after all these 8 years I realize that I would be happier living closer to the ground, the way nature would like me to, the way I probably should.
I hope someday I will make a happy home at my dream farm and will definitely have all your advice in mind. Thanks a ton!

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