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Dream About Water Skin meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to hit something in your dream e.g water or wood whilst on a boat?

i have had two horrible nightmares including boats-The first, i was on a huge cruise ship type thing when suddenly there were MAHUSIVE waves ! the boat went far up the wave before it turned upside down an d i fell of. I then was falling towards the deck and woke up just before hitting the deck. The second i was on the mast of a smaller ship and again there were waves but smaller then the first dream. I fell again but i went straight through the water hard and didnt wake up. I could physically feel myself go through the water. The dream carried on from there, but that isn't too relevant.

i havnt had another one of these dreams yet - but they scare me so much im frightened of sleeping -
any help?!?!?!?!

Water is about your emotional state, and the condition of the water speaks of the condition of your emotions. The imagery of a tsunami like wave hitting your boat and causing you to fall or your boat to fall over suggests a recent event has caused a great emotional upheaval in your life, that something has "rocked your boat" in a big way. That the boat and waves are smaller and the action is less violent in the second dream suggests that you are starting to ride through this upheaval, and the emotional impact of it is starting to recede, so things are getting smaller and less violent there. As you progress through the emotions associated with the source of upheaval, you may have this dream again with even smaller waves and calmer action. If you do, note it as progress.
Edit: The worm entering your hand suggests a parasite, and it's location on your hand suggests that while you are trying to get a "handle" on the situation, it is emotionally draining to you, a parasite feeds off of your energy.you got treatment where the doctor said he had to cut off your skin, the action of the parasite and removal of the skin suggests that the situation has gotten "under your skin" so to speak, but that you sought treatment and were treated suggests also that you are still moving in a direction of healing from the upheaval.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have just woken totaly panicked, can anyone tell me what the dream means.
ok heres what I drempt-
me and a friend were in my home when we heard a thud behind the door, my cat hissed and when i looked it was a really black rat ( it was as big as my cat), i asked my freind to help me catch it but she wouldnt, i finally caught it and it bite me, I tried to let it go out the window but it kept coming back! When it come back the last time, I caught it and it savagely bite me, drawing loads of blood! this time i decided it was going to keep attacking me so i threw it in a bath of water and it turned to a pink skin colour, when it tried to climb out I held it under the water and wouldnt let it go!

here was when I woke because I felt like I couldnt breathe for what ever reason(it wasnt me that was being drownded so i dont understand y i couldnt breathe), but one of my fears is not being able to breathe!

can anyone help

Example: Meaning behind the dream?

well it starts off with me about to take a bath. but its not in my bathtub or restroom. the bathtub is like one of those old white shallow ones with the four legs at the base. well anyway, i turn the nob, get undressed, then slip in. i put my headphones in my ears. pick a song, close my eyes then as soon as my ipod leaves my fingers onto the table beside the tub i hear like a sniffle. i freak and open my eyes an once i do im no longer in a restroom. im in like a desert outside, where the ground is cracked and gray. ugly. i look down into the water but its not water anymore either, it this black sticky tar looking stuff. i slowly stand up and im wearing clothes now, but im still cover in this disgusting fowl smelling gunk. i get out of this tub and start to walk. everything is dead. the sky is like black, depressing and hopeless [[i have a sort of odd obsession with the sky in reality so this really hit me hard in the chest when i see it]]. then i finally see a sliver of silver light in the horizon and i just start running to it but the more i run the farther it looks so i stop. then it just disappears, and its completely pitch black. then this LOUD purr of what sounds like a huge generator vibrates through the air and i turn around to see a single beam of light shining down on a woman, slender, and in a black tutu. a ballerina i guess. she starts to dance in place, spinning and moving her arms around. she reminds me of like one of those ballerinas in jewelry boxes. I get closer to her and see the black crap that im covered in is in her hair. like gel slicking her hair back into a bun. i get to the edge of where the narrow light meets the dark but i dont step into the light. but when i do that shes spinning and she very slowly stops. like in slow motion. then finally she freezes. and i stare at her. for a real long time, until i muster up the courage to step forward. but before my foot goes forward i stuck a deep breath in like im being strangled and i wake up.

nearly half way on the floor hanging off my bed. im guessing i scared myself wake by the sensation of me falling.

but i REALLY REALLY want to know what this means. i have really strange dreams, im just really lost.

any help?

please and thank you. ~♥

Example: I had a dream my skin was melting from acid what does that mean?

in my dream i stuck my hand in a bucket of what i thought was water but it turned out to be acid then slowly my hands started to melt then all the way up my arms

Example: What does my dream about ants crawling in my skin mean?

In this dream I noticed a few ants crawling on my hand. I had no idea where they were coming from, but I kept seeing more and more. I then realized that they were crawling OUT of my hand, and I pulled back the skin on the back of my hand and I saw a tunnel full of ants. I freaked out, and I begged my dad to take me to the surgeon immediately. The surgeon poured some chemical on my hand that was supposed to kill the ants. I don't feel pain in my dreams, but I believed it was painful. Soon, the chemical traveled all through the tunnels, and you could see where the tunnels were under my skin, and they traveled up from both my hands up to my shoulders. The surgeon then gave me anesthesia so he could remove the dead ants and check how deep they were in my skin. Afterwords, I don't remember much except people mishandling me, like giving me bear hugs right after I got surgery on my arms.

This dream honestly freaked me out, but it wasn't a nightmare (I've only had two of those my entire life). I woke up fine, so I suppose it was just a stress dream. Was this dream just about my fear of getting my wisdom teeth out in a couple days? I didn't think I was that scared, because I usually have no fear of blood, needles, and such. Then again the holes in my sister's mouth after she got her teeth out unsettled me.

Any Thoughts?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Dream I had: I was following a crowd of people around my age (i'm 21) toward a lake and some of my cousins and other family members were there too. The dirt path towards the lake was full of sh*t so I walked around it. Everyone else was walking thru it. I got bi*ched at by lil wayne who seemed to be guiding everyone. Then his face changed and he had creamy yellow skin like the inside of a banana color and big black eyes like a gray alien. My aunt was sitting in a chair by the dock and said drink some of this, it was alcohol mixed with something else. She said its knowledge, it will give you the advantage and said ignore the crowd and do what you feel is right. So I jumped in the lake off the dock right after drinking a big sip. it felt great then someone jumped on top of me and I fell deeper underwater and I almost drowned trying to resurface. Then when I got back on the dock lil wayne the alien bi*ched again and said what was I thinking I wasnt allowed to go in the water and im an idiot basically. Then he stared with his black eyes and demanded I make something (i forgot what). I said im not gonna be any part of his evil crap. Then he tried forcing me telepathically to listen to him. Fighting the urge to listen was hard but managable then I woke up. Also lil wayne was 6'5 more or less . Im 5'8

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well, in this dream, I was standing on a beach…the really beautiful ones where they take the picture with the white horses running on it…everyone has seen one. Anyway, the white horses were running down the beach….I thought it was gorgeous, so I sat down to watch them. All of a sudden, these huge dogs were running behind them. They were immaculate and terrifying all at the same time. There were 5 of them. I would presume that they were a pack, and the first one was the alpha. The biggest was a dark gray, nearly black, color; its left hind paw was white. It could have easily stood at 6’5. The one behind it wasn’t much smaller then the first, probably 6’2, was a light sand color. The other three looked about the same height, 6’0 maybe an inch shorter. Two of the three were a dark chocolate brown. The last was a white one, it had a black muzzle, but was slower then the rest. They started biting the horse’s legs. It seemed to hurt the horses, but they didn’t stop. The ocean turned a deep red, like blood, every time the waves would crash on land the watery blood would linger, it wouldn’t recede right away. The horses turned and ran into the ocean, coming up covered in the blood-colored water. I thought they would shake their heads and some of the color would come off, but they didn’t and it seemed to dye their manes, tails and fur. The wild dogs merely waited for them to come out of the water. The horses didn’t act scared anymore, they ran with the dogs instead of away. The white dog spotted me and attacked. I didn’t fight it off, I just put my head down and it ripped out my hair. Once it bit my skin I got an urge to go down to the water, it followed until the water hit my toes, and waited like it had for the horses. I slipped and drowned in the water, and the dog got tired of waiting and left me there.

That’s it. It’s a long story, but I would really like to know that people think it means. It scared me very badly. It’s on my mind a lot.

Example: I had a dream of a scarf and an amputated hand floating in rough running waters. What does it mean?

I cant remember everything, I recall seeing a scarf falling into fast running water and so I went after it. I didn't want to swim after it so I ran through this dark large building compound to cut it off on the other side of the building where I could intersect the scarf in the water. I reached the other side of the compound where I was greeted with normal day light and three girls standing around and in my way. I ran and jumped over the girls reaching incredible heights with a single leap and landed in the water, but missed the floating scarf by a couple seconds. I noticed the current of the water was so strong that it pushed me along like I was weightless. So rather than keep floating with the current, I swam in the same direction of the current to catch up faster and I reached it.

But when I grabbed and pulled the scarf, a black severed hand was attached to it gripped on the opposite end of the scarf. It was not my hand cuz I saw both my hands while I was swimming and also my skin is not black.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Normally I remember little about my dreams but the other night was an exception. It was very scattered as usual but very vivid nonetheless.

I am 16 years old and in the dream in question I had abandoned my family and arrived in a dirty industrial city which was alien to me. I holed up in a grubby flat for the night and ended up sharing a room with three chinese people. One guy and 2 girls all in their early 20's. I didn't really communicate with them and assumed they didn't speak english.

Then in the early hours of the morning the guy woke me up and told me in perfect english that we had to leave. He said men in suits were coming to "exterminate drifters like us". Puzzled I took his word for it and the four of us spent the day in a shopping centre hiding amongst shoppers despite the fact we were penniless. We returned to discover the flat to discover it was burnt to the ground and were indeed spotted by a guy wearing a suit and holding a device akin to that in ghostbusters.

We fled to the outskirts of the city and ran up this mountain all the while being chased by a group. By the time we began to descend the other side it was getting dark and we were exhausted. We fled into the woods below but the girls soon became separated from us. And the chasers were hot on our heels. We soon split unintentionally and I blindly tripped over a rock knocking myself unconscious.

When I awoke the woods were full of light and life, it was at odds with the dark heavy rainfall prior to that point. On a trail nearby was a procession of a load of people in my year at school, none of them my friends, largely people I don't really talk to. I myself am starting a new school in a different country in real life and in the case of the dream I had quit. I joined the group without any acknowledgement from any pupil or teacher. After a few hours of solid walking with me far in front of everyone else I reached the destination, a castle built on a headland out to sea.

I entered the castle and in one wall was a gaping hole which exposed a flooded room with the waves crashing in and a hole leading to the sea in one corner. I stood looking at it for a while then three pupils came up and entered the water. To me it looked extremely dangerous and the waves were rough but they seemed fine. I jumped in after them and ended up being thrashed about on the rocks. All the while they ignored me. They just stared at me and then continued doing whatever it was they were doing. I was knocked out.

I woke up still in the castle a few days later in a bed. A kindly women filled me in and my former schoolmates had since moved on. Instead a girls school were there consisting largely of strangers and a few girls I know. I chatted with them for a while but soon the corridor cleared. I opened a door to find a bed. Thinking it was mine I got in only to discover to my terror that there was a baby in it. Except it was deformed and it skin was uber sensitive as if it had been burnt. I freaked and it started to wail loudly. The women burst in and started shouting angrily at me. Next thing I know I'm in a cell with the chinese guy and then it ends.

I know it drags on a lot and I don't know i it's maybe two dreams spliced into one but i'd really appreciate it if someone interpreted it or gave it a shot.

Thanks a lot

Example: Well, when you dream about fishes crawling under your skin , what does it mean?

I dream that I went to go excrete at the bathroom and when i try to release my bowel movement water and fishes came out instead of bowel movement. Water and fishes came out flowing to the floor and when i got up fishes began to crawl under my skin. The fishes stayed under my skin like it was part of me and I began to worry and I started to ask people what was wrong with me. And as I asked everyone, almost everybody was telling me that i had a specific disease. And then I became more worried and asked my mom to take me to the emergency room.

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