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Dream About Water Tower meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this mean in a dream?

A really vivid dream in which I was climbing down a water tower or a chimney-like structure or something and the space kept getting smaller and smaller and the entrance at the bottom, out of which I thought I would crawl, ended up being so small even my head couldn't fit through it. Kind of claustrophobic and musty and very unpleasant.

I don't believe in dream symbolism in the sense of "consult a dream dictionary". But in the context of anyone's everyday life, what could it mean?

Smells often serve as reminders of people, places and things – note your own association with the smell in question
Using instinct or intuition, smelling something out
Searching or investigating
A trace or indication of something that is not immediately apparent e.g. he smells of money
Needing to slow down and acknowledge the goodness in life, smell the roses
Needing to wake up and comprehend something, smell the coffee
Sensing victory or being aware of your opponent’s weakness, smelling blood
Detecting that something is wrong, fishy, unethical; something smells


To dream that you are climbing down something indicates that you need to acknowledge and take notice of your unconscious. You are expressing some hesitance and reservation with delving into your more negative feelings. Alternatively, it suggests that you may be feeling low or emotionally drained.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was at the beach and there were limestone cliffs that all of the people were standing on. (it was night time) and there was a HUGE tsunami higher than a 5 story building. The water was pitch black. Then, right before it crashed onto us, it swooped down and started whirlpooling into a giant twister. Many people died, then I woke up.
What does that mean?

Dream #2
I was in a city, the sky was whitish grey, cold outside. The only building in the whole city was a giant clock tower. When the clock striked 12, all of the pigeons on the top of the tower flew away. Then the dream ends. I've had that dream about 4 times now

Example: What does my dream about drowning in blood mean?

I had this dream where i'm drowning in a bowl of something, like a huge water tower full of blood and i'm drowning in it. Like i can't swim. help this dream scared me, and I can't eat or drink anything that has the color of blood now without feeling anxious and nacisous.

Example: What would floods mean in a dream?

I had a dream last night in which i and my family went to a beach-side restaurant. My mom, brother and I were in the sand playing with the waves.. And suddenly a wave as high as a 100 floored tower rose. I held my brother's hand and we ran. When I went back inside the restaurant there was no water there. The huge wave had only hit the exteriors. I remember think that I was willing to die that minute.

I had a fight with my boyfriend last night. Does that have anything to do with this?

Example: World Trade Center Dream meaning?

Ok had one of the weirdest nonsensical dreams i've ever had last night. Started off normal enough i was on the usual Monday morning train heading to work with my coffee when suddenly i became aware that the train was no longer on a track, the train was going down the main road amongst the other cars. I looked around and everyone seemed fine by this. The train was going down this main road with the rest of the traffic like a very fast tram. I looked out of my window and looked up and saw the Two Towers there smoking. I remember thinking why has the train come down here i dont work here. (I'm not even from New York). Just as the train was turning away from it the tower began to callapse. The rumble all around me was insain, i looked out of the window again and saw huge peaces of debris falling just narrowly missing my train. It was just complete chaos outside but i felt safe inside the train. The the train went down underground into a subway and i woke up. Any theories on why i would dream this besides im probably a nut ball?

Example: What does my reoccurring dream mean?

i need help figuring out what this means, i know its long but its interesting. please read it all.

the dream itself somewhat changes each time, but i have this dream once a month or so ive noticed.
the setting stays exactly the same. its an island of ruins, on one side, there is a tower resembaling the king chess piece with vines all around it but not covering it completely. the opposite side has another tower, but i never focus on that tower so it has no distinct shape.
i always start the dream as if im on a tour starting at the front of the island except im by myself.
when i face north there is a straight dirt path wide enough for two people to walk side by side, the path ends at the edge of a jungle, or forest.
on both the right and left sides of the path is grass.
sometimes i will attempt to make a journey to the king chess piece tower, i actually got to it once and it is on its own little island like a light house.
the island i am on ends with a cliff and it has water like the ocean and it is dark, deep, and had vines floating on it like seaweed. i jumped in once and when i came up i was bobbing there, not exactly swimming, with a few people i didnt quite recognize but somehow knew they were important to me. then i wake up.
ive never actually made it to the tower, just to the water. all the other times ive dreampt this im only on my journey towards the tower.
can you tell me what this means?
and thank you for reading!

Example: Not sure if it means anything, but it was REALLY crazy dream...?

if it does mean anything, let me know.

It starts out me giving birth in my Chemistry classroom. I was in the back, and my best friend and i were in the back, and i gave birth to VERY VERY VERY premature baby that wasn't breathing. so I started crying and freaking out. My teacher came over (and so did a nurse that appeared from the hallway) and they put the baby in a little bin with some water in it and were trying to get my baby to start breathing again.
They said i needed to leave for a bit, so I went outside and tried calling the father (who in real life is my best friend.) But verizon wouldn't let me through! because apparently they started this new thing that changed everyones number, but then i got a voicemail from him saying that he changed his number back.
So tried calling again, but he just showed up. He held me while i cried. and then he went inside to check on things and he came back out and told me that our son, Dylan, was breathing again.

There a little bit missing...

Then i was at my ex-sister in laws house, which apparently had a clock tower in it. I was walking around and everyone was asking me how i was, and how scary it all must have been. then my mom was trying to convince me to put the baby up for adoption because Cameron and I couldn't take care of it, considering we could barely afford rent.
Then i went up to the top of the clocktower and a friend of mine from school was up there, and she was asked how i was doing. then she was talking about all the flowers she saw around the baby at the hospital. Then i started crying because i told her that the time where he wasnt breathing was the scariest time of my life. and then she hugged me...

and then i woke up... it was really strange. especially because i've been having dreams about babies a lot. but this was like...fetus status.

Example: What does my dream mean?

it was a weird dream. I was in london on a river/ocean? I was on a tube fallowing other people on tubes. we were going to see a 'glass window' which on the other side was a clock tower. Next thing i know, there was a boat pulling us and i hit a really big wave and fly REALLY high into the air and i dont stop, when is start coming down i know its going to hurt really bad. but before i hit the water i woke up. what does it mean?

Example: Dream about floating water tower, what do you think?

This morning at around 6am, I dreamed I was standing in my parents yard, forget what I was doing, and I look up and I see this barrel shaped object with a cone top floating in the sky with a over flow spout on it and painted on black letters on front and the back of the barrel. I remember in the dream, trying hard to see what it was and read the writing on its side. It floated right over top of me and it was a teal green water tower storage tank with the legs missing off it floating in the sky and rotating like the earth would do, and on the front it said "(near by city I prefer not to name) public water works" and the back said, "I welcome to (city)". I went walking towards the house to call the water company to tell them their water tank had gotten away, and my alarm clock woke me up. What does this mean? Am I on acid? Ive worked for a small water utility for the last 6 years, if that helps. Thanks for you opinions.

Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was little I had a couple of dreams about the world ending but not a lot. But, now that I've gotten older it seems to be getting worse. I'm 14 and having disturbingly vivid dreams is normal for me. I hardly ever forget my dreams and if I do they usually weren't that important, didn't last long, or vivid enough. The most vivid dream I remember having of the world ending when I was little was that a news cast was saying that there was "going to be mass destruction happening all over the U.S. in most parts of the..." and I can't remember what they said after that. But my parents took me and put me in our truck and I remember that they brought a lot of water. I also remember the news saying that there were going to be a lot of wrecks like car crashes and stuff.My parents started driving towards downtown trying to get of of Georgia (which is where we lived at the time) and my dad was barely swerving out of the way of a bunch of collisions and cars that were completely out of control. For some reason there were bees flying everywhere and people were also crashing because they were being attacked and stung by them. As a child I had a terrifying fear of bees so that may explain why the bees were there. Before we could get to the the stop light we got into a crash and that's all I remember. My most recent dream of the world ending is very confusing and vivid. I was at a school I've never seen before and I was about 17 and had a motorcycle I was driving down a long endless road and next to it was a clean up crew type thing and they were trying to get the pollution and litter off of the side of the road where the trees were. And with each level of destruction the trees would get more and more bare and destroyed and it just scared me to death and absolutely depressed me to see nature and humanity like this. I'm not exactly sensitive when it comes to subjects like humanity and stuff like that but seeing people trying so hard to fix this just sort of tugged at my heart strings a bit. The man who was supposedly the principle of the made up school I went to told me to race to the school and warn the teachers and students and everyone there that they had to get to safety because there was unfortunately no way to fix the pollution. Also next to the trees was a marshy land that used to be a clear ocean *I'm not sure how I knew or understood this but I just did* but each day they tried to fix the pollution the water just kept getting browner and foamier and more disgustingg. So I raced to the school and one teacher and another girl already knew and were trying to get everyone evacuated. So we all went to this church down the long endless road and stayed in the highest part which was where the bells are (I can't remember what it's called but it's where the bells are that ring when it's time to go to church). Well there were about a hundred of these things and the children (mostly teens about 15 to 19) were all crammed into these things (which were actually massive and had no bells inside them) and I was with 2 other girls and one of them was a girl who had a little baby and was angry at herself and started crying because the baby wouldn't eat and she thought it wouldn't eat because she ate too much food and didn't leave enough. I offered my own but she refused. I offered again and again she refused. She then bordered a bus that somehow was on a platform type thing connected to the bell tower thing. I'm not sure what happened to the other girl, she may have bordered the school bus as well. But, then after that I woke up. Can anyone help me understand the meaning in these 2 dreams? Thnx. P.S I probably pray the most between me and my mom and dad but I'm not a very spiritual person. I'm not obsessed with God but when I do pray it's usually to thank him if I had a good day or if I just haven't prayed in a while. I like to pray for other people a lot especially my friends and a lot of times when I look up meanings to my dreams the dream has something to do with my spirituality. I don't know if this little bit of P.S. info helps but I just wanted to clear some stuff up or help a little. Please help me figure this out. Thank you for having the patience and curiosity to read this far.:).

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