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Dream About Whisk meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

So I had a really weird dream last night. I can’t remember in what order anything happened or how they linked together. I just remember bits and pieces. I also kept stirring a lot in my sleep and would quickly wake up to flip over and fall right back asleep.

In one of my dreams, I was in the kitchen with my best friend. She had told me she was pregnant. She was wearing a black dress and had a baby bump. I didn’t know how to talk to her to tell her I didn’t really approve of her being pregnant without not being there for her, so I remember her brushing me off a lot as if her being pregnant was no big deal.

The next thing I remember was being in the middle of the ocean with glaciers and huge icebergs. It seemed cloudy and the area was very grey and blue. She wasn’t there but I heard her voice and she was talking to me about faith. She had something about if I wanted to see god then I had to call on the devil first and communicate with demons. I kept refusing because I was really afraid.

(I’m in no way religious so it striked me a bit odd that I was dreaming of this.)

In order to get away from this, I plunged into the water. Oddly enough, it wasn’t cold. But there were huge whales swimming near me, not around me. I could also breathe under water as if I was a whale too. The whales were supposedly linked to devils and demons, but while in the water and watching them I wasn’t afraid at all, just felt peaceful, especially because I knew they wouldn't hurt me.

I then swam deeper, very curious as to what was at the bottom, but I couldn’t see. It was pitch black. I wasn’t afraid though. I just felt relaxed and safe.

And that’s all I remember. What does any of this even mean? I woke up feeling a little hung over and weird and dazed.

Hi Ammy

Some quick references to scripture to help you with your dream. There's the Virgin Mary whose pregnancy was initially frowned upon, she who bears the promised saviour.
Then you have the sea on which Jesus and his disciples often found themselves, fishing, preaching even walking. In mystical terms the sea or ocean represents the world of imagination. The depths we go to depend on our desire to understand greater and greater things about ourselves - a bit like a person who goes to therapy.
In terms of keeping company with the devil and demons, well, just after Jesus comes out of the waters of baptism, he is whisked away by the devil to be tempted. The devil represents your doubts and he (doubt) has power over you as long as you believe only what your 5 senses tell you. You know in all the cop shows, when the investigating officer has a perfect hunch but the chief says but where's the evidence? - that's the devil getting the upper hand on us; 'Where's the evidence?'. We need the devil's help to make us decide 'do i want this thing or not?' or better still to decide 'is it already mine or not?'.
Faith gets you beyond doubt's reach. You don't care what people say, you simply believe what you believe. You don't need evidence but only the assurance you feel inside and the way you feel when you imagine yourself being or having what it is you truly desire.
Faith is the stuff you need to actually build your dreams in the subtle energy fields and that will bring your dream to you for your senses to acknowledge.

All in all, this is a dream probably about a deep desire you have for something in your life, that seems out of reach, maybe something that others would disapprove of, yet you still desire it. You need to decide if you'll go for it despite the opposition and lack of evidence that it can be yours or to drop it.

That relaxed and safe feeling is going to be important if you decide to go for it, for it is exactly the feeling you'd have just before you got what it is you want; a reassured feeling that 'it's coming no matter what' like a pregnancy.
If you'd like to practise 'pretending' to have or be what you desire, just before you fall asleep at night is the best time, for that is when your senses are switching off and have least doubting power. Do that for as many nights as you feel until you've nailed the feeling of having or being it, then drop it, feeling relaxed and safe in the knowing it will come out of the blue!

all the best

Example: What does this weird dream I had mean?

I was sitting on a rock at a beach. It was morning time. Sea Gulls were screeching and tourists were meandering about here and there. Suddenly, the rock I was on transformed into the head of a giant. It plunged upwards out of the sand and threw me into the water. People started screaming but I didn't have time to as I was sucked into the water.

The ocean currents were strong and dragged me down swiftly. Instantly, a group of mermen in full suits of Greek-like armor came and grabbed me. The dragged me through the water and tossed me out of their ocean as if they were disgusted with me. I was sailing through the sky and thought It'd go on forever and ever when a swarm of Sea Gulls came and plucked me up with their claws.

They took me through the air and dropped me on a forested island. Before I could catch my breath, the ground exploded around me and the trees turned into Ents like that movie The Lord of the Rings. They picked me up and tossed me off their island. I flew speedily through the air and landed on a mountain. The mountain shuddered as if in fear and split in half dropping me neatly down in the middle.

It was dark only for a minute and I wasn't left alone very long. All too soon, I felt an underwater river pick up my trail. It whisked me away and dumped me off it onto a pile of sand. The sand churned and moved. It flowed like water and carried me to a room of stone filled with gold, silver, and jewels.

Then it fled out of the room and the hole it passed through sealed up. Nothing happened and I nearly jumped for joy. However, it seemed as if nature wasn't through with me for seconds later the treasure in the cave began dumping itself on top of me. I was smothered and getting strangled. As if to make sure it had done a proper job, the stone cave around began breaking up and falling on top of me. Just when I thought I was going to die; I woke up!

Now what in blue blazes does that mean if it means anything? Thanks a ton in advance!

Example: I had a strange dream. Does it mean anything?

It was such a beautiful and surreal experience like a Miyazaki film in my head. Here is the story as best as I can describe it. Earth was going to explode in 7 hours. I was just walking in a forest with the night sky ablaze listening to music as I await my doom. Then, I came across two strange creatures boarding the Silver Hawk (ship from Darius). They were aliens and very beautiful peace inspiring ones. They were taller and more fragile looking than humans. I just stared at them wishing everyone can see this before they died and as I was in awe, they whisked me up and took me with them to their home. I watched Earth blow up like Zebes and I began to cry realizing I was all alone as the final human. But the female alien warmly caressed me and spoke in my mind "Earth child, you will never be alone." The male, piloting looked back and gave a reassuring smile overhearing her telepathic message as he flew us to my new home. Their "planet" was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my head. I was a Sun sized crystalline jellyfish-like entity with a civilization inside of it. There was a cooling blue sky I could see from outside it's glossy translucent exterior and it was always drifting along the galaxy. Night turned to day depending on where it was facing and vice versa. And seasons changed depending on how far it was from the sun. It's tentacles were ribbons of silver light that stretched light years. When we landed, everything was like a resort! :3 These aliens were a relaxing sort. Their planet which was actually their god and soon became mine provided their beautiful buildings for them. In return, he asked that they never pollute his body and always keep it pristine. They did just that. Oceans, weather, what we'd consider natural formations like mountains and plateaus were all apart of his body. Life was great... Until Calibur OctoMortous struck. He had infected the poor jellyfish (forgot his name) centuries ago and trolled the citizens once every two years. He was the size of Earth's moon and no one dared challenge him. He brought nasty storms to the shores that ruined their days. He awaited and adversary and had one scary looking tentacle waiting on a boardwalk. All someone had to do was brave the storm, walk up to it and strike first. I took him on for some reason and wasn't frightened. My new parents were though and were crying as if I was going to die. But I began to attack this monster and he blinded me with a white flash from his eyes. That was the sun rising and I woke up... If this means anything or you want to share a strange dream you had, go ahead. I've been obsessed with it though, drawing everything I can remember.

Example: What does the dream I had last night mean?

My whole family were on a tour somewhere of penguins. And for some weird reason they were all humans. And to tell the penguin apart from a human it had no spine and then the human had one with purple markings on the outside. There was a king and prince penguin. The prince looked like my two crushes morphed together but still hot. The prince looked at my back and saw I had no spine. He asked his dad about and I was immediately made the penguin princess. Then someone started attacking the kingdom and me and the two royalties were whisked away to a secret hiding room we were then kidnapped and thats when I woke up.

Example: What does a dream about natural disaster typically mean?

I had a dream that my family went on a road trip to Alaska (we're in NY) and I decided to stay home. I went to the mall on some weird boat/barge thing, really old-fashioned and when I got there I was chatting with my best guy friend. Then we could see over the horizon (there was like a whole wall of windows so we could see that far) a storm coming. This huge lightning bolt struck and started this enormous fire. It was far away, but it was huge. Then came a tidal wave that put it out. I turned to look at my best friend but he wasn't there anymore. It was my boyfriend, who then whisked me and a few passers by to safety. What does it all mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? (Dream 2 of 2)?

I had this dream about 1-2 weeks ago. I don't know what it means but I am really curious as to what it does mean.

Please note: I do not remember about 99.9% of my dreams. So for me to remember one is very significant.

The dream starts out all white. I see clouds under my feet as I look down. I look up and there is a room, all white, with an open door way. I start to walk closer into the room out of curiosity and find myself staring at some other people here too. They are in a group looking forward at someone in the front. Everyone is wearing white and I start to realize that I am in heaven.

I join the group and start to walk through the room and into a long hallway. It takes about 7 seconds for all of us (about 10 people) to get through. When I reach the end, I see another room, all white, set up like a company's front office.

I walk in and to my right I see a portion of the conference room with glass doors. I start to walk forward and I approach the receptionists desk. I am very curious as to how I got here, so I ask: "How did I get here?" to which she replies: "Your love between you and your fiance is so strong that it was true love. That is what brought you here, because you were true at heart."

I then remember my fiance. Then, I ask: "Can I see her? How is she? Does she know?" the receptionist points behind me at a phone in the wall and states: "Go ahead and give her a call."

Tears start to form in my eyes at the thought of talking to her one last time. So I go over to the phone, put it to my ear and get whisked away to another scene. In a split second, I find myself hovering over her, wearing all black with a white handkerchief in her hand balling her eyes out. She is on her knees in front of a black coffin that I know my dead body is in.

I then come back to heaven and am heart broken. I am devastated that I am even here in the first place let alone that I won't be able to see my fiance again.

I have some time to think in the office like room. While thinking, I cut to another scene in which I am talking to an angel/god (don't remember his face) and asking if there are any playing cards in heaven. I both like to perform magic with them and play cards. To which a mans voice states: "Gambling is prohibited in Heaven."

He points to a sign next to a set of stairs and "Gambling" is listed on the top of the list. I then go down the flight of stairs and enter an all white scene.

I emerge and gaze upon this deserted city street with a gray tint to it. I see a few people walking around slowly, with their heads down. I get the assumption that this is the place between Heaven and Hell (I am not religious, nor do I believe that there is or isn't a heaven and/or hell).

To my left, as the stairs lead from the Heaven stairs to the "middle" and verge to the left and continue going downwards, I see what looks like a casino lobby. Poker tables surround the entrance and there is vivid colors everywhere.

As I walk in, I see another tour guide like group in front of me. I see two people stop picking up something from the floor and run back to catch up with the group as they walk forward.

I find myself walking up to a group that some how formed in front me me and have already started to get a lecture. The tour guide looks at me and to my right and makes a statement about us being late. I did not know this person to my right, nor did I even see his/her face.

He states something along the lines of: "Your going to need these." As he turns around and throws two badges onto the floor behind us over our heads. We stare at them as they go by just out of reach. They fall onto the ground behind us and sort of split into many different cards.

We look puzzled at each other (the other persons face was very fuzzy. I was able to make out a puzzled look though) and then hear: "So your just going to stare at them?" We briefly look at each other and then start to grab the numerous cards on the floor. When picking up a few, I realize that they are gift cards. Some with $10, some with $15, some with $20, $25, and one with $50 (the furthest away from us).

I grab about 5-6 and start to reach for the $50 one, but my arm is restrained. I feel as if I can't move it any farther, like something is forcing my hand back, yet, there is nothing there. I inch closer and closer to it and almost reach it. When I am about to grab it, the tour guide slowly walks around us, bends over and picks it up in front of us and states: "You should have been faster."

Me and the other person get up and run back to join the group (kind of like a deja vu thing from what I first witnessed). I walk past the casino like room and get to a hallway. The beginning of it (a good 15 feet) is still in the casino room as we turn to the right to enter it. The wall is at stomach height and turns into a hall, very similar to that in heaven.

I walk and the set up is exactly the same as in heaven, but instead of all white, it's all col

Example: Rape dream? What does this mean?

In my dream, I was meant to meet a male friend for a coffee. Meanwhile, I was already out at restaurant alone & I see a man-friend I really fancy with another girl coming in to the restaurant - he does not see me - or perhaps he does. I think he does like me too but I'm not sure ... Suddenly I realise Im meant to be at another cafe to meet a friend & I hurry to leave. Next thing is Im getting a taxi & a friend (I dont know which friend?) is supposed to be getting this taxi with me. I get into the taxi & instead there is a strange male passenger & driver. My friend got the taxi behind me instead - with the man-friend I fancy & his date! My taxi goes in a different direction! The taxi stops & parks - suddenly there's about 5 or 6 men - & I the only female. I feel very scared, I try call out for help, try ask taxi driver to take me away but he just plays deaf & counts his money - the men look at me as tho they plan to rape me, 1 man starts ... I panic. What does this mean?

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

Dream On...Westbound. Dream On!?

I was somewhere here in my state, in a darkened lobby of an office
building or hotel, when my former boss, KW, was standing near me. " I
want a good fare to Montreal? " I said as I had come to learn that she
had something to do with that type of business; 'that' being the
travel business. She pulled out a small piece of paper and I saw her
write two figures: 109, twice which I interpreted as $109 dollars each
way. I thought that that wasn't a bad airfare, but I'd have to add on
the various taxes between here and Canada so that could boost it by
another $70 to $80 dollars, but I agreed to it. I thought that I would
let me aunt know that I'm going, by a simple telephone call. Before, I
realized it, I was in Montreal.

While there, it was day time. I was in a very similar room. I was
seated at a table, which I again, believe was part of a lounge in a
hotel lobby. In another room, Conrad Black, a Canadian publishing
magnet was speaking. In real life, I'm not sure if he has a French
accent or not, but he seemed to in my dream. Directly in front of me
were two men, which I suspected where reporters. I asked them if they
were from the Montreal Gazette.
"Yes," one replied. I asked about what Black was saying and they
seemed to be in a mood between happy and jaded. I believed that he was apologizing for something that he did, or was trying to defend
himself. Black, was indicted in the Canadian courts some years ago for
something to do with stocks and pushing out competition. He was also
in legal trouble here in the U.S. for similar offenses. The reporters explained something to me. I was grateful because they didn't have too. They were probably sick of everything and were more
interested in drinking than listening to Black fall all over himself.

What does this dream mean?

I love Montreal. I haven't been since 2005. (Can't afford it)

This is the second time this month that my former boss ends up in my
dreams. I whisked myself to Montreal. I love the city. I did think
about my financial situation a bit; how much I could spend, how long I
could stay, etc. I was glad to be there, but my familiar world loomed
in the not-to-distant past.

The reporters...I wanted to be one. Maybe I'd be bored after a bit.
Tired of work like the rest after while...listening to people lie.

Example: What could my dream of hell mean?

What I remember from my dream is that I am in school when my father comes and tells me that I have to go home. I get excused from school and on the way out of school my dad introduces me to a new "cousin" that I've never met. He's very pale and white and doesn't talk much. BTW it's storming outside. We get to my house and from what I remember he says a lot of stuff that makes me uncomfortable and scared. Another pale, white girl comes up in the dream just getting out of the shower naked and she corners me in a room and says something that makes me really uncomfortable so I run to my room and lock the door. Next thing I know I'm outside by my pool. One friend is in the pool while the other is inside looking out the door while I tell him how weird my day's been. The sky is filled with fire and to the right of my pool is a sign that has weird writing on it (dif language) but I remember it had the word satan in it. So in the middle of my story to my friend, these demons appear in my backyard and start running towards me, not to my friends. I run inside and lock the door and my other friend is just staring, not scared at all. I run to my kitchen and grab a knife, terrified and trembling waiting for them to get through the door. Right when they are about to I wake up. What could this mean? I'm an atheist and sometimes look down upon religion as a catalyst of wars and false hope. Could this be my wake up call that I need to start getting closer to God or mean something more superficial?

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream and this is what happened;
I was walking out of my Maths classroom and one of the boys I am friends with said 3 words "take my hand" and because i like him a bit I grabbed his hand and he picked me up and whisked me around the school and having a great time laughing together it was a warm summers afternoon and we didn't have a care in the world then we strolled out of school together and kissed several times and complemented each other really nicely. Even though I was asleep it felt magical and when I woke up I felt so happy.
What do you think this dream means and can you tell me anything interesting about it
Another thing I have never had a dream like this before
Also is it true if you have a dream about someone they were thinking about you before they went to sleep

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